Patricia Field’s Valentine’s Day Costume Ball at Capitale

The day finally came… and I went… as a wolf… a Heartbreaker Wolf :] Or Lovesick Wolf… either works.

Pictures speak more than words… so without further ado:

Wolf Babies [and yes they had open VODKA bar]

As soon as I walked in [after I fell and knocked down the velvet rope – classy I know] I was asked for pictures.. so blood dripping down both my legs [thank goodness for legwarmers] I did my thang….

I got asked by a photographer to pose for a cover…. not sure what it was for.. but I got his card, mad legit ;D

Boobies and costumes galore…

I made new friends

I entered the costume contest:

Took some more pictures with my best friend of the night:

And ended the night… “sober”-ly in Ktown ;D I ended up with two bloody knees… and a lost wallet :[ Sadness…. but it was so worth it, mad fun times!!!

Ya’ll know I can’t have an entry on here without SOME reference to food :D I got my favorite SULLUNGTANG… tastes even better when you’re drunk :D And of course spicy kimchi pancakes <3

Check out a ton of more pictures on here….and here and here and here and here

Please let me know if you catch anybody on facebook with pictures of a wolf girl with glitter hearts all over her… I got mad pictures taken but have no idea who they were… hahaha….



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your costume!



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