My Next Food Network Star Audition Tape

Soooooooo remember a few months ago I sent in an app and audition for NFNS.. OBVIOUSLY they didn’t want me but the video makes me laugh so hard still *pees pants* I thought it would be a great time to finally share it with the world… :D

[ I made a shortrib bone marrow french onion soup with a 3cheese puff pastry crouton ]

Enjoy!!!! & keep on eating Jelly Bellys


  1. dude that was hilarious. “why are there so many, why did i decide to make so many.” haha, fave.


  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh I can’t wait to see you :D



  1. […] I’ll leave you with my famously silly NFNS Audition Video when I make my delicious French Onion Short Rib Soup with 3 Cheese Puff Croutons – WHICH WAS SO MUCH more delicious than Breslin’s…. but inspired by Fruition – […]


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