New Years Eve Dinner 2016 at Duexave


So I’ve been backlogged… I have half written blogs up all in this shizz and it doesn’t seem to be coming out (ha! – Sorry dirty mind!) I keep having ideas and then writer’s block… my current obsession with watching Frozen and Tangled and seeing their soundtrack 24/7 isn’t helping either… haha “hashtag dork”… and I also started obsessing (yeah a few seasons… like 6, late) with 2 Broke Girl$ (hastag ILOVEMAXSHEISMYHERO) so yeah.  Work, Disney, iTunes is ruining me…. in a wonderful way.

So let’s catch up on 2017… Let’s start off with my last night of it…. NYE 2016 :) which sadly I had a stomach bug so I threw up all night with my date.  Which was funny cuz my date and I went to watch college football first, and me being over-underdressed  puked a few times at the bar.  My stomach finally calmed down on the way to Deuxave (owned and cooked by one of favorite chefs Chef Christopher Coombs) And while I was being careful with my tender tummy… I am NOT about to throw up any good food… I didn’t eat my usual overstuffed way, but all the food was amazing!!!! I haven’t been in forever!!!


We started off with delicious warm sourdough (great crust and fluffy middle) with a ribboned creamy butter.

Funny story [sidenote] about sourdough bread.  This total bully that lived across the street from me when I was a kid in New Mexico, LOVED sourdough bread. I played with her because 1. She lived across the street from me. 2. She was a bully. 3. She had no friends. 4. I am overly nice even though she did horrible things to me…. etc. etc. ANYWAYS, she loved it, I hated it and she even held it against me. She also forced me to watch Child’s Play which I ran home crying after. I was like 7. Bitch. Her, not me. She also grabbed my arm and bit it once because I said I didn’t want to play with her anymore… #whyineedtherapy [/sidenote]


Then came the complimentary amuse bouches…. All topped with microgreens!!!…


Crap, I forgot what these balls were.. they were fried balls of yumminess though… I think it was crab… When in doubt just shove it all in your mouth (ha!) when in a spoon… especially if shaped in little balls (double ha!)


Some Creamy Lobster Bisque. (HA! The lady next to us even asked for spoons… LOL duh you sip it, it’s a tiny little cup… and if anything just freaking eat your balls and use that spoon… LOLOL.. she complained a lot all night LOLOL!) Anyways.. tasty, thick and rich.


And some duck liver terrine with pomegranate seeds on cute little crostini…. I could never turn down anything duck liver… or things on a crostini.  I admit it. I love the trend… it shall never grow old… anything on toasted bread (preferably buttery… even more buttery and garlicky) will forever be delicious!!!!!


For appetizers (thankfully my date was happy to go with my (get two of everything we would eat so we can try more foods) we got the Wagyu Beef Tartare with Forbidden Rice Chips, Green Papaya Salad, Avocado Puree and Crispy Shallots!


And the Hamachi Crudo with Fennel Dill, Pickled Shallots, Rye Crisps and Smoked Aioli… which is fresh and delicious…. simple and perfect! And gorgeously plated…. and oh oh oh how I love the roe :] Roe roe roe!!!


And then came the seafood plates!  With Seared Nantucket Bay Scallops with Maitake & Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Brodo, Fines Herbs and a Chili Oil….. hehe I always love when they table side pour for you… I had to whip out the camera in time to catch it in action.


Look at those beautiful cute things.  Now, date doesn’t do seafood, but he did for me :] And liked it!!!! —- Although he did pass on the hamachi crudo… still need to ease him into sushi…. (bad experience, supposedly)


And obviously anything with pork belly.. am I right?  Crispy Spanish Octopus(sy) & Pork Belly with Chorizo, Choucroute, Potato, Parsley and Aiji Amarillo.  Octopus on point with crispy ends… and a melt in your mouth pork belly :] NOM!


And then comes our main courses!!!!! Which contained the highlight of the night… Prime Beef Tenderloin & Perigord Black Truffles with Egg Yolk Raviolo, Celery Root and Bordelaise.

This Raviolo was the dish I was waiting the whole night for, especially since Chef Chris posted the instagram online.  Yeah, you should follow his instagram.  I stalk it religiously for amazing food porn and cute baby pics :]

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.51.49 AM.png


Spiced Long Island Duck Breast & Housemade Sausage with Romanesco, Baby Shitake Mushrooms, Foie Gras & Cipollini Vintrigrette and Persimmon.


Perfectly cooked and I adored the small chunks of all the foie and sausage.  It didn’t overwhelm and the duck was amazing.  You know I’m a duck girl, if there is duck on the menu, I am sure to get it.

We were nearing close to midnight……..

We got complimentary bites nibbles whilst waiting for our desserts…. nervously so, since it was nearing midnight.  They weren’t a hit…. Not to be a party pooper but the other customers around us didn’t seem to enjoy them either…..


And the desserts came…..

“Cafe Chocolate” with Coffee Biscuit, Cardamom Cremux, Caramelized Vanilla Glace…. Super yummy!!!!!!!!…. I loveeeee cardamom in sweet desserts…!!!!


And I, being a lover of Chestnuts, I picked “Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire” with Chestnut Cream, Vanilla Meringue, Kalamansi and Banana Glace.  The Ice cream was delicious but unfortunately the citrus inside the ball was just way overpowering so I ended up getting no chestnut flavor. :[


We sipped on glasses of a delicious Rose bubbly the whole night and had such delightful conversations… (I think I might be a bit loud and embarrassing to him) —-and even got to chat with my buddy, Chef Chris for a bit [yes! Hang soon! And I’ll be in for the waffles & foie ASAP]… unfortunately we were rushing to our venue at the W Hotel to countdown to the New Years so I couldn’t squeeze in a pic with him :[ WAA WAA… It’s okay… it’s not like I’m far from this place.  Adore this place!!!!!


Happy Mommy’s Day 2012

To the best mommy in the world, who opened me to the world of… everything! And always taught me not to skimp on food.

This made me laugh so hard:

I got dressed up… clad in leather and leopard haha #classy and headed out to brunch with my parents.

Sel de la Terre had a special Mothers Day brunch so we decided to grab a bite and then wander and shop around a bit afterwards.  Coffees all around please. None of us could get up this morning.  It was already 1pm but we were sleepy. At least I was.

Some multigrain bread and foccacia

Bloody Mary for me…

MMMMMMM I feel like I haven’t had one in ages!  SDLT has pretty good ones, altho this one wasn’t mixed too well at first and my first sip was all vodka.  I’m not complaining tho, I love my vodka.

Charcuterie plate with duck liver terrine, pork rillette, whole grain mustard, toasted crostini and chutney

Soup du Jour: Tomato Soup with Cheesey Crostini

It was thick and creamy… had a cheese stank to it, in a good way and in a bad way, I’m actually not that big on creamy soups, esp ones with cheese creamed into it.  It was a good soup for dipping and much bread was inhaled by way of dunking into this orange concoction.  It was still a HUGE portion and I could only finish like 1/4 or 1/3 of it.

Entrees are served!!!

Mommy got the Lemon risotto with Atlantic Salmon, tomatoes, spinach, and smoked salmon 

She does this a lot, get something and then eat everyone else’s food but her own.  She already had a lot of bread, charcuterie – she LOVES foie gras, and some of my soup and then some of dad’s entree so she just kinda ate the salmon and some veggies from this.  She’s also not a big risotto person so…. *shrugs* that’s why I got her bacon and she was SO happy I did.  Anyways there was cooked salmon IN the risotto and smoked salmon on top.  I duno why but I thought it was odd, *double shrugs*

Daddy got the House roasted pulled pork sandwich with SDLT barbecue sauce on brioche bun, frites

The bun was fluffy and the pork was tender.. the sauce was a bit on the sweet side but daddy still loved it.  The frites were perfect as always!  Since daddy’s dish came with frites, this was the first time I wasn’t an ass and asked for my free foursquare frites HAHA.

And I got the Arugula Salad with red onions, beets and spiced cashews with a vinaigrette with a rare steak on top.

Delicious fresh crisp arugula balanced great with my mooing bloody steak. Mom freaked out when she saw how rare it was.  I didn’t expect such a huge chunk of meat so I’m glad I didn’t get more food to go with this.  SO good.  I wish there were more beets in it tho I just had a meesly few tiny pieces/slivers LAME.  There were also some foccacia croutons, garlicky, and the red onions were sliced super super thin.  Very delicious.

And of course a side of perfectly cooked Bacon! Meaty, fatty and perfectly crisp. NOM!

We balled out with a Grand Sampling for dessert…
Bread Pudding, Caradmom Ice Cream w/ pistachips, Lava Cake, Lemon Tart, Truffles, Macaron, Cookies and Creme Brulee


When we got home, these were waiting for my mommy at the garage :][ From me!!!

These gorgeous flowers were from W :] Sweetest boyfriend!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! To the strongest, stubborn but sweet, intelligent and most beautiful woman I know.

Another night at Eastern Standard…

“What you wanna do? xxx or Eastern Standard or xxx”

Eastern Standard?”

“Hehehe I already got resos there..”

“Let’s just go casual…. bar at Eastern Standard?”

“Let’s do it!”

We ended up at the Hawthrone Bar having some delicious cocktails and bubbly… a great convo with the owner and bartender… LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Island Creek Oysters

Amazing as usual. ALWAYS.

Frisee Aux Lardons

Hazelnuts, Sweetbreads, Poached Egg

SOOOO sexy

Delicious and only thing I pretty must inhaled the whole night.  Runny egg. Sweetbreads. Hazelnuts.  Bacon. Frisee. How can this be wrong at ALL?! *JOY*

Steak Tartare

Cornichons, Baquette

According to W a TOTAL “Cougar Food” And while yes yes yes I loveeeeee tartare, as you all REALLY WELL KNOW… this was meh. Still can’t help but giggle about how it’s a “Cougar” food… :]


Yummy as usual :]  Altho W told me that it was some sort of fries that all the restaurants get… boo way to be a Chef and blow the cover, yummy nonetheless :] NOM

Pan Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Caramelized Pear, Pomegranate

HUUUUUUGE sexy lobe of Foie Gras on yummy toasted fluffy toasted brioche!!!  It was good until it got cold… delicious nonetheless.. still love the stuff, it was HUUUUGE tho

All W wanted [yep my fatass wanted everything else]:

Linguine & Clams

Oregano, Chili Flake, Parmesan

I had some, it was great. Smallest portion of Pasta I’ve ever seen in Boston, no seriously, but good :] MMM creamy with a hint of heat! I love carbs!!!

Daily Offal: Duck Heart & Leg Cassoulet

W isn’t a fan of hearts or beans so I took a nibble. Def a heart.  Took a bite of the beans.  Not a fan. Sigh.  But the chef gave it to us complimentary – totally awesome of them :] Way for W to throw the “I’m in the business line” :] TEE-HEE…

And like I said, we ended the night just a short distance down the block at Hawthrone for drinks and chit chat… and I just HAD to take this pic

Little baby hand with fake tattoos in big hand with real tattoos..


“…as long as there are Oysters & Bubbles”

That was basically the ONE rule for dinner last night with me & M.  We were between Legals and Sel de la Terre but obviously we decided to get a little Frenchy… SDLT it is :]

I had been working all day and I was super tired… so as soon as I found out I wasn’t a driver at all for the night, I decided to get my drink on the last hour of work while I waited for M to pick me up.

I LOOOOOVE Alice & Wonderland and collect anything I can of it – and have been BEFORE the Johnny Depp movie – I should’ve taken a picture of M with his mug that I filled up with wine for him :]  A cute little Rilakkuma yellow cup :]

After a bottle, which went REALLY fast, we headed to Natick for some grub. Yep. Number one rule. Oysters and Bubbles!!!!

Oyster Tasting

Top CCW:

The Wiannos were both our favorites.  Delicious!  AND we had it first so the rest were good, but subpar compared to the first – DELICIOUS! I LOVE raw oysters. Refreshing, cool, sliding down the throat – amazing. We also got tabasco and garlic on the side. NOM!

After our oysters and a glass of bubbly :] DELICIOUS…. we ordered a delicious bottle of red. Our awesome waitress gave us a taste first, and we loved it – so yes please!

2009 Viña Sastre – Ribera del Duero

“Bright pink. Raspberry and blood orange on the nose, with sexy floral and spice notes gaining strength with air. Juicy, sharply defined red fruit and citrus flavors are dry and gripping but not at all hard. The tangy finish shows very good, mineral-driven persistence.” 90 Points

– International Wine Cellar

PEI mussels with Tomatoes, Capers, and Fennel in a White Wine Broth with Crostini

I ADORE mussels…. this was delicious, as with the broth. MMMM.. I miss their old mussels dish tho with chorizo :] But LOVE how they kept the fennel – WOOT!

Charcuterie plate with Duck Liver Terrine, Pork Rillette, Crostini, Whole Grain Mustard, Chutney

I love their toasted brioche!

“Can we have more bread?” YAYYYY Bread Basket. Now I miss my Kelly :] “Why you eat all the bread?” “Why you eat no bread” hahahahaha…..

Crabcakes with Fennel, Orange and Pickled Red Onion Salad; Red Pepper Remoulade

Tasty! I loooove crab cakes and haven’t eaten one in AGES.  These were fluffy with a nice crispy crust and a yummy salad on top. NOM!

Special of the Day: Pork Chops
I forget details… but I remember there was deliciousness, which is why M ordered it :] I was considering it too… but then decided on CHICKEN!!!! Yeah…. just texted M and he doesn’t remember much from it either…. just “I want the special!” hahahahah…. not even sure he listened to the whole description like I tried to.

Organic Herb Roasted Chicken, Puy Lentils, Bacon Vinaigrette, Celeriac Remoulade
Crispy skin… tender chicken… on top of beautifully cooked lentils. NOM!

We also BOTH checked into Foursquare, showed our waitress and YES got TWO free orders of their awesome Rosemary Pomme Frites.. hahaha both which I tore into.. just for the good crunchy ones :]

And then after all was EATEN!… all the dishes were taken away, and bread basket scattered on the floor – WAAAAA…

So it was…. pretty late… table cleared, still sipping on our wine and I made M order the Fig Manhattan….

Waitress: are you still hungry?
M: i’m good…

Yep. Still hungry… I LOOOOOVE their beignets…

Apple Cider Beignets with Salted Caramel Sauce

Fluffy, light, airy, delicious crust and FILLED with apple goodness on the inside. And the salted caramel dipping sauce?! FUCKING AMAZING!

Basically the night ended like this in M’s car and in my bed:

I’m sexy and I know it

Valentine’s Day 2012

Be My Valentine

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. Most Vdays are linked back to BAD memories or no date at all.  In fact one of my best ones was when a crush of mine in HS took me out, bought me a rose and taught me how to drive. :]  Unfortunately for us, he never knew I liked him, he admitted to liking me later on…. annnnd he had a gf at the time. Woot? Anyways. Tragedy.  While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day I can’t help but give into it if it’s in my face. This was a great Valentine’s Day :]

Last year I was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Patricia Fields Valentine’s Day Costume Ball.. this year was a bit more low key :] But super tasty and fun!!!

Last Year

This Year
This dress looks like a tube top but somehow stretches out into a dress….

Red lips to match my red platform 6″ heels ;]

I worked most of the day and didn’t even start getting ready til late in the day… but I did get a beautiful surprise in the afternoon.. the largest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received… this tiny little old man who looked like he was 90 carried it all the way to my front door – people who know my house and where I live and how to get to my front door KNOW that sucks balls… but yeah… this was bigger than him.. AND SOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks Love <3

I have late dinner plans with M… so OBVIOUSLY that means we’re gonna pre-drink.. and more importantly, PRE-DINNER!!! So off to DRINK we go.  I love Barbara Lynch…. Obviously… so I was super excited to come here.. it’s in the basement of Sportello – also a Lynch establishment. WOOO!!! Seriously, M knows me way too well… #stalker ;] I had champagne cocktails the whole time, deliciousness and each one was unique~ WOO! He also immediately ordered two things that I LOOOVE

Fried Oysters & Fried Pig Tails

Absolutely AMAZZZZZZZING!!! M knows that I’m IN LOOOOOOVE with pig tails.. these were meaty, fatty and just deliciousness…. while Craigie’s are kinda on the sweet side, these were somehow light fluffy and SUPER fatty and FUCKING AWESOME!  M was sweet enough to let me have most of it. HAHAHA… :] Methinks he enjoyed me nomming on them and licking my lips and dropping it on my legs hahaha #perv ;]

“What else do you want?!”

Yep M REALLY knows me TOO well.. #stillhungry… So hard to choose since there was so much yumminess on their menu…. but obviously I needed to continue my obesssion with Steak Tartare… I still miss my true love.

Steak Tartare: Brioche, Truffle Parmesan Aioli

I LOOOOOVE super chunky tartare and this was a btit finer than what I like but the taste was AMAZING. The meat was super fresh, tender, tasty and YUM YUM I love brioche!


A few drinks and pre-dinner apps later… we were off to our final destination… No. 9 Park :] We already decided the last time we were here to come for Vday… :] Planning ahead hahaha.. altho we WERE supposed to be wearing sweats…

We got the Valentine’s Day Chef’s Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings, there were a few courses that had two options so we got one of each :] at No. 9 Park.. we had resos at 9:45 but didn’t get seated til well past 10 something… good thing we were already getting our drinks on….

Hawaiian Hearts of Palm

Mushroom Vinaigrette, Petite Greens, Black Truffle
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

These were SO delicious and definitely made me happy from the truffle fail with M a few weeks ago…  I loooove hearts of palm, and I love that they were the focus of this dish. Amazing.

Pour pour pour

Chilled Peekytoe Crab

Chevril Vichyssoise, Crème Fraîche, American Caviar
Paired with: NV Aubry 1er Cru Champagne Brut

Deliciousness.  LOOOOVE crab everything!!!!!  Looooove caviar everything :] HAPPY HAPPY.. plus I always giggle when I hearcreme fraiche cuz of South Park hahahahha…

Maine Diver Scallop

Smoked Guanciale, Cauliflower, Sauce Périgueux
Paired with: 2008 Simon Bize Savigny-les-Beaune

Is there anything about the flavors and ingredients that are bad at all?! FUCKING BOMB!!!

Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Maine Shrimp, Couscous, Black Olive
Paired with: 2010 Bison Ciliegiolo Rosato 

Super fresh and tasty Tuna. I’m not a huge any kind of cooked tuna girl. I love my tuna rawwwww.. but this was just BARELY seared and delicious. HEHEHE, cute little shrimps and it was super yummy!

Boule de Quercy Raviolo

Celeriac, Dandelion Greens, Bread Crumbs
Paired with: 2007 Lucien Crochet Sancerre Riouge “La Croix du Roy”

We both got one, these were DELICIOUS!  Beautiful fresh pasta, crumbly crunchy bread crumbs… great combo of textures and deliciousness. BOMB diggity of flavors :]

Soooo many wine glasses and we sucked each one down dry

Terrine of Foie Gras

Persimmon, Hazelnut, Quince
Paired with: 2003 Château de Suronde Quarts de Chaume

Creamy and salty… we each had our own, they were HUGE slices and oh so yummy :] I think this was around the time our neighbors yelled at us for speaking too much profanity.. HAHAHA.. srsly, SO much awkward dates going on tonight…

OK I have to say after this the night gets a little fuzzy, more wine was poured, more drinks came and while, yes, the food was banging, I don’t really remember much.

Pekin Duck Breast

Chestnuts, Rillette, Poached Pear
Paired with: 2008 Monpertuis, Châteanuneuf-du-Pape “Suvée Classique”

Prime Ribeye of Beef

Potato Mille-Feuille, Grilled Porcini, Vegetable Blanquette
Paired with: 2009 Margerum “M5”

You are a sexy beast

Out of all the things I don’t remember eating I remember eating this, YUM!

Pomegranate Sorbet


Chocolate Cream Tart
Pistachio, Banana, Tonka Bean
Paired with: EL Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez, Sherry 

Ricotta Cheesecake
Red Currant, Blood Orange, Cornmeal
Paired with: 2010 Marenco Brachetto d’Acqui “Pineto”

Complimentary mini Muffins and Truffles

I actually remember trying a muffin. I think I may have had a frowny face hahaha…. not that it was bad but it was LITERALLY a muffin!

How the hell did we finish EVERYTHING?! Including the wine… How is my liver still alive?! And how am I not 200lbs yet?

OK.. so I don’t exactly remember ALL the details, a bit hazy here, sorry, I blame all the booze beforehand :] Still want more piggie tails, those fried oysters from DRINK… and then the Chicken Fried Foie from last time… I have a feeling I’ll be back soon :]

I love you my Didi baby… my favorite Valentine

Feeling Frenchy….a quick Dinner at SDLT

French Tip Hello Kitty sort of Frenchy :]

I got some new kicks at Neiman Marcus :] Vera Wang Lavender <3 Gorgeous, sexy, I need to wear them ASAP!

Bought a little of this, a little of that, maybe a lot of things on sale at Williams Sonoma :] — totally Kitchen Porn… and then headed to my fav go-to spot for a quick bite of French Food right by my house!!!  Sel de la Terre – yep the place I always go to for Wine Tuesdays… today would just be a normal night :]

I started off with a few simple appetizers….

Charcuterie plate with duck liver terrine, pork rillette, crostini,
whole grain mustard, chutney

I LOOVED the Pork Rillettes.. usually they just have a Duck Liver Terrine on the menu but Rillettes?! YUMMMYYY my fav, well when done right and these were SOOOOO done right!!!…

Creamy lardo on top of the tender melt-in-your-mouth pork… MMMM… flavored so well and on my fav brioche toasts and crostinis they have there. HAPPY!!!… The Terrine was tasty as always :] Gherkin gherkins gherkins… crunch crunch…. and of course the much loved whole-grain mustard!

Salad du Jour: Greens, Pork Lardons & Duck Egg

LOOK AT THAT SEXY DUCK EGG!!!! SUPPPPPPPER RUNNY on top of super fresh greens and huge chunks of fried lardons underneath. OMG I LOVE YOU BACON!

Red wine braised beef short rib, roasted French radishes, celery root puree, onion strings

A little on the salty side but tender.. on top of super creamy celery root and of course happy crispy onion strings on top! Usually I have thinner onion strings but these were short, fat and still tasty!!! :]   Looooved the radishes!! I’m a huge radish person, not bitter at all, tender but still had a bit of a bite, snap and chew to it. Drank a little California Pinot Noir with this :] YUM!

Special du Jour: Bouillabaisse with Fluke, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Potatoes, Fennel, etc..

A nice creamy tomato saffron base… it was tiny tho.. wish it was bigger.. MOST of it was potatoes :[ WAA, I want more shellfish!  But the fluke was soooo tender and was actually a big piece, it was just a little bit smaller than the crostini on top!  Fat juicy shrimp… NOM NOM NOM… I love fennel! I got two glasses of this Chardonnay they recommended for me to pair with this dish.  I usually order red, but the white was good… with the bouillabaisse, alone it was a bit sweet.

Free Rosemary Frites thanks to Foursquare, per usual :]

I wasn’t planning on really eating much, get healthy, but OMG, their fries are always like best part of the meal!!!  Thin, crispy, perfectly fried, hot from the fryer and just enough salt and rosemary. HAPPPPPPPY

Dessert time!!!!…..

Apple Cider Beignets with Salted Caramel

CHUNKSSSSS of apple, FULL of apple cider flavor.. the caramel sauce was hot gooey and salty and perfection, I ended up licking the little bowl clean!  The beignets were SOOOOO good, tons of cinnamon sugar, PIPING HOT!!!.. it took awhile to get the dessert out, I was already done with half of my large Irish Coffee [you can see it’s butt in the above photo] and even tho I was stuffed, I finished the whole thing! LICK!

When I came home I tried out one of my new purchases from Williams Sonoma!

Gurgle gurgle


OH… and after all that wine I MAYYYY have made some crispy chicken skin and chicken dish from leftovers… onions, scallions and eggs included <3 MMM SUPPPPER crispy chicken skin <3


Celebrating Mommy’s Bday the French way…

It was my beautiful Mommy’s birthday this past Friday [obviously she was turning sweet 26 hehe]…

She’s always been my number one foodie crime in partner with me ;D Even before I started eating/liking food

…ane/so I was planning to take her out to dinner Thursday night since I had a wedding to go to in Flushing for the weekend… – it was her choice… but change of events and I had to make a trip down to the Apple store to get my macbook fixed [again] stupid harddrive [again] so why not our favorite French resto in our area?! Sel de la Terre.  I’ve been so busy with life/work that I’ve missed the past few wine Tuesdays….

I’ve been wanting to try their new menu items anyways since I’ve only been going to their wine Tuesdays :]… We had the NICEST waiter who gave me the best wine recommendation AND also recognized us from Wine Tuesdays :D Woot!

Instead of a bread basket we got to choose our own :]

A delicious glass of French red thanks to my awesome waiter

2009 – Cabernet/Syrah “Puydeval” Vin de Pays d’Oc, France
This was delicious.. fruity, bold but not earthy at all.. so glad I went with this and not the Argentinian Malbec… it’s so nice when I get proven wrong.. especially since I’m usually not a fan of French reds :D

House made Duck Liver Terrine, Toasted Crostini, Whole Grain Mustard, Chutney

Silky smooth duck liver, soooo delicious.. a light sprinkle of salt  – I like it with a sprinkle of red onion and a tiny bit of chutney – love the sweet – if I don’t have some of the jelly with it. YUM!  I’m in LOVE with the brioche toasts.  So fluffy….

ASF Green Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Bacon Lardons, Comte, Basil-Parmesan Vinaigrette

Delicious greens, so herb-y and full of flavor, different kinds of leaves and greens YUM.. and tons of freshly cooked bacon all over.. the basil heavy vinaigrette was DELICIOUS – I’m not a huge dressing person, but I loved it!  Just made the salad that much more refreshing!

Long Island Duck Breast, Quinoa, Braised Greens, Beet Puree, Pickled Baby Beets

Cooked medium – mom was kinda scared of medium rare, which is usually what I get with duck – but still super fatty and moist and FULL of flavor, tender and the skin was cooked to a slight crisp – but still chewy and pliable  consistency, YUM!  I say it was still under a medium which I loved…  the quinoa seemed to be a little cheesy mustard grain tasting which made it a bit heavy… so I didn’t eat it with the duck.  The beet sauce and the pickled beets had a nice slight tang to it that cut thru the richness of the duck.  YUM!

Mussels with White Wine, Chorizo, Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Fennel, Garbanzo Beans and Cherry Pepper Broth

This was sooooo good… super fresh mussels and tons of delicious chunks of spicy chorizo and perfectly cooked garbanzo beans!!!  This was soooo good.. and the salty broth paired beautifully with the delicious broth the mussels were bathed in.

Steak Tartare, Dijon Vinaigrette, Truffle Aioli and Rosemary Pomme Frites

I haven’t had a good steak tartare in awhile.. and OMG even tho I’m not a huge aioli girl THIS TRUFFLE AIOLI was AMAZING.. the tartare itself was delicious by itself.  I had some on crostini and with the fries but mostly with a tiny dip of the aioli.  MMMMMM, truffle and raw meat <3  What more can a girl want?!

Happy Birthday Mommy, from me and Dior :]

And so it begins… with AKA Bistro

It’s that time of the year, again, when I turn 21.. AGAIN.

No wait, I think last year I turned a sweet 16 with a party at Momofuku, Carnival, Maze and Blue Ginger. And while Family birthday dinner is ALWAYS at Blue Ginger… every single year… we thought we’d change it up a bit this year and go try out a new suggestion from my mommy… AKA Bistro – “boast[ing] the best of two distinct and sophisticated cuisines.  Half the menu offers French fare; authentic recipes derived from the owner’s mother, a native of Marseilles.  The flip side of the menu features a creative roster of Japanese dishes, with an emphasis on elegant sashimi.  Ingredients are sourced from a handful of small farms [within] a few miles of the bistro, and pristine (often sustainable) fish is sourced from around New England and the world.”

AKA Bistro [pronounced “ah-kah” not “A KAY A” like the abbreviation hahaha] is definitely something fresh and new and not what I’d expect in Lincoln, MA.. especially next to a train station….

I was excited – we had reservations for 7:30… but by 5 I was STARVING.. it didn’t help that my mom was making some of her famous spicy beef noodle soup to freeze for later… [yes after dinner I had a bowl back at home… and some marrow.. #fattie]

Me getting ready :]

The weather was kinda gloomy and wet but inside it was popping.. the atmosphere was loud and it was a little.. not hot.. but it felt stuffy and humid inside – slightly – decor was really nice tho :] Happy chipper place.

AKA Bistro
145 Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773 


Cold. Chewy. A bit hard. But COLD :[ Sad. I want French CRUSTYYYY bread… fluffy inside… alas, no.


But let’s get to the fun part. Or in the case of my daddy “at least the champagne was really good tonight…” yeah that’s kinda a preview of what’s to come.

We popped a bottle of bubbly :] I got ID’d :[ The hostess also treated me like a little kid. BOO!

Escalope de foie gras poelée et compote de fruits secs
Seared foie gras and dried fruit compote

Not my favorite Foie Gras…  definitely not the worst.. but it was okay.. I thought it tasted slightly off… but mommy liked it. Daddy didn’t like it so mommy got most of it :] The fruit compote was plums and was pretty tasty.. loved the wilted spinach underneath the foie.. the tart on the bottom was kind of madeline like…

So pretty tho…

Hamachi Collar

This was a special of the day – AND cooked to medium rare – altho definitely more rare than cooked… the outside was slightly burnt…. MEH.

Scallop Ceviche

Banuyls vinaigrette and fresh winter black truffle

This was my favorite dish of the night. But it was SOOO SMALL… thinly sliced fresh scallop sashimi.. a very light vinaigrette and delicious truffle..OMG.. the truffle.. subtle and not overpowering – a little goes a long way – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wanted MORE!

This was SUPPOSED to be a Kumomoto Oyster with Uni and Caviar.. but they didn’t have the oysters and had another West Coast Oyster… and no Uni so they said they’d give me extra caviar. They didn’t but it was still good – wayyyy tiny tho :T

Os à moelle, fleur de sel aromatique,pain de campagne grillé

Bone Marrow, aromatic sea salt and toasted country bread

Delicious. Wish the Bone Marrows were bigger tho… I miss big fat delicious bones filled with marrow… MMMMM. This marrow was fatty, drippy, creamy… SOO GOOD and came with a little dish of a salt/pepper concoction to sprinkle over. This is the first time my parents have had Bone Marrow like this and they really enjoyed it :] Altho daddy thought it wasn’t that flavorful – which is why I said sprinkle more salt teehee.. but they both LOOOVED it…

Mommy’s Confit de canard et pommes Salardaises

Duck Confit, potato roasted in duck fat

The duck was cooked perfectly.. the skin was a bit TOO fatty and not crispy but still delicious.. a bit soggy tho.. the crispy bits of the sliced potatoes were delicious but even with the salad everything was WAY too greasy from all the duck fat from the potatoes and the confit.  The salad was DRENCHED in duck fat…. but I ended up eating all of the potatoes and the rest of my mommy’s salad and duck for her :] #tummyache

Daddy’s Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

I can’t find the exact dish on their old menu on the website but the stuff on the bottom was very herbby and gnocchi like… Even if you didn’t get a bacon piece the pork was cooked sooo tenderly and the bacon flavor totally infused itself into it. DELICIOUS.  The “gnocchi” like pasta or “dumplings” I suppose weren’t too bad either.. a little too mushy for my liking.. but probably the lightest dish out of the three we ordered.

My Saumon poche, beurre fines herbes, courgettes, fenouil et rattes

Poached Salmon with “beurre fines herbes”zucchini, fenneland fingerling potatoes

I… hated it.

But they were nice enough to take it off the bill. It was.. ick. Too buttery.. I hated the consistancy of the salmon.. which was bland… the fennel and zucchini I liked but the sauce it was in and the butter it was cooked in was just TOO MUCH…. :T I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it – I love salmon but I just hated it. Which is why I went to eat my mom’s duck fat drenched leftovers… if

Creme Brulee

Perfect.  Just wish maybe a little warm inside of cold custard on the inside.  BUT. Nice thick, but not TOO thick, perfectly burnt sugar crust.  Delicious innards… beautifully speckled with fresh vanilla bean. MMMMMM

FUNNY story. My mom and her friends had come here before when it JUST opened… the got the Lunch tasting menu and each had their own creme brulees for dessert. They had NO idea that it was vanilla bean and all took a bite, saw the black specks and freaked out – thought it was bugs or mold or dirty.. hahahahaha my mom JUST told me this story a few days ago and then AGAIN tonight…  Silly ladies :]

Complimentary Guava Jellies

They gave these at the end of the meal – SOOO good.. methinks there was grapefruit in it too?!… But can’t really remember… a little sweet but sooooo guava-y :D JOY! Made me miss Taiwan…

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

SOOOOO FLUFFY!! The cheesecake part was SO light and delicious… like whipped cream consistancy… the chocolate crust was flakey and cookie like – delicious.  The cherries were SOOOOOO GOOOOD and juicy!!!!

I wanted to have some family photos but part way thru the dinner my parents, especially my dad got super reminiscent and I got all emotional and teary and burst out crying and ended up being blotchy and sniffly for the rest of the meal – until I got a funny phone call from my sis Kate ;D but yeah… so no pix… I was splotchy in the above pic but it was far away enough that you can’t tell TEEHEE.. BUTTTTTT. PROPS to my makeup.. NOOOO gross masacara lines!!! :D Not ONE bit of makeup out of place.. I’m like halfsobbing and giggling with my mom about how my makeup wasn’t drippy.. LOL

OKAY so this wasn’t exactly a good meal – the desserts were great… the food was subpar :T The salmon was horrendous, the texture the flavor.. bland and fishy… overly buttery.. mommy’s greasy overly soaked with duck fat – even daddy’s delicious pork looked a little sketch and on the pink side… so far no food poisoning though, all three of us had some… but it seems like the Japanese food seems to be going more towards my liking… if I ever come back here, slim to none chance, I’ll get sushi.  I’ll stick to L’Espalier and Sel de la Terre and others for my French choice. Speaking of which.. I miss Chef Ed Cotton’s food at Plein Sud. NYC Trip ASAP! Sorry AKA Bistro. Good concept, poor execution. At least tonight… for my table :T Servers were nice, altho as soon as our waiter got the check he BOUNCED… how rude. At least the other servers said bye.

Happy – Almost – Birthday to Me :D

I’m SUPER excited about the coming week…s…. :] Vegas. Friends. Special Birthday Day :] Super psyched about it all….. Life has been so good to me lately. I’m glad to be pushing out all the negativity in my life and just focusing on the positive and the good people.. the good things… :] I may be “young at heart” forever, but some people are just freaking immature, childish and I don’t need them in my life. So good riddance. The past year and a half I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity… settling for things even though I wasn’t happy – with where I was, who I was with.. what I was doing.. where I was going… with age comes wisdom… for most people – I’m blessed that I’m one of those people.

Thank you to all the amazing people in my life. Friends, family…. DIOR <3 This is gonna be a good good year – “21” is a good age ;D

Brunchy Lunchy at Sel de la Terre

We were supposed to go to Bullfinchs for brunch but since we were up to a late start [it was a long night out haha full of drinks, *shame* McDonalds and homemade dumplings and ramen til like 4 or 5 in the morning….] Yeah we had the worst stomachaches – sad – and were popping pepto tablets all day…. Onwards to the main event though, Sel de la Terre brunch!

Extra Spicy Bloody Marys

Of course we’re gonna start off our meal with a bloody, no matter how bad our stomachs feel – no brunch is brunch without one or two or three ;D Only thing missing was a celery stick :D *hint hint*

House duck liver terrine, whole grain mustard, toasted brioche, apple
I loved it with the buttery garlic toast.  The chutney was amazimg with the liver. OMG this was just SO delicious!!!! Z and I devoured i up and licked everything clean!

Baby romaine hearts, crispy parmesan tuille, bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado, sherry vinaigrette

Tiny but super super fresh – gorgeous green leafs, tasty bacon and perfectly cooked eggs. YUM!  The tuille wasn’t crispy enough but the cheese was subtle and tasty.

Pan seared Atlantic salmon, blood orange glaze, black quinoa, roasted fennel, parsley

Even though they said the suggested cooking time was a medium. it was definitely not evenly cooked… parts were way overcooked but the middle was tender. I ordered this because I was curious about the blood orange glaze – unfortunately I didn’t taste any of the blood orange, neither did Z, but I ate the fish and fennel :] I love fennel…

Duck confit hash with fried egg and English peas

Z didn’t enjoy this at all and barely touched any of it.. the peas were overcooked, mushy and a gross gray green poo color… I had a bite of the duck which was good but not that usual fatty creamy melt in your mouth duck confit… the potatoes were also soggy :[

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Delicious crispy bacon with the perfect amount of fat and meat, a little on the thin side but very tasty and satisfying.

Free serving of Rosemary Pomme Frites thanks to FourSquare

Piping hot and full of rosemary flavor – SOOOO good.. I love a nice thin, crispy, perfectly salted fry – POPPING with flavor!

Confession: Afterwards we went to the Food Court and had some Teriyaki Chicken at Sakura Japan.