What else is there to Canadia other than Ice Hockey and Mooses..


The first time I had it was in 2012 in Windsor, Canaaaaadia… literally 5 minutes away from where I was staying in Detroit. At a little place called Frenchy’s Poutinery.  I’ve heard about this creation but never had it.  And when I was living in Seattle and going to Vancouver all the time, I was too little to even care about food.

Look at me, all dressed up and excited to go.

I think we ordered a few meats on here.  It was messy, gooey and over-flowing.  When I think of gravy, I think of Thanksgiving gravy… thick, dense and heavy…. but poutine gravy is more like a thicker jus.  The fries got soggy after a bit since it got so covered with stuff…..

So, now comes the part of the review.  I recently went to Ontario/Niagra Falls with family and was told by C that I had to hit up Smoke’s Poutinerie. HAD TO.  I was so sick that morning from being so underdressed and cold and smoke covered at the casino the night before… but I HAD TO GO TO CANADA FOR POUTINE!

I ended up getting an original one.  Simple.  Crispy fries.  Chunks of cheese curds and that light thin gravy I talked about earlier.  It was like 4pm and my first meal of the day – the fam weren’t too into it but I loved it.  I liked that the fries stayed crispy :] YUM!

And of course I left my mark! @misstiffie

So as soon as L saw me post pictures of poutine, he got poutine-envy; So for July 4th, I made a mini poutine bar for the party he threw.  I make a mean double fried fries :]  And in the back I had a mushroom gravy which I thinned down with chicken stock – and I added some white pepper for more of a bite.

My 40 (but not a Colt) – Bigger than K and I’s head

My first bowl.  My skinny rosemary fries, cheese curds (ranch flavored but I couldn’t taste it), my gravy, pulled pork and topped with crumbled chunks of crispy bacon!  I even microwaved it a bit so the curds would get super gooey!!!

I also made some fresh watermelon margaritas for everyone.

Ps. Don’t let a drunk person piggyback you while you’re drunk in a crowded area.

Pps. if that lady who wanted to hit me ever reads this. You still suck.

So yay for Canada for actually having a few cool things, even though it’s still really easy to “blame Canada” and make fun of Canada eh… HAH :]

My First Bday Dinner of the Year

Rum shots for my bday!!! what what?!?!?!

And of course the place chosen was jm Curley since we first bonded over out love of burgers.

My Wasabi Beer

Sadly not much of a wasabi flavor, slight heat on the throat.. but tasty nonetheless..

Complimentary Bacon Fat Popcorn

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs…
tomato, horseradish, Worcestershire, celery salt, bacon

Mine were awesome but these were pretty good, and VERY much like bloody marys :]

My favorite, and now L and I’s tradition of Fried Pickles
zesty-dill house pickles, creole mayo

And of course…
jmC 9 oz. natural angus burger
cheddar, grilled onions, pickles, pop’s Russian, fries

And speaking of fun.. the next day this happened with K

And after a hot shower, a few beers and some yummy takeout… it ultimately led to what adults do on a Saturday night.

Miami Day 4 & Joe’s Stone Crabs… and 72oz of Margaritas at Primetime

It’s our last day in Miami…. I don’t wanna leave…

Neither does J.

Time to say bye bye to our beloved free amazing gourmet breakfast buffet at Eden Roc

Note: See all of J’s beloved donuts. Yes he’s a donut fanatic. :]

My last free omelette and bacon

Bye Bye Bye :[

Sad Good Bye

Had the most AMAZING time with the most amazing person.

Bye bye Lobby Bar [Bartender Tommy haha J’s new friend]

SO OFF WE WENT… hiked the beach… first stop, nostalgia…. Wet Willie’s…. we got some blue shocker mixed margarita. SO sweet…. but hey I felt 18 again.

We continued our long walk on the beach… a nice long walk from Eden Roc [Miami Beach] to the end of South Beach at Joe’s Stone Crabs

Woot woot finally got to sit INSIDE. Last time I was REJECTED cuz of dress code. UH. Tube Top and skirt was a NO-NO.

AMAZING BREAD. Pretzel bread and the flatbread crips were the SHIT!!!

One again I was in charge of food and J was in charge of wines….

Delish!…. he got a Chard… I got… uhhhhhh…….. something spicier?!… I don’t remember..

Crab Nicoise
shaken with jumbo lump crab, locally grown tomatoes,
olives, green beans, eggs, potatoes, red onion & herb vinaigrette

Chock full of fresh sexy crab…. amazing crisps… and just UGH delish!.. Even the dressing was SOOOOOOOO divine!!!!….. I loved how they served this in a cup and shook it out in front of us. HOOKED.

We got the SELECT Stone Crab Claws… I’ve had the medium and I’ve had the jumbo [bigger isn’t only better] which were ok, so select was definitely the best choice.

Best last lunch in Miami.

And of course their famous Key Lime Pie.

Demolished. LOVE.

But our day wasn’t over yet. We were determined to get a GIANT margarita on Ocean Drive. So where do we end up? Primetime. Of course :] We could’ve gotten smaller ones but it was 2 for the price of one and I wanted the giant one… so we both got 32oz ones…..

J got the
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Liqueur, Astoria Prosecco and splash soda

And  I got the
Champagne Kiss:
Champagne, Chambord raspberry liqueur blended  to perfection

I was taking pics of us so the waitress offered to help…

Much better..

Bigger than my head.

Tipsy tipsy weeeeeeee… time to head to the airport to drink more….

Miami Day 2 Beach, Yardbird & Nikki Beach Club

After a nice relaxing, semi-early, night in…. uhhhh…. actually okay, fine, not so “early” :] We woke up around 1030 for our FREE BREAKFAST

Dressed for the beach and ready to tan and swim after brekky… OFF WE GO…

How did we somehow get upgraded to an insane room AND get free brekky?!?!?!

One of our first plates of many….

And an omelette bar <3 UGH love

And then we were off to the beach. I swear we were the youngest/sexiest ones there. Check out my hot beach date.

My view for the whole day.

Is that a flying dino?

OH also decided to turn Mormon after finding this book in our hotel room….

HA. Just kidding. PS. This bikini is dedicated to Elliot Wronski :]

Our hotel.

Booze since 11am…

We later got ready, chilled on our balcony…..


And then headed to LUCKY STRIKE to watch the HEATS game. YAY Basketball.

J with his sexy cousin G and her fiance S [from the group Stellar Revival

Yeah, the band is pretty killer…. go to some shows in their next tour.. if it’s east coast I’ll probably be there :] Def any Boston or NYC shows :D


Ok i keep trying to put up the link to The Crazy Ones on here.. but it’s just the lyrics to Saving Grace…

Something about some punk and rock that just gets a girl going….

I’ll hopefully go help out at a few East Coast shows on their next tour so look out for me :D *grin* and also check out the drummer’s food blog — The Hungry Dummer .

We played a game of pool [worst game ever] but me and J won <3 WOOT. Nerds unite!!!!

G asked where I wanted to eat in Miami and I said YARDBIRD and her and S had JUST had brunch there… but then they decided to take us there after the game…. AWESOME.

Sadly no Chef Jeff McInnis here :[  HASH TAG #topchefcrush

Of course when I saw this I had to get it.  G and S warned that it was a lot of food but I was up to the challenge…

G ordered milk. I think I love her.

The cute soon-to-be-married-couple <3

Kale Salad for J and I

And our Chicken n Waffles n Watermelon!!!… we DEVOURED, DEMOLISHED, KILLLLLLED this <3 Hahahaha…… we’re fatties

Altho I did lose a watermelon in the feed fest. So I pour a little bit out to my homie watermelon…

My Feedback:

And then G and S kindly dropped us off at Nikki Beach Club…

Yeah the mojitos were overly sweet and sucked… I had lots of champagne and lots of douchebag Jersey Shore guys here….. probably never coming back to  Nikki Beach Club… but it was definitely an experience and fun..

Ended up going back and having fun enjoying Eden Roc late late night ;D

PS. Best line of my night to a guy “Catch me if you can, POKEMON” and I LITERALLY ran away”

PPS. I also had a guy ask me: “If I took you away tonight do you think your bf would mind?” UHHH YES. FUCKA.

Today…… and last week’s breakfast

I had the most shitty day.

And then I had the best ending to the night…. my bf gave me frownies that looked so cartoonish and comical… I couldn’t stop giggling… I fell over in giggles……

It’s insane and ridic to explain the whole thing that happened tonight… today…. yesterday…. but ok I admit it’s been a shitty few days since my crash.  I’m still not done figuring out my insurance/police reports and my anxiety/panic attack medication……. my psychiatrist is on VACA. WTF. Part of the reason I had the crash WAS cuz of it, I’m sure.

BUT… I wanna say, I got a lot of stuff done the past two days… and I had full support from friends and mostly my wonderful bf J.

Thanks for your cute little frownie faces that make me giggle and laugh like crazy.  See you soon.

You are just another blessing in my life. Thank you. Love you.

And I’m glad you loved the food I made the last time you visited me……….

BLACK Truffle… this thing was worth like over 90$

Dinner… Rose Champagne and Wine [brought by J]

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Swiss Chard, Habaneros, Celery, Carrots and Onion…. 

a WHOLE Fresh Black Truffle Whipped Cauliflower with white truffle salt and oil…. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mixed Mushrooms…. 

My first plate….. of many…

And then we decided I should get this… we had a glass of wine and then……. DID IT…

Didi was jealous cuz J was in her spot

The next morning J made me food… I helped with peeling bacon and mixing eggs…

So much bacon and so much bacon fat….. we fried the WHOLE packet!!!!!!

And then we scrambled like 8 eggs in the bacon fat…. just added some pepper to it… thiS WAS AMAZING…

Obviously I made the mimosas and some black coffee… and we had fresh pineapple to gnaw on…..


Valentine’s Day 2013 in Macao

Ok not THAT Macao/澳門/Macau which would have been a bomb ass Vday surprise.

But this one was still on the island of Manhattan.

But anyways… I spent the day laying around, making videos on Social Cam… [okay fine I slept in LATE] and then getting ready for Vday

The only sort of full body shot of my outfit.  I had a cute tube pink dress.

Just to warn you, these are pretty horrible pictures [flash and nonflash GAG]. I need a new phone and a new digi cam.  But anyways… J booked us a table at Macao, another one of his favorite restaurants. I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person but this was a great one.

So we started off with some… our favorite, pink bubbly!!!!!

[pink bubbles….will make MUCH more sense when I blog about J & I’d adventure in Taiwan… which is still in the process of being written up – here’s pictures until then….]

Llopart Brut Cava 2009 Vintage

The brilliant 2009 Brut Reserva Rose sparkling wine was made from an intriguing blend of 60% Monastrell (Mourvedre), 20% Garnacha (Grenache) and 20% Pinot Noir, and was aged 18 months in bottle prior to being released. The fermentation was done in bottle, which is called Methode Champenoise. Fresh strawberry, cherry and blueberry-like aromas jump from the glass of this rose. It possesses impressive purity, effervescence, tiny, well-formed bubbles, good body, a slight austerity, and a dry, surprisingly intense style.

Cheers ❤

Raw Oysters

Delicious as usual. And plus. Vday. Aphrodisiac right?! ;]

Sexy time.

Bacon/Pork Belly Buns
black garlic slaw, spicy housemade ketchup

I love my baos.

Very yummy!!! Delicious soft fluffy bao with nice fatty flavorful pork.  They gave us three and we split the third one :] We’re sappy like that.

My cute date.

We also got  the Mushroom and Truffle Croquettes

DELICIOUS.  Everything you would imagine and more.  A MUST get when you come here……

And then split the Macanese Chili Prawns with Rice…..

AMAAAAAAAAAZING… especially the rice in the sauce afterwards <3 JOY.  We also had a side of DELICIOUS Brussels Sprouts with chili-lime vinaigrette.

Desserts time.

Fried Egg Tart
maple walnut ice cream, cinnamon sugar

Egg Tart. Score. Fried. Score.  Maple Walnut Ice Cream. Score. TRIPLE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!

SUCHHHHH a delicious Valentine’s Day :]

Jim and Tiffie Adventures Day 2 : Brunch and Wayside Inn

It’s Day 2 of our adventures…. slept in way way way way late… so we decided to push back from an hour or two…

Brunch @ my friendly neighborhood Bullfinchs

He was “boring” [his words not mine] and got the Farmers Breakfast haha

Sides of Bacon and Sausage… nom nom nom

But I was boring-er and got my usual egg white veggie omelette

Some awesome bellinis, bloody marys and COFFEE later…. we went to Wayside Inn to tour around and walk around the gorgeous estate and land.

I wanted to jump in but didn’t wanna get yelled at

Where horror movies begin


Furby Hand?

Now you don’t see the glow

Now you see the orb

Hello Zak Bagans, hire me.

Fun times :]

Adventures of Serina and Tiffie Ninjas….

She got me this gorgeous Hello Kitty Swarovski Ring <3

I brought her to get her ears pierced a a Birthday present <3

Met Bar

Worst Sole EVER


My Athens Burger

I think she got the LA Burger

Brunch at Bullfinchs

I made dinner for everyone

Fugakyu for Girls’ Nite

We wanted a boat

Szechuan Chili Beef a la Mama

I made Breakfast for me and Serina

Sisters <3

Legal Seafoods

Black Friday Shopping

Best Purchase

Love you S <3 Miss youuuuu!!!!

Legal’s with the Parents: Ordering off the Specials Menu

I love going out with my parents. We always have so much fun and being an only child and moving around all over the United States, I’m used to it.  Family vacations, dinners, etc.  Not hanging out with the fam all the time is just plain wrong and doesn’t feel right.  So after a long day of work.. it was time for some seafood.

Daddy started becoming a huge food picture-taker too… hahahah and taking goofy pictures of me.

We got a free Amuse Bouche from the chef.  Sun Dried Tomatoes with Bacon on Crostini with a drizzle of Balsamic Vinaigrette. Meh.

Two Buckets of Steamers!!!


Not amused.

I got the Wild King Salmon with Spicy Sausage [Chorizo], a Corn/Black Bean Salsa on top of Butternut Squash.  It was sprinkled with scallions and was totally a Mexican wanna be dish.  It wasn’t bad but my salmon was overcooked and dry.  Everything else was delicious.

We also ordered a half a bottle of the red wine pairing to go with my dish to share with the table. I forgot what it was but it was good.

Daddy got a Herbed Flounder with a Slaw on top.

And mama got the Grilled Swordfish over Mashed Sweet Potato.

All of us got the specials of the night…

And then I saw this lady. CLASSY.

And since we ordered all specials we got the special dessert too.


The usual: Boston Cream Pie
Delicious as usual but I don’t remember it being COVERED in chocolate, just a thin film of it on top. Now it’s a bit too much.

The Special: Apple Pie Tart
It was okay.  The ice cream was good.

I also got a yummy Hot Toddy.

Baltimore for the day…. Wit & Wisdom and the Aquarium

It was a late late night… but we ended up getting up SUPPPPER early in the morning to run to the train to head to Baltimore for the day…. I may have been hungover… can’t really remember at the moment. BUT it was early but the train ride was quick and fun,


The view from Wit & Wisdom at the Four Seasons in Baltimore. GORGEOUS

They had a brunch buffet… so I OBVIOUSLY needed a pic of all the ketchup

We ordered a few things and then were served EVERYTHING

Pastry Basket – sadly were out of house but still yummilicious

We got pancakes and fruits

MMMMMM cute little pancakes

Tiny Buttermilk Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup

These were seriousy probably the BEST pancakes I have EVER eaten. W was talking with his buddies and I was trying to be a lady cutting them into thirds and nibbling. OMG I could’ve INHALED in one bite.

Side of Bacon YUM

and then Shrimp & Grits!!! OMFG.. WITH PORK BELLY. I DIE. DELISH
A tried to kill W with the shellfish [haha I kid] but I had it and DV had it… SOOO GOOD…. creamy creamy grits… succulent super well spiced shrimp and fatty pork belly/bacon…. I LOVE… since W cant eat shellfish, DV ate it and seemed to love it as much as I did, def ate it faster.

Fried Egg over Biscuits and Thick Chunky Gravy

The gravy and sausage was on the sweet side but it was SO tasty.  ESP with the biscuit to balance it off. And you guys know that a good fried egg is a sexy fried egg and it’ll always make me extremely happy. I ended up eating the fried egg, the sausage, most of the biscuit and half of the gravy. There’s always that bit of micro greens that makes me feel healthier. HAHA.

W got the  Crunchy Chicken Sandwich
bread & butter chips, crystal hot sauce mayo

And I got the
Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake Benedict
old bay hollandaise, crab glace, benton’s country ham, green

By this point I was gonna burst, but OMG SO FUGGGGGGING GOOD.

Egg Porn Time


FULLLLL and SUPER FULL we walked over to the National Aquarium to wander for a few hours. SO MUCH FUN.

And then we were off to eat at Pabu….. yes THE Pabu.K