Miami Day 4 & Joe’s Stone Crabs… and 72oz of Margaritas at Primetime

It’s our last day in Miami…. I don’t wanna leave…

Neither does J.

Time to say bye bye to our beloved free amazing gourmet breakfast buffet at Eden Roc

Note: See all of J’s beloved donuts. Yes he’s a donut fanatic. :]

My last free omelette and bacon

Bye Bye Bye :[

Sad Good Bye

Had the most AMAZING time with the most amazing person.

Bye bye Lobby Bar [Bartender Tommy haha J’s new friend]

SO OFF WE WENT… hiked the beach… first stop, nostalgia…. Wet Willie’s…. we got some blue shocker mixed margarita. SO sweet…. but hey I felt 18 again.

We continued our long walk on the beach… a nice long walk from Eden Roc [Miami Beach] to the end of South Beach at Joe’s Stone Crabs

Woot woot finally got to sit INSIDE. Last time I was REJECTED cuz of dress code. UH. Tube Top and skirt was a NO-NO.

AMAZING BREAD. Pretzel bread and the flatbread crips were the SHIT!!!

One again I was in charge of food and J was in charge of wines….

Delish!…. he got a Chard… I got… uhhhhhh…….. something spicier?!… I don’t remember..

Crab Nicoise
shaken with jumbo lump crab, locally grown tomatoes,
olives, green beans, eggs, potatoes, red onion & herb vinaigrette

Chock full of fresh sexy crab…. amazing crisps… and just UGH delish!.. Even the dressing was SOOOOOOOO divine!!!!….. I loved how they served this in a cup and shook it out in front of us. HOOKED.

We got the SELECT Stone Crab Claws… I’ve had the medium and I’ve had the jumbo [bigger isn’t only better] which were ok, so select was definitely the best choice.

Best last lunch in Miami.

And of course their famous Key Lime Pie.

Demolished. LOVE.

But our day wasn’t over yet. We were determined to get a GIANT margarita on Ocean Drive. So where do we end up? Primetime. Of course :] We could’ve gotten smaller ones but it was 2 for the price of one and I wanted the giant one… so we both got 32oz ones…..

J got the
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Liqueur, Astoria Prosecco and splash soda

And  I got the
Champagne Kiss:
Champagne, Chambord raspberry liqueur blended  to perfection

I was taking pics of us so the waitress offered to help…

Much better..

Bigger than my head.

Tipsy tipsy weeeeeeee… time to head to the airport to drink more….

Today…… and last week’s breakfast

I had the most shitty day.

And then I had the best ending to the night…. my bf gave me frownies that looked so cartoonish and comical… I couldn’t stop giggling… I fell over in giggles……

It’s insane and ridic to explain the whole thing that happened tonight… today…. yesterday…. but ok I admit it’s been a shitty few days since my crash.  I’m still not done figuring out my insurance/police reports and my anxiety/panic attack medication……. my psychiatrist is on VACA. WTF. Part of the reason I had the crash WAS cuz of it, I’m sure.

BUT… I wanna say, I got a lot of stuff done the past two days… and I had full support from friends and mostly my wonderful bf J.

Thanks for your cute little frownie faces that make me giggle and laugh like crazy.  See you soon.

You are just another blessing in my life. Thank you. Love you.

And I’m glad you loved the food I made the last time you visited me……….

BLACK Truffle… this thing was worth like over 90$

Dinner… Rose Champagne and Wine [brought by J]

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Swiss Chard, Habaneros, Celery, Carrots and Onion…. 

a WHOLE Fresh Black Truffle Whipped Cauliflower with white truffle salt and oil…. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mixed Mushrooms…. 

My first plate….. of many…

And then we decided I should get this… we had a glass of wine and then……. DID IT…

Didi was jealous cuz J was in her spot

The next morning J made me food… I helped with peeling bacon and mixing eggs…

So much bacon and so much bacon fat….. we fried the WHOLE packet!!!!!!

And then we scrambled like 8 eggs in the bacon fat…. just added some pepper to it… thiS WAS AMAZING…

Obviously I made the mimosas and some black coffee… and we had fresh pineapple to gnaw on…..


After BBQ there’s still room for Burgers and Adult Milkshakes at Bourbon Steak Detroit

We are not in Kansas anymore.. this is taking Burgers & Milkshakes to a whole new level.  Although it did make me want an oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets… nostalgia

After a few hours at the Pig & Whiskey 2012 event out in Ferndale… we went to the pool and then after a shower I slept off the beer and whiskey.  Previously we were thinking of heading to Lodge Diner for some chicken noodle soup but we decided just to head downstairs for a burger at Bourbon Steak.  If you haven’t noticed yet, W and I LOOOOOVE our burgers, especially him.  We sat in the lounge area and got the burger menus. WEEEE… fun!!!!

The menu said up to five toppings but me being me I loaded up on my burger.  It ended up being so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth :[ HAHA.  Before we even ordered though, we were given some delicious red wine and the signature Bourbon Steak duck fat fries trio. YUM

I got a Market Garden Salad to start… delicious crunchy crostini on top… some butternut squash, pom seeds, red onions, goat cheese and delicious greens.  The dressing was a bit on the heavy side but it was still very tasty.

W and I also split an adult milkshake.  We each got our own half-glass :]

Bourbon Malted, Jim Beam, Salty Caramel

It was super strong and oozed of booze.  W and I could feel it after a few sips.

Dinner is served.

W’s Burger

Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Pickles, Fried Egg, Shredded Romaine and “Secret Sauce”

My Burger

Beef, Butter Lettuce, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Pickles, Vidalia Onions, Shaved Jalapenos, Tomato, Avocado… NOMMMMM

Super thick Onion Rings.  They were piping hot.. the crust/breading was on the thick side, I like a lighter crust but it was definitely super tasty!!!

We got another set of Duck Fat Fries Trio.  W loves the horseradish sauce and asked for “a shit ton” of it.  Apparently this is the “shit ton” bowl size :D

Another delicious burger dinner with my burger boy <3  Also the last time having a burger in Detroit hahahaha…

Simon’s Prime Hamburgers, it’s like Five Guys but Canadian…

After playing on the Detroit side, we decided to go to the Canadian side for the carnival there and the fireworks…. so we packed our backpacks and off to Windsor, Ontario Canada we go..


SMOOOOOOOTH… I can’t stop laughing at these ads.. google them, they’re hilarious!

We first stopped by a Tobacco shop for some cigars :] The guy seemed talkative and probably lonely? Windsor is such an empty city.  But yeah you can drink 19+ but then you can only get tobacco 19+ too. Not bad.

And while we wandered to search for our hotel, my eye caught this.. so obviously we had to get some.  We’re both Leos so we got the Leo Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea ExpressHibiscus + Litchi with tapioca pearls and we added some Mango Jelly for more texture. YUM.  This was SO delicious, not too sweet with a slight plum tart taste to it.

W sipping away. :]

Our view from the hotel room was PERFECT for the fireworks… and had a gorgeous view of Detroit.  So sad how beautiful Detroit looks from across the river… but then when you’re in it, it’s almost depressing. Womp

WE WERE STARVING.  We only had a bubble tea all day so we HAD to eat something.  We looked for a deli but ended up choosing between burgers and shwarma….  We ended up here at Simon’s PRIME Hamburgers.  Basically a Canadian rip off of Five Guys, but with poutine.

No wimpy burgers for us.

W got the Baconegg’r Double with Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese, lettuce, Ketchup, Tomato, NO onion

and I got the Big Greek Double with Feta Cheese, Tzatzki, lettuce, Tomato and Onion….

Double is the only way to go. W got bored of his burger half way but I loved mine, for a double patty burger it was surprisingly light, probably because all the condiments were pretty light and fluffy. The bun disappeared in your mouth and kinda demolished but I liked that it wasn’t heavy or too chewy. FLUFF FLUFF.  We didn’t realize that the burgers CAME with fries so we had a side of fries. SHAME ON YOU CASHIER! You’re supposed to warn us.

Fries overload.  They were SO tasty tho.  Perfectly crispy and fried.

Custom Burgers @ The Counter at the MIA – Miami International Airport

We got to the airport and then thru security really fast.  He upgraded to first class so we got to cut thru the line.  Which was great, since there was SOOOOOO many people waiting thru security PHEW.  We ended up going in the D terminal and had to take the train to E.  Once we finally go near our gates, I saw THIS place and wanted a burger.


Beer for me, Coke for him.

I made my own burger :] Obviously….

Dinner soon arrived… along with my Blue Moon Beer

W got the Old School Signature Burger
1/3 lb Beef, Tillamook Cheddar, Lettuce Blend, Red Onion Pickle, Tomato & Red Relish
… MINUS the red onion ;] He’s not a fan!

French Fries with Tillamook Cheddar

Skinny fries with TONS of cheese on top. Mucho GOOD!

This was my Customized Burger
1/3 lb Beef in a bowl of Organic Mixed Greens.  Imported Swiss, Bermuda Red Onion, Jalapenos, Sprouts, Tomatoes, Applewood Smoked Bacon & Fried Egg

SO GOOD. And SOOOO filling!  Our flights were delayed due to thunderstorming so we got to spend more time together – yay.  I love you Miami, see you again soon.

Lazy Sunday… and a MEH Gyro in Greektown

We slept in a bit and then headed to the pool for some swimming and hot tub. GORGEOUS.

We were STARVING so we cleaned up, got dressed and decided to go out for some barbecue and wandering…

Before heading to lunch/brunch/lunner.. hahahaha our driver brought us to see the old Michigan Central Train Station…  Incredible…sooo gorgeous.

Afterwards our driver headed to Slow’s Bar BQ but it was PACKED so we decided to try another place.  The driver suggested Greektown so off we went…. so many choices there. [Dont worry we ended up eating at Slow’s the next day!]

We wandered around a bit and ended up at New Parthenon in Greektown.  There were a lot of cute little shops and dining places.. and a super popular bakery that was packed.. next time I wanna get something from there.

Glory Hole?

Bread and Butter

I tried a glass of a Greek White Wine.. Saint Panteleimon I think it was – the description said semi-sweet but it was definitely more than that…. it was sweet, almost TOO sweet but just enough NOT THAT sweet. Does that make sense?

Honestly, as soon as we sat down and looked at the menu, it was SUCHHHH a large menu that we both lost appetite and decided to just keep it simple and get gyros. Honestly if you go to their website, what they put on there isn’t even the whole menu, it was literally like 4 HUUUUUUUUUGE pages of hundreds of things. OK, maybe not hundreds, but still, it was a LOT. WAYYY too overwhelming.  I hate it when restaurants have HUGE menus.

W got the Gyro platter and I got the Chicken Gyro platter. Both came with meat, sageki, pita bread, choice of fries or rice/veggies and tomatoes and onions.

And guess what? They were build it yourself! Hahaha… so awkward.

They gave me the head and the butt of the tomato :[ Sad. But W gave me some of his tomato slices hehehehe…  The sauce was good but the rest of it was meh.

I tried.  I really tried, I was starving so I ate until I was full and stopped.

We decided to get some desserts. SIGH

Greek honey balls with cinnamon and walnuts

It was too overly sweet for me.  Yes, even for ME!  They tasted like Munchkins soaked in just sugar water and sprinkled with some cinnamon and doused with crushed walnuts LOL

Baklava with Ice Cream

I was too mushy for my liking and wayyy overly sweet than normal baklava.  YES YES I know baklava is super sweet but still.. I like feeling the nuts in my teeth and mouth [HAHA, that’s what SHE SAID] but this was too mushy….

I wanted to like this place, I really do, I rarely find a gyro that I don’t like, or baklava I won’t finish and lick off the plate buttttt…. :[ It just didn’t do it for us. *sad face*

We headed back to the hotel and relaxed at the Concierge lounge for a bit – pretty view.  Detroit is SUCH a quiet city. Srsly.

Needed to redeem ourselves from the bad gyro for lunch with something delicious so we headed down to the Breeze Food Court at MGM for some delicious burgers at the Relish stand.

Spinning burger grill WOOOO!

We both got Bacon Cheeseburgers with the works, fries and onion rings :D  Tummy is finally happy. But OMG they gave us SO much mayo on the side *gag* Apparently Detroit loves their mayo.  We are SO not in…kansas anymore?! HAHA…bad joke.

Trout and Green Beans, Two Ways – East Meets West

After church and a nice brunch, I headed to Whole Foods got a few trouts and decided to make it for dinner.  Since we ate so late and so much we decided to eat late that night… so we took Didi for a walk….

I don’t get it….

Chinese Sausage, Red Onion, Garlic and Chestnuts….

Add in steamed green Beans…

Trout asian style: Garlic, Ginger, Cherry Tomatoes, Scallions, Rice Wine, S&P

The other style— “Mediterranean” Style:
Spicy Green Beans… And the trout was made with cherry tomatoes, shallots, garlic, meyer lemon, s&p, rice wine and sprinkled with chives before serving.

I sprinkled some freshly cut scallions on top of the asian style before serving.


I. LOVE. Trout.

A Simple-y AMAZING Dinner Party

Dinner party at my place Sunday night….

Look at this delicious spread!!!

The star chef: the one and only W :]

Checking on the chickens

Simple and delicious!!!!

Choppity chop chop chop

My 1st plate…

Chicken with dijon mustard, Mexican Baby Corn, Panzanella salad [cuc, tomato, asparagus, mint], Potatoes+Onions [YUM] and a creammmmmmy Butternut Squash puree… YUM

YAYYY I helped with slicing the potatoes, and making the croutons :D NOM NOM!!! ANNNND W taught me how to tie up a chicken before roasting, weeeeeee!!!!

Some of the lovely company!!!! A + J :D YAY for them coming

“Did you get that from Ann Taylor? I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT BUT IN PINK!!” hahahaha….

Apparently I don’t have enough forks so Kate and I used chopsticks TEEHEE

The food was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! And yes, as usual, I was super anxious about the meal but it came out quick and deliciously… we had great conversations, great wines [funny enough me and A both bought the same white wine TEEHEE.. and we broke out a nice fancy wine W got me a few weeks back YUM]

A + J brought desserts over so I didn’t get to make my ginger snap cookies… Lobster Tails and delicious fresh strawberries which we mixed up with some sugar… SOOOO tasty!!!

A great light way to end the meal. MMMMMM…..

You got me to eat LAMB! @ the Lamb Pro Am

After a yummy brunch and a trip to the museum… we headed over to eat some lamb at the Lamb Pro Am at the Hotel Palomar! Now ya’ll know that I’m not a huge lamb fan.  I never ate it growing up, and didn’t have my first bite OF lamb til college.. I’ve had SOME good lamb experiences and some bad so I’m always open to it :]  I also get REALLY excited when someone can take me to the …. dark lamb side :] So this event is when the food bloggers make the recipe and the chefs make it?!.. They got voted on, online and then the top four got to compete at this event.  I’m pretty sure this is what it was. I have linked to the bloggers’ recipe on their blogs! ENJOY!!

The room was pretty stuffy… so need beer… ice cold.. there was this Amber one that I loved…. there was tons of wine and beer flowing thru-out the event, small space, mostly booze haha and only four stations of food, one station of swag….

The first thing we tried was:

Chinese Roast Lamb with Rice Noodles – Chef Anthony Lombardo of 1789 Restaurant

Large chunks of lamb stir-fried with tender silky noodles and some sprouts and scallions.. the flavors were good, but still a bit gamey for me, a bit too much lamb for my liking… and while I loved the noodles.. I was kinda disappointed it was like getting takeout. I wanted something with a bit more OOOOMPH to it. Altho I’d eat noodles all day long if I could :]  I’m also super biased cuz I’m asian HAHAHAHA…..

Lemongrass Lamb Stew – Chef Adam Sobel of Bourbon Steak

Fluffy yummy rice on the bottom and the stew on top and you could add your own toppings.. reminds me of Pho :D Hahaha.. Basil, Onions and Sprouts, MMMMM

It was nice and hearty and comfort food-y.. definitely less gamey than the dish before NOM NOM NOM.  Sad I didn’t really get much lemongrass flavor out of it.

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Caramelized Onions & Fig Sauce Chef Nick Stefanelli of Bibiana

MMMM this was sooo good.. the textures, flavors.. creamy… UMMM, I have no idea what that scoop of meaty stuff was but it was good.. MMMM… meat paste.. tender perfectly cooked lamb, the onion the sweetness of the fig. CHOMP! So far my favorite but we still have one more to go…. MMMMMM

Welsh Rarebit Lamb Nachos Chef John Critchley of Urbana


This was SOOOO good, not gamey or lamby AT all.. I could snack on these all day long. How awesome would it be to eat these during superbowl?! I’m a sucker for nachos anyways.. MMMMM AMAZING!

That creamy sauce was crack. MMMMMM

See, W inhaled two in a row and I caught him licking the sauce :]

As the event started winding down… we headed back to the Bourbon Steak table.. and chitted and chatted… time for…


Sorry you were yummy!

I came back with tons of lamb swag, including pins, tattoos, stickers and chapstick lol :] AND YAYYYYYY the Nachos, my favorite of the night, won!!! WOOHOOOO congrats!!!

FINALLY got Top Chef Isabella’s Pepperoni Sauce in me – Graffiato

All dressed up and definitely know where I wanna go tonight… It’s been a long fun day of food and play… but I’ve been craving something….


FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLY got to eat at Graffiato, Top Chef Mike Isabella’s babyyy!!!!

Remember I met him back at Eat + Pray + Heal Japan in NYC last year?!  I’ve always been a HUUUUGE fan of him on both of his seasons of Top Chef and wanted him to win All Stars SO bad. Yep. I want his pepperoni sauce in me.  And OH EM GEE, he remembered meeeeeee :D WOOHOOO!!! SOOOO psyched to finally eat here, been wanting to since the huge hype of Graffiato before it even opened!!!! *dance dance*

Yep. This guy.

Awww what a cutie :D He was smilie and talkative just as I remembered :]  I always get so chef-struck #fattienerd

Ok, back to the food MMMM, check out the menu…

We got seated so that I had the PERFECT view of the open kitchen… I couldn’t stop staring….. it was like a chef’s table without the fancy price tag

Do you see the pepperoni sauce?

Close up!!! It’s blurry and bright but yes it’s in that tub of red <3 YAYYYYYY

My champagne flute was flowing with bubbles from the Prosecco tap. YES PROSECCO ON TAP!!!!! [at least that’s what W told me, blame him if it’s not true hahaha jk] – I need to get this installed in my house!

First up?! W knew what I REALLLLLLY wanted… Isabella’s sauce…. *cough*

Flat Bread & Pepperoni Sauce

SOOOO excited to dip my bread in the sauce…

Up close of the Pepperoni Sauce *orgasm*

It was like liquified pepperoni… HOLY MOLY this was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I can finally check this off of my dreamlist of things I must eat.  I could dip my leather shoe in this sauce and eat it up. WOW, I’ve never used that and always wanted to LOL…

W hiding from my picture taking again… I left my digicam back in my other jacket so everything tonight was from iPhone…. HAHA good thing I’m photo ninja and caught him in the act of covering his face…

Delicious Meat Plate <#

That *points* was my favorite. You’ll just have to try them all to figure out which one I’m pointing at!


Honey Glazed Onions, Nigella

This jumped straight out at me on the menu. I. LOVE. BURRATA.  Creamy happy deliciousness melting on my tongue and down the back of my throat.  Delicious with the tangy sweet onions, scallions and just HAPPINESS.  This was amazing and I could eat a tub of this.  Swim thru and just inhale into my lungs.  I. LOVE. BURRATA.


Spicy Pepper Relish, Walnut, Feta

I also love broccolini, I eat it a couple of times a week… and I love feta and walnuts SOOOOOO why not?! The only downside to this dish was that it was cold – I expected it to be hot; It kinda thru me off a bit…

Glazed Pork Cheeks

Sweet Potatoes, Pecans

Tender, juicy, meaty and just melted in my mouth.  SOOOO delicious with the silky sweet potato mash and the crunch of the pecans. LOOOOOVE pecans. MMMMM I should re-create this for a thanksgiving dish this year! SOOOO HAPPPY in my mouth!!

Roasted Cauliflower

Pecorino, Mint

“We’re gonna be farting all night” – W

HAHAHA.. these were yummy..  a little bit overcooked for me but I LOOOOVE cauliflower – YUM!  And no, no farting… hahahaha.. there was a bit of tang to it, definitely

Marinated Octopus

Romesco, Olives, Almonds

Soft, slow cooked, long cooked… Most of the time I eat my octopus with a bit of bite and chew to it… but this was creamy and had delicious flavors…. I missed the chew but adored the flavors that came with it… PLUS.. I’m a sucker for tentacles.. I’m such a texture whore…

Crispy Potato Gnocchi

Wild Mushrooms, Stracciatella

AMAZING!  Toasted and creamy.. MMMMMM I’ve had good gnocchi but mostly BAD GNOCCHI..  These were delicious…. Scrumptious mushrooms… creamy creamy melty and drippy Stracciatella OMG happiness… have you noticed the theme lately? Happiness and happy is being used a lot.

Porky’s Revenge

Sopressata, Pepperoni, Sausage, Tomato, Stracciatella

OMG look at that gooey deliciousness!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMZING. Meaty, juicy, CREAAAAAAMY ooey gooey sexy cheese… the crust was just as amazing as the toppings – SUCH a great way to end a huge dinner – I can never eat too mucuh pizza. LOOK AT THAT.  I was trying to figure out what was Porky’s revenge – the fact that we were EATING porky OR that we would probably have a fun time on the toilet after eating this. THAT decadent and amazing BUT SO SO SO WORTH it!

W was full and even tho I PICKED the dessert, he didn’t wanna share.. again.. hahahaha

Just kidding :] I ended up eating most of these…

ZeppolesAutumn Spices, Pumpkin Caramel

SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Tasted like autumn and Thanksgiving.  I smothered EACH BITE with the marscapone – SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!! SOOO DECADENT – I’m an indulger… MMMMM…. Creamy happy orgasm…

Thanks Chef for exceeding my already super super super high expectations for your delicious food! I’ll be back soon :] #stalk!