About Me…

No Kid Hungry Boston Event 2015

I’m a grown woman who’ll forever be a kid at heart….Oh yeah, I’m also hungry, always hungry.

I love food. I love travel. I love traveling for food and trying new things.


I’ve pretty much eaten every and then some.  Yes even the bugs and the offals.  And while, I am against animal abuse and torture, I sometimes just need that big fat juicy burger! While lying on the Beach….. with an ice cold adult beverage (yes please keep them coming)

Trying new restaurants and cafes, especially in different parts of the world are my passion… as is taking photos about the food, the land, the people and writing about them on my blog.


Me at the top of the Gros Piton in St. Lucia - what a crazy hike. SO HIGH UP~

In the waters in St. Lucia

Cooking is my other passion. I love taking old recipes and making them into my own. Add a bit here, lose a bit there… I tend to make my food with less grease/fat and a punch or two extra of flavor. Come over some time for some grub :] I love throwing dinner parties and cooking for others.  I am also always happy to share recipes – just ask. Also sorry so many pics on older posts are now unavailable, I will go back and try to fix them!


I’m a huge tweeter and instagramer… so feel free to follow me on those.  I don’t have much censorship and tend to speak my mind about things a lot.  I’m also always up for making new friends on facebook!  I also have a new project coming up with some girlfriends of mine called the Modern Dauphine…. so check it out! [ps. I’m also a huge Cosplay fan]


Lastly, I adore meeting awesome chefs (from Mario Batali to Anthony Bourdain, Lidia Bastianich,  Mike Isabella (see pic below), Fabio Viviani, Angelo Sosa, ok fine a ton of friends from all the Top Chef shows, and then some…. pictures are all over my facebook page!)  and I’m lucky to have a few great ones that I can call friends :]  You’ll find them sprinkled about my blog.  I’m trying to incorporate a bit of more of my life not just cooking and eating in this blog lately… so hope you guys still enjoy :D


Feel free to email me at tiffie@gmail.com with any comments or questions..

I used to have a whole huge thing about me but it was so excessive…

ps. I’m in love with Austin Mahone #noshame hahaha….


As well as the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, 5SOS and One Direction <3

Follow my twitter… @misstiffie

Updated: 12/22/15

(Dang I hadn’t updated this since 2/5/13…..) 


  1. I feel like we’re related! I’m not even kidding. Your blog is so stinkin’ cute.


  2. seeleelive says:

    Hey! I saw you added me to your blog roll..thanks a lot! I can’t wait to check yours out as well!


  3. This is such a great “about me” , you make me think I better revise mine! You are adorable! Keep up the great work!


  4. Lola Snow says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the link! I love your blog, and your attitude!

    Lola x


  5. Hi Miss Tiffie,

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  6. Love the blog and I added it to my blogroll!
    Hope everything is going well in Manhattan!


  7. This blog rocks!


  8. I feel absolutely awful for missing SO many posts!! I could have sworn I signed up for email updates for your blog :( Ack! Now I’m definitely following, haha.


  9. i love your blog!!!


  10. Had to reread through this again. I cannot wait to see you!!!! :D


  11. So jealous. You have NO idea how much I envy you right now.


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