Worst Italian Ever….

I don’t think I’ve had such a bad experience with food…. at least not in a long long time. Now I’ve heard about Tomasso Trattoria for awhile now and it was always supposed to be one of the best Italian places around [er, Mass area at least] and ever since I read reviews about it a few years ago I’ve been wanting to go. BAD. I’ve actually been getting really really excited about it as the passing years went by and FINALLY I had the chance to yesterday night.

Worst. Dinner. Ever.

First of all this is what we had to read when we first sat down.

Seriously? That’s our cheese options. Depressing isn’t it?

At least I was a fan of their water bottles…

They were cold breads… but actually pretty tasty. Now with me and bread… when I’m at a really nice restaurant I might nibble just to try the good breads but I won’t wolf it down unless 1. Not enough food 2. Bad food.


mozzarella . orange & olive salad
It was definitely the creamiest mozzarella ever… in fact I’ve never had it like this before, it literally was almost too rich/creamy… like a melty butter… very yogurt like consistancy.. a thick greek yogurt. I felt like I needed to spread it on bread….. not sure if I was a huge fan of all the EVOO and orange slices and olives [umm… slightly unbalanced] but I did end up eating some of my mozz with the next small plate…..


beef & pork meatballs, pomodoro
…. yes the meatballs. They were the best thing of the night… But then again, meatballs are hard to mess up….. – except at La Paella in NYC when they were too dry and overcooked – they could’ve used a lot more cheese too… but I looooved the chili spice pepper flakes…

Piccolo Affettati Misti

selection of cured meats
It was pretty good prosciutto… the chicken terrine was okay… shitty waitress didn’t even tell us what the other meat was.. and that’s some pickled herbed up orange slice


roasted beet

They were quite possibly some of worst beets ever. I love love love beets but these were so fail…. they were DRENCHED in EVOO with no herbs or flavors at ALL… now I think golden beets are a lot less flavored than red ones so all I could taste was, sadly, EVOO….. greasy beets? Ew…


spicy broccoli rabe
It was such a small dish but it was tasty… not spicy at all and super greasy [once again DRENCHED in EVOO…]


black beluga lentils
Lentils. Oh lentils. I usually love you so, especially when mixed with Indian food.. but this was the first time having it “Italian” style… and it was… er… sour, salty and gross. Ew. Sigh…


potato gnocchi, fonduta sauce
They were bland and overmushy. we asked for extra parm and even their PARM tasted like NOTHING. They gave us a tiny small of pre-shredded parm which we sadly sprinkled on…. We ended up dousing all the mushy gnocchi in chili pepper flakes and just ate it… just to eat it cuz we were so hungry. SO hungry. But still unsatisfied…

Then came the pizzes… [aka PIZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA]

Soppressata Pizze

spicy salami, jalapenos, mozzarella
We were starving for good food at this point….. decent pizza.. it was a bit too wet and a bit too sweet but decent. Loved the red jalapenos… [was surprised cuz I excepted green…]

“During a growing period, a plant will be picked multiple times. As the growing season ends, jalapeños start to turn red.  Once picked, individual peppers ripen to red of their own accord. The peppers can be eaten green or red.” – Wikipedia

Rosemarino Pizze

fresh rosemary, parmigiano, garlic
They were like breadsticks…. we ate this up and totally enjoyed it… nice rosemary, garlicky, salty crust. YUM…. this is probably the only other best of the night but really not that special… and I could’ve totally made this on my own for a lot cheaper.. or just getting better pizza elsewhere. If you insist on coming here, despite my warnings, get this.

You know something is wrong with me, yes Miss Tiffany Ding, will NOT get dessert. That means I’m either 1. Sick or 2. Hate you.

So yes, date and I left without dessert… went to CVS for 20cent PB Reeses Eggs and then home to my mom’s Ja Jiang Mien 炸酱面 and other yummies :]

Ok, now that I’ve hated…. I’m ready to write about our delicious Easter Lunch at The Modern!


  1. grace says:

    The beets look so sad =[



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