Forage – Cambridge, MA in my overalls… #fobstyle

Oh hai!  It’s been awhile since Yeah I wore overalls, made me feel like a forager lol jk… totally didn’t do it just to dress for the restaurant.

So the night of the big fight on Saturday… Mayweather vs McGregor (FYI where was Bieber? Ha!) I first headed to Forage in Cambridge to grab a quick snack to eat… I say snack because we all know that house parties and any sports game will be plenty of beer, booze, and of course delicious fat-inducing food… which sadly I didn’t take any pictures of. But let’s just say I was pupu-sa’d out from ha! Pupu was, fried shrimp and wings, chicken and beef tacos, etc… the list goes on.

So first off.. Forage is hidden in the middle of a residential area in Harvard Sq. You have to walk down into the basement of what looks to be an apartment complex. The interior is very homey and it looks pretty much like it was an apartment turned restaurant. An inviting bar as soon as you walk in, they have a crazy cocktail list…. but Narrow ways to walk through to get to the bathroom and kitchen…. I was bumping into people just to go pee.

They had gorgeous mushroom artwork like this, which was next to our table, all over.  Wait for staff was a little slow… but being for a Saturday night at least we were seated immediately with no reservations. We were finally given two cherry tomatoes, one each… and salt to dip it in.

I felt like Oliver Twist but I found myself wanting to ask for more. Hungry. Slow wait staff. Waa. When are you gonna take our order?

When we finally got our order taken, btw, not hating, they were super gracious and even apologized straight off for being slow….. we got the bread!!!  They had amazing fresh baked bread… screw my gluten allergy. I eat what I want. They, also simply, just serve it with some delicious extra virgin olive oil… poured right in front of you. Crunchy crust (my favorite!) and a fluffy soft interior… yummy.

We finally got our orders in and the food came out really fast. We ordered three appetizers to share… didn’t realize the portions. “This is what he feeds me when he takes me out on a date!” Haha jk! But I joked about instagram-ing that phrase so I figure better here than nowhere.

This was actually a pretty tasty dish. But the name is definitely not what I thought I’d get. “Cured Fish Plate”

Cured Fish Plate
Cured Trout, Lacto Carrots, Clam Ice Cream, Whipped Brookford Cottage Cheese and Scented Geranium

What made me want this dish was the clam ice cream [duh!] you guys know me too well!  And it was AMAZING!!!!…  I was also curious about what was “lacto carrots” because I just think of lactose, am I right?!?!?!… But seriously. It was ONE piece of trout.  And it didn’t taste like anything, let alone fish or smoked.  Fail.

Anyways next up was the highly antisipating “Confit Lobster Mushrooms”  I love mushrooms… remember when I went on that rage and just ate as many different mushrooms as I possibly could from the farmers market?!…. It was like like 30+ kinds but still :]  So here it is……

DUN DUN DUN *cue music* — oh wait I already started it

Confit Lobster Mushrooms
Cantalope, Blackberries, Salt Brittle

Concept was good.  Execution, not so much.  First of all, the mushrooms were overpowered by everything else, and everything was overpowered by the brittle [which was, btw, not salted]  I felt like this needed some green and some acid to really round up the dish.  Each part on it’s own was great – but come on, it was cut up cantaloupe and blackberries on plate.  Not sure how they did the mushrooms, but definitely not the taste of lobster mushrooms when I’ve cooked it myself.  The texture was meaty but it needed a mushroom taste.. I say add some lemon-y herbs and have a variety of mushrooms to amp up the plate.

And here it comes, what D was coming for — the “Cured Beef Plate”

Cured Beef Plate
Jerky, Biltong, Bresaola, Dried Liver, Mustard, Pickles & Toast

The Biltong was definitely missing from this dish but instead we had a delicious Beef sort of Paté with a big thick disc of beet in it [didn’t really have much taste to it though…. so definitely not pickled].  Yeah I suck at descriptions about this because I couldn’t hear the waiter well.  The Bresaola was tasty, a bit too salty for me, but tasty…. and the Jerky was chewy and full of that good packed in beef condensed flavor.  Gnaw gnaw gnaw.

And then… ” Where is the liver?”

But alas, regretfully, I found it in the parsley and onion salad.  Super condensed, rich flavored liver, dried out and grated onto the salad.  It. Was. INTENSE.

I don’t like liver, aside from foie gras, so this was just eye-twitching for me.  Just a few small flakes packed SO MUCH PUNCH… Now I know why they paired it with the onions and parsley, the mellowed it out a ton — but once I had that liver taste in my mouth I couldn’t get it out.

It was all paired with a great fresh house-made mustard, tons of horseradish in it.  I liked it.  D, not so much haha. MORE FOR ME :]

And for dessert, we got complimentary Tomato Sorbet…. and then two savory ice creams.  A Gochuchang ice cream with Kimchi and a Cilantro ice cream, both with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.  My taste buds were confused, but apparently the highlights of the night for me were all ice creams.  The sorbet

Me: So how does it taste?
D: Tomato-y
Me: Really? That’s a great description….
D: You try it…
Me: *takes a bite*
D: So how does it taste?
Me: Super tomato-y

This was literally a tomato bomb in your mouth!  Refreshing, smooth, and absolutely amazing!

I had a bite of the kimichi and it was a cauliflower.  They gave just the right amount to balance the sweetness… the gochuchang was seriously ridiculously mind-blowing MIND-F.  Like what is going on?!  Slightly spicy, salty and a good amount of sweetness.  The cilantro I loved… and actually would’ve paired great with the mushroom dish we had above.

So pretty.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad meal, it wasn’t a great meal.  Not sure whether or not I would go back, but then again I only had some appetizers.  XXXOOO

My First Bday Dinner of the Year

Rum shots for my bday!!! what what?!?!?!

And of course the place chosen was jm Curley since we first bonded over out love of burgers.

My Wasabi Beer

Sadly not much of a wasabi flavor, slight heat on the throat.. but tasty nonetheless..

Complimentary Bacon Fat Popcorn

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs…
tomato, horseradish, Worcestershire, celery salt, bacon

Mine were awesome but these were pretty good, and VERY much like bloody marys :]

My favorite, and now L and I’s tradition of Fried Pickles
zesty-dill house pickles, creole mayo

And of course…
jmC 9 oz. natural angus burger
cheddar, grilled onions, pickles, pop’s Russian, fries

And speaking of fun.. the next day this happened with K

And after a hot shower, a few beers and some yummy takeout… it ultimately led to what adults do on a Saturday night.

The Spotted Pig

So ya’ll know about the book… WHICH IS AMAZING, I got it as soon as it got out. GET IT.

Now let’s talk about her food.. it was a beautiful Saturday so after walking all the way from the edge of FiDi…. all the way to almost Times Sq..

First by the waters… and then we decided to walk on the HighLine since I’ve never been…. We walked all the way to the end… and then went down to Gastro Market for a few beers. Ahhh beergardens.

I don’t remember what they were except they were in caskets and red ales.

We ended up walking to the The Spotted Pig RIGHT before the big dinner rush. Phew. Last two seats at the bar. Booyeah!

I was surprised at how little pork items were actually ON the menu. Come on.. Spotted Pig? We need a full on all out pigged out menu….

Pork Rillette with Pickles & Mustard

What could go wrong with pork topped off with lardo?!.. You don’t even need the grainy mustard on the side….. just a huge scoop of the lardo and pork from the rillette on top of the perfectly grilled crostini… toasty fresh… and you’re good.  The pickled gherkins and pearl onions were a nice touch…

Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing

This was the first thing I saw on the menu and I KNEW I had to get it.  I was surprised that it was a whole pig’s ear… unless it’s connected to the head still, I’m used to eating it cut into thin strips.  The pig’s ear was crispy, not greasy at all, and paired lovely with the refreshing salad of mixed greens, endive and italian parsley underneath.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Beets & Horseradish Cream

J shared this with me. AMAZING horseradish butter and simple braised beets and beet greens. Delicious. We weren’t asked how we wanted it to be cooked but it was cooked to a beautiful medium rare, on the rare side. YUM. Buttery meat.

Prosciutto & Ricotta Tart with Marjoram

This was an appetizer but I got it as my main to share with J.  A flakey crisp tart topped with prosciutto, risotto, greens and shavings of parm. DELICIOUS.

And of course, a very much needed – and always necessary side dish

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These literally melted in your mouth.  Most definitely NOT good for you but sooooo delicious.

I kinda wish we got the burger as well, it’s supposed to be awesome and I saw a TON of people order it.

Afterwards we ended up at Proletariat for beers….. and PRETZEL BREAD

The stout cheese dip was meh….. it was all about the curry mustard sauce!!!!

Met up with a few friends and ended up at Dive Bar Lucy’s..

Great times.

After BBQ there’s still room for Burgers and Adult Milkshakes at Bourbon Steak Detroit

We are not in Kansas anymore.. this is taking Burgers & Milkshakes to a whole new level.  Although it did make me want an oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets… nostalgia

After a few hours at the Pig & Whiskey 2012 event out in Ferndale… we went to the pool and then after a shower I slept off the beer and whiskey.  Previously we were thinking of heading to Lodge Diner for some chicken noodle soup but we decided just to head downstairs for a burger at Bourbon Steak.  If you haven’t noticed yet, W and I LOOOOOVE our burgers, especially him.  We sat in the lounge area and got the burger menus. WEEEE… fun!!!!

The menu said up to five toppings but me being me I loaded up on my burger.  It ended up being so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth :[ HAHA.  Before we even ordered though, we were given some delicious red wine and the signature Bourbon Steak duck fat fries trio. YUM

I got a Market Garden Salad to start… delicious crunchy crostini on top… some butternut squash, pom seeds, red onions, goat cheese and delicious greens.  The dressing was a bit on the heavy side but it was still very tasty.

W and I also split an adult milkshake.  We each got our own half-glass :]

Bourbon Malted, Jim Beam, Salty Caramel

It was super strong and oozed of booze.  W and I could feel it after a few sips.

Dinner is served.

W’s Burger

Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Pickles, Fried Egg, Shredded Romaine and “Secret Sauce”

My Burger

Beef, Butter Lettuce, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Vidalia Onions, Shaved Jalapenos, Tomato, Avocado… NOMMMMM

Super thick Onion Rings.  They were piping hot.. the crust/breading was on the thick side, I like a lighter crust but it was definitely super tasty!!!

We got another set of Duck Fat Fries Trio.  W loves the horseradish sauce and asked for “a shit ton” of it.  Apparently this is the “shit ton” bowl size :D

Another delicious burger dinner with my burger boy <3  Also the last time having a burger in Detroit hahahaha…

ROAST: Detroit just got SO much better, thanks to Iron Chef Michael Symon

Finally found a great place in Detroit aside from Slow’s and W’s cooking haha… and W’s cooking doesn’t count since it’s not really THE restaurant but HIS food hahahaha anyways… we’re also both lazy creatures of habit so we like to eat at the same places over and over again… as you can tell by my Detroit posts we eat a lot IN the hotel restaurants, the food court in the hotel, room service, Slow’s BBQ and the diner at Motor City.

We headed to the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Hotel which is the home of Roast, something I didn’t know about until W mentioned it to me just a few days before….  I’m a fan of Iron Chef Michael Symon and have wanted to go to Lola in Ohio for AGES…. anyways, I had reservations at 9 and we were promptly sat at a nice big booth tucked away near the bar and by the wine case…

We were greeted by the nicest, most well informed waiter, who actually used to be working at Lola…  we ordered – the booze list actually came on an ipad haha… and we were quickly served

Bread + Soft Creamy Butter

Pork Crackling 

sea salt, lime, chili powder

SO good we got some to go.  Squeeze of lime, slight bit of grease, tons of crunch and a nice heat to it.  Delicious spices and amazing.  These were like CRACK.

Soon we were out :[ Sad

I was so sad I looked at it upside down and the paper and crumbs fell all over me.  I may or may not have yelped like a puppy. OOPS.

A beautiful Chilean red wine we ordered.  It was on the Somm’s list AND it wasn’t pricey at ALL – the others were $$ and this was not only on the low end of the price spectrum, it was Chilean, I looove Spanish&Chilean wines!

Miguel Torres, Santa Digna, Cabernet  Sauvignon, Central Valley, Chile 2009

A darkly pigmented wine with an intense, full and very fruity aroma. The palate is majestically structured – velvety, meaty and with elegant body. Its smooth, fine tannins, outlined by new oak, ensure a long evolution in the bottle.

Produced exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon, that king of red varieties, which achieves its fullest varietal expression in the privileged climate of the Chilean Central Valley. This is a great example of the heights to which Cabernet Sauvignons produced on the Pacific coast can rise.

It had a bit of a bite to it but got creamier as the wine opened up, like most Cab Sauv’s…

Our first three courses…

Today’s Charcuterie Plate

A lot of everything.. headcheeses.. lomo, prosciutto and such.. everything was delicious and fatty and perfectly delicious.  There’s nothing like a bad charcuterie plate, but this was a really good one!  This was the plate for ONE too… since we got so much other food.. I could’ve had more :] FO’ SHO’

BBQ Pork Belly

apple, watercress, almonds

The Pork Belly completely melted in your mouth and not just the fatty areas… okay it says apple on the menu but W said it was peach, but whatever.. the slight tang, the slight sweetness.. a bit of crunch with all the veggies and a TON of creaminess…

Beef Tartare

cold poached egg, avocado, lime & crostini

W mixed it all together and it was surprisingly good.  I was iffy about the cold poached egg but it was quick yummy.  Usually, as you hear me say in the video, I only have raw yolk in my tartare… but this was delicious.. esp with some added greens and avocado – which we didn’t mix in just added it with the crostini in each bite.  We DID end up putting some grainy mustard in from the charcuterie plate to add a bit of tang/spice to the tartare. YUM.

Grilled Octopus Salad

basil jalapeno pesto, cucumber, mint, kalamata olive

Super tender and delicious. Tons of tentacles which I loved and a nice char to them.  There was a slight heat and a slight tang to the dish.

Bone Marrow

sea salt, oregano, capers & chilies

The chilies was put on as a form of salsa verde. Delicious.  The charred herbs and the fatty marrow… SOOO GOOD and there was SO much of it!  I didn’t actually taste capers so not sure if they changed it on me from the menu but it was really good and perfectly seasoned.. super creamy and just divine, as ALL bone marrow should be and is.

Southern Fried Sweetbreads

slaw, spicy buttermilk and garlic sauce

It was on a creamy bed of homemade ranch with a beautiful veggie slaw that was tangy and sweet.  The sweetbreads were SO super creamy and dissolved on our tongues into an orgasm.  This may have been the best sweetbreads dish I have EVER had. I love love love sweetbreads and while I’ve had MEH ones I’ve thankfully never had a bad one.  These were ones that I’ll dream of. PLUS….. RANCH?! I’m not even a fan of ranch, but this was SO GOOD.

Bacon Creamed Corn

Super creamy and super sweet corn.  This was SOOO GOOD and DUH you add bacon and everything becomes better!

Roast Beast of the Day: Suckling Pig

Deeeeeelicious… soft, tender with nice crisp skin and some pickled onions and parsley.. and methinks a nice light salsa verde.  I mainly had it as leftovers the next day but this was SO good.  Needs to be a MUST on the menu.

Beef Cheek Pierogie

horseradish & mushrooms

Pierogi (Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔɡʲi]; also spelledperogipierogyperogypierógipyrohypirogi, orpyrogy; juvenile diminutive form: Pierożki Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔʂki] also in use) are dumplings ofunleavened dough – first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potato fillingsauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit.


While dumplings as such are found throughout Eurasia, the specific name pierogi, with its Proto-Slavic root “pir” (festivity) and its various cognates in the West and East Slavic languages, shows the name’s common Slavic origins, predating the modern nation states and theirstandardized languages, although in most of these languages the word means pie. In English, the word pierogiand its variants: perogipyrogyperogieperogypirohi,piroghipirogipirogenpierogypirohy, and pyrohy, are pronounced with a stress on the letter “o”. The Turkish word börek for a kind of pie or stuffed pastry may be a borrowing.

Pierogi are small enough to be served several or many at a time, so the plural form of the word is usually used when referring to this dish. In Polish pierogi is actually the plural, pieróg being singular. In Czech and Slovak pirohy is also the plural, piroh is singular. In Germany, this type of dumpling is called Pirogge in the singular and Piroggen in the plural, although sometimes the Polish name Pierogi is simply used.”

Ah yes.  Peroigies always reminded me of when I dated a Polish guy, I mean what other kinds of peoples loves white bland food and potatoes so much?! Hahaha, I kid.  But I do remember the one and only time I ever really ate ANY Polish food or learned about it was with him HAHA. This is SO not what I remember. Sooooooooo tender.  The skin was super doughy and almost potato-y like….. they were like gnocchi dough as skin hahaha…. and a bit undercooked.. at least the ones I ate were… but sooooo good..

The beef cheeks were super tender, like they should be, super flavorful.. and while the sauce they were in were a bit on the sweet and rich side.. the bland super doughy skin totally counteracted it. MMMM stuffed gnocchi.. that’s totally my next experiment. W beware.

Me in a obligatory bathroom camwhore shot!

The next day for lunch, while I worked, I feasted on leftover cracklings, creamed corn and suckling pig.


The best part?…. W cooked for me the following night… and while we both LOVED the dinner at Roast together, I freaking fell in love with his food all over again when he cooked for me the next night…. sorry suckling pig.. even if you weren’t leftover, you still can’t beat my baby’s cooking ;D

Oysters + Clam Chowdah + Johnny Cupcakes

Tuesday was a busy day for W and the Clio dinner.. I worked and ran some errands and did a lot of outfit changing hahaha… I also ended up ordering half of the room service menu for dinner.. pizza, burger, fries, chocolate pudding cake, ice cream, the works. FAT. It was SOOOO GOOD though.

Like, I wore this outfit to go to Shaw’s….

And this one after.. hahaha cuz it was a little chilly.  I’m such a little fashion whore.  Cool part of the day was when I got asked to model.

W was supposed to leave W morning but ended up staying a day :] YAY!  So I took the day off so we could spend the day together.  We slept in with blackout curtains but our bellies got the best of us and we needed to eat.  The SUN was finally back out so we also decided to wander around Boston…

We ended up being too hungry to NOT eat first so before we even got outside we grabbed a quick bite at Legal Seafood’s in Pru.  It’s not one of my fav Legal’s locals.  I like the one in Copley better [it’s also less touristy]… and I think the Framingham one, minus the whole alcohol issue, and by the Wharf is the best.  *shrug*  OH, I dislike the Chestnut Hill one the most. WORST SERVICE AND SANGRIA EVER.

Anyways.  A dozen oysters.  All WiAnnos.  SOOO GOOD.

We got His and Her Clam Chowdahs.. I ordered first and I got a cup, he got a bowl. DAMMIT  I had Chowdah envy :[ I did it his way and added tabasco sauce to it, SOOO GOOD… Except he added more salt and I added more pepper.  What can I say opposites attract :] We’re so similar and so different. I love it.

He ended up getting a burger. WOMP. Overcooked and just looked meh.  But then again it’s a BURGER at Legal Seafoods.  I scolded him – he counteracted with how Saltwater has great burgers. HO HUM. I’ll have to get one when I’m back up in Detroit soon.

I got a bucket of steamers.  They were tiny so there were a lot.  W said it was a New England thing and actually had no idea what I was talking about.  Steamed Steamers aren’t really his thing, but he did try one – minus the little penis head haha.. probably cuz I told him to pull off the foreskin LOL my B – He actually thought of CLEVELAND STEAMERS – Don’t worry I gave him one later. HAHAHA. JK. Maybe. HELLO!!! SFW FOOD BLOG HERE!

The meal was ridic expensive and even after W didn’t eat his burger and his waitress was all like, “I’m sorry I’ll take something off” she took freaking 4$ OFF WTF!? LAME.  Tax was more.

Anyways.  At least their mojito of the day was good.  We walked around Newbury and I got a shirt at Johnny Cupcakes <3 JOY.

Yep.  Dinner was Cheesecake Factory.  Don’t judge. It was derricious!

Prime Rib always hits the spot.

I’ve been indoors for awhile now.. antisocial and too much work has really got me in a rut.  So I finally decided to get some dinner OUTSIDE of my kitchen and pantry.


Coach Grill it was.  As much as i didn’t wanna stay in, I did’t wanna stray too far. SOOOO I ended up at Coach Grill.. I had to make it quick since I had an urgent call for more work for WORK. LAME.  So good choice..

Iced Raw Oysters.

A lot of horseradish and lots of dashes of tabasco of course – they were huge and delicious!


Rotisserie Pork Loin pan gravy, mashed sweet potatoes and fresh applesauce

Super tasty and juicy – perfectly cooked.  The applesauce was homemade and chunky. YUM!

Steamed Asparagus with EVOO and Hollandaise


Steamed Broccoli and Hollandaise

Sauteed Mushrooms

My sexy Prime Rib of Beer w Au Jus… USDA PRIME GRADE seasoned and slow-roasted with rock salt…. served with horseradish.. the one they gave me was creamy and with mayo methinks, so I asked for fresh and they gave me a slivered and mushed YUM

Going at it like whoaaa…

My dinner date… hahaha boyfriend was jealous – OBVIOUSLY ;]

I was so full of moo that I got my dessert to go ;D GIANT slice of multi-layered chocolate cake! WOOT!

More than just half a dozen oysters… @ Saltwater

Yayyy.. the Detroit blogs continue. Yes I know you’re excited.. that I’m still alive ;D TEEHEE

ANYWAYS — at this point, I’m pretty sure the MGM Hotel Room Service knows me by now and shudders when I call for food. I also usually just pay for it by card so it probably annoys them to death walking up and down, to and fro, but aside from that, I’ve made friends with the food senders hehe.

Lunch was a chopped vegetable salad [capers, tomatoes, celery, greens, feta, pinenuts, etc the WORKS] and this:

Spicy Tuna Tartare with avocado, pickled ginger and sesame wonton crisps. Delish!  Definitely helped with my sushi craving as well…  I can never get enough of raw fish!

The crisps were SO freaking good, DEEE-VOURED. I think I was supposed to eat them WITH the tuna but I inhaled all the creamy tuna first, put the avocado on my salad and then crunched on the greasy wontons.

BTW. I had the truffle chips with blue cheese the other day. SO GOOD, but SO BAD. I got SOOOO sick from them :[ Guess they were too rich and greasy for my stomach to handle. WTF is going on with me and being sick lately? It’s like I got a bug that’ll never leave. That or my tapeworm is the one getting sick hahaha. BTW, see how it says “Seasonal Soup of the Day”? Just for kicks I called them to ask what their soup of the day was… EVERY DAY and it’s always asparagus soup. HAHA. Just say no to stinky pee.

Ok onwards. Workity workity but I had oysters on my brain. CONSTANTLY. So I decided to throw on some clothes and visit the boyfriend at work.

It was pretty empty when I first walked in and plopped myself at the bar. After too much booze the last time I was here, sober dinner it was. Well, snack rather… I ordered a half a dozen oysters… and got so so much more :]

And look, W came out just to shuck some oysters for me personally :]

I’m a spoiled little princess!

I ended up with a dozen GORGEOUS, perfectly shucked, delicious oysters.. and a few raw clams as well :] YUM!

I thought that was it, but W texted me from the kitchen saying that there was another dish….

And then out came these:

If you can’t enjoy fresh radishes with butter & salt, I duno if we can be friends anymore.

Crunchy. Beautiful. Fresh. Crisp. OHHHHH JOY.  I was SOOO HAPPY!!!! My neighbors got radish envy so they got some too :] Compliments of Chef W <3 HEHE. BUT THAT WASN’T THE DISH!!!!! There was another surprise in store for me….

Fresh gorgeous raw tuna on cubes of cheese.. tasted like a mild feta and some crushed/crumbled croutons and EVOO – AMMMMAZE BALLS!

Damn. Now I’m craving radishes….

LA LA LA. Joy!

Eating Dinner at the Airport…

Easter ended with champagne, this drink- srsly lethal and tastes like pineapple juice, YUM, video games and then some…. ;D Good times people, good times…

…so waking up late on Monday was a given.

It was a slow morning… er afternoon… definitely hard getting up.  When we finally did we decided to stay super local and headed over to Astor… YUM, always a good choice!

Somehow W could eat his lamb gyro without it exploding all over the place, and then me with my chicken kabob was just everywhere. They have this delicious green spicy sauce MMMMMM to go with it. NOM. I could eat these pitas forever. NOM!

After lunch we wandered about and got some cool books at a used book store.  I didn’t get this but iI love the cover.  I DID however get a SUPER awesome Japanese book with creepy crazy drawings/paintings, apparently an awesome collector’s item and a great addition to my collection of randomly awesome books :D

After some lounging around, munching on apples and helping W pack and iron…. it was time to leave :[

We got to the airport early so after checking in, we stopped by Sam & Harry’s for a bite to eat.  I’d been hungry ALL DAY, despite the yummy chicken kabob pita sammy in my belly…

I was actually drawn to the oysters on ice at the bar but ended up not ordering any…..
Blue Moon to start…

We decided to start with soup… we were gonna both get the New England Clam Chowder but after asking what the soup olf the day was I got that and W got the Chowder.


Mine: Veggie Soup w/ Tomato Base
W: New England Clam Chowder

W likes to add tabasco in his chowder, which is the only time he likes tabasco…  the chowder also had bacon in it so it was smokey and pretty delicious. First time for me having chowder with tabasco and bacon :]  The clams were fresh and plump, so good.

I love tomato based veggie soups.. reminds me of this deli I always used to order from when I lived in Manhattan that had my faaaaaaaaavorite soup :D TEEHEE.

And then we split a French Dip…. YUMMM… it was pretty tasty, but the horseradish sauce was a bit disappointing for me :[ Not horseradishy enough! I like it spiiiicyyyyy!!!!!  It was a bit on the salty side but the meat was delish!  The fries were pretty good too, thick, salty and I liked the greasy, extra-crunchy, over fried ones HAHAHAHA… #glutton

Great great weekend, again :D PLUS I got my first Easter basket thanks to W’s Mommy :D YAYYYY

Glad I got to ride the airplane on a full tummy so I didn’t have to whine and count down the minutes to get my free snack and drink.  I actually assed out reading on the plane and didn’t wake up til we were about to land.  Nice nap :]

Saturday, Sunday Funday and 16$ Prime Rib Night at Bullfinchs for Prez Day

Didi loves her new friend Pink Taco :] Pink Taco misses her sister, Pink Taco who’s now in Frisco with Kelly.

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a long one, I decided to squish the whole long weekend into one post – SO DEAL! I don’t think I need to post my Cartman youtube video again.

OK so to be honest, I had other plans for this Sunday and Monday.  But after a delicious dinner at Met Bar + Grill and a bit of crazy family drama after… [I am ASIAN after all…*rolls eyes*]

Anyways I knew things were gonna come so I had a Blueberry Beer.. and a cocktail, Shooting Star, and then some… ugh to anxiety

Guacamole & Chips, I love how fresh they make it!


Burger with Pulled Pork, Fried Egg, Fries & Pickle

Miso Salmon

Burger in a Arugula Bowl: Kobe Beef, Fried Egg, Foie Gras, Sauteed Mushrooms, Red Onion, Bibb, Sprouts, Jalapenos & Swiss

Warm Chocolate Chip Pie

THEN the drama while home watching a movie and drinking some great red wine…. And then it was the whole awkward, I’m gonna act like nothing happened….

I was at Brunch at Bullfinchs [My favorite neighborhood restaurant] on Sunday…. Me and my family are regulars there and we know the owner :]  Well, kinda, she recognizes us [which is pretty easy to do I guess] and knows my name hahaha… I live in SUCH a white town tho, aside from the Chinese restaurants I never see any minorities here.

Bellinis!!!! How come I’ve never gotten them here? I’m such a big mimosa and bloody mary girl… but lately I’ve been getting into Bellinis…

Carbo loading before we get our food…. I LOOOOVE their bread plates!!! I’d call them muffins but they’re totally cupcakes, scones, coffee cake, etc.. lots of fresh soft butter and raspberry jam!

My bellini!!!  With a gorgeous slice of fresh peach in it :] YUM!  It was SUCH a treat at the end of the drink…. super super boozey hahaha

I got my favorite omelette there with Spinach, Mushrooms and Tomatoes with wheat toast and obviously a side of Bacon

I also stole some of my dad’s HUGE Italian Sausages… [that sounds so dirty] but these things are HUUUUUGE juicy and AMAZZZZZZZING!!!

I was SOOO hungry still after my meal tho… I stole my parents’ toast and munched on them.. :] LOVE whole grain bread.. the more seeds and nuts the better!  Extra butter please….

Afterwards I headed to Chestnut Hill / Newton with the puppy for coffee, snacks and just to wander. Beautiful day.

I actually had been braising some delicious Pork Butt all day since 10am…. so when I went home I made the rest of Taco Night.. YES.. my famous taco night.. I finally got to treat my parents to it.  Just seemed wrong that I’d spend so long making this dinner for guys I date, usually one of the first things I ever make a guy, and not my own parents.

Spicy Mango Corn Salsa

Habanero Guacamole with Pom Seeds

After 8+ hours of braising in the oven… deliciousness… this was right when I started pulling the Pork Butt apart <3 The right chunk was sooo fatty and amazing!!

My first taco of the night :]  With all the fixin’s… and tons of super super super spicy salsa verde and jicama strips… YUM!

.. BUT YEAH… Back to being at Bullfinch’s for brunch…. so I was there and saw that was having a PRIME RIB night on President’s Day for only 16$ a plate. OMG. Baked Potato, GINORMOUS hunk of delicious fatty juicy meat and veggies galore… MMMMM.. so ready for it’s close up. So here’s how President’s Day went:

After a quickie brekky of oatmeal I headed into town to lunch and shop with Mommy..

Oatmeal, Kiwi, and Short Skirt sort of day…

Saw an ad for this, need to get ON this shizz. But YAY Godfather bought me tickets to goooooo <3 SOOO HAPPY!! I LOOOOVE Les Mes.. I hadn’t seen it since.. Middle School? Frosh of HS?! I don’t remember.. but I remember going on the FRENCH class field trip even tho I was taking spanish cuz the teacher loved me :] HAHAHA…. We went to NYC for the day :D AWESOME!! I think it was the first time I ever went to Manhattan!!!

Even tho I had brekky super late in the day I was starved so I stopped by O Sushi for a few snacks… this was like 1/10 of what I ate, but these are prettier pictures…


Super crusty fresh made Fluffy Bread. OMG this was SOOOO amazing. SOOO GOOD.. Rosemary EVOO, Soft fluffy creamy butter and OMG this bread I could eat for days!!!

Filet of Sole

Roasted filet of sole finished with a Dijon dill vinaigrette; served with vegetable and harvest rice pilaf

It tasted a bit too mayo-y so I wasn’t so into it.. but mommy liked it :] But the star of the night was obviously the prime rib… we decided to share this and a fish dish but in retrospect we should’ve gotten our own.

Prime Rib

Baked Potato, Horseradish and sour cream. I DEVOURED EVERYTHING except just a bit of the fat, there was a lot of fat BUT I love fat. HAHAHAHA.. but large chunks of it IS a bit too much even for me…. DELICIOUS tho. Got it Medium Rare cuz mom wanted it medium and I wanted it rare #compromise!

A few glasses of wine later, we were ready to pop but still wanting sweets….

Dessert sampler…

Starting Top Left CW: Limoncello Cheesecake,  Crème Brulée, Chocolate Mousse, Warm Apple Crisp w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite was the apple crisp. I LOOOVE warm desserts, I even have a battle scar from this dessert to prove it.  The limoncello cheesecake was full of flavor but just WAY. TOO. SWEET #sigh…  delicious and we licked the plate clean, nonetheless… AHHHH…. #diabetes


I have a thing for Bologna Lunchables ;D

Which always reminds me of “Mortadella.. the fancier version of Bologna”