The Spotted Pig

So ya’ll know about the book… WHICH IS AMAZING, I got it as soon as it got out. GET IT.

Now let’s talk about her food.. it was a beautiful Saturday so after walking all the way from the edge of FiDi…. all the way to almost Times Sq..

First by the waters… and then we decided to walk on the HighLine since I’ve never been…. We walked all the way to the end… and then went down to Gastro Market for a few beers. Ahhh beergardens.

I don’t remember what they were except they were in caskets and red ales.

We ended up walking to the The Spotted Pig RIGHT before the big dinner rush. Phew. Last two seats at the bar. Booyeah!

I was surprised at how little pork items were actually ON the menu. Come on.. Spotted Pig? We need a full on all out pigged out menu….

Pork Rillette with Pickles & Mustard

What could go wrong with pork topped off with lardo?!.. You don’t even need the grainy mustard on the side….. just a huge scoop of the lardo and pork from the rillette on top of the perfectly grilled crostini… toasty fresh… and you’re good.  The pickled gherkins and pearl onions were a nice touch…

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing

This was the first thing I saw on the menu and I KNEW I had to get it.  I was surprised that it was a whole pig’s ear… unless it’s connected to the head still, I’m used to eating it cut into thin strips.  The pig’s ear was crispy, not greasy at all, and paired lovely with the refreshing salad of mixed greens, endive and italian parsley underneath.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Beets & Horseradish Cream

J shared this with me. AMAZING horseradish butter and simple braised beets and beet greens. Delicious. We weren’t asked how we wanted it to be cooked but it was cooked to a beautiful medium rare, on the rare side. YUM. Buttery meat.

Prosciutto & Ricotta Tart with Marjoram

This was an appetizer but I got it as my main to share with J.  A flakey crisp tart topped with prosciutto, risotto, greens and shavings of parm. DELICIOUS.

And of course, a very much needed – and always necessary side dish

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These literally melted in your mouth.  Most definitely NOT good for you but sooooo delicious.

I kinda wish we got the burger as well, it’s supposed to be awesome and I saw a TON of people order it.

Afterwards we ended up at Proletariat for beers….. and PRETZEL BREAD

The stout cheese dip was meh….. it was all about the curry mustard sauce!!!!

Met up with a few friends and ended up at Dive Bar Lucy’s..

Great times.

Gotham Steak – Fontainbleau

Welcome to the Gotham Steakhouse in Miami Beach, FL at the Fontainbleau Resort.

After the airport, pool, tanning and some booze.. it was finally time to eat.  A REAL meal mind you.. all I had that day was some coffee… a banana… a tootsie pop [on plane] and some shrimp and a few cocktails.. ok fine… I stole some of W’s fries and dug into the remaining innards of his club sammy.. but still… that’s less than what I eat for a snack usually.  Strangely enough, as much as you wear very little in Miami, I eat and drink even more there.  Maybe cuz no one else does and I get hungry for them….

They gave us some bubbly, so *clink clink* and I let W order.  He knows what I like.  I think the iPad was… wine?  Maybe? I forgot.  I was too busy drooling over the menu and staring at the group of ghetto guys looking super out of place in front of us.  Altho then again, I was probably super out of place, eating twice my weight in a skin tight leopard print dress… and being like over 6 feet tall …. WOMP

OMG BREAD.  I have a thing for bread bubbles…

I love tops!!!!

This was fluffy and warm and delicious.  The butter was creamy and salted as well.. I think it was salted.. I hope it was salted.  The best butter is always salted… unless I salted it myself.  But at least it was creamy.

OK. Rambling.

It was a yummy little seafood bite… W gave me his since he can’t have shellfish and he wasn’t sure if there were any in it.. I THINK it was just fish… but not sure, it was delicious tho!  SCORE! Extra fattiness for me :] Me 2, W 0

First Round of food —

Grilled Double Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
Spicy Shallot Vermont Maple Syrup Glaze

My favorite of the night.  Thick, juicy, fatty, sweet, salty. FUGGIN BOMB~!

Wood Grilled Spanish Octopus
Baby Squash, Fingerling Potatoes, Pimento Aioli

Second Round —

Heirloom Tomato Salad
Watermelon, French Feta, Basil, Noble XO

That was what the menu says but I remember Goat Cheese, Beets, Radishes….Carrot?! Haha I don’t remember but I def don’t remember basil and I really remember a light goat cheese creamyyyyyyyy

New “Wedge” Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Blue Cheese, Apples, Shallots, Smoked Bacon, Creamy Vinaigrette

Homemade Ricotta Cavatelli
Heirloom Tomato Sauce, Basil Pesto, Parmesan

Third Round —

Sauces… I remember a horseradish, steak sauce, jalapeno, red wine… and two more… oops…

Hehe getting served the corn…

Creamed Corn
Manchego Cheese & Jalapeno

OH MY LORDY this corn was good…  I’m a sucker for corn tho…. and creammmmmyyy things.. and while I’m not HUGE on creamed corn, usually, this made me SO happy!  A little heat, a lot of cream and pop pop pop of the fresh corn.

They gave more bread. These things were soooo good.. but nothing beats a good popover. Just saying…

Skirt Steak “Churrasco” 12oz

Medium Rare.. pretty good, tender… more well done than I usually like my moo and on the salty side, but it was fun to dip in the 6 different sauces.  I think I liked the jalapeno

Cobia on yumminess.. dammit I forgot details cuz I only had a bite.

What is Cobia? It’s a fishie! The texture/flavor, and perhaps mainly cuz of how it was cooked.. reminded me of halibut.  A nice firm white fish.  Or swordfish.  The only reason why I only had A bite was because of everything we consumed beforehand.  You’d be surprised to know that I only had HALF a glass of bubbly during this dinner… haha of course I may have had a few beforehand during the day already ;] — OH but I DO remember BACON in this dish.  Yep. MORE bacon.

A little about the fishie:

Bubble Bubbleeeee

Cobia (Rachycentron canadum)

Other Names

Ling, Lemon Fish, Sergeant Fish, Crab Eater


Cobia, aka ling in Texas, is recognized by its chocolate brown color, darker above, and the young often have a black lateral band from the snout to the base of the tail. The dorsal fin has either or nine free spike-like spines in front of the long soft fin. Averaging 15 to 30 poinds, they can reach up to 108.44 pounds and, 71″ (Texas record).


Cobia spend most of their time under floating or stationary objects in the open Gulf. Cobia feed on crabs, shrimp and small fish, especially bottom-dwelling fish such as flounder.

How To Eat

Cobia is an exceptionally fine food fish. The ling has firm, white meat, making it ideal for charcoal broiling or deep frying.


Mac & Cheese
Apple Smoked Bacon
Ok I was about to pop but I had a bite of this too… I inhaled my corn but mac & cheese is pretty heavy.  This was still piping hot when I dug in… a nice crust, pasta had a nice chew and it was creamy and cheesy.. and of course BACON!  Most of this dinner involved bacon.. LOL

Valentine’s Day 2012

Be My Valentine

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. Most Vdays are linked back to BAD memories or no date at all.  In fact one of my best ones was when a crush of mine in HS took me out, bought me a rose and taught me how to drive. :]  Unfortunately for us, he never knew I liked him, he admitted to liking me later on…. annnnd he had a gf at the time. Woot? Anyways. Tragedy.  While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day I can’t help but give into it if it’s in my face. This was a great Valentine’s Day :]

Last year I was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Patricia Fields Valentine’s Day Costume Ball.. this year was a bit more low key :] But super tasty and fun!!!

Last Year

This Year
This dress looks like a tube top but somehow stretches out into a dress….

Red lips to match my red platform 6″ heels ;]

I worked most of the day and didn’t even start getting ready til late in the day… but I did get a beautiful surprise in the afternoon.. the largest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received… this tiny little old man who looked like he was 90 carried it all the way to my front door – people who know my house and where I live and how to get to my front door KNOW that sucks balls… but yeah… this was bigger than him.. AND SOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks Love <3

I have late dinner plans with M… so OBVIOUSLY that means we’re gonna pre-drink.. and more importantly, PRE-DINNER!!! So off to DRINK we go.  I love Barbara Lynch…. Obviously… so I was super excited to come here.. it’s in the basement of Sportello – also a Lynch establishment. WOOO!!! Seriously, M knows me way too well… #stalker ;] I had champagne cocktails the whole time, deliciousness and each one was unique~ WOO! He also immediately ordered two things that I LOOOVE

Fried Oysters & Fried Pig Tails

Absolutely AMAZZZZZZZING!!! M knows that I’m IN LOOOOOOVE with pig tails.. these were meaty, fatty and just deliciousness…. while Craigie’s are kinda on the sweet side, these were somehow light fluffy and SUPER fatty and FUCKING AWESOME!  M was sweet enough to let me have most of it. HAHAHA… :] Methinks he enjoyed me nomming on them and licking my lips and dropping it on my legs hahaha #perv ;]

“What else do you want?!”

Yep M REALLY knows me TOO well.. #stillhungry… So hard to choose since there was so much yumminess on their menu…. but obviously I needed to continue my obesssion with Steak Tartare… I still miss my true love.

Steak Tartare: Brioche, Truffle Parmesan Aioli

I LOOOOOVE super chunky tartare and this was a btit finer than what I like but the taste was AMAZING. The meat was super fresh, tender, tasty and YUM YUM I love brioche!


A few drinks and pre-dinner apps later… we were off to our final destination… No. 9 Park :] We already decided the last time we were here to come for Vday… :] Planning ahead hahaha.. altho we WERE supposed to be wearing sweats…

We got the Valentine’s Day Chef’s Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings, there were a few courses that had two options so we got one of each :] at No. 9 Park.. we had resos at 9:45 but didn’t get seated til well past 10 something… good thing we were already getting our drinks on….

Hawaiian Hearts of Palm

Mushroom Vinaigrette, Petite Greens, Black Truffle
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

These were SO delicious and definitely made me happy from the truffle fail with M a few weeks ago…  I loooove hearts of palm, and I love that they were the focus of this dish. Amazing.

Pour pour pour

Chilled Peekytoe Crab

Chevril Vichyssoise, Crème Fraîche, American Caviar
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

Deliciousness.  LOOOOVE crab everything!!!!!  Looooove caviar everything :] HAPPY HAPPY.. plus I always giggle when I hearcreme fraiche cuz of South Park hahahahha…

Maine Diver Scallop

Smoked Guanciale, Cauliflower, Sauce Périgueux
Paired with: 2008 Simon Bize Savigny-les-Beaune

Is there anything about the flavors and ingredients that are bad at all?! FUCKING BOMB!!!

Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Maine Shrimp, Couscous, Black Olive
Paired with: 2010 Bison Ciliegiolo Rosato 

Super fresh and tasty Tuna. I’m not a huge any kind of cooked tuna girl. I love my tuna rawwwww.. but this was just BARELY seared and delicious. HEHEHE, cute little shrimps and it was super yummy!

Boule de Quercy Raviolo

Celeriac, Dandelion Greens, Bread Crumbs
Paired with: 2007 Lucien Crochet Sancerre Riouge “La Croix du Roy”

We both got one, these were DELICIOUS!  Beautiful fresh pasta, crumbly crunchy bread crumbs… great combo of textures and deliciousness. BOMB diggity of flavors :]

Soooo many wine glasses and we sucked each one down dry

Terrine of Foie Gras

Persimmon, Hazelnut, Quince
Paired with: 2003 Château de Suronde Quarts de Chaume

Creamy and salty… we each had our own, they were HUGE slices and oh so yummy :] I think this was around the time our neighbors yelled at us for speaking too much profanity.. HAHAHA.. srsly, SO much awkward dates going on tonight…

OK I have to say after this the night gets a little fuzzy, more wine was poured, more drinks came and while, yes, the food was banging, I don’t really remember much.

Pekin Duck Breast

Chestnuts, Rillette, Poached Pear
Paired with: 2008 Monpertuis, Châteanuneuf-du-Pape “Suvée Classique”

Prime Ribeye of Beef

Potato Mille-Feuille, Grilled Porcini, Vegetable Blanquette
Paired with: 2009 Margerum “M5”

You are a sexy beast

Out of all the things I don’t remember eating I remember eating this, YUM!

Pomegranate Sorbet


Chocolate Cream Tart
Pistachio, Banana, Tonka Bean
Paired with: EL Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez, Sherry 

Ricotta Cheesecake
Red Currant, Blood Orange, Cornmeal
Paired with: 2010 Marenco Brachetto d’Acqui “Pineto”

Complimentary mini Muffins and Truffles

I actually remember trying a muffin. I think I may have had a frowny face hahaha…. not that it was bad but it was LITERALLY a muffin!

How the hell did we finish EVERYTHING?! Including the wine… How is my liver still alive?! And how am I not 200lbs yet?

OK.. so I don’t exactly remember ALL the details, a bit hazy here, sorry, I blame all the booze beforehand :] Still want more piggie tails, those fried oysters from DRINK… and then the Chicken Fried Foie from last time… I have a feeling I’ll be back soon :]

I love you my Didi baby… my favorite Valentine

Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday – “Summer of Riesling”

It’s been awhile… in blogging and in wine tastings at SDLT… my “local” little hangout… :]  I use local in quotes since it’s a pretty well known restaurant.. just really near my home in the middle of the woods :] TEEHEE…

Wine Tasting Dinner
“Summer of Riesling”

* * * * * * *

First Course

2007 Trimbach, Fiesling, Alsace, France

This was my favorite riesling of the bunch, mostly because it was the least sweet out of all of them… my favorite :] So much so, dinner date gave me their’s after a few sips of their own :D TEEHEE…

Smoked Salmon with Pea Tendrils, Celery Root and Roasted Fennel Puree

SO amazing – you could tell this was totally in-house smoked salmon. SUCH great soft creamy texture with just the right amount of chew to it.  The puree was SO creamy and delicious…. the little pea tendril salad was delishhhh… and no bread necessary [altho a lot of the guests did eat it with the bread basket]

* * * * * * *

Second Course

2008 Mt Difficulty, “Roaring Meg”, Riesling, Central Otago, New Zealand

Grilled Trout with Swiss Chard, Herbed Spaetzle and Grilled Scallions

Seperately I wasn’t too into the wine but paired with the trout, delicious. I wish the skin had been de-scaled since I had some nibbles of it and it was good… MMM…. the meat was sooo delicious – SUCH fresh and straight up trout… if you love the natural taste of trout like I do – I just like to lightly panfry it with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon at home – this is perfect. The spaetzle was SO good, especially the toasted crunchity parts… delicious not overcooked swiss chard – one of my fav veggies.. – and a yum scallion :D more please!!!!

* * * * * * *

Main Course

2008 Weins-Prum, Riesling, Graacher Domprobst Kabinett, Mosel, Germany

Herb Roasted Chicken with Grilled Peach, Ricotta, Asparagus and Red Bliss Potatoes

This was delicious!!!!…. Chicken breast, cooked perfectly.. amazing crispity skin, just enough fattiness on it but not overwhlemingly so… so I still felt super svelte and healthy TEEHEE… asparagus had a light buttery taste to them… and I loooved the grilled peach with the ricotta. YUM!

* * * * * * *

Cheese Course

2008 Reuscher, Riesling, Piesporter Goldtropfchen Kabinett, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany

The pairing was supposed to be a Goat Cheese, Humboldt Fog, California

but I asked for a Cow’s milk cheese and they gave me a delicious hard cheese :]

My date wasn’t too into the cheese, had some but gave me the rest since I LOOOOOVED IT.. gnaw gnaw gnaw, emptied out half the bread basket too :] YUM!

* * * * * * *

Dessert Course
Chocolate Mousse with Coconut Macaroons

If people are interested in a rendevoux with me sometime at Sel de la Terre, Natick [or any other wine tastings/pairings/dinners in the Boston area] just let me know – I’m SO down! But for SDLT I’ll SO be there – just let me know!!! You can even guest blog on here :D woo

Osteria Morini, Best Way To Complete a Day of FUN

Monday night, a friend was in town for work from Cali, so we all decided to hit up another Michael White baby.. Osteria Morini… Yep, just the night before we were at Marea and a few days before that, we were at Ai Fiori :]  After a long day of shopping, eating at DD, Dim Sum Go Go and Xi’An Famous Foods [omg Cumin Lamb Noodles are TO DIE FOR! – YOOO Hand Pulled NOODLES!!!]


Click here to see my Video of making Hand-Pulled Noodles @ Xi’An

Tons of shopping bags, a full belly, too much walking and a bottle of champagne in us later…. we got ready for another Chef White dinner – woot woot! 3 Michael White restos in a week?! AWESOME!

Me and Rhino.

Famous Celebrity Penis and Boob wall next to Osteria Morini – teehee…

Their sign actually reminds me of Yakitori Totto‘s :]

After sitting down at a table in the back near the kitchen we ordered a bottle of wine [and then another since it was so yummy] and picked out a slew of delicious yummies…

We were first greeted with a complimentary dish from the Chef.

Carciofo Fritelle
Artichoke, Chickpeas, Red Pepper, Nepitella Crema

Basically a chickpea veggie fritter or croquette minus the potatoes — Delicious, light, fluffy – full of creamy chickpea flavor and hints of artichoke and peppers.. delish!  Fried to perfection and over a drizzle of Nepitella cream on the bottom…. Nepitella is a wild herb of the Mint family grown in Italy

Battilardo Di Affetatti
Cured Sliced Meats with Grilled Bread & Tigelle Modenese
FegatiniDuck Liver Mousse, Passito Wine
Coppa Cured Pork Neck
& LardoProsciutto Bianco
The liver was TO die for and definitely the hit of the night for the charcuterie.  Creamy, full of flavor and paired SO well with the nice crunchy grilled bread.  The white round disks were flat fluffy bread.. I preferred the grilled crostinis though.  The coppa was salty, porky and full of flavor.  A nice balance of meat and fat… delicious.. and of course, the lardo, the fat, sliced super thin I could’ve eaten it all straight, but instead daintily placed it on my crostini and nibbled like a lady :]

Spiedini Per La Tavola: Assorted Skewers Alla Piastra
MaialeSausage, Sweetbread, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Tomato
LumacheGrilled Snails Wrapped in Rosemary Lardo

The sausage was delicious… which was a blend of lamb and pork…. the sweetbread was a tiny piece but perfectly cooked… the zucchini and cauliflower and tomatoes were also grilled to perfection. Delicious.. which I had my own skewer though…

The snails were SOOOOO tender and delicious.  It was great with a nice squirt of lemon and was great with the crostini but I enjoyed it better without – I like tasting things for their very own flavor. A GREAT run with snails lately…. First Plein Sud, then Marea and now here. YUM.  New trend :]

Thinly Sliced Beef, Arugula, Lemon, Parmigiano

This was actually very similar to a Bresaola.. a cured/salted and dried beef.  I was kind of disappointed since I was expecting melt in your mouth paper thin beef.. these came in hugeeeee salty pieces that were pretty thick for a carpaccio, covered in a delicious olive oil [White is good with his oil] and the flavors packed a mean punch.  A little bit too much oil for me but was much better balanced with the parm and the bitter arugula. Mwahahah I still ended up eating like half the dish anyways :] NOM!

Olive Oil Poached Tuna Belly, Fava Beans, Fagioli

This was SUCH a good pick!  Definitely my favorite non-pasta dish of the night.  The tuna belly, while I usually don’t like fully cooked tuna was poached SO beautifully.. instead of the fat becoming overpowering, it just turned into butter and made the flesh soooo tender and succulent – super juicy.  The nice balance of some pickled red onion and perfectly cooked fava and fagiolis really added a nice freshness to the dish.  Felt like spring.  YES, spring is here.

Ground Seppia, Shrimp, Fava Beans, Stracchino Cheese

The rigatoni was cooked to perfection, per usual, the fava beans [yessss!!!! I LOOOOVE spring!!!]  The creamy cheesiness of the stracchino and the flavorful seppia really added SO much to the dish. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Not to mention how the green favas added a beautiful punch of green to the dish.

Ricotta Dumplings, Pomodoro, Speck & Basil

Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had amazing gnocchithe best probably being Le Cirque or Mizuna….I mean the last time I had gnocchi was horrible.  Horrible gnocchi which ended in a horrible night. [Long story] Horrible gnocchi sucks… heavy, dense… NOT fluffy… but these WERE not.  Super light tomato sauce, which I ADORED…a hint of speck and basil…. but omg the gnocchi… SO fluffy and pillowy.. they tasted more like pasta dough pillows and not the fluffy potato-y kinds but it was a good kind of chew and yum!

Pasta Quills, Cream, Truffle Butter, Prosciutto

Like long skinny pennes.. model pennes?  While regular pennes are regular people? I duno, bad analogy.  Creamy, simple, the prosciutto was SO delicious and while there wasn’t a lot, it added SO much flavor to the dish.  Very light truffle but definitely did a lot for the pasta.  Once again PERFECTLY cooked pasta.

Before we get to the final pasta dish of the night, AND my favorite — I just have to say while I loved Marea, I was disappointed in their pastas being slightly undercooked…  especially when I had White’s other restaurant the next day.  I know that Marea is “prized” above Osteria Morini to some foodies but for me, DELICIOUS.

Ok, sorry for the break, continue.

Pasta Rags, Braised Wild Mushrooms, Rosemary Oil

My favorite of the night.. here it is in all it’s glory.  Thick juicy flavorful mushrooms admist the large “rags” of thin delicate pasta. SO FREAKING GOOD.. and addicting.  It was like eating delicious thin thin egg wonton wraps – WHICH I’m SO thinking of doing tomorrow night :] Hahaha…  We ended up adding more cheese and some hot pepper flakes to all the pastas.. well, I added the hot pepper flakes, everything else just had TONS of cheese :D

We were super happy and had warm bellies.. but since we were still on our second bottle of wine and I needed some chocolate and sweetness to push down all the savory we ordered one dessert to share amongst the three of us.

Gianduja Budino
Chocolate-Hazelnut Custard, Gelato Alla Caffe

SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  The thin crunchy, flakey puff  topping on top was TO DIEEEEE FOR.  Delicious gelato and the MOOOOOST CREAMMMMMY hazelnutty and chocolatey,BUTTTTTERY custard. OH EM GEE.  It also came with whole roasted hazelnuts in a delicious light sauce drizzled around it.  Sort of burnt caramely if i remember correctly.  BUT, anyways. continue. SOOOO GOOOD.. I don’t even ever usually order hazelut/choc desserts since they all taste like nutella!  I LOVE nutella.. but since I buy it and religiously eat them out of the jar like crazy it’s not too big of a deal usually when desserts taste just like them. THIS is NOT the case. GET THIS.  DEVOUR IT. SAVOUR IT. LOVE IT. LIVE IT. Ok. Done.

Delicious.  After a great meal we walked over to Madame Geneva.. but since it was Memorial Day and it was closed, we ended up heading over to the rooftop, Plunge bar/lounge, at the Gansevoort Hotel.

A Celebration at Bouley

Finally after a year of wanting to eat here and several reservations and cancelled ones… I made it here… hard to find and slightly hidden… made it there a little bit early… APPLES!!! It smelled SOOO GOOD.. yep as soon as you walked into Bouley all you see is a WALL OF APPLES!!! I want a wall of apples — who wouldn’t?!

Can’t wait til apple picking in the fall now :] I wonder how often they change out their fabulous apples!!!

Gorgeous, very old school, elegant interior. I got a little giggly because they ended up playing some sorts of asian style music…. soothing… haha like the kind from the historical dramas or freaking Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style… hahahaha people flying from trees and rooftops [you get the point] JUST LIKE HOME hahah jk

After a short wait we were sitted at a gorgeous, large, table for four… it was just the two of us so we both sat on the couch/booth portion and stared out at the crowd. I definitely felt a little out of place – everyone here looked straight out of a country club… and there I was in a little flaming red mini dress and matching 6″ heels…

Flax Seed Bread & Raisin Bread

The raisin bread was slightly sweet and really fluffy and soft – while the flax bread was chewy and had a nice crunchy flaxseed-y exterior. YUM!

Olive Bread

I’m a sucker for olive bread.. but rarely, actually NEVER have, gotten a sliced piece at a restaurant before.  Olive rolls = <3 As are olive breadsticks… MMMM…. *daydreams about bread*

Amuse Bouche: Pumpkin Soup with Sheep Ricotta and Pinenuts
I ADORE pumpkin soup.. and I’ve noticed all the restaurants in Taiwan love it too hahah, just a random side note there, but this is definitely one of my favorites.  Light, airy.. the sheep ricotta wasn’t gamey at all [which soemtiems I find sheep’s milk to be] OH it was DIVINE!!!!… pine nuts are just SO tasty.. I love the way they chew in my mouth and the flavor explosion.  The crisp on the side was a sugary spun light pine nut delight. Z said it was like popcorn, I still say it was pine-nutty. Irregardless.. delish!

Fresh Malibu Sea Urchin Terrine with Russian Golden Oscetra Caviar

This. Was. Orgasmic.  Fatty, creamy, delightful, cooling in my mouth and just melted into my tongue and left me in a state of bliss. Dinner could be over right now and I would’ve left SO freaking happy and satisfied.

Carpaccio of Kampachi, Young Big Eye Tuna and Striped Amber Jack – Prepared in a Mediterranean Manner
Fresh and simple.  Nothing beats fresh fish.   But.. confused. Three different fish, four different pieces… hahahahah I think I was just silly and not really paying attention to what was what.. to be honest I was distracted by the Uni dish – I loved the mediterranean take on the carpaccio.. as much as it’s good, I’m getting bored of the usual Asian takes on crudos, carpaccios and tartares lately… REFRESHING to have it different :D

Complimentary Dish from the Chef: Trout

Have I yet expressed my love for trout?  I remember growing up in New Mexico and going fishing in the mountains with my dad and friends for trout. MMM, nothing beats delicious fresh trout.  Simple grilled or seared.  My mom still makes it every year for at least Chinese New Years [tradition is to make fish the night before and eat the leftover untouched fish the next day to carry over fortune]

ONWARDS. So trout. It was a rutabaga puree which tasted like Christmas to me. No, literally, I said it tasted like Christmas :] The trout was tender, cooked to perfection and just a solid solid piece of fish! And look.. more pinenuts!!! Definitely seemed to be everywhere in this meal!!!… My belly was definitely happy for the surprise dish!

Porcini Flan, Alaska Live Dungeness Crab, Black Truffle Dashi

I smelled truffle as SOON as I opened the lid. I love getting presented dishes like this. It’s like a birthday or, once again referencing Christmas, Christmas morning! [Although I haven’t celebrated  Christmas AT home in ages… I’ve been in Asia/Taiwan for the long whiles.. hehehe]

The crab meat was FRESH, tender, SO flavorful and a PLENTY.. SO much crab meat, and they were HUGE beautiful chunks.  Soft pieces of eggy plan and then the most delicious truffle broth embracing every spoonful.  I want to spa in this…. omg… truffle massage…

Chatham Day Lobster – Brown and White Honshimeji Mushrooms, Passion Fruit and Mango

After the sad lobster at Market back in Boston I’ve been trying to eat as much lobster, GOOD lobster, as possible, everywhere I go. And yes, unlike usual, I’m actually ordering lobster IN  NYC… I need to stop being biased just because I’m a New England girl [I travel to eat, I’ll even go to Maine JUST because I’m craving lobster!!!]  Two best lobsters in NYC… here and Marc Forgione’s Chili Lobster … NOM NOM QUADRUPLE NOM!

Organic Connecticut Farm Egg, Comte Foam – Steamed Polenta, Artichoke and Sunchoke

How could I refused a dish that has EGG, Polenta, EGG, Artichokes.. and did I mention EGGGGGG?!?!?!… And my head is exploding.. freaking COMTE FOAM?!?!?!?!… delicious!!!.. Absolutely delicious… OKAY, I have to admit, and I’ve brought this up before, while I’m still slightly “haha” about foams, I like to poke fun at how silly they are ever since Top Cheftestant Marcel V, they’re usually pretty freaking delicious!

Perfectly cooked egg.  Gooey, warm… the only thing that could’ve made it better is maybe some of that Texas Toast from Marc Forgione to spoon over.  Or maybe the croissants from Menton. Happiness in every lick and spoonful.

OK. Before I continue on, I just have to say – this is one of the BEST scallop dishes, nay, it’s THE best scallop dish I’ve EVER had! Are you ready? Ready to be blown away? I’m sad because words and pictures can’t do it justice.  This is last meal worthy. This is, take one bite and be killed worthy.

 This is THE perfect scallop.

Live Sea Scallops Prepared in a Tandori Manner with Spices Imported from a Friend’s Spice Shop in Paris, Curried Cauliflower Puree

First, just marvel at how pretty the dish is plated. *moment of silence*

The scallop is cut criss-cross style.. me thinks after it’s JUST bareeeeeeelly steamed. The inside is raw but the outside isn’t.. just a THIN thin layer of cooked-ness.  The spices, the curry, the scallop LITERALLY melted in my mouth.  And I melted…..

Oh and that’s a shrimp.  Also tasty, and a great counterpart to how melty the scallop was.  Ate the shrimp quickly but slowwwwwly savored each bite of that scallop.  I LOOOOVE raw scallops.. back in the day I remember going out and I’d be the only one ordering scallop sashimi – SO glad to see more and more people eating it raw!!!

Additional Dish, Tasting of New York State Foie Gras Roasted with Clementine, Tangerin, Mandarin Orange, Aged Balsamic and Celeriac Puree

This is my gorgeous piece.  Z actually got one that looked like a sliced cut of pie hahaha.  Tender, citrusy and they gave us a delicious anise bread that paired SO well with the fatty foie.  Usually seared foie isn’t that sauce-y and you guys know that I’m not a super sauce-y girl [haha SAUCYYYY] but this was delicious!!!

SO Unfortunately for their entrees, they were out of Venison [which I was most looking forward to trying!!!] but no worries… still a good two other choices :D

Organic Colorado Rack of Lamb – Soubise of Cippolini, Zucchini Mint Puree, Black Truffle Suace

Z thought it was too overcooked, so they quickly redid the dish and replaced it with a nice rare lamb. Z and I like eating our red meat right off the animal [haha] I had a nibble and it was pretty tasty. Not too lamby :]

Organic Long Island Duck Roasted with White Truffle Honey – Chanterelles, Pencil Asparagus, Porcini Puree

SOOOOOO delicious.  The duck just melted in my mouth.. super tender and cooked perfectly…. a great balance of veggies to foam and lots of slices of delicious duck!  While duck needs to be fatty, overly fatty is bad – this was PERFECT duck.  While I usually prefer crispy duck more than anything… sauce sauce sauce :] I’m starting to like sauce!

The BEST Mashed Potatoes I have EVER eaten…

THIS WAS SOOOOOO GOOD.. creamy, buttery and just.. FLUFFY, and dissolves right in your mouth into creamy goodness.  We each got a little bowl and when we commented on how delicious it was, they even replaced us with NEW FRESH HOT steaming bowls.. yayyyy double the mashed potatoes, triple the waistline.  DOOD! I don’t really eat mashed potatoes unless they’re SMASHED [with skin] I think they’re just fatty carby filler food that’s usually mundane – the fact that I ate TOO bowls :] MUST COME BACK FOR MORE [and the venison]

Chilled Orange Soup with Organic Yogurt Sorbet

It was originally supposed to be a coconut soup, but this actually was even better.. nice, light and fruity.  The yogurt sorbet was SO good… frozen fage :] — which I’ve done before….

Sidenote: Make fage yogurt ice pops!!!

Hot Caramelized Anjou Pear with Valrhona Chocolate, Biscuit Breton, Hot Toffee Sauce, Lemon Verbena and Tahitian Vanilla Ice Creams

The lemon totally caught me off guard because it looked like a caramel or some sort of ice cream.. definitely not yellow or fruity.  The pears were cooked well, not too sweet and all the components together just paired so well together!

Hot Valrhona Chocolate Souffle – Vermont Maple and Vanilla Ice Creams, Chocolate Sorbet

Delicious. I haven’t had molten chocolate cake in FOREVER.  I used to be obsessed with Finale’s but now that every other restaurant and their mama serve a molten or lava cake, it started getting kinda old.  But hey, it’s been a few years!!!…

Dessert Tier of delicious cookies, crisps, chocolates, seasame cookies, etc…

Everything was SOOOO GOOD… the sweet caramel crisps.. they had these sesame cookie/crisps candies that reminded me of the chinese ones – and macarons. MACARONS!!!!! YAYYYYY

This has been one of the most amazing meals of my life, definitely one of the best in NYC… considering I’ve been to many of the greats, Per Se, Le Cirque and Le Bernardin, etc…

Our Best Dinner Yet…

Yep, it’s official, on March 30, 2011 we just may have had our best dinner yet.

Z and I have had a lot of delicious meals… and a few too many not so delicious ones…. but this just may be the perfect delicious meal – not one complaint or yick escaped from our mouths [except me towards our neighbors haha] Dish after dish, delish! I was having a good day, a really good day [been having a lot of those lately] so Z was taking me out to dinner [celebraaaaaaaaaaation] to L’Artusi :] Yep, the same chef as another pasta love of mine, dell’Anima! [does Z know me well or what?!] But unlike my dell’Anima meal, I liked EVERY. SINGLE. SAVORY and SWEET morsel/bite :D

I love Open Kitchens


Z asked for his usual lemon and lime slices.. but somehow only ONE slice out of the four got into my water :[ Waaaa… meanie!!! LOL

Cute little rounds of bread and EVOO

Special of the Day: Housemade Ricotta

EVOO, Sea Salt, Marmalade and delicious Cheese Crisps

I have been daydreaming about this ricotta… and having wet dreams. This is the creamiest light but yet still flavorful ricotta. SOOOOO fluffy and creamy it was like a gelato… a light drizzle of EVOO on top and a sprinkling of big crunchy sea salt. AMAZING. I dug in, sans crisp, as soon as it landed on the table [well AFTER the photograph hahaha] – and then combined with the cheesy but light cheese crisps. OH EM GEE.

Hamachi Tartare

Lemon, Chives, Ginger

This was delicious. Tender, fresh… the ginger added a delicious kick to the frisee and the fatty, but light, fish.  The citrus provided a nice balance against the fat of the fish as well.. and lightened the “fishy” taste.


Avocado, Basil, Chiles

The fish was SO soft and fluffy….. fishy and amazing like an escolar should be.  The sauce was really thick, delicious but overly spicy and overpowering for the fish and the other flavors. Sadly I got no avocado or basil in the bite.. I ended up wiping off most of the sauce on the fish and just eating the fish underneath.

Roasted Mushrooms

Pancetta, Fried Egg, Ricotta Salata

Absolutely heavenly. The pancetta was big thick chunks of pork belly and not overly salty at all. Or salty for that matter – they were perfect.  The mixture of wild mushrooms were cooked to perfection…. delicious gooey egg on top [also cooked perfectly] and a very generous portion of ricotta salata. Oh dear my poor lactose intolerance. I am in love.  Everything was licked clean off the plate and sopped up with fingers and bread.

Special of the Day: Beef Short Rib Agnolotti

Fennel Butter Sauce

Never have I tasted such a pure butter sauce.  I was scared that the fennel was going to be overpowering but it was so LIGHT.. I mean a LIGHT but RICH butter sauce?! Who could ever imagine in their wildest dreams? Well I tasted it in mine. The agnolotti was made PERFECTLY.. the dough, the filling.. very reminiscent of Michael White’s tortellini from the SOBE W&F ’11 Dolce Brunch.  Oh was this heavenly… I know it must be bad for me… well bad for my waistline [no wonder I can’t fit into my old jeans anymore] but OH SO GOOD for the soul <3 THIS needs to be a regular on the menu!!!! I would get two bowls of it just for myself.

Crispy Sweetbreads

Hazelnut, Brown Butter

I’ve had bad sweetbreads and meh sweetbreads, but these were delicious, creamy and perfectly fried. Crunchy outside, soft fluffy creamy innards and an amazing brown butter sauce… the hazelnuts added a great nutty, but not overpowering crunch to the dish. I could eat these like popcorn.

Brussels Sprouts

Pecorino, Black Pepper

These brussel spouts were roasted to a crisp and coverd in delicious pecorino. MMM it was a HUUUGE portion, probably the biggest portion out of all the dishes we had that night.  They were small tender brussels sprouts, could’ve used lessed time under the broiler methinks but delicious nonetheless. I love a good burnt crispy sprout :D

Roasted Quail

Braised Pancetta, Sweet Potatoes, Radicchio

I still can’t stop thinking about the quail from SOBE W&F ’11 Gilt Dinner… to DIE for. I’ve only had quail twice in my life that make me dream about them nonstop. The mere thought of quail makes me think of that Gilt Dinner and the Tandoori quail from this modern indian bistro+bar, Tamarind Bay, in Harvard Sq. This quail was pretty delicious. The legs were a bit salty on the skin…a nice serving of delicious thick pork belly pancetta… and amazing sweet potatoes, cooked to a soft chew and they were naturally so sweet – for a second I was almost convinced I bit into a carrot.

After cleaning our plates.. more licking and sopping off the juices… we wanted dessert.  Our eyes went straight to one of them…

After watching last Sunday’s Chopped All-Stars and the battle of the souffles for dessert round we HAD to get this dessert:

Caramel Souffle

To DIE for. Best souffle I’ve had to memory. Just a little sauce went a long long way.  Poked a little crosshair hole at the top and poured it on top and all over.. OMG.. gooey hot perfect fluffy goodness inside. I can die happy now… but then I wouldn’t have gotten to eat the delicious buttery walnut cookies that came with it… and of course the gelato balls we ordered…

Yep, in Tiffie fashion, we also got some gelato which came with the most delicious little chewy almond macaron-style cookies covered in toasted pine nuts :]

Baci, Amarena Cherry-Ricotta Gelato

Sea Salt Gelato

They were DELICIOUS. I especially loved how the sea salt gelato came out. Salty but not in an overpowering way – very subtle and went delicious with the baci [I’m pretty sure baci is starting to take over my love of Stracciatella for gelato now OH NO – I blame it on delicious GROM :D]

It’s all about the Bone Marrow….

Anyone who’s a foodie in Boston knows that THE place to go for Bone Marrow is Eastern Standard. [Not to mention it’s a place to be seen ;] hehe] Dinner goes til midnight and then there’s a late night menu! I didn’t get home from the City to Boston til about 9 so where else to go but E.S. :]

Lately I’ve been going all out with wine pairings, so it was decided that my date and I would just chill and order a bottle or two of some good wine to enjoy with our food. We ordered a bottle of Riesling and two glasses of champagne to start.

We started off with a shellfish platter. We were between oysters and clams… and then the hankering for shrimp cocktail and ceviche came in…. so… why not go for the whole chalupa? I’m greedy, I want my cake and to eat it too ;D

E.S. Shallfish Platter

East and West Coast Oystesr, Clams, Alaskan Crab Legs, HUUUUGE Shrimp Cocktail, 1/2 Lobster and Ceviche

Everything was soooo delicious. Ever since I was introduced to raw clams 3 or 4 years ago I’ve always preferred them over raw oysters. We covered the cold platter with tons of tabasco [yum yum yum] and I was SUCH a fan of the ceviche!!!! SOOOOOO GOOOD and tender :] Just tart enough and with the added spice it was FANTASMIC!

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Finally giving into my cravings…

Boyfriend got a new job so this calls for a celebration :D His brother and I treated him to a decadent meal at a neareby Italian place. SO FREAKING GOOD. We were jumping around with ideas of where to go but it all came down to a few simple things, we didn’t want to travel much (or overpay) for some really really good food…. ANTEPRIMA it was. Steve, boyfriend’s brother, had been raving about this place near his apt so it’s where we went….

Just the ambiance and the smells and the friendly people already made this the place to be…. we got there at 730… and we left… I think about 3 hours later.. yep we totally shut the place down :]

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