Eat+Pray+Heal Japan

A Night to Benefit the Children of Japan
@ the Bowery Hotel

April 14, 2011 7-10


I bought 10 raffle tickets for 45$ [you could get one for 5$] and ended up winning #2 raffle prize: Case of CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon (2008), Pure Dark Chocolat gift set, Bethenny Frankel’s ‘A Place of Yes’ & a bottle of SkinnyGirl Margarita

— Menu for the Night —

Cocktail hour, wine, spirits. Hor d’oeurves courtesy of Chef Miguel Morales, Mandarin Hotel

7:15 – Chef Kevin Sbraga
Charred Pork, Edamame, Dashi Vinaigrette

7:45 – Chef Hung Huynh
Bacon & Crab Croquettes, Herb Aioli

UNICEF & Candice Kumai
Top Chef introduction, kanpai for the kids, toast to Japan

8:30 – Chef Harold Dieterle
Steamed Taylor Bay Scallops with Baby Asparagus, Chu Chee Curry

8:4 – Chef Angelo Sosa
Tomato Curry Soup

9:15 – Chef Mike Isabella
Tuna Crudo, Crushed Pine Nuts, Aged Balsamic

9:45 – Chef Seth Caro
Yuzu-Matcha Ice Cream Cake  with Strawberry Kuromitsu

Top Chef winner Kevin Sbraga and me ;D He is THE man!!!!… totally down to earth, super super nice guy :]

I love this guy, no seriously, I really do  <3 Mike Isabella is THE man!! As much as I love Blais I really wanted Isabella to win this season — he has grown SO much as a chef and he’s j ust a BLAST!!! So so funny and goofy :D Super talented – I want his pepperoni sauce [say what?!?!?] We’re super giggly [as is Seth in the background] because Mike stood on his tippy toes to look taller ;D Adorable *squeezes his cheeks*

Me and the ever gorgeous Angelo Sosa

Miss Tiffie & Hung Huynh

Seth Caro, Moi, Miguel Morales, Richard Blais, Laura

Richard Blais and I, yep this season’s Top Chef All Stars <3  Laura accidentally took a video of us, so here’s a screen capture – HAHAHA, as soon as I saw him walk in I hugged him and said I LOVE YOU!!! *blush*

Me, Laura and a few other girls complained about not getting enough food so Hung took us into the kitchen for more of his croquettes… yum!!

The most beautiful classy lady, Ms Candice Kumai….

Seriously, the slide show of the kids brought tears to my eyes – so touching <3 I’m SO happy this most memorable, beautiful, event was thrown. Super congrats to the beautiful Candice for an amazing event/party! For bringing awareness to something serious and for using her fame for the most amazing cause… the world is blessed for such giving people like her, and everyone who attended.

Josie Smith-Malave, Harold Dieterle, Seth Caro, Candice Kumai, Richard Blais, Miguel Morales, Hung Huynh, Angelo Sosa, Mike Isabella, Kevin Sbraga


Cheers to some amazing chefs ;D
I ended up taking to Hung for awhile, and his sous chefs, about food, travel, cooking, restaurants, inspirations and randomness…. in the middle, the reporter for the following article [link below pic] came over to interview Hung.  Yeah, I MAY or MAY NOT have done the “L” sign to my forehead when she had no idea what was going on or what she was talking about… oops, she caught me *blush* but it’s all good – a cute picture came out of it :D

Source: NearSay New York

Ok enough dorkiness.. this was a gorgeous event and while I only got to eat a cupcake or two, have lots of wine and only had a foie hor d’oeurves and the croquettes… [all which were delicious] – I left hungry but really happy, this was SUCH a great GREAT GREAT event! Good cause, delicious food, great raffles and auctions and amazing people.

EDIT: Can you spot me in this video?


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