Drunken Adventures at Eastern Standard, Met Bar @ Back Bay, Harvard Sq. and No. 9 with Jim

J came to visit for the weekend after Thanksgiving and we decided to head out for a foodie drunken adventure.  Our first stop was Eastern Standard.  Great for drinks and snacks…

The charcuterie plate… the pate was our favorite…

Raw oysters <3

We are both super happy!!!

Cheese Plate.. yum yum

Bubbles.. so many bubbles — and beer..

CHEERS!!!!! :] You have to do an oyster cheers!!!

And even though we didn’t order dessert they gave us some nummies anyways.

Next stop was Newbury St.. where we found ourselves at the Met Bar @ Back Bay [again]

Evil Quinoa Vodka with Goji Juice that made me halucinate

The most amazing Truffle Cheddar Popcorn

Brrr it was a cold cold night…

#2. Hello Kitty.

After the quick stop at Harvard Sq. to Chameleon we headed to our reservation at No. 9 Park

It was good.. but the wine was better than the food haha

Bread & Buttaaaaa

Foie Gras Terrine

Extra duck prosciutto

Just chomping on Quail Legs… NBD



Came back and I passed out watching Super 8 within a few minutes. Hahahaha, I’m a lame host when I drink too much… but drinking all day was pretty impressive…

Valentine’s Day 2012

Be My Valentine

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. Most Vdays are linked back to BAD memories or no date at all.  In fact one of my best ones was when a crush of mine in HS took me out, bought me a rose and taught me how to drive. :]  Unfortunately for us, he never knew I liked him, he admitted to liking me later on…. annnnd he had a gf at the time. Woot? Anyways. Tragedy.  While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day I can’t help but give into it if it’s in my face. This was a great Valentine’s Day :]

Last year I was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Patricia Fields Valentine’s Day Costume Ball.. this year was a bit more low key :] But super tasty and fun!!!

Last Year

This Year
This dress looks like a tube top but somehow stretches out into a dress….

Red lips to match my red platform 6″ heels ;]

I worked most of the day and didn’t even start getting ready til late in the day… but I did get a beautiful surprise in the afternoon.. the largest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received… this tiny little old man who looked like he was 90 carried it all the way to my front door – people who know my house and where I live and how to get to my front door KNOW that sucks balls… but yeah… this was bigger than him.. AND SOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks Love <3

I have late dinner plans with M… so OBVIOUSLY that means we’re gonna pre-drink.. and more importantly, PRE-DINNER!!! So off to DRINK we go.  I love Barbara Lynch…. Obviously… so I was super excited to come here.. it’s in the basement of Sportello – also a Lynch establishment. WOOO!!! Seriously, M knows me way too well… #stalker ;] I had champagne cocktails the whole time, deliciousness and each one was unique~ WOO! He also immediately ordered two things that I LOOOVE

Fried Oysters & Fried Pig Tails

Absolutely AMAZZZZZZZING!!! M knows that I’m IN LOOOOOOVE with pig tails.. these were meaty, fatty and just deliciousness…. while Craigie’s are kinda on the sweet side, these were somehow light fluffy and SUPER fatty and FUCKING AWESOME!  M was sweet enough to let me have most of it. HAHAHA… :] Methinks he enjoyed me nomming on them and licking my lips and dropping it on my legs hahaha #perv ;]

“What else do you want?!”

Yep M REALLY knows me TOO well.. #stillhungry… So hard to choose since there was so much yumminess on their menu…. but obviously I needed to continue my obesssion with Steak Tartare… I still miss my true love.

Steak Tartare: Brioche, Truffle Parmesan Aioli

I LOOOOOVE super chunky tartare and this was a btit finer than what I like but the taste was AMAZING. The meat was super fresh, tender, tasty and YUM YUM I love brioche!


A few drinks and pre-dinner apps later… we were off to our final destination… No. 9 Park :] We already decided the last time we were here to come for Vday… :] Planning ahead hahaha.. altho we WERE supposed to be wearing sweats…

We got the Valentine’s Day Chef’s Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings, there were a few courses that had two options so we got one of each :] at No. 9 Park.. we had resos at 9:45 but didn’t get seated til well past 10 something… good thing we were already getting our drinks on….

Hawaiian Hearts of Palm

Mushroom Vinaigrette, Petite Greens, Black Truffle
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

These were SO delicious and definitely made me happy from the truffle fail with M a few weeks ago…  I loooove hearts of palm, and I love that they were the focus of this dish. Amazing.

Pour pour pour

Chilled Peekytoe Crab

Chevril Vichyssoise, Crème Fraîche, American Caviar
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

Deliciousness.  LOOOOVE crab everything!!!!!  Looooove caviar everything :] HAPPY HAPPY.. plus I always giggle when I hearcreme fraiche cuz of South Park hahahahha…

Maine Diver Scallop

Smoked Guanciale, Cauliflower, Sauce Périgueux
Paired with: 2008 Simon Bize Savigny-les-Beaune

Is there anything about the flavors and ingredients that are bad at all?! FUCKING BOMB!!!

Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Maine Shrimp, Couscous, Black Olive
Paired with: 2010 Bison Ciliegiolo Rosato 

Super fresh and tasty Tuna. I’m not a huge any kind of cooked tuna girl. I love my tuna rawwwww.. but this was just BARELY seared and delicious. HEHEHE, cute little shrimps and it was super yummy!

Boule de Quercy Raviolo

Celeriac, Dandelion Greens, Bread Crumbs
Paired with: 2007 Lucien Crochet Sancerre Riouge “La Croix du Roy”

We both got one, these were DELICIOUS!  Beautiful fresh pasta, crumbly crunchy bread crumbs… great combo of textures and deliciousness. BOMB diggity of flavors :]

Soooo many wine glasses and we sucked each one down dry

Terrine of Foie Gras

Persimmon, Hazelnut, Quince
Paired with: 2003 Château de Suronde Quarts de Chaume

Creamy and salty… we each had our own, they were HUGE slices and oh so yummy :] I think this was around the time our neighbors yelled at us for speaking too much profanity.. HAHAHA.. srsly, SO much awkward dates going on tonight…

OK I have to say after this the night gets a little fuzzy, more wine was poured, more drinks came and while, yes, the food was banging, I don’t really remember much.

Pekin Duck Breast

Chestnuts, Rillette, Poached Pear
Paired with: 2008 Monpertuis, Châteanuneuf-du-Pape “Suvée Classique”

Prime Ribeye of Beef

Potato Mille-Feuille, Grilled Porcini, Vegetable Blanquette
Paired with: 2009 Margerum “M5”

You are a sexy beast

Out of all the things I don’t remember eating I remember eating this, YUM!

Pomegranate Sorbet


Chocolate Cream Tart
Pistachio, Banana, Tonka Bean
Paired with: EL Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez, Sherry 

Ricotta Cheesecake
Red Currant, Blood Orange, Cornmeal
Paired with: 2010 Marenco Brachetto d’Acqui “Pineto”

Complimentary mini Muffins and Truffles

I actually remember trying a muffin. I think I may have had a frowny face hahaha…. not that it was bad but it was LITERALLY a muffin!

How the hell did we finish EVERYTHING?! Including the wine… How is my liver still alive?! And how am I not 200lbs yet?

OK.. so I don’t exactly remember ALL the details, a bit hazy here, sorry, I blame all the booze beforehand :] Still want more piggie tails, those fried oysters from DRINK… and then the Chicken Fried Foie from last time… I have a feeling I’ll be back soon :]

I love you my Didi baby… my favorite Valentine

MENTON just may be the best of Boston

Not to sound snotty.. but I’ve been having some pretty delicious meals. FREAKING AMAZING meals to be exact.. and mainly in the seafood area. I’ve been on a seafood craze/binge – every dinner I crave some sort of fish and shellfish ;D Can’t help it!!! I was born by the ocean and grew up in freaking New England.

Now before I begin, I admit, while I’ve had good food in Boston, very few places really blow my mind.  I feel like I’m cheating on L’Espalier, but I think I may have found my newest favorite Boston Restaurant where I’ve had one of the BEST meals of my life!!!


Yep. As soon as we sat down Barbara, yes THE Barbara Lynch, walked by and waved hi to us *faints* Lovely!

The Bubblies & Wines of the Night:
NV Simmonet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne
MV Roagna Barbaresco “Opera Prima XVI”
NV Margaine Champagne 1er Cru Brut Rose Willers – Marmery

Amuse Bouche —
Tarragon Veloute
Blood Orange, Beets, Guanciale

Creamy and super buttery tasting. Of course, as an amuse, you gotta eat it all in one bite… but I savored it in many bites.. teehee…

Mini Hot Buttery Croissant #1 of 20… hahaha

Words can’t even begin to explain how freaking delicious these things are – crack crack crackity crack!!!! Trust me, even if you come here ONLY for these, it’s SO worth it!!!! But then everything else is great too!!!

Asparagus Gelee
White Sturgeon Caviar, Lobster Crudo, Wild Onion Flower

This gelee actually didn’t taste like asparagus. It was a soft, but firm consistency.. I LOVED the raw lobster – I’m so glad I’m finding raw lobster someplace other than Japanese sushi restaurants!!!… So fresh and tender… one of my favorite sashimi’s… and the caviar on top gave a nice salty balance to the whole dish!

Black Bass
Sea Urchin, Clams, Little Gem Lettuce

From the creamy uni to the slight chewy snap of the cooked down lettuce… and the delicious cute little clams…and then of course the perfectly cooked black bass. Flaking apart with a crisp seared skin. ALL was consumed and licked up clean!

GM gave me and UNI our own crossiants ;D

East Coast Halibut En Croute
Ramp Puree, Fennel, Puffed Wild Rice

When my mom was pregnant, she basically ate halibut every single day. So I guess it was meant to be that I’d love this firm white fish.  A perfect light sear on the halibut with a little salad of fennel and other herbs on the side… and of course the puffed rice. SO so so good. Such a simple element that took this dish to a WHOLE new level. Fantasmic.

Gorgeous Bottle of Wine

Rolls :D

Sour dough, french and wheat. We ate them – but then asked for more croissants [of course!!! I told you we had like 20 of them, AT LEAST!!!!]

Complimentary —
Fava Leaf Agnolotti
Fava Bean, Parmesan Cream

This was so creamy and literally just melted in your mouth… a little bit more bite to the pasta would’ve been nice or a chewier middle but I thought it was heavenly. Z seemed to want more of that bite/chew to it – but I was happy gobbling mine up and the thought of it was just afterthefact. Hahaha. #fattie AND have I mentioned my love of fava beans?! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Perfectly cooked… just enough snap to them… yummm…. spring is a-coming :]

Terrine of Foie Gras, Ris de Veau and Rabbit
Muscat Grape, Cepa Vieja, Rosemary Raisin Toast

The terrine was sooooooo creamy!!! We ended up eating it on the croissants [of COURSE]… the chutney it came with was as beautiful as it was THE PERFECT additional element to the bite! Perfect bite of salty sweet, creamy, chewy… oh MAN!.. and of course with the croissants, BUTTERYYYY and flakey!!!… The terrine NEVER lost the spotlight but wasn’t overpowering either….

Seared Foie Gras de canard
Ginger, Rhubarb, Tellicherry Pepper

I’ve only had one seared foie gras go wrong, this was the exact OPPOSITE of that bad experience. Delicious, silky with just enough sauce.  The leaves provided a nice fresh element to the semi seemingly-“heavy” bites.

Assiette of Rabbit
Black Trumpet, Almond

Rabbit Sausage,Meatball, Kidney [in the puff pastry] etc..
It was like a deconstructed rabbit made into delicious forms of yumminess. To be honest I was slightly hesitant about the kidney pie but it was my favorite!!! Flakey outside and a creamy inside full of flavor – didn’t taste like organ meat at ALL, if you didn’t tell me it was kidneys I would’ve had NO idea!  More kidney pies please!

Marcho Farm Veal
Vidalia Onion, Fava, Radish

Tongue, Sweetbreads, Loin

Super super tender tongue… as was the loin, but the sweetbread was just fantastic. Super creamy and amazing…. I’m a sucker for sweetbreads and this was a great surprise. I’m liking these deconstructed animals on my plate. It’s also a great way to get people to eat different parts of an animal.

Artisanal Cheeses


Thin crisps, pistachios, cooked apples & raisins, white honey and candied almonds

In no particular order —
Winnimere, Vermont
Brillat-Savarin, Normandy
Challerhocker, Toggenberg
Veendekaas Reserve, Netherlands

The cheese at 9 o clock was my favorite but freak me sideways [haha trying not to be too vulgar] I can’t FREAKING remember what kind of cheese it was – obviously they’re all cow’s milk… but OH MAN, I was devouring it like no other. Dip dip in the honey <3

Extra Honey and Almonds

Blood Orange and Cocoa Nib Sorbet
Almond Biscotti

I don’t like eating blood oranges, but I love them in desserts – the flavors are just explosive. This was a light little dessert – the nibs totally pack a punch and add such an great crunch factor [which I LOVE]  The thin thin crispy “biscotti” on top was the perfect additional crunch and flavor. So well thought out but oh so simple.

Double Espressos

Spiced Chocolate Cake
Madeira Sabayon Mousse, Banana Glace, Dehydrated Marshmallow
Okay, it technically WASN’T our anniversary but still – cute :] Even the menus that they gave us had happy anni on it!!! Just a week off so it’s okay :]

Mini Macarons

These were SO yummy. I’m obsessed with macarons so this was SUCH a perfect little sugar sweet finish to the end such an amazing night.

Even though the dinner ran super late, they still gave us a kitchen tour.  Awesome.

The staff already had their beers of the night ready for their nightly meetings – haha. I felt like I was intruding but everyone was super nice to us.

Me and Aya

She’s the adorable petite pastry Chef who created those amazingly orgasmic buttery crossiants…. she even sent me home with a box of 8 buttery frozen creations to bake on my own <3 Look how ecstatic I am holding my bag of ready-to-bake croissants :D

GM Alec Riveros and I

This guy was SO nice – the entire night he made sure our croissant plates were full and was just a blast to talk to… he even playe along and talked to UNI ;D Now THAT’S dedication [come on giving UNI his own serving of croissants?!?!? Fatties galore!!] OBVIOUSLY this fat girl benefited from getting doubly the amount :D

This place is AMAZING and I will be back very very soon! Romantic, quiet setting and amazing staff – great service and just a great great great restaurant. A little hidden, definitely my new seafood happy place! YUM! Thanks Barbara for making me have faith in the Boston food scene again!