Brunch at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

We had taco night with J the night before and decided to plan for movie and brunch the next day before J’s Madonna concert.  W and I slept in late so we decided to just go for brunch at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and after J and I went shopping, walking around DC – it was a beautiful sunny day.

First thing’s first. The food.

The place is hip and a purposely “run down” sort of look.  A bit dusty, as W pointed out, but cozy and muy swanky.  Very “yuppie” as J pointed out.

They had to check to make sure they could do a Bellini. weird.  Bellini with citrus twist for me and Bloody Mary for J.

A dozen oysters on the half shell with different saues and LOTS of horseradish for meeeeee :D HELLO it’s a freaking OYSTER PALACE!

Next we had the fresh made Ashley’s Doughnuts. Chocolate, Sugar and Dulce de Leche

W wanted to take one each but J and I were nicer and decided to split them all into threes, each getting a different belly button doughnut hole.  I thought the sugar was the best.

Next was, per J’s recomendation, Angels on Horseback
Grilled- Bacon Wrapped Oysters, Vin Blanc, Vinegar Reduction
I don’t usually like cooked warm oysters so it was a little weird, texture/warmth wise for me with the burst of salty oyster, BUT it’s rare I don’t think a bacon wrapped morsel is overrated. Job well done.  Not my cup of tea, but a good bacon wrapped food.

J’s Steak & Eggs with Texas Toast, BAAACCCCCCON and my eggs.. more on my dish later

W got the Fried Chicken Dinner- All Dark Meat
Salt Roasted Potatoes, Braised Organic Greens, Creamy Slaw 

They warned it was a lot and it was. Also, amazing potatoes.


Oh yeah my  Pontchartrain
Two Poached Farm Eggs, English Muffin, Blue Crab, Tasso, Crawfish, Cayenne Hollandaise

I always do need my eggs. CHUNKS of hearty rice seafood, large buttery gooey runny poached eggs and a delicious slightly spicy hollandaise atop fluffy muffins. YUM.

Tabasco and Black Pepper.. Egg Porn

JOYYYYYY… a few drinks later and shoving down most of the food and bacon… shoppppping sprreeee.. and then Top Chef Isabella’s book signing later that night… post coming up next :D


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