Truffle Dinner at CLINK

After our pre-eating at No. 9 Park.. the restaurant got us a cab back to the Liberty Hotel!  Quick ride later, we were back at CLINK and ready to eat – okay we were a little bit late ;]

“Set on the lobby level of The Liberty Hotel, a national historic landmark that was once the storied Charles Street Jail, CLINK. offers Bostonians and hotel guests Modern American Cuisine prepared by classically-trained Chef Joseph Margate. Each dish reflects his intense focus on flavor and dedication to seasonal, sustainable, and local ingredients.

Vestiges of original jails cells create cozy nooks for dining, and an open kitchen displays the theater of cooking as each stylish dish is prepared. Warm gold leather seats, butcher block tables and granite accents add contemporary style to the dining experience.”

We had a cute little table by one of the jail cell windows… :]

I looove the look and feel of this place… outside the place was POPPING!!!! Very crowded.. lots of pretty peoples.. but we were busy inside eating….

The Menu:

Deep in conversation… no recollection of what they were talking about….

HUGE pours!!! We started off with some bubbly.. and then instead of wimpy “Tasting” pours of wine, they gave us HUUUUGE full glasses. YUM!

Sashimi of Yellowtail with Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Black Truffle Butter Powder

Paired with: 2010 Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris

The fish was fresh but was WAY overpowered by the truffle butter powder.. I suspect a bit of “faux” truffle flavors.. truffle oil? Truffle essence?  Could not taste the fish at all… which is strange since it’s Yellowfish, very oily and pretty strong tasting… It paired BEAUTIFULLY with the wine tho.. a bit oversalted. We ate it all anyways!

Fresh Pasta with Truffled Pecorino and Domestic Black Truffles

Paired with: 2007 Saia Nero d/Avola, Sicily, Italy

Not really truffle-y and just had more of the Black Trumpets from the first dish.  The pasta was fresh and actually tasted great but I needed more than just two shavings of truffle on top.  I might have been spoiled already from our pre-dinner.

Beef Shortribs with Brussel Sprouts, Potato Puree and Black Truffle Jus

Paired with 2008 NXNW Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley Washington

The menu said fingerlings but we got Brussel Sprouts. Which is great cuz I LOOOOOVE Brussel Sprouts and I devoured them. AHHH!!! :] SO GOOD!  The Shortribs had the two shavings of truffle on top – didn’t really taste the truffle in it but it was so tender, fatty and falling apart. NOM NOM NOM.

And then came the dessert… was kinda excited to try a dessert with truffles… butttttt… this is what we got…

Truffled Rice Pudding Brulee

Paired with 2006 Mulderbosch Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Ok, I LOVE rice pudding but when I think brulee, I def think of something at least lukewarm. This was cold :[ A bit of truffles on top, and yes you could taste the truffle… flavors weren’t bad but it was COLD!!!!


While the truffle dinner was disappointing, the wine was a-flowing, the company was great, awesome conversations!!!! :] And of course many travel destinations being planned for M & I hahahaha…. we’re fat and sexy and we know it! LOL…. Thanks for a great time and for my water and your scarf HAHA, I’m holding it hostage. Keep those mimosas on ice for me ;] Piggie tails SOON!


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