Instincts were correct… all we can do is LAUGH AT YOU – and we a

Thank you babe for making this my day…… One of my most adorable gorgeous friends sent this to me tonight… and I laughed so hard I was crying and almost peed my panties. Cute ones too.  Hahahahahahhahaahhaahahahahaha…….. I adore her response.  She is such a smart, intelligent, BEAUTIFUL, lady!  I wanted to keep this in, but I couldn’t, why?! Cuz I wanted to warn ALL YOU LADIES, you ASIAN LADIES, out there of this monster. Yes, MONSTER.

You are such a loser.  AKA Pathetic.  YOU are the epitome and also the urban legend of why OKCupid is so horrendous.  Congrats.  Want a sticker or a cookie?  So everything that girls have been saying to me about you is right. AND you STILL wanted to get to know me?  What? So you still had a contact in Boston?  A Sugar Mama? Sorry, you’re not that awesome for me to sugar mama you. Not even close.  PLUS, I, yes I HAD to make YOU TRUST ME? HAAAAAA….. You should hook up with C’s ex, Liz  You guys can just lie and cheat on each other 24/7. FUN!!!!!!!!! i love how girls I know just keep sending me msgs that you write to them or hooked up with.  YES beware the!


[click pic to see the comments.. WHICH he bitched at me about for “believing”]

Grow the F up Steve.  Peace out fool.  I can’t believe I fell for your lies you dumbass player.  Get a job already, it’s been 4 fucking years.  Man the F up!  Stop living off of girls you lie to.  Don’t make fun of other people when  you’re just mooching off of other people.  Sorry, but I’m really not sorry, my social network is bigger than your sex life, THEREFORE, you ain’t getting nothing if they know anything about me. Sorry. Maybe you should move to Asia where no one knows you.  Maybe hook up with one of those trannys in Thailand.  I’ve said it before, I’m a nice girl, but FUCK with me and I WILL RUIN YOU.  So far it’s doing well.

Have a good day :]

Capricoin? Unicorn? Capricorn? Que?

So this is me. Bring me to the beach. Put me in a bikini, give me some beers and I’m happy.  Food. Travel. Relaxation, I’m cool… I’ve never been into the whole “make money thru this and that or stocks” (altho I do have stocks) And I certainly don’t post about it.  (And YES I DO work for a living…. and I do quite well) contrary to popular belief.  But this is something a bit more interesting that C has talked to me about… well ever since I met him…. so I thought I’d give a shoutout to him and what he’s doing and this new “coin” trend going on….

I don’t usually do these kinds of posts on here…. but this is for something that is gonna be booming.  And unfortunately no.  There are no unicorn bills :[ Womp womp womp

So, apparently, Capricoin is a second generation cryptocurrency with a lightning fast blockchain technology that allows for real time transactions. And with that fact and the mobile technology behind it makes it more consumer and merchant friendly than the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (yes yes we’ve heard all about it, it was so two years ago… but hell, a ton of my friends made bank on it). Many people become millionaires who bought Bitcoin while it was very cheap (pennies) and now you have that opportunity with Capricoin . Learn how you can accumulate Capricoin (while it is still worth less than 10 cents per coin) with a Vizionary cryptocurrency mining membership by watching the following, just a quickie 6 min. long video (hey at least it’s  not a one minute man ^_-)  Afterwards you can also check out and/or email or contact via facebook or twitterCaleb Wright about this for more information.

Just do it <3

And on that note:

5SOS on Friday!!!!!!!! SO let’s all sing the pizza song!!!

and of course One Direction’s newest single…. Drag Me Down… oh Louis <3

Can you believe they rented ALL of NASA to do it? So freaking crazy.

Inspire me, I’m having foodie-block….

This past Sunday I introduced C to some new foods he had never tried.  It’s always so amazing to try new tastes and textures but since I’ve pretty much done it all, it’s always great when I can get someone to try new things.  Most of my friends are also “food lovers” so it’s rare […]

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Do you believe? Forever vs Flames

Relationships are hard.  I’m sure you all know by now there will be tears of laughter and pain.  We all look for that forever, but why is our criteria so “perfect”  Is there such thing as a forever or an impeding doom? I feel like we usually live so black and white we forget the […]

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Birthday, Life sometimes sucks, Stay positive!!!

And for all those who knows me, I literally celebrate all freaking month!  I’d say it all started with going to me buying myself Yankees vs Red Sox tickets, 3rd row VIP 5 Seconds of Summer tickets and amazing One Direction tickets.  Hey if I can’t get a guy to take care of me, I […]

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So recently I’ve been having horrible Nightmares (Read with caution)

I’ve been having crazy, violent, too-detailed nightmares lately.  I forgot the night’s before – just that I woke up screaming but nothing came out – but last night’s took the cake.  I’ll be nice and give you a PG-13 version of it. After getting a new house my family and I decided to have a […]

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Heart beats fast Colors and promises How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. One step closer I have died every day waiting for you Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years […]

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Bullet Holes

Hurtful words, gossip, lies and assumptions are like bullet holes to your heart and your soul.  I try to tune it all out but unfortunately they haven’t come out with a medicinal cream, pill, or as said,  a band-aid to help it heal, make it hurt less or recover.  Time is time is time and […]

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Painting soothes my soul


So I woke up this morning dazed and confused.  I actually have a happy post that I wrote that I may post before or after this.  But since a lot of you think I DON’T work for a living or I just eat for a living….. I don’t. I do work.  And then for those […]

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