Anguilla // Day Five / Last Day in Paradise

After an early tanning session, we headed out to Cafe Med [we needed a change in breakfast menus] at the Cuisinart Resort – another GREAT option for a place to stay in Anguilla – for some breakfast… this place is poolside, colorful, and minus the flies [ew] it was such a great way to spend breakfast – aside from our private terrace.

We both ended up getting omelets…

His: Egg Omelet with Onion, Ham, Cheese and Pepper

Hers: Egg White Omelet with Tomatoes and Peppers

I splattered mine with hot sauce and it was so moist and yummy… the omelets we had tried at Cap Juluca were… kinda dry [boo] but these were super tasty!!!

And we shared a delicious plate of…

Homemade Buttermilk Waffles with Maple Syrup

We also had a sidedish [a HUUUUUGE sidedish] of…

Salt Fish

Very good… Chinese people have a salt fish like this too – but I rarely eat this so I only had some. It’s good but I need a giant bowl of rice to wash it down with :D

We also had a side of perfectly cooked bacon.. just chewy and crispy enough… oh wait.. I didn’t take a pic? Lame. We ate them with the waffles.. :]

Before we checked out, we wrote some advice and warnings in the phonebook :D

Including “Be nice to Stewart the brown pigeon ps yes doves are pigeons”

One of the best restos we’ve had in Anguilla… JACALA!!! If it hadn’t been for the lovely French lady at the wine store yesterday we wouldn’t have known about this place. Totally trusted the French lady over the other people we asked around for food… :] Hehehe…. she was very blunt about what she thought was good and not while a lot of the other locals were just like “oh everything is good” and would just pull out the usual names….

Our View from our Table…. Gorgeous no? I miss seeing this 24/7… *pout*

Jacques explained that Jacala is named so cuz of the two owners… Jacques Borderon & Alain Laurent :] They originally worked at a restaurant in a resort [seriously just right next door] but then they both quit and opened this little place in Heaven… yum.

They make the tartar tableside, so Mr. Borderon himself came out to do it for us. He even explained the whole thing to us for the blog – recorded by our ever faithful Hello Kitty Flip  :D YAY!

Coolest dude ever :D

Such simple ingredients but put together make this amazing creation….

Special ingredient: Gherkins :D Thats R’s thumb oops pinky.. either the gherkin is huge or his thumb is small….

JACALA «Steak Tartar » coarsely hand chopped … sprinkled with some Fleur de Sel — yum!!!! SOOOOOO GOOD… so fresh and chunky and tender. I’ve never had beef tartar this chunked before, to DIE for. I duno if I can eat another tartar again.

Mixed Garden Green and Crunchy Vegetable Salad

R knows I always need my side of greens….

Rosemary Potato Wedges

We both got a delicious side of wedges :] SOOO flavorful. I’m not a huge wedgie person tho… but these were pretty good.. I nibbled on a few :D


Grilled Whole Snapper

Absolutely efffinggggg delicious!!!!… they came with flash fried baby asparagus and some tomatoes. The fish was sooooo flavorful and herby…

It was INFUSED with herbs… stuffed with herbs on the inside, SO freaking good…. we ate it down to the cheeks and eyeballs and sucked the bones clean…. everything except for….

I don’t remember fishies having such big tongues….. hahaha…


Calamari risotto with Provencal flavors

THIS WAS SOOOOO GOOOD… it was no White Truffle Risotto.. but lately I’ve been having a good risotto run ;] The calamari was soooo goood.. and the sundried tomatoes really made the dish. SOOOOOOO goooooooood!!!!

Food is good here, you can tell cuz I’m getting chubs.

And of course we can’t leave without a last dessert…. it’s cute I should’ve gotten a pic, but when you ask for the dessert menu it’s written on a huge chalkboard and they plop the thing in front of you hahaha….

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Like I’ve always said, when I can see the vanilla seeds it makes me sooooo sososososo happy… the fruit makes it even better too :D NOM!

Pot de Crème au Chocolat

They give you the evil bill in a box.

CUTEST GIRL EVER!!! :] Her mom told her not to eat the lime cuz it was sour and she wouldn’t listen and she made the CUTESTTTTT EWWWW face when she licked the lime. EEEE… and when I smiled at her she gave the best :D toothy grin back at me. I almost kidnapped her… R said he was all for it.

Bye Bye Anguilla

Tiniest airport ever. Everything was next to each other. Check in, security, departure lounge…

The departure door was right next to the arrival… hahahah BEST!!!

Our cute little propeller plane :D


  1. awwww..what a romantic vacation!! LUCKY!



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