Forage – Cambridge, MA in my overalls… #fobstyle

Oh hai!  It’s been awhile since Yeah I wore overalls, made me feel like a forager lol jk… totally didn’t do it just to dress for the restaurant.

So the night of the big fight on Saturday… Mayweather vs McGregor (FYI where was Bieber? Ha!) I first headed to Forage in Cambridge to grab a quick snack to eat… I say snack because we all know that house parties and any sports game will be plenty of beer, booze, and of course delicious fat-inducing food… which sadly I didn’t take any pictures of. But let’s just say I was pupu-sa’d out from ha! Pupu was, fried shrimp and wings, chicken and beef tacos, etc… the list goes on.

So first off.. Forage is hidden in the middle of a residential area in Harvard Sq. You have to walk down into the basement of what looks to be an apartment complex. The interior is very homey and it looks pretty much like it was an apartment turned restaurant. An inviting bar as soon as you walk in, they have a crazy cocktail list…. but Narrow ways to walk through to get to the bathroom and kitchen…. I was bumping into people just to go pee.

They had gorgeous mushroom artwork like this, which was next to our table, all over.  Wait for staff was a little slow… but being for a Saturday night at least we were seated immediately with no reservations. We were finally given two cherry tomatoes, one each… and salt to dip it in.

I felt like Oliver Twist but I found myself wanting to ask for more. Hungry. Slow wait staff. Waa. When are you gonna take our order?

When we finally got our order taken, btw, not hating, they were super gracious and even apologized straight off for being slow….. we got the bread!!!  They had amazing fresh baked bread… screw my gluten allergy. I eat what I want. They, also simply, just serve it with some delicious extra virgin olive oil… poured right in front of you. Crunchy crust (my favorite!) and a fluffy soft interior… yummy.

We finally got our orders in and the food came out really fast. We ordered three appetizers to share… didn’t realize the portions. “This is what he feeds me when he takes me out on a date!” Haha jk! But I joked about instagram-ing that phrase so I figure better here than nowhere.

This was actually a pretty tasty dish. But the name is definitely not what I thought I’d get. “Cured Fish Plate”

Cured Fish Plate
Cured Trout, Lacto Carrots, Clam Ice Cream, Whipped Brookford Cottage Cheese and Scented Geranium

What made me want this dish was the clam ice cream [duh!] you guys know me too well!  And it was AMAZING!!!!…  I was also curious about what was “lacto carrots” because I just think of lactose, am I right?!?!?!… But seriously. It was ONE piece of trout.  And it didn’t taste like anything, let alone fish or smoked.  Fail.

Anyways next up was the highly antisipating “Confit Lobster Mushrooms”  I love mushrooms… remember when I went on that rage and just ate as many different mushrooms as I possibly could from the farmers market?!…. It was like like 30+ kinds but still :]  So here it is……

DUN DUN DUN *cue music* — oh wait I already started it

Confit Lobster Mushrooms
Cantalope, Blackberries, Salt Brittle

Concept was good.  Execution, not so much.  First of all, the mushrooms were overpowered by everything else, and everything was overpowered by the brittle [which was, btw, not salted]  I felt like this needed some green and some acid to really round up the dish.  Each part on it’s own was great – but come on, it was cut up cantaloupe and blackberries on plate.  Not sure how they did the mushrooms, but definitely not the taste of lobster mushrooms when I’ve cooked it myself.  The texture was meaty but it needed a mushroom taste.. I say add some lemon-y herbs and have a variety of mushrooms to amp up the plate.

And here it comes, what D was coming for — the “Cured Beef Plate”

Cured Beef Plate
Jerky, Biltong, Bresaola, Dried Liver, Mustard, Pickles & Toast

The Biltong was definitely missing from this dish but instead we had a delicious Beef sort of Paté with a big thick disc of beet in it [didn’t really have much taste to it though…. so definitely not pickled].  Yeah I suck at descriptions about this because I couldn’t hear the waiter well.  The Bresaola was tasty, a bit too salty for me, but tasty…. and the Jerky was chewy and full of that good packed in beef condensed flavor.  Gnaw gnaw gnaw.

And then… ” Where is the liver?”

But alas, regretfully, I found it in the parsley and onion salad.  Super condensed, rich flavored liver, dried out and grated onto the salad.  It. Was. INTENSE.

I don’t like liver, aside from foie gras, so this was just eye-twitching for me.  Just a few small flakes packed SO MUCH PUNCH… Now I know why they paired it with the onions and parsley, the mellowed it out a ton — but once I had that liver taste in my mouth I couldn’t get it out.

It was all paired with a great fresh house-made mustard, tons of horseradish in it.  I liked it.  D, not so much haha. MORE FOR ME :]

And for dessert, we got complimentary Tomato Sorbet…. and then two savory ice creams.  A Gochuchang ice cream with Kimchi and a Cilantro ice cream, both with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.  My taste buds were confused, but apparently the highlights of the night for me were all ice creams.  The sorbet

Me: So how does it taste?
D: Tomato-y
Me: Really? That’s a great description….
D: You try it…
Me: *takes a bite*
D: So how does it taste?
Me: Super tomato-y

This was literally a tomato bomb in your mouth!  Refreshing, smooth, and absolutely amazing!

I had a bite of the kimichi and it was a cauliflower.  They gave just the right amount to balance the sweetness… the gochuchang was seriously ridiculously mind-blowing MIND-F.  Like what is going on?!  Slightly spicy, salty and a good amount of sweetness.  The cilantro I loved… and actually would’ve paired great with the mushroom dish we had above.

So pretty.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad meal, it wasn’t a great meal.  Not sure whether or not I would go back, but then again I only had some appetizers.  XXXOOO

Greek Food at the Hellenic Festival – Cambridge

This summer… back at the Greek Orthodox Church on Magazine street  in Cambridge I went to the Greek festival for some good eats and fun.

“White wine please.. the whole bottle”
“Just for you?”


Craigie on Main – 8 Course Tasting Menu

The one and only Woo Bear, my favorite NYPD PoPo/Detective/Bodyguard/Bestie came to visit me in Boston and being so busy with work lately we FINALLY got a chance to meet up, rant, chat, laugh and just have a jolly awesome time.  I picked him up from his hotel and even though we got there early they had a table for us already set for us.

Woo Bear & Peep Peep unite!!!!!


He’s the Gru to my Agnes

I told him we had to go to Craigie on Main.. it’s farm to table and seasonal and just one of my favorite places MUST GO TO EAT AT places in Boston… well it’s in Cambridge but same difference. I adore their open kitchen. And everyone there is SO friendly and awesome. PLUS every time you get the tasting menu you get different and new things it’s NEVER the same.

After careful, not so careful thinking we decided to order the everything 8 course tasting menu.  We started off with a champagne for me and a “manly” scotch drink for him. I think the waitress said it was a scotch rimmed with absinthe?!… I thought it was delicious!!!!

We also ordered a bomb ass bottle of French Burgundy Pinot Noir – mad $$ but soooo worth it

I asked for them to write out the menu for us so I could have it when I went home… obviously so I could blog!!!

And then it began….. as we sipped our yummy drinks, the food started flowing….

Trio of Amuse Bouche

Citrus Cured Striped Bass, Avocado, Red Onion, Pickled Pine Nuts

This was Woo Bear’s favorite… mainly cuz of the avocado he said.  It was good and reminded me of tuna tartare, I think mainly cuz of the color, would’ve never thought it was striped bass – but I guess it was cuz of the citrus cure.  You couldn’t really taste the citrus but it was a good bite.

Razor Clams, Uni Vinaigrette

Texturally wise, this was my favorite of the three. It was obviously clams… and I LOOOOOVE razor clams.. I’ve never had it sliced before and it was amazing.  Need to start taking my razor clams not whole on a shell… hehe…

Smoked Bluefish Rillettes, Hackleback Roe

Taste-wise this was y favorite. It was a beautifully soaked fish… and with the caviar and everything it was pretty divine.

The waitress loved that I had a champagne glass tattooed on me haha..

Sea Trout Pastrami
Winter Chicories, Blood Orange, Pistachio Vinaigrette

I actually expected a smokier tasting salmon, from the looks of it, but the taste was impeccable.  The texture of the salmon was of smoked salmon but it definitely had that “pastrami” kick to it.  With the added crunch of the chicory and pistachio it was heaven in each bite.  It actually would’ve been an amazing salad with more chicory and pistachios but deeeeeelish!!!!!!!

Roasted Sturgeon à la Poêle
Camargue Red Rice, Red Onion Soubise, Beurre Rouge

When the last dish came out we finally finished our first drinks and got to get into the the wine, which paired PERFECTLY, as waitress said it would, with the food… It was salty was soooooo gooooood.  Not sure what the greens were but the rice was just barely el dente and chewy and amazing, I almost thought it was wheat berries…the surgeon [this was the first time Woo Bear ever had it, but I have] was soooo buttery and beautifully cooked.  Like I said, it was salty but it still tasted awesome….

Delicious wine with an amazing friend!!!

Spice-Crusted Striped Bass Kama

Wait. What? KAMA? UM, I LOVE YOU CRAIGIE.   I love Fish Collar Bone [aka Kama]

Even the waitress told me to make sure to take a pic – I think she saw me taking pictures before… and probably assumed since I was asian HAHA

It’s all about this:
the Tuscan Olive Oil, Citrus Vinaigrette

And cuz we were “her friends” she poured it on for us. AWWWWW I felt so loved….!!!! She even said “Of course Tiff, you’re my friend” hahahaha… maybe she remembers me from my past eatings there…. LOLOLOL… I always eat SO much here

This was my piece… Woo Bear and me both picked our pieces CLEAN!!!!!… We ASIAN YO.  We waste NOTHING!!!

House-Made Red Beet Conchiglie Pasta
Boudin Noir Ragoût, Fava Leaves

This was beautiful. Fucking beautiful. BEET PASTA? It’s like taking a veggie I love with a pasta I love and combining the two.  When I first looked at it, I was like UHHH.. meat? blah? WHAT? But it was delicious.   The sauce didn’t overwhelm the beet taste in the pasta and the lava leaves added a nice green freshness to it.   Will definitely try to make a beet pasta in the future… altho I’ll probably make pappardelle or gnocchi.

Slow-Roasted Veal Sweetbreads
Wild Mushrooms, Farm-Fresh Egg, Chorizo Sauce

This may have been my favorite dish of the night, minus the bone marrow later, but I can never not LOVEEEEEEEEEE and orgasm with bone marrow.  But the poached egg was SOOOO beautiful.  The sauce, the mushrooms and of course SWEETBREADS.  I really need to find a place that sells sweetbreads so I can start cooking them.  They’re one of my favorite delicacies.. even more than bone marrow and foie gras cuz I can never find them to cook them myself… and because of that, I ALWAYS ALWAYS have to order sweetbreads when it’s on the menu.. well I guess the same with the other two but still….

And then when we thought it was all over….

Axis Venison Two Ways: Spice-Crusted Leg, Crepinette
Mustard Spaetzle, Hakurei Turnips, Red Cabbage Purée

And obviously we got it with the BONE MARROW!!!!

Can you believe they asked us if we would rather have duck fat roasted carrots OR bone marrow? UMMM… we didn’t even look at each other and Woo Bear and I both screamed BONE MARROW!!!

It was all so freaking delicious….  the crepinette was SOOOOOOOO delicious. It was a yummy venison meatball!!!… and the venison leg, sliced and cooked rare was just SOOO tender and delicious.  I ended up eating the marrow on toast and then the rest of the marrow all over my veal dish and licking it up. The spaetzle was crunchy and divine and while it was from “mustard” it had almost a delicate “cheese” taste to it.  Definitely some of the yummiest spaetzle I’ve had.  The turnips were great.. I thought it was daikon – which I guess is basically a turnip/carrot – and just all of the items combined was ORGASMIC. We had SOOOOOO much bone marrow it could feed a family of 10.

Palate Cleanser
House-made Lime Frozen Yogurt
Basil Seeds

Delicious. Refreshing. YUM.

We got this amazing Bourbon:
Michter’s 20yr Cask Strength Single Barrel 114.2°

At 67$ a glass it better be fucking amazing and it was… smelled like caramel and was soooooo tasty. Yeah disgustingly expensive but also disgustingly delicious.

Dessssert time.. so it was definitely more than just 8 courses….

Moroccan ‘Upside Down’ Carrot Cake
Goat Cheese Sorbet, Dates, Caramelized Almonds

I told them no goat cheese but they gave me some anyways.  I ate it anyways.  But the cake was super dry, even though I loved the look/concept of the cake.  Next time I make carrot cake I’ll have a beautiful slice of carrot on top.  It didn’t go with the goat cheese even tho I tried it together to make it “wetter” and neither did the sauce.  It was kinda sad to see such a fantastic meal end so badly.

Chocolate-Fernet Branca Crémeux
Roasted Lemon Puree, Tarragon Ice Cream

I don’t really think that was what we got… it tasted like mint ice cream on chocolate mousse and crunchy sticks hahahaha…. it was good but didn’t feel like a FULL dessert, like a side to a dessert…


We had a special complimentary Hot Cocoa to warm us up… there was definitely some chilies and cardamum in it <3

Everything was talked about, we definitely spent a good few hours there… and in the end we realized:

Love you Woo Bear. Can’t wait to play again soon!!!!! Miss you dearly already!!!!

Car Accident after delicious Duck

I had quite the traumatic experience last nite.. on my way back from a delicious fun night at Harvard Sq with an old friend…..

But before I get into that…. back to my story. I got in a hit & run just like 10-15 minutes away from my house.  Witnesses behind me said they saw a hit and run… I just heard a boom, freaked out, swerved, hit the curb and mailbox.  Entire right side TOTALED.. windshield shattered… front right part of car GONE… front right tire FLEW off, back right tire flattened… and it just looks horrible.

The tire that flew off

Fucked up

Bye bye my baby…

No worries I passed all the sobriety tests [def wasn’t drunk] just had to deal with insurance and police reports, ugh.  A bit sore and possibly bruised from the seatbelt… neck is sore… but other than mental distress I think I’m OKAY right now.. just want to keep on sleeping.. woke up super late today to file insurance report and then made some scrambled eggs and had it with a whole avocado with chulula hot sauce.

Bye bye my baby red Matrix XS. I did love you so.

Altho I am annoyed and kinda glad my airbags DIDN’T GO OFF.  And to the guys who came and helped me and was my witness.. thanks thanks so much for being amazing and sweet.


So I guess onto the good parts…

Old friend showed up late…..  so I had was at Chameleon myself.

I got a touch up on my ankle… and a new addition to my collection.. actually dedicated to my mother. There’s a little story behind it… my mom, when I was little, used to ask me all the time “How much d you love me?” and I’d open my arms as wide as I could and say.. “for infinity…” :]

If you ever want a tatt at Harvard Sq’s Chameleon ask for Rueben.. he’s my man!!! He’s the shit!!! :]

Anyways finally met up with my friend for a few drinks before dinner…. got him the most awesome book “How to tell if your car is plotting to kill you”… [he has two cats] thanks to Oatmeal.  A few Garden Saison beers at John Harvard’s Brewery

And then a delicious dinner at Upstairs on the Square

Dinner time… with bubbles..

He got the grilled salmon on top of pearl onions and saurkraut and broccoli….

My roast duck with blood orange and other yummy flavors…. so fatty meaty and delicious. JUICY TO THE CORE!!!

Dessert was a Napoleon… with the most amazing chocolate chip vanilla bean ice cream.  The Napoleon definitely wasn’t what I expected, more cake than flakey. No flake at all.

And then a champagned induced addition….

Snack Time at LA Burdick

And after the sammy and the pizza…

In front of me….

Raspberry Tart & The BurdickLayers of japonaise biscuit and rum ganache

I had the Americano. W had the Chai Latte. Both Amazing. AND both… were amazing, so were our desserts :] Good choices W :] TEEHEEHEE.. altho I was distracted by the FOB Girl and Parsian Guy couple next to us the whole time… His Raspberry Tart had the most AMAAAAAAAAZiNG Whipped Creme EVER!

Snack Time – A slice of Pizza at Otto

So Mario Batali was NOT so happy about Otto in Boston…because of HIS Otto… Meh, SERIOUSLY?! It’s a coinkidink, NOT a rip. This place was pretty good. W told me about it while we walked over to eat some.  He got pepperoni was was…. SOOOO greeeeasyyy it was dripping all over his plate. BUT. My Cauliflower and Mushroom was DELICIOUS. NOT greasy.  Great bubbles on the thin thin crust and I sprinkled it with hot red chilli flakes. OH JOY.  Great snack after my…. huge sammy :]

BTW, be warned.  W got their lemonade.  It was watered down and with no sugar. I loved the no sugar part but the watered down part I could not deal with.

Don’t worry, we ate more….

Only at Cardullo’s in Harvard Sq – Sandwich = Perfection

“Lets get Pho…”
“Now I want a Burger…”

“Actually let’s just go to Cardullo’s first…”

A Mexican Coke & Sparkling Grapefruit Juice later…

W got a Rueben

Corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut with Thousand Island dressing on marble rye, toasted

He loved it.

I got the Hearty Harvard – per usual I couldn’t choose so I asked behind the counter what was his fav. One guy said this, the other said ‘Not making one…’

Smoked turkey [You could also choose it with roast beef or corned beef] and cole slaw with Thousand Island dressing on a baguette

The bread was crunchy AND fluffy on the outside. OMG the bread was soooo fresh and delicious….. I haven’t had mayo-based cole-slaw in ages but it paired SOOOO well with the drier THICK layer of turkey, fluffy bread, crunchy flakey crust and then YES, the Thousand Island dressing :]

W was such a sweetie and gave his half of sandwich t the sweetest homeless guy sitting near us. OMG. WHAT A SWEATHEART. Afterwards we wandered into the BEST. STORE. EVER. Blank Ink.

AHH such a good start to wandering around Harvard Sq…… no worries we ate a few times more in the next two hours :]

“The Indian Food is throwing me off…” – Brunch at Taj Cafe & the Butterfly Garden

Me and W had brunch at the Taj Cafe and seeing the menu completely threw me off. I’m a HUUUUUGE savory brunch person…. eggs are a must.. but then seeing the yummy lunch and indian lunch items along with the normal brunch menu freaked me out. UM UM UM. A bellini first please. W already knew what he wanted. DAMN I was thinking of going Indian…….. EGGS? Boring….  I almost got a boring omelette or benedict.. OKAY FINE.  Get the thing I crave all the time and rarely get anymore. Waffles.

Waffles. They’ll always remind me of visiting daddy for dinner at MIT.  DIY waffles COVERED in super syrupy sugary blueberries…. always a good memory of 5th grade.  Waffles it is.

For some weird reason I thought he was gonna get the Butter Chicken Masala but I SWEAR this is totally the

Chicken Biryani

Chicken & Saffron Rice cooked encaserole, yogurt & blend of spices

I blame the heat, the sun, the sun IN my eyes, the heat on my back, switching seats, etc… and probably a few bellinis on me NOT knowing what he got BUT that it was delicious. NOM! I stole a few bites of everything :]

And then I got the, yes, Waffles

Belgian Waffle with Berries and Honey Cream

Fluffy, light and decadent. Need I say more?

And of course more bellinis and a side of bacon. W got a delicious Mango Lassi to go with the Indian theme. MMMM…

And then we went to the Museum of Science


They landed on HIM but not ME! WTF?!

W with the Best couple ever


BBest bag ever…

After more randomness at the Museum of Science *LOVE* Lightening Room, Body Exhibit, etc etc….. OOOO and I ALSO LOVE THE NEW FOOD ONE…

I need this book *hint hint*

We also got a lot of…. Space Ice Cream MMMMMMMM……

Balling out at Craigie on Main, 8 Course Tasting

You guys may know by know that one of my favorite restaurants in the area is Craigie on Main.  Not really in Boston, Cambridge near MIT but still :] I still say I live in Boston even tho I live in the woods hahahah….

BTW on the way  I witnessed a crazy car crash RIGHT in front of us.  Our taxi was getting onto Storrow Drive and there was a car in front of us who got smacked COMPLETELY in the front half and 90degree’d blocking one of the exists.  HOLY CRAP.  It was so loud and I screamed haha.  Thankfully no one was, at least not obviously, hurt but it was CRAZY and mad damage to one of the cars. YIKES.  Our cabbie kept complaining about it too hahaha… “Night driving is bad for people who don’t know their way around here” lol…. YIKES.

…but yes back to the point. The topic.  The main reason why I’m blogging here this afternoon and procrastinating at work [shhh!!! Hi Boss!!] What can I say about Craigie that I haven’t yet before? It never fails to disappoint, and plus I love pig.  They have the most amazing pig tails and pig’s head :] YUM

LOVE the atmosphere…

LOVE the open kitchen


hipster bartenders with the pornstaches kinda freaked me out a bit… not gonna lie… *cough

Just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything :]

So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We’re just having fun
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out?
That’s how its supposed to be
Living young and wild and free

So why not go all out after a huge brunch and eat a 8+ Course Tasting meal :] And perhaps get a little drunk…. and minus the weed [altho it’d probably help with the consuming of all this food yeah? HA!]

Ready to gooooo gooogooooo?!… We started off with some drinks while they set up the table.  I requested a nice big corner table and we got one :] Yay! So comfy!  We did have amazingly amusing neighbors.. including a poor guy who looked like he was trying to get laid but was doing a total womp womp job. Also he inhaled the hard rolls in like 4 bites smothered in butter.. over and over again LOL, and then the long table of  loud Japs.  OMG. LOUD!  THE TEETH! HAHAHA… OH the stories I could tell about it, but onwards to more interesting things and the reason why you’re here.

Seafood Amuse Trio

I remember getting a seafood trio the first time I ever ate here so I was excited to get delicious little bites again. I LOVE restaurants that constantly change their menu and work with what they got and what’s in season. YUM. Fresh and delicious.

Squid Noodles, Nuon Cham, Toasted Garlic

I LOOOVE raw squid, these were SO good!  From the crunchy strong garlic on top to the fish sauce OMG.. it was like a little bite of Thai heaven. Happy dance in my mouth and into my belly.

Foie de Lotte [Monkfish Liver], Miso-Mustard Vinaigrette, American Sturgeon Roe

It was super creamy but all I tasted was the roe :[   They were running around in my mouth and I was busy catching them between my teeth to pop them. Salty roe taste but no monkfish liver :[ But like I said, super creamy aside from the eggs hehe.

Smoked Scottish Salmon, Buttermilk Vinaigrette

Very delicious. I love smoked fish!!!

Crispy Fried Nove Scotia Smelts
Preserved Lemon, Pickled Peppers, Squid Ink Anchoïade

I adore fried smelts. The last time I had them were when they were a special at Legal’s.. [ugh they SO need to put it permanently on their menu! ADORE!] But this was to another level. Screw the forks and knives we dug in with our fingers.  Bones and all [obviously] It was delicious. And the squid ink?! Freaking amazing!  This dish was SOOO major!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I could’ve eaten a bucket full of this.. and you could dunk my shoe in that squid ink and I’d devour it.

Dayboat Cod à la Plancha
Cumin and Daikon Salad, Savory Carrot Ju

Soft flakey cod with a nice skin – a light delicious carrot jus and I LOVED the sunflower seeds. For some weird reason, sunflower seeds always remind me of the salad bar at Sizzler when I was like 4 hahaha. Is that weird? Sunflower seeds and bacon bits. OH SIZZLER lol. Do they even exist anymore? Why am I going off in so many tangents today? Maybe I am high.. HA! Kidding… but yes this fish is SOOO GOOD. Cod is always a good go-to fish if you want a nice tender mild not too fishy fish.  The salad had some nice acidity to it so I was eating it all together. MMMM and sunflower seeds. Yep, I’m back on them seeds…

Spice-Crusted Baquetta Grouper Kama
Lemon Vinegar, Tuscan Olive Oil

This was amazing!!!! You know Hamachi Kamas right? If you don’t you are a BAD READER OF MY BLOG!  I eat them at least once a week… hahaha.. but this is Baquetta Grouper… and was very similar to Hamachi, Yellowtail.  Oily, almost fatty like texture, SOOOOO tender,  so meaty, so fresh with the most amazing crust.  The crust was some of the best part :] Hahaha. I was fed the most amazing juicy delicious meaty bite with crust and meat and fat and all; YAY #spoilt

Haha on a side note, I’m one of those people that if you feed me I will eat. Bites wiggling in front of my mouth and I will CHOMP at it, no matter HOW full I am… usually even if I don’t REALLY want it… unless it’s absolutely revolting, I will ingest. One day I’m gonna be 600lbs and rolling around, until then, I will eat til I burst!

House-Made Rye Flower Casarecce
Venison and Arugula Ragoût

They make amazing fresh pastas here.. and Venison!!! YAYYY as soon as I heard venison my heart, and tummy skipped a beat. This could’ve also been my downfall to getting so full.  INHALED. Like, literally, I ate it so fast I barely breathed. SO good..  tender venison, a great sauce, beautifully made and cooked pasta… the slight bitterness of the wilted arugula, the fresh sprouts on top. OH ME OH MY!  The textures were beyond amazing.  I love with my mouth and senses feel a million things at the same time.

Crispy-Fried Pig’s Tails
Pickled Peanuts, Nuoc Cham, Cilantro

Honestly?! Is this old age?! A few years ago I downed 8 courses and then some.. two bottles of wine, last year I did the same thing and had pig’s head and etc… and now I’m ready to ass out head first in pillows after 2.5 glasses of champagne and wine and this course.  But I looooooove their pig tails.  It’s like chinese takeout in delicious gourmet fatty pig tail form.

Veal Four Ways 
Roasted Sirloin, Grilled Tongue, Braised Cheek & Sweetbreads
Kasha, Turnips, Bok Choy, Satsuma Tangerine, Pomegranate

I managed to down at least a bite or two of each taste before I called it quits.  A bit salty and heavy on the sauce for me but they were also super tender and quite delicious. MMMM sweetbreads!!!

Duck Fat Brussel Sprouts

I love duck fat. I love brussel sprouts.  And since we already had bone marrow earlier in the day and then there was my binging on delicious marrow the night before, we ordered the brussel sprouts.  They had amazing flavor and a great char, but I was kinda disappointed at how mushy they were :[ I like my brussel sprouts to still have a bite and a crunch to them.

The rest of the chops after they cut our pieces :]

Dessert Amuse:
Vermouth Jelly with Herb Granite
White Chocolate Crumbs

SOOO refreshing. It totally cleansed my palette and got me ready for dessert time!!! MMMM delicious!!!  All sorts of different textures – the cold granita, icy and herbal, the jiggly jelly and the chew of the white chocolate. Amazing.

Cajeta Crème Caramel
Candied Kumquats, Sweet Potato Croustillant

Creamy salty and a delicious sweet potato crisp on top that reminded me of thanksgiving.  Rich and delicious but also light and almost had a fluffy texture to it. Delicious.  Two bites and I was done.  Plus I was nibbling on the ice cream tart next to me ;]

Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Tart
Bacon Chocolate Crust, Mexican Chocolate
So stuffed but I couldn’t resist and couldn’t stop licking. This was SO good, so much flavor… and while I didn’t get too much bacon this was ALL DELICIOUSNESS.  I’m such a sucker for ice cream, it was creamy, delicious, full of pecans and a bourbon taste to it. Amazing and not too sweet.  The crust was great as well… :] MMM CRUST! Best part of tarts and pies..hahahah

We both got teas and Craigie was going to give us a complimentary Whiskey tasting… which now that I think about it, would it have helped me digest better? Ah so worthless after all that food teehee.

Thanks W, mr Chefy Chef, for being a FAB foodie partner in crime this weekend – visit soon :] 

Amazing food, good company and fun times :] #foodcoma

Craving Indian from Tamarind Bay

This Saturday I met up with D for some much needed satisfying of our Indian Cravings.. after going thru a list of different Indian places around town to hit up we finally decided on Tamarind Bay in Harvard Sq.  I used to live there a few years back when I first graduated college so I drove over a little earlier than planned and shopped and explored my old neighborhood :]

Creepy doll person

Cutest Star Wars figurines :D

I ended up buying way too much stuff from my fav store there, Black Ink and got some cute stuff from Urban Outfitters.. so after putting all the heavy bags into my car I headed over to get some drinks….

Some bubbles and other drinks at OM before dinner – D arrived soon after me… the bar was SOOO hot and humid, worse than outside…. yick… so soon after a drink or two we headed over across the street to our destination….

Tamarind Bay… I haven’t been here in two years and I remember it having the most delicious Tandoori Quail…

It’s one of my favorite Indian places in Boston…  and I’ve been to quite a few… altho there are some good ones near where I live… it’s kind of far away from normal civilization so I rarely tell people to drive all the way out here just for Indian.. PLUS I eat them all the time SOOOO.. it’s nice to change things up a bit :]

Some nice malbec we ordered…

Spicy Pickles and Sauces

The pickles were pretty…… NOT spicy but SUPER salty… it was like instant bloatation….. I felt bad saying anything bad about it to the waiter tho.. I was asking so many questions and talking so much to him I felt like I already gave him a headache hahahaha and he was SO nice especially when he offered the pickles LOL…

Shahi Naan – Coconut and other sweets in the bread :]

Soooo yummy :D

Bread Basket – Garlic Naan, Paratha, Roti

Lazaaz Tikka Masala
CHicken tikka masala garnished with capsicum, onions and tomatoes – extra spicy

Peshwari Chole
 Chickpeas cooked with ginger & onions in cilantro sauce

I asked for the chicken to be extra super spicy cuz I looooooove spicy food but it wasn’t at all :[ It had a small amount of heat but.. it was delicious anyways :]  The chickpeas were soooooo gooood… so addicted, and mixed together made an even yummier dish!!! NOM NOM NOM.. this paired with my favorite sweet shahi naan = joy joy….

Konkani Lobster
Lobster Tail pan seared served in Kokum Sauce

The lobster was really fresh and tender, and already chopped up for us.  The sauce was super creamy which I’m not a huge fan of usually… [dairy wise] but it was really good anyways … :D

We were there til quite late and the once super crowded restaurant started to wittle down… we decided on some dessert…. nice hot sticky balls.. yeah.. many jokes were made…

Julab Jamun

Not the best that I’ve had, the saue had a slight off-putting sour dairy taste to it… I also find Indian desserts usually to be way too sweet and overly floral tasting….

We each ate one ball.. well I ate like 3/4 of my ball and ended up playing with the leftovers.. haha

Dinner was delicious, so was the company and conversation :D Afterwards we headed over to John Harvard’s Brewery for more drinks and more talkage… somehow I made it home :] Good thing I cut myself off of alcohol around midnight hahaha…