Forage – Cambridge, MA in my overalls… #fobstyle

Oh hai!  It’s been awhile since Yeah I wore overalls, made me feel like a forager lol jk… totally didn’t do it just to dress for the restaurant.

So the night of the big fight on Saturday… Mayweather vs McGregor (FYI where was Bieber? Ha!) I first headed to Forage in Cambridge to grab a quick snack to eat… I say snack because we all know that house parties and any sports game will be plenty of beer, booze, and of course delicious fat-inducing food… which sadly I didn’t take any pictures of. But let’s just say I was pupu-sa’d out from ha! Pupu was, fried shrimp and wings, chicken and beef tacos, etc… the list goes on.

So first off.. Forage is hidden in the middle of a residential area in Harvard Sq. You have to walk down into the basement of what looks to be an apartment complex. The interior is very homey and it looks pretty much like it was an apartment turned restaurant. An inviting bar as soon as you walk in, they have a crazy cocktail list…. but Narrow ways to walk through to get to the bathroom and kitchen…. I was bumping into people just to go pee.

They had gorgeous mushroom artwork like this, which was next to our table, all over.  Wait for staff was a little slow… but being for a Saturday night at least we were seated immediately with no reservations. We were finally given two cherry tomatoes, one each… and salt to dip it in.

I felt like Oliver Twist but I found myself wanting to ask for more. Hungry. Slow wait staff. Waa. When are you gonna take our order?

When we finally got our order taken, btw, not hating, they were super gracious and even apologized straight off for being slow….. we got the bread!!!  They had amazing fresh baked bread… screw my gluten allergy. I eat what I want. They, also simply, just serve it with some delicious extra virgin olive oil… poured right in front of you. Crunchy crust (my favorite!) and a fluffy soft interior… yummy.

We finally got our orders in and the food came out really fast. We ordered three appetizers to share… didn’t realize the portions. “This is what he feeds me when he takes me out on a date!” Haha jk! But I joked about instagram-ing that phrase so I figure better here than nowhere.

This was actually a pretty tasty dish. But the name is definitely not what I thought I’d get. “Cured Fish Plate”

Cured Fish Plate
Cured Trout, Lacto Carrots, Clam Ice Cream, Whipped Brookford Cottage Cheese and Scented Geranium

What made me want this dish was the clam ice cream [duh!] you guys know me too well!  And it was AMAZING!!!!…  I was also curious about what was “lacto carrots” because I just think of lactose, am I right?!?!?!… But seriously. It was ONE piece of trout.  And it didn’t taste like anything, let alone fish or smoked.  Fail.

Anyways next up was the highly antisipating “Confit Lobster Mushrooms”  I love mushrooms… remember when I went on that rage and just ate as many different mushrooms as I possibly could from the farmers market?!…. It was like like 30+ kinds but still :]  So here it is……

DUN DUN DUN *cue music* — oh wait I already started it

Confit Lobster Mushrooms
Cantalope, Blackberries, Salt Brittle

Concept was good.  Execution, not so much.  First of all, the mushrooms were overpowered by everything else, and everything was overpowered by the brittle [which was, btw, not salted]  I felt like this needed some green and some acid to really round up the dish.  Each part on it’s own was great – but come on, it was cut up cantaloupe and blackberries on plate.  Not sure how they did the mushrooms, but definitely not the taste of lobster mushrooms when I’ve cooked it myself.  The texture was meaty but it needed a mushroom taste.. I say add some lemon-y herbs and have a variety of mushrooms to amp up the plate.

And here it comes, what D was coming for — the “Cured Beef Plate”

Cured Beef Plate
Jerky, Biltong, Bresaola, Dried Liver, Mustard, Pickles & Toast

The Biltong was definitely missing from this dish but instead we had a delicious Beef sort of Paté with a big thick disc of beet in it [didn’t really have much taste to it though…. so definitely not pickled].  Yeah I suck at descriptions about this because I couldn’t hear the waiter well.  The Bresaola was tasty, a bit too salty for me, but tasty…. and the Jerky was chewy and full of that good packed in beef condensed flavor.  Gnaw gnaw gnaw.

And then… ” Where is the liver?”

But alas, regretfully, I found it in the parsley and onion salad.  Super condensed, rich flavored liver, dried out and grated onto the salad.  It. Was. INTENSE.

I don’t like liver, aside from foie gras, so this was just eye-twitching for me.  Just a few small flakes packed SO MUCH PUNCH… Now I know why they paired it with the onions and parsley, the mellowed it out a ton — but once I had that liver taste in my mouth I couldn’t get it out.

It was all paired with a great fresh house-made mustard, tons of horseradish in it.  I liked it.  D, not so much haha. MORE FOR ME :]

And for dessert, we got complimentary Tomato Sorbet…. and then two savory ice creams.  A Gochuchang ice cream with Kimchi and a Cilantro ice cream, both with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.  My taste buds were confused, but apparently the highlights of the night for me were all ice creams.  The sorbet

Me: So how does it taste?
D: Tomato-y
Me: Really? That’s a great description….
D: You try it…
Me: *takes a bite*
D: So how does it taste?
Me: Super tomato-y

This was literally a tomato bomb in your mouth!  Refreshing, smooth, and absolutely amazing!

I had a bite of the kimichi and it was a cauliflower.  They gave just the right amount to balance the sweetness… the gochuchang was seriously ridiculously mind-blowing MIND-F.  Like what is going on?!  Slightly spicy, salty and a good amount of sweetness.  The cilantro I loved… and actually would’ve paired great with the mushroom dish we had above.

So pretty.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad meal, it wasn’t a great meal.  Not sure whether or not I would go back, but then again I only had some appetizers.  XXXOOO

Poached Cod with Tomato and Saffron and Cauliflower sidedish

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted recipes or food/restaurant things… or anything really at all.. I’ve been having too fabulous of a time having fun, cooking ALL the time with L<3 and having adventures and traveling.  I’ll try to add some posts of some special eats I’ve made, eaten and done recently…. including Taiwan posts!  I’m back!!!!

2 tablespoons olive oil
4 cloves garlic thinly sliced
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (or to taste)
1 14.5-oz. can whole peeled tomatoes, drained
¼ cup dry white wine
1/4 cup rice wine
1 cup boiling water
2 bay leaves
pinch of saffron threads
1 fresh rosemary stick
paprika (to taste)
sea salt and white pepper, freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
2 5-oz. skinless cod fillets

Over low-medium heat, add the oil, garlic and hot chili flakes and without adding color to the garlic, just cook until it smells absolutely delicious – about 3-5 minutes.

Afterwards, add in the canned whole unpeeled tomatoes, crushing it while you dump them in.  Don’t add the juice, and make sure not to get splashed by the hot oil.. I  have battle scars.  Then, add the wine, bay leaves and cook it to a boil on high and then turn it back down to medium.  Taste taste taste. Salt and Black/White Pepper to taste.

I took my two fillets and dusted each side with Black Pepper, Paprika.   After placing it in the pan, after a few minutes, I flipped them and added whole rosemary and the rice wine into the pan.  This was basically all to taste.  I also added a little more paprika to the sauce.  Cook until the fish it tender but starting to flake.

Side Dish:

Roasted Cauliflower & Baby Carrots.  I just sprinkled it with fig blamasic vinagrette (or a ny flavor you love), EVOO, Salt and Pepper, Orange Zest and chopped Rosemary… oh and some of my homemade Duck Fat, Shallots and a few finely minced garlic!  Just cook on 450 til your liking.

Put the fish in a shallow bowl, and then pour the sauce over the fish.  Garnish with a bit of rosemary for some green.  Pour some of the wine you cooked with (cuz you never cook with wine you won’t drink) and enjoy!

Btw, i swear the Kimchi recipe is currently in thr works. :] Will be up tonight or tomorrow!

Today…… and last week’s breakfast

I had the most shitty day.

And then I had the best ending to the night…. my bf gave me frownies that looked so cartoonish and comical… I couldn’t stop giggling… I fell over in giggles……

It’s insane and ridic to explain the whole thing that happened tonight… today…. yesterday…. but ok I admit it’s been a shitty few days since my crash.  I’m still not done figuring out my insurance/police reports and my anxiety/panic attack medication……. my psychiatrist is on VACA. WTF. Part of the reason I had the crash WAS cuz of it, I’m sure.

BUT… I wanna say, I got a lot of stuff done the past two days… and I had full support from friends and mostly my wonderful bf J.

Thanks for your cute little frownie faces that make me giggle and laugh like crazy.  See you soon.

You are just another blessing in my life. Thank you. Love you.

And I’m glad you loved the food I made the last time you visited me……….

BLACK Truffle… this thing was worth like over 90$

Dinner… Rose Champagne and Wine [brought by J]

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Swiss Chard, Habaneros, Celery, Carrots and Onion…. 

a WHOLE Fresh Black Truffle Whipped Cauliflower with white truffle salt and oil…. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mixed Mushrooms…. 

My first plate….. of many…

And then we decided I should get this… we had a glass of wine and then……. DID IT…

Didi was jealous cuz J was in her spot

The next morning J made me food… I helped with peeling bacon and mixing eggs…

So much bacon and so much bacon fat….. we fried the WHOLE packet!!!!!!

And then we scrambled like 8 eggs in the bacon fat…. just added some pepper to it… thiS WAS AMAZING…

Obviously I made the mimosas and some black coffee… and we had fresh pineapple to gnaw on…..


Crazy Good Italian Book Signing for Top Chef Mike Isabella

After Brunch, I went shopping with J and W went home to rest a bit.  After a fun relaxing afternoon, we headed over to Graffiato to W’s buddy’s book signing at Graffiato. You might know him.. Top Chef Mike Isabella.  The booze were flowing and the snacks were a-coming. Even saw a quick glimpse of other Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio.

Hahaha YESSS.. I’m a “celebrity tweeter” ;]

[BTW this cook book is pretty awesome, you should totally go out and get it. NOW!  EVEN has his pepperoni sauce in it ;] YUM]

After a super fun party W and I decided to sit down and eat there. I’ve never ever had a bad meal at Graffiato. SO FREAKING GOOD.  We ordered a few things and we got surprised with a few items as well.


Light, fresh and perfection.  A perfect way to start a meal.

Pig’s Head.

As soon as I saw this on the meats&cheeses part of the menu, I KNEW I had to have it. DIVINE.  Fennel, apple, SOOOOOO good. Thinly sliced and pure scrumptious.  I like the bit of cartilage from the ear in it. NOM.

Burrata with asian pear, walnut, & pickled cauliflower

My MUST get here.  W already knows so he doesn’t even have to ask and I don’t need to say and he knows I want it.  I love it when a man knows exactly what you want to eat without asking.  He never gets me wrong.

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads with Fried Green Tomatoes and Coffee Aioli

Who would’ve thought a coffee aioli would be good.  It was SOOO good.. light coffee flavor.. creamy.. paired SO well with the tender crisp fried sweetbreads. BUT.  I must say, the star of the show was the fried green tomatoes!!!  W and I were digging for them. SOOOOO good.

W’s must get: Roasted Cauliflower with pecorino, mint

Delicious, per usual. We both adore Cauliflower.

Sweet Corn Agnolotti with Pinenuts

I forgot what the other stuff was. Olive?  Not sure. But these were tender and pillowy. YUM.  The creamy innards were bursting with sweet corn flavor.

We always get the Porky’s Revenge so I wanted to try another one.

Countryman Pizza with black truffle, fontina, farmed soft egg

Sexy Egg… our waiter popped it and spread it for us, but I secretly wished I did it instead haha…

Although it was just truffle oil, it was delicious.  BUT… I think Porky’s is still my favorite… still need to try some others. HEE HEE. But I love my pig.

Charred Octopus with potato, black garlic, olives

Another dish we always get.  It’s SO tender and delicious. YUM.

Crispy Lamb with yogurt, cucumber, tapenade

You guys know I’m not a huge fan of lamb but W loves this. NOM NOM NOM.

Complimentary Desserts from the Book Signing Party before.. SOOOO GOOOOD

Nutella Pudding and Tri-Color Italian Cookies

SOOO GOOD.. and the nutella.. OH MAN, I licked the shot glass cleeeean!!!! And I may have kept the cute little spoon ;]


I don’t remember why I was doing this and why W took this pic of me. But apparently I was NOT amused.

“International Night” starting at Gordon Ramsay Steak – All Around the WORLD…

It’s Night #3… another day of lounging by the pool during the day and just being lazy.  After the club flop last night and the way too late dinner, we got our act together and got reservations to Gordon Ramsay Steak thanks to one of their chefs which W knew and helpd me get in contact with. I’m a crazy Hell’s Kitchen fanatic and this is the restaurant that they’re all trying to win over this season SO YAY.

Speaking of Hell’s Kitchen, who do you think will win? The top three right now are strong… I think Justin’s been pretty consistently awesome.  SO good at the blind tasting… and Christina is good too. Dana’s got kind of that annoying voice and talks like she’s reading a script and shouting all the time…. hahaha

Back to the restaurant… Too bad no Gordon sightings… I have a bit of a crush on him..

Wearing my little mini and the beautiful McQueen heels that W bought me for my bday <3

Check out my Vintage Chanel necklace.. it’s a looking glass that they used to use back in the day [Chanel jewelry makers] to inspect their jewelry… one of a kind piece. I LOVE IT.

On our way to the taxi line….. Our taxi? Hahaha… why sure!

And so begins our international night… we started in GREECE [Caesar’s Palace]

Ending up in Paris…..[YAY We’re in Paris!!!!..]

actually the first time I’ve been in the Paris Hotel/Casino.  It’s fun…. we couldn’t find a ‘street sign’ to the steakhouse but ended up finding it cuz it had a HUUUUUGE glowing sign over it HAHA.


Ate in London [hahahaha]

Everytime I see Beef Wellington I think of Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen HAHAHA…..Everyone always fucks them up.

This was the Tasting Menu… comes with a free photograph…. tempting but I didn’t want everything on the menu…

The Meat Trolley <3 I’m in love…

Breads…. foccacia… a stilton roll, a truffle roll and just some cheesy french bread with nuts in it.  The butter had a delicious brown salt on top.  My favorite was the truffled roll. We are on a truffle ROLL in Vegas hahahah Get it? Get it? First Night Sushi. Second Night Polenta…  JOY

Kelly’s boozy cocktail… it was filled sorts of antioxidant juices and berries.. it was SO good…

I started with a glass of champagne and we got a delicious bottle of Argentian Malbec!!!


Sonoma Farms Foie Gras
pan seared foie gras, harry’s berries strawberry jam, english muffin, bacon bits

One bite, two bites, more bites… bread basket.. haha.. the foie was huge and good, but not amazing.. too overcooked so it started to get slightly mealy?!… the jam was really good.. the biscuit was meh.. I LOVE FOIE.  But I make it better, sorry Ramsay.

Kurobuta Pork Belly
braised swiss chard, candied kumquat, cauliflower puree
This was SOOOO GOOOD, just a really small portion.  Fatty, meaty. chewy skin but with a crisp to the top. ANNNNNND…


Along with grilled peaches and crunchy hazelnut smooshy puree/blend.

AND THEN….Dinnnner time!!

Let’s start with the best sides ever.. aside from the Polenta from the other day… these were by far the happiest things I put in my belly. I FUCKING LOVE CORN.

Fire Roasted Corn
corn, chile, lime

Spicyyyyy and amazing.  With just a tiny bit of sour cream mixed in.. you didn’t even need it.. I ate most of this… inhaling it by the mouthful… SOOOOO GOOD.

Fingerling Potatoes
parmesan, truffle

You guys know I’m not a potato person – minus dirty mash and fries – but these were SOOOOOOO fucking amazing I have to curse.  Tender potatoes with a nice skin that was still intact and a POP when you bite in. Some were “smashed” but it was still OH SO delectable. I’m seriously gonna just start ordering ONLY sides and apps instead of entrees. AND OMG these have turned me onto potatoes again like no other. FINGERLINGS are my new fav <3

Roasted Bone Marrow

This was an addition to the steak.  I had some with the steak… but then ended up just licking them clean.  Kelly enjoyed, but not THAT much and gave me the rest of hers. HAHA. MORE FOR ME. YAY. JOY.

Bacon = Meat Candy
Bone Marrow = Meat Butter

We split an 8oz Kobe Rib Cap

It was delicious. I asked for medium rare since Kelly isn’t a bloody weirdo like me… but they came out really rare. which was FUCKING amazing to me. SOOOOO good…. buttery, tender… UGH, I died and gone to heaven.

More wine? YES PLEASE.

The best part of this photo is that I wasn’t even drunk.  Kelly has a way with taking REALLY amazing pic s of me looking drunk and wasted…

We were gonna head to the club, but was offered complimentary dessert.. soooo we got the

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butter Ice Cream
YES BUTTER ice cream.  This was DIVINE.  If I wasn’t so full I would’ve had 10 of them.

Kelly is too proper, cutting a piece… I just dug in – no wonder my mother tells me to be more lady like. I guess that’s why I’m not married yet.

AFTER, we headed to PURE nightclub in Caesars.. W’s friend Cheri works there and not only is she HOT, she got us on the guestlist…


Right after this picture…

I spilled my drink on some Chinese guy. Who said “YOU SPILLED YOUR DRINK ON ME.. now I have to buy you a drink” Off to his VIP table… Found out he was from Canada for a Bachelor party…  Kelly and I decided to call them Canasians.. after giving Kelly a cranberry juice and me a Vodka with a splash of cranberry… we got some tequila shots.. and they herded us like sheep. LIKE SHEEP. onto the dance floor — I saw a group of REALLY REALLY TALL cute big black guys eyeing us..

I said “Please save us!”

The biggest one said “Oh SHIT, I thought you guys were together”


So we danced with them. YES SAVED.


And then Cute White German Boys stole us from them. One named Kim. Yes.  A cute German boy named Kim. HAHA.

But my feet hurt so after going to the rooftop and him wanting to dance again… we went downstairs, passed the exit and I said to Kelly “RUN FOR IT……..”

Where we ran out, and I took off my shoes IMMEDIATELY.

SO MANY STAMPS – guestlist. lady. enter. rooftop. return.


FINALLY got Top Chef Isabella’s Pepperoni Sauce in me – Graffiato

All dressed up and definitely know where I wanna go tonight… It’s been a long fun day of food and play… but I’ve been craving something….


FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLY got to eat at Graffiato, Top Chef Mike Isabella’s babyyy!!!!

Remember I met him back at Eat + Pray + Heal Japan in NYC last year?!  I’ve always been a HUUUUGE fan of him on both of his seasons of Top Chef and wanted him to win All Stars SO bad. Yep. I want his pepperoni sauce in me.  And OH EM GEE, he remembered meeeeeee :D WOOHOOO!!! SOOOO psyched to finally eat here, been wanting to since the huge hype of Graffiato before it even opened!!!! *dance dance*

Yep. This guy.

Awww what a cutie :D He was smilie and talkative just as I remembered :]  I always get so chef-struck #fattienerd

Ok, back to the food MMMM, check out the menu…

We got seated so that I had the PERFECT view of the open kitchen… I couldn’t stop staring….. it was like a chef’s table without the fancy price tag

Do you see the pepperoni sauce?

Close up!!! It’s blurry and bright but yes it’s in that tub of red <3 YAYYYYYY

My champagne flute was flowing with bubbles from the Prosecco tap. YES PROSECCO ON TAP!!!!! [at least that’s what W told me, blame him if it’s not true hahaha jk] – I need to get this installed in my house!

First up?! W knew what I REALLLLLLY wanted… Isabella’s sauce…. *cough*

Flat Bread & Pepperoni Sauce

SOOOO excited to dip my bread in the sauce…

Up close of the Pepperoni Sauce *orgasm*

It was like liquified pepperoni… HOLY MOLY this was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I can finally check this off of my dreamlist of things I must eat.  I could dip my leather shoe in this sauce and eat it up. WOW, I’ve never used that and always wanted to LOL…

W hiding from my picture taking again… I left my digicam back in my other jacket so everything tonight was from iPhone…. HAHA good thing I’m photo ninja and caught him in the act of covering his face…

Delicious Meat Plate <#

That *points* was my favorite. You’ll just have to try them all to figure out which one I’m pointing at!


Honey Glazed Onions, Nigella

This jumped straight out at me on the menu. I. LOVE. BURRATA.  Creamy happy deliciousness melting on my tongue and down the back of my throat.  Delicious with the tangy sweet onions, scallions and just HAPPINESS.  This was amazing and I could eat a tub of this.  Swim thru and just inhale into my lungs.  I. LOVE. BURRATA.


Spicy Pepper Relish, Walnut, Feta

I also love broccolini, I eat it a couple of times a week… and I love feta and walnuts SOOOOOO why not?! The only downside to this dish was that it was cold – I expected it to be hot; It kinda thru me off a bit…

Glazed Pork Cheeks

Sweet Potatoes, Pecans

Tender, juicy, meaty and just melted in my mouth.  SOOOO delicious with the silky sweet potato mash and the crunch of the pecans. LOOOOOVE pecans. MMMMM I should re-create this for a thanksgiving dish this year! SOOOO HAPPPY in my mouth!!

Roasted Cauliflower

Pecorino, Mint

“We’re gonna be farting all night” – W

HAHAHA.. these were yummy..  a little bit overcooked for me but I LOOOOVE cauliflower – YUM!  And no, no farting… hahahaha.. there was a bit of tang to it, definitely

Marinated Octopus

Romesco, Olives, Almonds

Soft, slow cooked, long cooked… Most of the time I eat my octopus with a bit of bite and chew to it… but this was creamy and had delicious flavors…. I missed the chew but adored the flavors that came with it… PLUS.. I’m a sucker for tentacles.. I’m such a texture whore…

Crispy Potato Gnocchi

Wild Mushrooms, Stracciatella

AMAZING!  Toasted and creamy.. MMMMMM I’ve had good gnocchi but mostly BAD GNOCCHI..  These were delicious…. Scrumptious mushrooms… creamy creamy melty and drippy Stracciatella OMG happiness… have you noticed the theme lately? Happiness and happy is being used a lot.

Porky’s Revenge

Sopressata, Pepperoni, Sausage, Tomato, Stracciatella

OMG look at that gooey deliciousness!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMZING. Meaty, juicy, CREAAAAAAMY ooey gooey sexy cheese… the crust was just as amazing as the toppings – SUCH a great way to end a huge dinner – I can never eat too mucuh pizza. LOOK AT THAT.  I was trying to figure out what was Porky’s revenge – the fact that we were EATING porky OR that we would probably have a fun time on the toilet after eating this. THAT decadent and amazing BUT SO SO SO WORTH it!

W was full and even tho I PICKED the dessert, he didn’t wanna share.. again.. hahahaha

Just kidding :] I ended up eating most of these…

ZeppolesAutumn Spices, Pumpkin Caramel

SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Tasted like autumn and Thanksgiving.  I smothered EACH BITE with the marscapone – SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!! SOOO DECADENT – I’m an indulger… MMMMM…. Creamy happy orgasm…

Thanks Chef for exceeding my already super super super high expectations for your delicious food! I’ll be back soon :] #stalk!

Snack Time – A slice of Pizza at Otto

So Mario Batali was NOT so happy about Otto in Boston…because of HIS Otto… Meh, SERIOUSLY?! It’s a coinkidink, NOT a rip. This place was pretty good. W told me about it while we walked over to eat some.  He got pepperoni was was…. SOOOO greeeeasyyy it was dripping all over his plate. BUT. My Cauliflower and Mushroom was DELICIOUS. NOT greasy.  Great bubbles on the thin thin crust and I sprinkled it with hot red chilli flakes. OH JOY.  Great snack after my…. huge sammy :]

BTW, be warned.  W got their lemonade.  It was watered down and with no sugar. I loved the no sugar part but the watered down part I could not deal with.

Don’t worry, we ate more….

Valentine’s Day 2012

Be My Valentine

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. Most Vdays are linked back to BAD memories or no date at all.  In fact one of my best ones was when a crush of mine in HS took me out, bought me a rose and taught me how to drive. :]  Unfortunately for us, he never knew I liked him, he admitted to liking me later on…. annnnd he had a gf at the time. Woot? Anyways. Tragedy.  While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day I can’t help but give into it if it’s in my face. This was a great Valentine’s Day :]

Last year I was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Patricia Fields Valentine’s Day Costume Ball.. this year was a bit more low key :] But super tasty and fun!!!

Last Year

This Year
This dress looks like a tube top but somehow stretches out into a dress….

Red lips to match my red platform 6″ heels ;]

I worked most of the day and didn’t even start getting ready til late in the day… but I did get a beautiful surprise in the afternoon.. the largest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received… this tiny little old man who looked like he was 90 carried it all the way to my front door – people who know my house and where I live and how to get to my front door KNOW that sucks balls… but yeah… this was bigger than him.. AND SOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks Love <3

I have late dinner plans with M… so OBVIOUSLY that means we’re gonna pre-drink.. and more importantly, PRE-DINNER!!! So off to DRINK we go.  I love Barbara Lynch…. Obviously… so I was super excited to come here.. it’s in the basement of Sportello – also a Lynch establishment. WOOO!!! Seriously, M knows me way too well… #stalker ;] I had champagne cocktails the whole time, deliciousness and each one was unique~ WOO! He also immediately ordered two things that I LOOOVE

Fried Oysters & Fried Pig Tails

Absolutely AMAZZZZZZZING!!! M knows that I’m IN LOOOOOOVE with pig tails.. these were meaty, fatty and just deliciousness…. while Craigie’s are kinda on the sweet side, these were somehow light fluffy and SUPER fatty and FUCKING AWESOME!  M was sweet enough to let me have most of it. HAHAHA… :] Methinks he enjoyed me nomming on them and licking my lips and dropping it on my legs hahaha #perv ;]

“What else do you want?!”

Yep M REALLY knows me TOO well.. #stillhungry… So hard to choose since there was so much yumminess on their menu…. but obviously I needed to continue my obesssion with Steak Tartare… I still miss my true love.

Steak Tartare: Brioche, Truffle Parmesan Aioli

I LOOOOOVE super chunky tartare and this was a btit finer than what I like but the taste was AMAZING. The meat was super fresh, tender, tasty and YUM YUM I love brioche!


A few drinks and pre-dinner apps later… we were off to our final destination… No. 9 Park :] We already decided the last time we were here to come for Vday… :] Planning ahead hahaha.. altho we WERE supposed to be wearing sweats…

We got the Valentine’s Day Chef’s Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings, there were a few courses that had two options so we got one of each :] at No. 9 Park.. we had resos at 9:45 but didn’t get seated til well past 10 something… good thing we were already getting our drinks on….

Hawaiian Hearts of Palm

Mushroom Vinaigrette, Petite Greens, Black Truffle
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

These were SO delicious and definitely made me happy from the truffle fail with M a few weeks ago…  I loooove hearts of palm, and I love that they were the focus of this dish. Amazing.

Pour pour pour

Chilled Peekytoe Crab

Chevril Vichyssoise, Crème Fraîche, American Caviar
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

Deliciousness.  LOOOOVE crab everything!!!!!  Looooove caviar everything :] HAPPY HAPPY.. plus I always giggle when I hearcreme fraiche cuz of South Park hahahahha…

Maine Diver Scallop

Smoked Guanciale, Cauliflower, Sauce Périgueux
Paired with: 2008 Simon Bize Savigny-les-Beaune

Is there anything about the flavors and ingredients that are bad at all?! FUCKING BOMB!!!

Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Maine Shrimp, Couscous, Black Olive
Paired with: 2010 Bison Ciliegiolo Rosato 

Super fresh and tasty Tuna. I’m not a huge any kind of cooked tuna girl. I love my tuna rawwwww.. but this was just BARELY seared and delicious. HEHEHE, cute little shrimps and it was super yummy!

Boule de Quercy Raviolo

Celeriac, Dandelion Greens, Bread Crumbs
Paired with: 2007 Lucien Crochet Sancerre Riouge “La Croix du Roy”

We both got one, these were DELICIOUS!  Beautiful fresh pasta, crumbly crunchy bread crumbs… great combo of textures and deliciousness. BOMB diggity of flavors :]

Soooo many wine glasses and we sucked each one down dry

Terrine of Foie Gras

Persimmon, Hazelnut, Quince
Paired with: 2003 Château de Suronde Quarts de Chaume

Creamy and salty… we each had our own, they were HUGE slices and oh so yummy :] I think this was around the time our neighbors yelled at us for speaking too much profanity.. HAHAHA.. srsly, SO much awkward dates going on tonight…

OK I have to say after this the night gets a little fuzzy, more wine was poured, more drinks came and while, yes, the food was banging, I don’t really remember much.

Pekin Duck Breast

Chestnuts, Rillette, Poached Pear
Paired with: 2008 Monpertuis, Châteanuneuf-du-Pape “Suvée Classique”

Prime Ribeye of Beef

Potato Mille-Feuille, Grilled Porcini, Vegetable Blanquette
Paired with: 2009 Margerum “M5”

You are a sexy beast

Out of all the things I don’t remember eating I remember eating this, YUM!

Pomegranate Sorbet


Chocolate Cream Tart
Pistachio, Banana, Tonka Bean
Paired with: EL Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez, Sherry 

Ricotta Cheesecake
Red Currant, Blood Orange, Cornmeal
Paired with: 2010 Marenco Brachetto d’Acqui “Pineto”

Complimentary mini Muffins and Truffles

I actually remember trying a muffin. I think I may have had a frowny face hahaha…. not that it was bad but it was LITERALLY a muffin!

How the hell did we finish EVERYTHING?! Including the wine… How is my liver still alive?! And how am I not 200lbs yet?

OK.. so I don’t exactly remember ALL the details, a bit hazy here, sorry, I blame all the booze beforehand :] Still want more piggie tails, those fried oysters from DRINK… and then the Chicken Fried Foie from last time… I have a feeling I’ll be back soon :]

I love you my Didi baby… my favorite Valentine

Valentines Day on a Farm

Guess what I was surprised with for Valentine’s Day?

Special heart shaped donuts from Doughnut Plant [Creme Brulee, Coconut Cream, Ginger *heart*, Rosepetal *heart* and a Passionfruit] and a 50th Anniversary edition of Hello Kitty :] Best ways to this girl’s heart… thru her stomach and her kitty ;D The Hello Kitty is squishy and comfy and the doughnuts were even tastier than they were pretty!!!! Favorite of the bunch were def the tres leches and the coconut cream. I. LOVED. FILLED. DONUTS.  Apparently he got me an Oatmeal Donut too [he knows my obsession with oatmeal] but they didn’t put it in the box. I bet he just ate it ;D JK.. maybe.

“Be my Valentine”

Okay, okay okay…. Ya’ll must know by now that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday *sarcasm* and was ready to boycott it… but……….. :] Things change.

I was surprised with an hour long drive to a farm for a special 8-course dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns all the way out in Westchester, NY. Now THAT’S planning….

Car rented, and trying to get there by a 9:30pm reservation – off we went on an adventure….. we actually got there, FREEZING, at 9 and immediately got seated…

We’re on a farm….

Hmm.. kinda funner to say “We’re on a boat…”

Kinda creepy late at night and in the winter… cozy but creepy.. especially watching the Ghost Adventures marathon the other day on Travel Channel… hahaha [sorry I don’t really like the show, the main guy Zak is kinda douchey.. but I’m excited for the Salem episode this week… AND… I love creepy things – the Vday epi was mad cheezey tho, couldn’t stop watching… it was filmed in my hometown :D] Oh sorry, tangent, onwards…

The Walkabout Map…

Must be SO gorgeous in the summertime :] Gonna make him take me here again… hahaha hopefully they have animals to play with… MOO. Cluck cluck. BAAAAA *sheep poo*

We got seated at a gorgeous and spacious booth and were handed the set menus for the special Valentines Day meal…

Now USUALLY, the just give you a list of ingredients and you tell them what you can’t or won’t eat and they’ll make a set menu for you.. but tonite was special. :] Waiter comes over, I nod and drool over the menu…. all is well, no changes for meeeee [aka no lamb or goat cheese] so All of the Above plus Wine Pairings…. :]

I loved the ambience… the restaurant was quiet [for once.. my mom always complains about how American restaurants, no matter how fancy, are super noisy] and very cozy. With high ceilings and a very cottagey feel to it.

“If we were stuck in a natural disaster or end of the world I’d like to be stuck here” – Z
Hard to see, but there were GORGEOUS huge vases of flowers as centerpieces in the middle of the room. GORG!

By the way, date was ninja and stole me the tulip as my Valentine’s Day flower after the dinner ;D SO Ninja. Stealthy.. melikes.

Before we continue I have to apologize for the dark pictures. But trust me, the ones with flash are tacky and gross looking. You’ll have to go on blurry dark and mysterious ;D And my descriptions… which are fantasmic [of course]

Amouse-BoucheFarro Crisps and Add-ons…

Lardo, Sweet Potato/Onion Chutney, Pork Confit, Ricotta and Butter…

They were soooo good.. crisp… I loved it most with the sweet potato and onions… omg so good.. the pork tasted a bit gamey too me and super asian… :] The ricotta just tasted like butter to me… haha…

…and they came with juice shooters to cleanse the palate

Grapefruit and another fruit… sorry forgot.. citrusy and sweet :]

First pours of champagne…

Z has been telling me about Blue Hill’s poached eggs and bread and butter since last year…. so even though the waiter said the bread didn’t come til 3 or 4 courses in…. Z, being Z, asked for some bread anyways… and did it live up to the expectations?

OH BOY DID IT!!!.. and then some… they were warm, crusty on the outside and chewy/soft on the inside…

PLUS, it came with the butter… a cheesy butter.. tasted cheesy, maybe an aged butter? AMAZING


tofu, oyster, american caviar
Paired with: Schramsberg Brut Rose Calistoga, California 2006

I was surprised that the tofu came out speckled and brown… I wish there was more caviar in it… or more incorporated/tasted in it… they were scattered on the bottom. There was a citrus gelee on top [which I thought was caviar at first haha] which was kind of on the sweet side. The tofu was super tender and the oyster was really really fresh. Adored the soybeans – so good.

brioche, pancetta, spinach, leeks
Paired with: Vinatigo Gual Canary Islands, Spain 2007

How gorgeous is this? As soon as we got this dish, we realized we were sitting WAY too far apart, so he scooted on over to my side of the table :]

Simple yolky egg with a sprinkle of black pepper…

The pancetta was so fatty, salty and delicious….. the leeks were melted down and super fresh and leeky tasting… the spinach tasted just steamed and delicious. I liked my egg most with just black pepper sprinkled on top tho… the brioche was soooooo buttery and delicious tasting – I immediately lost interest in the other bread and wanted a loaf of this stuff. *sniffs it like crack*

“I’m getting full…” – Z

WHATTTTT?? My eyes bulged out… he also wasn’t super excited about the next dish.. that’s cuz he didn’t realize how amazing it would be… [btw he insisted he was just STARTING to get full… I blame the bread… but he ended up eating more bread anyways… and all of his food ;D]

winter flavors and textures
Paired with: August Kessler Riesling Trocken’Rudesheimer Bischofsberg’ Rheingau, Germany 2001

Olives, Ham&Cheese, Pickled Radishes

The greens were super fresh and delicious.. so crisp and clean tasting… bursting of flavor. I actually enjoyed the salty black olive puree the best with my bites of the greens… the ham & cheese were an interesting and delicious touch as well. Z ate most of the radishes [hahahahaha butthead] and tasted a sort of lemongrassy-ness to it [even tho it didn’t have it, there were other elements that kind of mimicked the flavors], I didn’t tho and was expecting KIMCHEEEEEE… cuz I’m Corean ;D Obviously.. hahahaha [btw, I’m NOT Korean]

Honestly I could’ve done with more greens!!! You know me, I love my veg.. esp fresh veg :D

And then out came more breaddddd!!!!!
We found bunnies in our bread!!! We buttered him up with the cheesy butter and ate him up… I got the head/ears :D CHEEEEEEZY BUTTER… omg I want a whole stick of it right now… and that piping out steamy crusty chewy soft bread…. nom nom nom.. I should get back into baking again…

And finally.. some protein….


curried cauliflower, grapes, almonds
Paired with: Dirler Muscat Grand Cru ‘Saering’ Alsace, France 2005

The turbot was a lot firmer than I imagined/remembered it to be… perhaps slightly overcooked? It was extremely oversalted…. I adored the curried cauliflower with the grapes and the almonds on the bottom, it was cooked perfectly… the scallops were sliced thinly atop the turbot and panseared.. I had a few perfect bites that weren’t over-salted.. but me and Z both concluded it was too salty.

[btw, Z had warned me that their veg dishes were better than their protein ones.. and that they had a tendency to oversalt… curious]

BOURBON RED TURKEY CREPINETTEjerusalem artichokes, romaine, portobello, truffle
Paired with: A&G Fantino Barolo ‘Vigna dei Dardi’ Piedmont, Italy 2003

I loved this presentation. I expected REAL crepes.. but they were little deilcious turkey meatballs wrapped in different “wraps” as a “crepe”… L-R was romaine, pear [altho now reading the menu, I feel like it’s artichoke? Still tasted kinda like pear tho.. *confused*] and portobello.. the brown sauce in the front was truffle sauce. SO good….  I’m not huge on sauces but I did a tiny dip and went left to right. I adored the portobello the most, bursting with mushroom flavor.. loved the sweetness from the pear and the brunch of the romaine…. can I just have it all in one bite? I adored the meatballs, I’m such a meatball girl ;D

Good thing we told our waiter ahead of time we like our steaks rare.. extra rare….. these came out a little more cooked than expected… which leads me to think that they’d be TOO overcooked if we didn’t say anything at all [strange that they didn’t ask us actually, how we would’ve liked it cooked]

GRASS FED BEEFchickpeas, hummus
Paired with: Señorio De Peciña Rioja Reserva, Spain 2001

Beauty isn’t it? I didn’t enjoy the beef tho… and actually only ate a piece and gave the rest to Z… I loved the chickenpeas… but something was off about the sauce and the beef to me :T I couldn’t figure out the herb in the green pesto sauce but it was totally throwing me off taste-wise and I could barely stomach that one slice… sadness… I love cow…

BLUE HILL FARM YOGURT SORBET granny smith apple and celery gelee, noble sour vinegar

This was amazing. The yogurt sorbet was sooooo creamy and amazing.. Z and I were craving Red Mango after but it was almost past midnite so we knew we missed last call for Red Mango back in the city *sad* I loved how it wasn’t overly sweet and the subtle apple and faint faint taste of celery in the glee. Amazing. Simple always goes a long long way….

CHOCOLATE BRIOCHE granola ice cream, milk jam
Paired with: Moulin Touchais Coteaux du Layon Loire Valley France 1996

It was like a molten lava cake with lots of texture.. it tasted like healthy lava cake hahaha… the ice cream actually tasted like granola.. mind blowing… granola with raisins.. but NONE of it were in it *mind-blowing* I would like a pint of that please… or a gallon ;D

My double espresso ;D So I wouldn’t fall asleep on the ride home… hehehe [which btw, it did it’s job quite well!!!]

We also got more desserts at the end.. chocolates and mini milkshakes…

Shiesty lighting, my apologizes again, but these chocolates.. completely hidden into the marble slab…. were delicious. They were little sandwiched chocolates… with chocolate :] Dark and velvety smooth and creamy on the inside….with the crunch of a thin hard chocolate on the outside.

Nice candle tho huh?

Picture by the fireplace…

Thanks for such a delicious Valentines Day ;D

It’s all about the Jamón Ibérico Plate at Bar Basque

I had just recently added Bar Basque to my list of Must-Eats…. actually, I think I went a day or two after doing so…. What can I say, I don’t have the patience. I have an ever-growing list of places to go to and I need to get thru it asap [altho I DO have to admit that I’ve been putting off Scarpetta.. until now ;D In fact I think I’ll do a duel between Scarpetta and my dinner at Convivio – TBD]

BACK to the main topic… I tend to ramble easily

The Chef, Yuki Fujinaga, had me at poached egg at Taste 2010 [post about it coming soon, I promise]

— insert dream sequence back to Taste 2010 –

— end dream sequence, fade out music —

Soon after being seated I was greated with a cute little ball of something something. Smelled great.

Some sort of Potato Amuse-Bouche….

I don’t even like potatoes all that much but it was cooked perfectly, one bite, snap and pop of the skin that gave way to a creamy, just enough potato, middle. It was even topped with some sort of potato salad like mayo-y stuff… something I normally steer away from but YUM. Oh Bar Basque, you got me to eat potatoes…. What a tease, I was starving and they were being slow with service….

The bread basket DIDN’T come first, in fact they didn’t give us bread until we asked for it a few times after our appetizers were all out…. boo… I’ll blame it on the newness of the restaurant… if the food wasn’t so good I wouldn’t been kinda peeved… not that I *need* the bread or necessarily *wanted* it but if all the other tables are getting it, then I think I need it too….

Plato Mixto “Fermin”

Fermin Plate – Tasting of:
Jamon Serrano Fermin [Fermin Serrano Ham – dry cured]
Jamon Iberico Fermin [Fermin Iberian Ham – free range, dry cured]
Jamon Iberico de Bellota Fermin [Acorn-Fed Fermin Iberian Ham – free range, dry cured]

I will forever come here for this. In fact I could make a dinner of ordering a whole board of the two different Ibericos… and a nice bottle of red… ;D It was something that our waiter suggested that was some sort of great red wine from the Basque reason. Highly recommended and supposedly went well with all the dishes….

Aceitunas picantes fritas y crujientes

Spicy Fried Spanish Green Olives – stuffed with anchovy

Who would’ve thunk that I would eat fried olives. They had me at anchovy… unfortunately there was NO anchovy flavor AT ALL :[ But the good part is, they just have to call them spicy fried olives and I’d still eat them. Plain. Sans-anchovy.


Simply Grilled Razor Clams – Txakoli olive oil emulsion

They were a bit on the undercooked side – so slightly fishy. Which is a shame since I absolutely ADORE razor clams ever since Toro and I know Rick makes some mean razor clams over in Chicago’s Primehouse.

The most ridiculous tiny “clam shell” holder…. The funniest part is that they brought this to the table before the clams got here… before the jamon even reached the table. They were so slow with food and service that I was asking them what it was for after awhile….I’d never think I’d say this, but it’s cute but totally impractical.

Camarones y Garbanzos al Ajillo con guindillas, choricero y espellet
Sautee of Spicy Garlic Shrimp & Garbanzo Beans – Basque chiles

This was delicious – not even heat to call it spicy but the flavors were amazing. I was completely fixated on the garbanzo beans…. especially since I wasn’t really touching my sadly undercooked razor clams [yick, I like raw and cooked but not in the middle, it’s like bipolar clams]

Arenque en escabeche, ensalada de verduras de temporada, vinagreta de txacoli

Mackerel in Escabeche – seasonal market vegetable salad, txakoli vinaigrette

I love raw mackerel.. but I rarely get it when I get sushi [not sure why, maybe I’m boring and just like sticking to the classics] but this was delicious. It came with a side of different colored beets salad. Great, refreshing and crunchy. If this was fishy like the clams I would’ve been SO super sad.

Vieiras en fundi tocino, mantequilla coliflor trufada y papada
Diver Sea Scallops – truffled cauliflower, lardo, crispy jowl

See that big tower of a white tree? That’s a thinly cut raw cauliflower. YUM. I LOOOOVE cauliflower. Cooked, Steamed, Raw… anytime anywhere even though too much gives me stomach cramps – I eat it anyways… when has anything stopped from eating – except nausea…. the scallops were perfectly cooked but I have to say that the star that stole the show were the little truffled cauliflower florets with a little burnt to it. YUM~ For once the pig wasn’t the rockstar.

Lubina entera al Txakoli y emulsion de aceite de oliva virgen
Grilled Whole Seabass – txakoli wine, fennel, artichokes, crispy jamon

Perfectly cooked… the side salad was a bit oversalted and greasy for me… the I adore fennel and artichokes… the jamon was crunchy and great but too overpowering. The fish itself was awesome. I love whole fish…. I’m not sure why people are still scared of seeing heads on their food… I love it [especially shrimp heads, YUM!]

Piquillos a la Casa Julian de Tolosa

Slow Baked Piquillo Peppers – in the style of Casa Julian de Tolosa

This was a little bowl of heaven. The peppers were SO flavorful, I was just gobbling it up. It was creamy and melted in your mouth but also had a nice firm skin still [not in a bad way, but not in a gross mushy way either, I don’t like it when things are falling apart – unless intentionally and specific dishes]

I decided I wanted the two side dishes and an additional entree while finishing up the scallops. What can I say…. I have a lot of room in there *pokes belly button*

Arroz cremoso “Calasparra” con chanterelles y tomates en conserva

Creamy “Calasparra” Rice – chanterelle mushrooms, preserved tomatoes

This was genius. Anything that is creamy and rice-y [haha minus Fast & the Furious riced out cars] and with mushrooms CAN’T be bad. My biggest fear – as usual – is overly salted, or snuck in goat cheese/overly stinky cheese [haha] But I was paying more attention to this rice dish than the main entrees….

Cochinillo crujiente con risoto de papa y boletus, lechugas bebe
Crispy Suckling Pig – potato & mushroom risotto, baby lettuces

It was good. The skin was crisp but it wasn’t amazing. There was a slight gamey taste to the meat so i wasn’t a huge fan. The risotto was amazing though – note: POTATO mushroom risotto. YES. POTATOES. And I ate it up like I was breathing air. It was a tad on the overly salty side but I couldn’t get enough. Risotto, bread, risotto, bread :] See, it worked out in the end.

The most amazing version of Pain Perdu
How do I explain?!… it was DENSE but soooo fluffy and light. I could have this french toast morning, noon and night and feel like I wouldn’t gain an ounce [I’d probably gain 20lbs by the end of the first week] This was left for my “last bite” I always have a “last bite” featuring my favorite taste of the round of eats.. this was it.

“Bacon from Heaven” – like a richer, creamier, denser Egg Tart [Dan Ta]Although this DID come in at a close close close second. It was a 蛋挞 without the crust…. and just… omg… not a flan but… just heavenly. Bacon from Heaven, yes, but NO bacon is in it. Just creamy rich happiness. Super eggy taste [if too many yolks in desserts scare you – stay away, I’m sure this contains a lot… but then if yolks scare you, come here first so I can bitchslap you]

The last one was some chocolate cake.

Chocolatey. Hazelnutty. Nothing new…. I think this was the only thing that wasn’t finished. And I think I wanted it probably because of the name [which I can’t think of or find online so whatevz] It was good but not so good that I gobbled it up….. I can only take SO much chocolate… especially such dense chocolate…

The awesome hallway in the front….

Bar Basque is fun, RED, quirky [although still a bit fresh – they need to work on some service kinks] but I wanna come back and throw a party here.. the bar/lounge area is pretty swanky as well.

Bar Basque
839 Avenue of the Americas
(btwn 29th & 30th St)
New York, NY 10001