Duck Breast with Fig Sauce over Grilled Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

I made this recipe a week or two ago and I thought I’d post about it….

Red Wine
Balsamic Vinegar
Maple Syrup (only if figs are not sweet enough for you)
Black Pepper


[ps. if you haven’t noticed, I tend to cook by taste, feeling and not by measurements – unless I cake, so sorry… I also do not add salt to my food because I tend to have a bad reaction to too much salt, so I only eat it when it’s unavoidable outside of my house/cooking, but I promise you the flavor is there… that’s why I always use a lot of spices and herbs.]

Take the duck breast and score diagonally and sprinkle with Black Pepper
Cook with extra duck fat (always start skin side down on a cold pan)
When you flip it (after skin is crispy) add xxx and xxx in pan (can’t give away all my secrets right?)
Add rosemary, [or thyme] cook to liking.

Use duck fat to coat asparagus and my beautiful multicolored cherry tomatoes.  Cook until asparagus is still firm, not limp with a bit of char.  The tomatoes should have a bit of char as well and will burst by themselves. Pop!

Garnish with a freshly sliced fig! Oh I so fancy yo. LOL.


End result: Yumzers! ENJOY!



Poached Cod with Tomato and Saffron and Cauliflower sidedish

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted recipes or food/restaurant things… or anything really at all.. I’ve been having too fabulous of a time having fun, cooking ALL the time with L<3 and having adventures and traveling.  I’ll try to add some posts of some special eats I’ve made, eaten and done recently…. including Taiwan posts!  I’m back!!!!

2 tablespoons olive oil
4 cloves garlic thinly sliced
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (or to taste)
1 14.5-oz. can whole peeled tomatoes, drained
¼ cup dry white wine
1/4 cup rice wine
1 cup boiling water
2 bay leaves
pinch of saffron threads
1 fresh rosemary stick
paprika (to taste)
sea salt and white pepper, freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
2 5-oz. skinless cod fillets

Over low-medium heat, add the oil, garlic and hot chili flakes and without adding color to the garlic, just cook until it smells absolutely delicious – about 3-5 minutes.

Afterwards, add in the canned whole unpeeled tomatoes, crushing it while you dump them in.  Don’t add the juice, and make sure not to get splashed by the hot oil.. I  have battle scars.  Then, add the wine, bay leaves and cook it to a boil on high and then turn it back down to medium.  Taste taste taste. Salt and Black/White Pepper to taste.

I took my two fillets and dusted each side with Black Pepper, Paprika.   After placing it in the pan, after a few minutes, I flipped them and added whole rosemary and the rice wine into the pan.  This was basically all to taste.  I also added a little more paprika to the sauce.  Cook until the fish it tender but starting to flake.

Side Dish:

Roasted Cauliflower & Baby Carrots.  I just sprinkled it with fig blamasic vinagrette (or a ny flavor you love), EVOO, Salt and Pepper, Orange Zest and chopped Rosemary… oh and some of my homemade Duck Fat, Shallots and a few finely minced garlic!  Just cook on 450 til your liking.

Put the fish in a shallow bowl, and then pour the sauce over the fish.  Garnish with a bit of rosemary for some green.  Pour some of the wine you cooked with (cuz you never cook with wine you won’t drink) and enjoy!

Btw, i swear the Kimchi recipe is currently in thr works. :] Will be up tonight or tomorrow!

SDLT Family Brunch

I love my brunch, as does my parents. We LIVE for brunch.  We try to eat out at least a brunch or dinner every week, as a family.  We headed to SDLT since I had to get some stuff at Sephora and my mom wanted to shop around.  I was feeling SO sick and just couldn’t get up AT ALL.  So reservation for 1pm changed to 2pm and we barely made it.  I can’t tell if it’s allergies or something else but appetite was low, as was energy. Must. Keep. Going.

Bread Basket
Foccacia, Whole Grain & French Bread
… delicious, fresh baked and super creamy butter. MMMM….

Kelly loves her bread basket from SDLT ;D

Soup Du Jour —
White Bean & Kale Soup

It was filled with corn, squash, carrots, celery, other veggies, and obviously white beans and kale… altho not very much of the kale, SIGH. and a yummy garlic crostini YUM.  This was SUCH a good soup and I devoured it!  I reluctantly shared with my parents, not cuz I didn’t want them to try it, but cuz I wanted to swim in a TUB of it. It was super filling too since I got full real fast after. YUMMMMMM… Totally making this on my own next time I make soup. Hurry up and come fall.

Chock full of sexy goodness…

My FREE Rosemary Pommes Frites that I get everytime I sign into Foursquare there. BAD. ASS. Thin, crispy, some were overfried – which I LOVE, and of course a yummy herb-y taste NOM. Salty happiness!!!!

Mesclun mixed greens, soft boiled egg, smoked bacon, toasted focaccia, apple cider vinaigrette with Grilled Shrimp and Grilled Chicken

I usually ask for dressing on the side and a side of hot sauce. They gave me a smidgen of hot sauce on the side, and mixed in the dressing.  Good thing it was a pretty light apple-y one :] YUM.  I was hesitant at first but it turned out to be delish.  I demoished the whole entire thing.

Poached Egg Perfection = SEX

Mommy got this: Mushroom and gruyere cheese omelette and Applewood smoked bacon

It comes with home fries but mommy opted for bacon instead – with my suggestion.. :] She loved it, and she’s not a huge cheese fan.. she’s never had gruyere so I’m glad she liked… daddy like it too, WOOT.

Daddy got the special of the day… Why? HE LOVES THE PIG – he and bf are gonna get along FINELY

Peach Glazed Pulled Pork Shoulder with Grilled Watermelon and Potato Salad

First time my parents had GRILLED watermelon. YUM.  The pork was tender, and altho not really pulled, it’s fell apart easily.  The potato salad was chunky and lightly mayo’d YUM. Also came with flowers.

Leg legs leggs

“…as long as there are Oysters & Bubbles”

That was basically the ONE rule for dinner last night with me & M.  We were between Legals and Sel de la Terre but obviously we decided to get a little Frenchy… SDLT it is :]

I had been working all day and I was super tired… so as soon as I found out I wasn’t a driver at all for the night, I decided to get my drink on the last hour of work while I waited for M to pick me up.

I LOOOOOVE Alice & Wonderland and collect anything I can of it – and have been BEFORE the Johnny Depp movie – I should’ve taken a picture of M with his mug that I filled up with wine for him :]  A cute little Rilakkuma yellow cup :]

After a bottle, which went REALLY fast, we headed to Natick for some grub. Yep. Number one rule. Oysters and Bubbles!!!!

Oyster Tasting

Top CCW:

The Wiannos were both our favorites.  Delicious!  AND we had it first so the rest were good, but subpar compared to the first – DELICIOUS! I LOVE raw oysters. Refreshing, cool, sliding down the throat – amazing. We also got tabasco and garlic on the side. NOM!

After our oysters and a glass of bubbly :] DELICIOUS…. we ordered a delicious bottle of red. Our awesome waitress gave us a taste first, and we loved it – so yes please!

2009 Viña Sastre – Ribera del Duero

“Bright pink. Raspberry and blood orange on the nose, with sexy floral and spice notes gaining strength with air. Juicy, sharply defined red fruit and citrus flavors are dry and gripping but not at all hard. The tangy finish shows very good, mineral-driven persistence.” 90 Points

– International Wine Cellar

PEI mussels with Tomatoes, Capers, and Fennel in a White Wine Broth with Crostini

I ADORE mussels…. this was delicious, as with the broth. MMMM.. I miss their old mussels dish tho with chorizo :] But LOVE how they kept the fennel – WOOT!

Charcuterie plate with Duck Liver Terrine, Pork Rillette, Crostini, Whole Grain Mustard, Chutney

I love their toasted brioche!

“Can we have more bread?” YAYYYY Bread Basket. Now I miss my Kelly :] “Why you eat all the bread?” “Why you eat no bread” hahahahaha…..

Crabcakes with Fennel, Orange and Pickled Red Onion Salad; Red Pepper Remoulade

Tasty! I loooove crab cakes and haven’t eaten one in AGES.  These were fluffy with a nice crispy crust and a yummy salad on top. NOM!

Special of the Day: Pork Chops
I forget details… but I remember there was deliciousness, which is why M ordered it :] I was considering it too… but then decided on CHICKEN!!!! Yeah…. just texted M and he doesn’t remember much from it either…. just “I want the special!” hahahahah…. not even sure he listened to the whole description like I tried to.

Organic Herb Roasted Chicken, Puy Lentils, Bacon Vinaigrette, Celeriac Remoulade
Crispy skin… tender chicken… on top of beautifully cooked lentils. NOM!

We also BOTH checked into Foursquare, showed our waitress and YES got TWO free orders of their awesome Rosemary Pomme Frites.. hahaha both which I tore into.. just for the good crunchy ones :]

And then after all was EATEN!… all the dishes were taken away, and bread basket scattered on the floor – WAAAAA…

So it was…. pretty late… table cleared, still sipping on our wine and I made M order the Fig Manhattan….

Waitress: are you still hungry?
M: i’m good…

Yep. Still hungry… I LOOOOOVE their beignets…

Apple Cider Beignets with Salted Caramel Sauce

Fluffy, light, airy, delicious crust and FILLED with apple goodness on the inside. And the salted caramel dipping sauce?! FUCKING AMAZING!

Basically the night ended like this in M’s car and in my bed:

I’m sexy and I know it

Fun, Play & Wine + Chocolate SDLT “Wine Tuesday”… oh and Bieber Fever… with @hiieitskel

My Kelly Belly is in town….which means craziness together. I love this bitch ;] <3

And look she’s got red lips too, just like me ;]

Since it was her Birthday while she was here :] Feb 6 for the Nick Carter concert :D

I AM An Epic Dance Party. All the time.

I met Bieber… his personality was “flat” hahaha… [props to M for coming up with that one LOL]

Adventures of Giraffe and Koala… what sounds do they make?!

This is for Mike: SO GREEN!! OH MY GREEN!!!

Still Sober…

We finally got old and tired and went to Sel de la Terre early after crashing a bit on the comfy chairs in the mall… hahahaha… we got some cocktails before the dinner began. What can I say?! We’re old and loud. We were fob-talking all day. Now we can’t stop.

How can we refuse Wine AND Chocolate?

Fig Manhattan

SOOOOO Bourbon-y, one sip and it knocks you out.

Peche Royale

The girliest drink hahaha but I love it.. sweeter than usual tho…

“Why you get bread and no eat? Back in day, I don’t get bread, I eat AIR!”

Everyone else got a bread basket but us. I got bread basket envy and asked for one – WOOOOOO!!!!!

First Course
Bacon and Frisee Salad with White Chocolate Vinaigrette

Paired with: 2009 Joh. Haart, Piesporter Treppchen, Riesling, Mosel, Germany

This was surprisingly good. White Chocolate Vinaigrette? Super interesting.. it wasn’t a strong taste and it wasn’t heavy at all, it was OH-SO very lightly tossed in it.. the frisee was fresh and oh so refreshing.. some candied pistachios and delicious crisp fatty bacon chunks on top. YUM!

Even Kelly ate some of her bacon [she’s not a bacon girl] but she did leave some on her plate.. I was trying to be a lady and not pick off her plate :] My heart did cry a little when the plate was carried off with some pork belly still on it… *dripping tears* hahaha…

Second Course
Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Vension with Spaetzle and Roasted Root Vegetables

Paired with: 2009 Vina Sastre, Tinto, Ribera del Duero, Spain

The venison was cooked Medium Rare and oh so juicy and good. The spaetzle was tender and delicious and I looooved the root veggie mix with it.  BUT oh the venison.  Our neighbors actually didn’t even want it. But it was also the same girl who ate no frisee and only ate the bacon haha weird. But me and Kelly ate this right up – I told her not to eat too much bread but she had like SO much that after this dish she was stuffed…

I didn’t really taste the coffee/cocoa crust but it was perfectly seasoned! Not gamey at all, so so tender, melted in my mouth… Sometimes I find their dishes a bit salty but this was yummy!

Kelly approved!!!

We had to start double fisting the drinks… hahahha…

Main Course
Chicken Mole with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Farro and Spinach

Paired with: 2010 Vigneti Zabu, Nero D’Avola, Sicily, Italy

We were SO full but this was SO good. A nice crisp chicken skin, DELICIOUS farro [we kept calling it rice] with some greens on the bottom, OMG… slightly spicy and nice tender chicken that just fell apart at the fork. HOLY MOLY. SO FULL but I licked the plate clean anyways.

Hahaha somehow I ended up with sesame seeds all over me. WTF… too much wine ;]

And then I ate more bread… oh and then there was these:

Rosemary Pommes Frites

I may have ate the whole tower of them….. #guilty

Cheese Course
Robiola, Italy

Paired with: 2006 Westport Rivers, “Cuvee RJR”, Brut, Westport, Massachusetts

At this point we were ready to burst… the cheese was creamy [half cow, half sheep] and a bit pungent so I had half of it, bread, the nuts and fruits and called it quits. No dessert for me #imdone..

Afterwards we came home, rested up a bit and made boozey cupcakes :]

Upside down Banana Rum Champagne Cupcakes with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Recipe coming in next post….


Why I’m Terrified of Fish Scales…

Let me tell you a story of how I started off all dressed up and pretty.. and then ended with me scrubbing my skin off in the shower…. and I know you want a story… soooo….

Sunday — Late start to the day… ready to spend the day with Mommy :]

Had a great brunch at Bullfinch’s with their fatty juicy big sausages, tomato/mushroom/spinach omelette, toast, bacon and delish pastries!!! No morning booze this time around.. but can you spot my coffee cup? :] I claimed it with my lipstick!

Decided to do my weekly grocery shopping at Russo’s for all the fruit and veg and WF for the meats :]

Ready to get cooking!!! Set my oven and got to cleaning and chopping!

Peekaboo. I don’t smell bad.

White wine, lemon, rosemary, shallots, s&p and some hot peppers for a slight kick :] Just for fun!

In a pre-heated oven set to 420 degrees — Covered for 30 minutes and opened for 5 minutes. Perfection.

After I popped this into the oven I prepped and cooked the side veg.

It was delicious and tender.. I paired it with some lightly roasted cauliflower, sauteed garlicky spinach and some leftover okra I made a few days ago. YUM! The flesh flaked away and melted in our mouths!!!!  Light lemony, rosemary flavor that didn’t overpower the delicate meat. DELISH! Fresh is always best!

When I was little my mom scarred me for life by telling me that fish scales will stick to my skin FOREVER if I get them on me. To this day I HATE scales and they make me wanna puke. So buying a beautiful red snapper at WF yesterday and making it was torture when I realized they didn’t clean the fish well enough.

WTF?! I just googled about it and found this: FOR REALZ?!?!?!

Please tell me this is a joke:

RESULTS: The scales physically adhered and formed a raised fold of skin within minutes after placement. Lesions were submitted for pathologic evaluation on days 2 and 7. A subacute irritant dermatitis was observed that evolved into a chronic dermatitis with hyperkeratosis. Inverted fish scales (the anatomically reversed surface) and fish epidermis did not produce such lesions on the mice. 


Why couldn’t it be glamourous like this?

ps. DON’T, I repeat DO NOT!!!! google image “fish scales human skin” I can’t get the second image out of my head… omg…. I feel sick.

So after dinner I told my mom that she freaked me out with the “Urban Legend” she told me that it was true and I better go shower. OMG I was in a HOT shower for like 20lbs freaking out after… :[

BTW. Writing about fish scales totally sucked balls cuz now I’m itching like crazy…. I know it’s all in my head but *shivers* I didn’t really think of it as a phobia til now HAHA…

Mövenpick Cafe at 明曜

I woke up with I NEED ICE CREAM FACE

OK I woke up late… I’ve been taking SUPER meds since I’ve got stupid ear infection and then I got a weird skin allergy that gave me super hives :[ I wanted ice cream…. but I needed some grub with it as well…. HRM… but I ended up wandering around til like 330ish before I finally sat down to eat something….

*I dream of Ice Cream*

OOOO LA LA… after getting insulted by a short stout girl saying I needed a size L corset for my wide waist and that I couldn’t fit into her smaller size, I DID and it was LOOSE. BITCH! GRR. So, after getting the TINIEST size corset, telling them HA! I headed over to Mövenpick Cafe for ice cream :] I’ve ALWAYS had their ice creams all over Taiwan but just at restaurants, buffets and stands.. not their Cafe. And OH MY YUM have I been missing out!

Here are some things on my list of things to tryyyyy!!!


Strawberry Princess..

Alcoholic Dress Toast

Dutch Waffle Pastry :] MMM Layers

And their DELICIOUS Ice Cream Flavors.. gotta eat them all!

First I needed some real food, there was some Tea involved [with a chocolate muffin]

And a Seafood & Chicken Salad with Rosemary Bread

Cucumbers, Romaine, Tomato, Egg, Shrimp, Crab, Chicken, Olives & Corn… YUM!… with a creamy Caesar dressing on the side [sans anchovies haha]

Then after a quick gobble down I was ready for my DESSERT!!!! Come baby come!!!

Americano [x2]

Fantasy Ferris Wheel

Pistachio, Stracciatella, Maple Walnut, Chocolate, Black Currant, Vanilla, Strawberry

The Maple Walnut, Choc, Vanilla and Strawberry were the ones that came with the wheel and I got to choose 3 more.. BOO! I thought it was 7 of whatever I wanted and I made my whole list and submitted it until they told me LATEAR that I could only pick 3 :[ *pout* I hate rules!

But this plate was licked clean! Maple Walnut & Stracciatella are still my favorites. The vanilla was SOOO creamy tho and the chocolate had chocolate ribbons in it like the Stracciatella :] And each ball was on top of a slice of brownie. NOM!


Right after, I headed to SOGO to meet up with my cousin, his gf, their adorable baby girl Zoe, my aunt [cous’ mom] and my mommy for dinner at Ding Tai Fung!!!!

She looks so much like when I was a baby :] My mini-me! She was posing with me all nite!!! TEEHEE* And we played peekaboo after dinner until she was ready to fall asleep and started getting a lil fussy hyper. LOL CUUUUTE!!!

I’m an Auntie ;]

Brio Tuscan Grille after a trip the US Air Force Museum

I wanted to come here, Brio Tuscan Grille, at the Greene – one of the “hangouts” in the area – for brunch on Sunday but we ended up coming here for dinner after the Air Force Museum instead… [post on that shall be up later, maybe – yes I’m gonna possibly start making more than just food posts BUT I posted some pics at the end of this entry in case I don’t.. lol]

I started off with a glass of delicious Chardonnay, White Oak
This Chardonnay, from the most beautiful vineyard valley in Sonoma, displays bright honey and apple flavors, and has a rich butter and oak finish. Perfect with seafood or roasted chicken dishes.

First glass of the day…

Delicious rosemary crisps and rosemary bread – still warm <3

Mommy couldn’t take her eyes away fromt he bread.. smelled SOOOO good too.. and oooooozed of yummy bready carb-y warmth.

Calamari Fritto Misto

Fried to a crisp golden brown with peperoncini

I had a bad cut inside my mouth so was staying away from fried foods til it got better but that didn’t stop me from popping a few tentacles and hot peppers in my mouth :] Wish they didn’t put the sauce straight onto the plate – some calamari was buried underneath the tartare sauce which we all don’t really like which made it soggy – sad :[ But it was eaten anyway. Mommy didn’t wanna waste – no really she said that hahahah….

Speaking of cut in mouth my daddy told me the whole weekend that the wine/booze will kill the germs hahahahah – silly

Beef Carpaccio

Served with field greens, capers, mustard aioli and Parmigiano Reggiano

This plate with half the size of MEEEEE!!!!

This was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.  I’ve never had this much beef carpaccio all at once – ever!  Even daddy loved it and he’s NOT a raw anything eater. Mom liked it too.. and usually this stuff freaks her out… she will barely try steak tartare – which ya’ll also know I love – speaking of which I need to make a steak tartare food memory page asap – possibly tonight. Back to the main point. Um. Derricious?

The salad was so refreshing and was SO good with the beef.  The vinaigrette was on the sweet side so the aioli and all on top of the carpaccio evened it out – as did the crunchy crisps which tasted like pizza. MMM cheesy.

Brio Chopped Salad

Chopped greens with tomatoes, olives, onions, cucumber, Feta and red wine vinaigrette

For a little extra I got to tack this onto my dinner.. I’m a veggie whore and need as much as possible and I’ve been having a love affair recently with feta cheese.. so anything with feta needs to get in my belly, now!

And then came our real meals…. omg is that a giant knife in my chicken?

Daddy’s Tuscan Grilled Pork Chops

Center-cut, marinated in-house and seared on the grill, with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables

Daddy licked his plate clean, super succulent pork chops – except for giving mommy the bones to gnaw on.. me and mommy and big bone gnawers – if you haven’t figured that out yet yourself.  Obviously she wouldn’t let me post a picture of her gnawing.. just taking a pic of her gnawing she’d probably strangle me and I wouldn’t be here right now, alive, typing this up :] True story.

Mommy’s Chicken Under the Brick

With vegetables, mashed potatoes and mushroom Marsala sauce

Mommy loved it!!! She couldn’t stop nibbling on daddy’s pork chop bones tho… and from all the fried calamari she only ate a bit of this and brought the rest home.

And yes… anticipation builds…

My Whole Roasted Chicken

Lemon pepper marinade with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables


The chicken was sooooo tender and juicy. The whole thing – I couldn’t stop eating it.  The skin was delicate, crisp and perfectly roasted – the veggies are amazing, tender and cooked to perfection and a wonderful creamy flavorful potato mash!!!!  I ate like 3/4 of the chicken lol :] YUM

Then it was dessert time!!!

Raspberry Panna Cotta

The raspberry mousse on top of the delicious creamy panna cotta had this nice raspberry cheesecake type quality – there was also chunks of cookie or something in it – AMAZING, I’m SO addicted.  I like how this was part of the “dolchino” collection, all cups of desserts, SO CUTE.

Caramel Creme Brulee
A little on the sweet side and the caramel made most of the brulee not crunchy – sad – but still soooooooo good!!!

From the Museum :]

Cuz daddy loves me, and I love him!

But here’s a few pics from the museum just in case I get lazy and don’t…

Bambino . The Country Life

Over the weekend we headed up to the mountains in Taichung [臺中] to eat at Bambino…  a little hidden cottage in the countryside. It was my mom, three aunts and me :D A girls’ day in Taichung! So lets backtrack a bit before we get to the good stuff….

After some shopping and breakfast and coffee [yes people in my family…. well, us ladies are ALWAYS eating…]

First we headed to a delicious little japanese sushi shop.

Sashimi & the most delicious Japanese style salad ever…

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In the mood for some rosemary frites…

Sorry this is going to be quick and dirty since I have a meeting soon but I’m trying to post more :] I was in the mood for some frites the other day so I stopped by Sel De La Terre for some of their famous and delicious steak frites ♥ I was NOT disappointed, like always. DEEEELISH!!! Enjoy the food porn, sorry they’re kinda dark >_<;;

Trio of Bread Accompaniments: Roasted shallots and garlic confit, Selection of imported French olives &  Roasted eggplant and goat cheese purée with toasted black walnuts

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