Happy October!!!!… Updates on my life!!!!… and a little money making info!

Holy crap!  It’s already October.  All the plans I’ve had for the end of summer…. has sadly been pushed back due to certain circumstances.  But it’s been such an amazing crazy year… and I’m finally getting back on track.  I have a surprise for you guys that’s gonna be released really really soon.

I have just gotten back from a trip to Benidorm, Spain (well our resort was in Altea) where I was treated to an all-expense-paid trip with C.  About a 10 hour total trip (including layover in Paris….) – So here are a few teaser pics while I work on the real blog post.

AMAZING time.  Not only did I learn so much about working for Vizionary I met the most amazing, intelligent, fun new group of friends.  We ate amazing food, saw beautiful views, structures, sites, and yes – a LOT of booze was involved!!! Yes, thanks to them, I got to go visit a little piece of Heaven on earth!

Basically they be Working Hard and Playing Hard.  Just how I love to live my life!!

To top our trip off, C & I got stuck in Paris for a whole day (boohoo right?) so we got free hotel, free breakfast, lunch & dinner and got to spend another day in Europe (so much boohoo) it was really fun!  But let me tell you, the Paris airport is CRAZY to navigate.  But the architecture there was crazy sick!

Weeeeee….. #noshame. I can’t wait for more fun to come in the up and coming future.

XOXO. Will definitely be showing you new stuff soon, and the newest “project” and once again – if you’re interested in learning in joining with Vizionary with me…. (seriously this trip to Spain totally had me 200% into this, and I’m hard to convince – plus COME ON DUDE, you can come get a FREE vaca with ME just by joining and doing a little work) hit me up!!! That easy!!!! It’ll be a simple Skype or phonecall and I’ll get you hooked up and on your way to earning money easssssyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! So just facebook or email me at tiffie@gmail.com. Even tweet me!

Until soon….. MWAAAAAAA xoxo, Tiffie

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Happy Birthday Mommy!!!! ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Once upon a time…. a baby was born into the world…. on September 23, 19xx – She was a fiesty stubborn girl who grew up to be a fine, well educated lady, sister, daughter, wife, friend, and above all else, a mother.

To the one who brought me into this world…. and loved me for every second.  Who, now even at my age, looks at me and sees a sweet innocent naive girl (Every once in awhile haha).

To the one who will play dress up with me and attend events.

And vacation with me and make goofy selfie faces.

The the courageous tiny little 5’2″ woman who gave birth to me….. someone who turned out to be 5’7.5″

Where we can both wear shirts so tacky we make it look GOOD!!!! #swag

The loving “grandma” to my baby… my daughter, Dior (Didi) my furbaby!

To the lady who has stayed forever young in my eyes.  And the most honest (sometimes to a fault) but blunt and intelligent (sometimes irrational but aren’t we all?)

Who will be goofy and wear surgical masks with me in Asia….

….And of course someone who will take a bathroom mirror selfie with me. (ps I got my legs from her HEE HEE)

Thank you, my beautiful mommy for bringing me into this world and have strung along me through the good and the bad the whole time.  Even when we had very little you gave me everything, the world, and then some.  You have let me travel places, eat anything, brought tears to my eyes from telling me you love me and also when I feel like I have disappointed you.  While we bicker and fight a lot, I know that you do it through love and I love you as well.  Happy Birthday you are the greatest and you deserve the best – sorry I haven’t always been the best daughter to you but I will try.  I promise. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as great of a woman you have been so far but I will try.  I love you.

Your Baby, Always, Tiffany

Labor Day weekend 2015

Mine lasted from Friday – Monday :] Woot woot. Day 1 Highlights. And pictures and food of my escape from life… #offthegrid We stopped in NH for some Common Man Hi-Way diner food and drinks (which I have to say is the fanciest rest stop ever Hooksett Rest Area.. it has markets… even a FARMER’S MARKET […]

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Instincts were correct… all we can do is LAUGH AT YOU – and we a


Thank you babe for making this my day…… One of my most adorable gorgeous friends sent this to me tonight… and I laughed so hard I was crying and almost peed my panties. Cute ones too.  Hahahahahahhahaahhaahahahahaha…….. I adore her response.  She is such a smart, intelligent, BEAUTIFUL, lady!  I wanted to keep this in, […]

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Capricoin? Unicorn? Capricorn? Que?


So this is me. Bring me to the beach. Put me in a bikini, give me some beers and I’m happy.  Food. Travel. Relaxation, I’m cool… I’ve never been into the whole “make money thru this and that or stocks” (altho I do have stocks) And I certainly don’t post about it.  (And YES I […]

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Inspire me, I’m having foodie-block….

This past Sunday I introduced C to some new foods he had never tried.  It’s always so amazing to try new tastes and textures but since I’ve pretty much done it all, it’s always great when I can get someone to try new things.  Most of my friends are also “food lovers” so it’s rare […]

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Do you believe? Forever vs Flames

Relationships are hard.  I’m sure you all know by now there will be tears of laughter and pain.  We all look for that forever, but why is our criteria so “perfect”  Is there such thing as a forever or an impeding doom? I feel like we usually live so black and white we forget the […]

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Birthday, Life sometimes sucks, Stay positive!!!

And for all those who knows me, I literally celebrate all freaking month!  I’d say it all started with going to me buying myself Yankees vs Red Sox tickets, 3rd row VIP 5 Seconds of Summer tickets and amazing One Direction tickets.  Hey if I can’t get a guy to take care of me, I […]

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So recently I’ve been having horrible Nightmares (Read with caution)

I’ve been having crazy, violent, too-detailed nightmares lately.  I forgot the night’s before – just that I woke up screaming but nothing came out – but last night’s took the cake.  I’ll be nice and give you a PG-13 version of it. After getting a new house my family and I decided to have a […]

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Heart beats fast Colors and promises How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. One step closer I have died every day waiting for you Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years […]

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