Flying to Taiwan.. more like Eating a ton of delicious food in Business Class…

Early December, SUPER early one morning.. I woke up to head to the airport…

I slept the entire flight from Boston > DC Dulles so I was starved when we got there…

I ended up at a Diner getting an omelette some home fries and a side of fruit.. and of course a TON TON TON of black coffee…

Want some “Shitty Wok” ?

As soon as we sit down we were offered green tea and champagne. I LOVE IT.


While we watched at the Japan Airport we got some ramen…

And fries and edamame…

And then headed to the VIP lounge for tons of more free food and a free sake/booze bar…

All the sake, wine and whiskey you can drink.. I had my fair share :D

And then it was off to Taiwan… I can get used to this good food on the plane :D

Finally Arrived!!!!

Bourbon Steak – The Last Dinner

Burger, Fries and Surprises from Chef Sobel, per always at Bourbon Steak!!!!! Fav place for a burger in DC.

Sexy onion rings reminiscent to Vegas…

If this is not sexy than you are not human

I think these were ricotta ravioli with pinenuts and squash… NOM

YUM <3

Last Trip to DC in a Nutshell.. including the Jameson Ball at Brixton

JAMESON BALL at the Brixton

Hello Kitty Pho


My favorite place


More Happy Pho with veggies

I had a meatball night with the boys

And had a meatball salad for lunch the next morning

Bye Bye DC, see you.. hopefully soon….

Mellow Mushroom…. for pizzzzaaaaaa

Decided I wanted pizza so me W and L headed down to the Mellow Mushroom for some pizza….

A delicious salad. I LOVEEEE Alfalfa

All wee delicious except for my weird hawaiian pizza on the bottom right that made me sad and we didn’t eat it.  The top was the best.. L’s gluten-free pizza YUM

A delicious beer, DUH

And for dessert we got from froyo — Thanks L for the yogurt <3

Hello Kitty for President 2012

No words can explain so just watch in amazement

Biz Markie


Guest of a Guest

Diner Brunch – Worst Brunch Ever. Worst Movie Ever.

The only redeeming quality about this hangover brunch at The Diner was their bloody marys.

My mimosa was O-K

I like how the guy is sitting…

Deviled eggs.. actually really quite good.. nothing special but still good

Pickle Jar <3

Overly Sauced Wings


My omelette… veggie… tots.


And this horrible bacon


Was this peach or apple crisp? But.. mehhhh

Afterwards we watched Silent Hill: Revolution. SHITTIEST HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR… I cry.

TAAN Noodles

So after one kind of ramen the other night we decided to try the new place in Adams Morgan…

A whole bottle of girly sochu for me

Not the best pork [pig-wise] bun.. but the bun itself was fluffy….

My ramen had chicken duck and pork, DELICIOUS. It was amazing.  This was a lighter version compared to Toki’s but also delicious – and I usually prefer this kind of broth too, makes me feel less fat hahahah…

They forgot my egg

But W and A gave me theirs

<3 Def recommend but the place is pretty small, the lounge upstairs is a little….out of place and there is def gonna be a wait. Best bet is sit at the bar and go early :]

<img src=”” width=”350″

Toki Toki Toki

I finally popped my Toki cherry :]

And they were prepared for me… see that?!?!?! HELLO KITTY COCKTAIL!



Pork cheeks <3




And a little special treat from the chef :]

Absolutely delicious, creamy, filling and FULL OF FLAVOR. Did NOT disappoint.  Sorry Chef about my last review but this was FANTASTICAL!!!

This is definitely a heavier ramen – stick to your bones – let’s go home and food coma, sort of food ;]  great drinks, great people and a great time.. it was a super late dinner and a long wait but it was DELICIOUSLY worth it!

Late Nite at Cashions and crazy old ppl in Costumes

After a small delicious dinner at La Fourchette and then a few drinks and chilling on the rooftop at Brixton… we were hungry. HUNGRY. Always. So we went to Cashions. Also in Adam’s Morgan neighborhood that we always pass by to get gyros but never actually went into.

We went straight for the Late Nite menu.. I got a glass of bubbly… and DUG. IN.

One of everything please. ALL DELICIOUS. YUM.

Organic Buffalo Style Chicken Wings with Creamy Feta Dressing
I inhaled these so fast like CRAZY. I freaking LOVE buffalo wings. I have always been able to outeat anyone with wings NOM NOM. I need to start making these on my own… especially for football nights.

Farro Salad

Love farro. This was actually a lot… and pretty filling but refreshing, not heavy at all. Delish flavors, a good new addition to the menu.

Smashed Fried Potatoes

DEE-FUCKING-LISH. Fried. Potatoes. What more can I say?!

Pork Burger

I must say I was hesitant. A Pork burger, BUT IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Unfortunately by this point I was so full and tipsy that I was DONE.

Shaved Pork Sandwich on a Sub Roll

I didn’t get to try a bite but W ate half and we took the other half home. He loved.

YEP. Finally ate here, now just need to eat here fro the normal menu.

It was so awkward, it was some super super early Halloween party let out and all 50 year olds in weird costumes. Of course I talked to them.  I was curious, what can I say. HAHA.

A beautiful night for a simple French Meal at La Fourchette

L’s family owns La Fourchette.. just a block away from the apt.  A cute little French bistro. It was a beautiful night so W and I headed over to grab a quick dinner there. BTW I hear their brunch is fabbbbb there!!!! It’s such a cute homey place in a great area in Adam’s Morgan. WOOT WOOT. Sweet family, great people. French comfort food.  You can find stuff like kidneys and liver on the menu – and always specials.

I got the Bouillabaise

It was deilcious.  Large chunks of fresh fish… bursting of saffron flavor… mussels, scallops,s clams, shrimps, YUM… two crostinis with a TON of Rouille on top.  I put them on the side to mix into the soup later and to eat.  Talk about super super rice garlic bread.

Rouille is like a garlicky mayo-y buttery spread.

W got a French Onion Soup and a Chef’s Salad with just Ham, no cheese.
Burnt my tongue on the yummy soup and nibbled a lot of his salad TEEHEE.

French Fries

Crunchy and yummy!!!

And a nice red house wine x2…

Nice conversation with neighbors and then HORRIBLE music from a band next door, we got some desserts….

W’s favorite Crème anglaise with extra cream and extra meringue

And a beautiful Chocolate mousse with meringue for me :D

After a quick trip back to the apartment to buy some tickets to Baltimore for the next day we headed to Brixton to meet up with S and get a few drinks…..