Snack Time – A slice of Pizza at Otto

So Mario Batali was NOT so happy about Otto in Boston…because of HIS Otto… Meh, SERIOUSLY?! It’s a coinkidink, NOT a rip. This place was pretty good. W told me about it while we walked over to eat some.  He got pepperoni was was…. SOOOO greeeeasyyy it was dripping all over his plate. BUT. My Cauliflower and Mushroom was DELICIOUS. NOT greasy.  Great bubbles on the thin thin crust and I sprinkled it with hot red chilli flakes. OH JOY.  Great snack after my…. huge sammy :]

BTW, be warned.  W got their lemonade.  It was watered down and with no sugar. I loved the no sugar part but the watered down part I could not deal with.

Don’t worry, we ate more….


  1. […] was hungry.  SOOO hungry especially since W ate the rest of my sammy.. good thing we ate a lot.  but we HAD to watch How I Met Your Mother. OK fine let’s just get a quickie bite […]


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