Forage – Cambridge, MA in my overalls… #fobstyle

Oh hai!  It’s been awhile since Yeah I wore overalls, made me feel like a forager lol jk… totally didn’t do it just to dress for the restaurant.

So the night of the big fight on Saturday… Mayweather vs McGregor (FYI where was Bieber? Ha!) I first headed to Forage in Cambridge to grab a quick snack to eat… I say snack because we all know that house parties and any sports game will be plenty of beer, booze, and of course delicious fat-inducing food… which sadly I didn’t take any pictures of. But let’s just say I was pupu-sa’d out from ha! Pupu was, fried shrimp and wings, chicken and beef tacos, etc… the list goes on.

So first off.. Forage is hidden in the middle of a residential area in Harvard Sq. You have to walk down into the basement of what looks to be an apartment complex. The interior is very homey and it looks pretty much like it was an apartment turned restaurant. An inviting bar as soon as you walk in, they have a crazy cocktail list…. but Narrow ways to walk through to get to the bathroom and kitchen…. I was bumping into people just to go pee.

They had gorgeous mushroom artwork like this, which was next to our table, all over.  Wait for staff was a little slow… but being for a Saturday night at least we were seated immediately with no reservations. We were finally given two cherry tomatoes, one each… and salt to dip it in.

I felt like Oliver Twist but I found myself wanting to ask for more. Hungry. Slow wait staff. Waa. When are you gonna take our order?

When we finally got our order taken, btw, not hating, they were super gracious and even apologized straight off for being slow….. we got the bread!!!  They had amazing fresh baked bread… screw my gluten allergy. I eat what I want. They, also simply, just serve it with some delicious extra virgin olive oil… poured right in front of you. Crunchy crust (my favorite!) and a fluffy soft interior… yummy.

We finally got our orders in and the food came out really fast. We ordered three appetizers to share… didn’t realize the portions. “This is what he feeds me when he takes me out on a date!” Haha jk! But I joked about instagram-ing that phrase so I figure better here than nowhere.

This was actually a pretty tasty dish. But the name is definitely not what I thought I’d get. “Cured Fish Plate”

Cured Fish Plate
Cured Trout, Lacto Carrots, Clam Ice Cream, Whipped Brookford Cottage Cheese and Scented Geranium

What made me want this dish was the clam ice cream [duh!] you guys know me too well!  And it was AMAZING!!!!…  I was also curious about what was “lacto carrots” because I just think of lactose, am I right?!?!?!… But seriously. It was ONE piece of trout.  And it didn’t taste like anything, let alone fish or smoked.  Fail.

Anyways next up was the highly antisipating “Confit Lobster Mushrooms”  I love mushrooms… remember when I went on that rage and just ate as many different mushrooms as I possibly could from the farmers market?!…. It was like like 30+ kinds but still :]  So here it is……

DUN DUN DUN *cue music* — oh wait I already started it

Confit Lobster Mushrooms
Cantalope, Blackberries, Salt Brittle

Concept was good.  Execution, not so much.  First of all, the mushrooms were overpowered by everything else, and everything was overpowered by the brittle [which was, btw, not salted]  I felt like this needed some green and some acid to really round up the dish.  Each part on it’s own was great – but come on, it was cut up cantaloupe and blackberries on plate.  Not sure how they did the mushrooms, but definitely not the taste of lobster mushrooms when I’ve cooked it myself.  The texture was meaty but it needed a mushroom taste.. I say add some lemon-y herbs and have a variety of mushrooms to amp up the plate.

And here it comes, what D was coming for — the “Cured Beef Plate”

Cured Beef Plate
Jerky, Biltong, Bresaola, Dried Liver, Mustard, Pickles & Toast

The Biltong was definitely missing from this dish but instead we had a delicious Beef sort of Paté with a big thick disc of beet in it [didn’t really have much taste to it though…. so definitely not pickled].  Yeah I suck at descriptions about this because I couldn’t hear the waiter well.  The Bresaola was tasty, a bit too salty for me, but tasty…. and the Jerky was chewy and full of that good packed in beef condensed flavor.  Gnaw gnaw gnaw.

And then… ” Where is the liver?”

But alas, regretfully, I found it in the parsley and onion salad.  Super condensed, rich flavored liver, dried out and grated onto the salad.  It. Was. INTENSE.

I don’t like liver, aside from foie gras, so this was just eye-twitching for me.  Just a few small flakes packed SO MUCH PUNCH… Now I know why they paired it with the onions and parsley, the mellowed it out a ton — but once I had that liver taste in my mouth I couldn’t get it out.

It was all paired with a great fresh house-made mustard, tons of horseradish in it.  I liked it.  D, not so much haha. MORE FOR ME :]

And for dessert, we got complimentary Tomato Sorbet…. and then two savory ice creams.  A Gochuchang ice cream with Kimchi and a Cilantro ice cream, both with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.  My taste buds were confused, but apparently the highlights of the night for me were all ice creams.  The sorbet

Me: So how does it taste?
D: Tomato-y
Me: Really? That’s a great description….
D: You try it…
Me: *takes a bite*
D: So how does it taste?
Me: Super tomato-y

This was literally a tomato bomb in your mouth!  Refreshing, smooth, and absolutely amazing!

I had a bite of the kimichi and it was a cauliflower.  They gave just the right amount to balance the sweetness… the gochuchang was seriously ridiculously mind-blowing MIND-F.  Like what is going on?!  Slightly spicy, salty and a good amount of sweetness.  The cilantro I loved… and actually would’ve paired great with the mushroom dish we had above.

So pretty.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad meal, it wasn’t a great meal.  Not sure whether or not I would go back, but then again I only had some appetizers.  XXXOOO

Drunken Adventures at Eastern Standard, Met Bar @ Back Bay, Harvard Sq. and No. 9 with Jim

J came to visit for the weekend after Thanksgiving and we decided to head out for a foodie drunken adventure.  Our first stop was Eastern Standard.  Great for drinks and snacks…

The charcuterie plate… the pate was our favorite…

Raw oysters <3

We are both super happy!!!

Cheese Plate.. yum yum

Bubbles.. so many bubbles — and beer..

CHEERS!!!!! :] You have to do an oyster cheers!!!

And even though we didn’t order dessert they gave us some nummies anyways.

Next stop was Newbury St.. where we found ourselves at the Met Bar @ Back Bay [again]

Evil Quinoa Vodka with Goji Juice that made me halucinate

The most amazing Truffle Cheddar Popcorn

Brrr it was a cold cold night…

#2. Hello Kitty.

After the quick stop at Harvard Sq. to Chameleon we headed to our reservation at No. 9 Park

It was good.. but the wine was better than the food haha

Bread & Buttaaaaa

Foie Gras Terrine

Extra duck prosciutto

Just chomping on Quail Legs… NBD



Came back and I passed out watching Super 8 within a few minutes. Hahahaha, I’m a lame host when I drink too much… but drinking all day was pretty impressive…

A Birthday at The Brixton

After some Korean, we headed back to food coma and relax from the hot weather in the apt.  We watched some teevee, I changed into my sparky shorts and then we decided to head over to Brixton for Nikos’ birthday party.

It took awhile for me, but I finally settled on a Riot Sling
Gordon’s London Dry Gin, Lemon, Honey, Black Tea, Ginger Beer

Delicious. I’m hooked. I got two.

curried cauliflower, potatoes and tamarind gastrique

These were pretty good, but the flakey skin fell apart too easily, I like mine crisp and firmer. Light curry taste and the taramind and frisee was a nice touch.

Charcuterie Board

So not a real charcuterie board, just pate and fish. WTF?!.. we didn’t finish this and they ended up giving the table two fo these and none of us touched it. haha. OOPS.

After this and ordering another drink everyone was here and we sat down at the bday table.

Red Vino & White Vino for the table…

The Birthday Boy!!!

Heirloom Tomato Cucumber Salad
with mint-yogurt dressing

This was delicious and refreshing.. amazingly beautiful sweet heirloom tomatoes… with crisp crunchity cucumbers… MMMM… the dressing was light and accented the fresh veggies… MMMM

Cheddar Ale Soup
with crispy bacon and crusty breadMost of the table got this soup or the salad..MMMM so good.

And then a lot of the table also got the Fish & Chips
beer-battered haddock with mushy peas, thick cut fries and malt vinegar remoulade

B with his Fish & Chips with mashed peas.. I may have stole some ;D

And the rest of the table, along with me, got the

Roasted Half Chicken 
with roasted vegetables, and brown gravy

It was just as J described.. melted off the bone with a crispy skin.  It was a bit on the salty side but it was good.. and the roasted veggies were also delicious. YUM.

Spike and his girl got here late and ended up ordering everything else the rest of us didn’t. HAHA.  When S’s lamb shank came me and J tried to get him to eat it from the bone, hands only, BOO, he ate it with knife and fork tho. LAME.

Shot shot shot shots…..

And sometime inbetween I made friends with one of the waiters and me and B and him got in a deep convo about Pot & Shrooms.. apparently if I ever do shrooms I have to do it with him hahaha…

and then it was back home early to finish packing and help W with his clothing donations.

:] Good times. Good people. YAY.

Re-living a delicious memory…at TORO

W got into town to cook for the Clio 15th Anniversary Dinner June 5.  All the great names were there… and obviously my amazingly talented boyfriend <3  So Sunday night after he got in we went to re-live our faithful frigid and yummy night in January at Toro.  OK it was still a bit chilly this night.. good thing I FINALLY listened to W and switched my shorts for pants.  And, of course, I paired my outfit with super high platform heels – I can’t help it.  I love to tower.

We got there just a few minutes after A & J around 5:30 who were just starting to enjoy a cocktail and beer, and we were immediately seated.   Good thing too cuz Toro, per usual, filled up FAST — I started with one of my fav cocktails from Toro… the Cabana BoyCanton Ginger, spiced rum, pineapple.

We even sat the way we did that night, except J replaced S :]   And no paron.  And once again, we had a ton of food. A TON, possibly more than before?! Not sure… the bread was a-flowing and some of the highlights were these: Egg Omelette, Buffalo Heart, Pimientos, Sweetbreads [amaze balls], Tuna, Oysters, Goat Cheese [which was actually really creaaaammmy and light], Salt Cod Fritters [which tasted like delicious McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish in a ball of fried goodness, NO LIE], Pork Belly, Pulled Pork, just to name a few off the top of my head. We had a beautiful Spanish wine picked out by A.

But the dinner started out with a special charcuterie plate from Chef Jamie Biss. UM. SWOON.

Everything was delicious.  I wanted to order another platter – JUST FOR ME – I haven’t had a “just cheese, charcuterie and wine” dinner in awhile – THIS would SO be one of the ultimates.  That Pork Pate at the right end.  Atop chopped up kimchi – fucking fantasmic. YES.  Swearing needs to happen.  Bad language is accepted with the food is this fucking awesome.

Special of the Day: Tripe Chili with avocado and Crema.  Oh you heard right, it’s like a Fat Asian Girl’s wet dream AKA MINE!  Tender pulled pork, beans, etc… all the chili components and then TRIPE. FUCKING TRIPE.  I LOOOOOOOOOVE TRIPE.  This is like tripe porno tuesday for Miss Tiffie… except.. on a Sunday… and… only two dishes of tripe.

Bone Marrow for a Double Date.  One of us an one for them.  Perfect as always.

And hands down, BEST dish of the night was the Green Curry Tripe… tripe?  Tripe that felt like TENDON.  A and I told Jamie straight up we wanted to BATHHHHHHHHE in this and lick it off each other.  Ok, I may have added that licking part in but at least I WOULD ;]  Melted on your tongue into a bliss of green curry…. and ever-so-sultry like sliiiiiiiiiiiides down your throat. I want to SOAK in this.  Hell, I’d lick it off myself. JOY.

An amazing [early] night with great friends.  I always have an amazing time eating with A & J :]  See previous.  Oh, we ended the night in churros. You know that’s always a plus.

The rest of the night? Sex, Love and Rock n’ Roll baby <3

Late Night at Douzo

Yayyyy Z was back in the Bean so obviously we had to eat and play and play and eat….DOUBLE DATE NIGHT!!!! We met up at Toro at 7pm but the wait was AT LEAST THREE hours… Me and Z were cool with it but our date buddies didn’t seem too thrilled on waiting — so we grabbed a few drinks [cabana boys ftw] and some apps [tongue, corn, sweetbreads, uni, etc..] at the bar and then headed back downtown to Douzo. I’ve heard about it but never been.. I’m always up for Japanese and sushi so okieeee dokieeeeee….

After another long wait and downing massive amounts of champagne [^__^] we finally got a table.

In true G6 fashion, Z and I ordered.. a lot…. hahahahah our partners in crime were less….crazy ;D Most of the items were ours :D Hahaha… you can probably guess which “safer” items weren’t our choices….

Ohitashi – Spinach with House Sesame Sauce

I love getting this….. Maybe because I love steamed spinach… this was the first time I’ve had ohitashi with a creamy sesame sauce tho… a bit heavy for me since I’m used to light soy-based sauce on my spinach but still good… could use some bonito flakes :D Bonito makes everything better…

Garlic and Chili Edamame

A new flavor other than the usual? I approve.. it was SOOOOO garlicky and delicious!!!! A bit overcooked but delicious flavor nonetheless… :D

Monkfish Pate with Ponzu Sauce

Creamyyyyy and delicious!!!!! I actually don’t really eat monkfish liver all too much so this was a real treat :D Think fish foie <3 yum. Very light and in the manner of Andrew Zimmern… “monkfishy” :D

Kobe Beef Tartar

It’s hard for me to NOT order beef tartare when I see it on the menu. This was pretty tasty [how can kobe not be] but such a tiny portion for this fattie. Nice and chunky… :]

I think this was Beef Kushi-Yaki obviously not mine hahaha

Presentation could be prettier but not sure on taste, they seemed to enjoy it tho :] But Z and I were tearing into our……

Hamachi Kama – Broiled Yellowtail Collar

Oh baby babyyy.. it was actually a bit tougher than usual. BUT HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH COLLAR?!?!?!.. I adore Hamachi Kama, it’s good for you and it’s soooooo tasty!!!!! Best part of the fish… aside from belly and their head :D

The owner was awesome enough to send over some free tartares :D

Tuna, Hamachi and Salmon Tartares… they were pretty tasty :D

The tuna was on a taro chip :D NOM!

Seafood Kaiyaki – Baked on Halfshell

Cheeeeesy ooey and gooey. OK. I admit I like this stuff [it’s like freaking the crab rangoon of Jap food ahhahaha] but it just looks and tastes so bad for me… hahaha…. it was good I have to admit but I just don’t really eat this stuff anymore :] BESIDES I wanted a lighter meal that night anyways… hahahaha… no worries tho, Z cleared it up

We got one of the sushi/sashimi platters with all the fixins :D

It came with a spicy tuna roll which was the only thing we didn’t really finish – wait, did we? Maybe we did inhale it anyways….

Of course some uni.. ebi, scallops etc… we wanted sweet shrimp but think we accidentally ordered wrong…

Uni was so delicious and fresh :] NOM NOM NOM!!! Me and Z are obsessed….

Our double dates got some rolls too.. omg how fattie do me and Z look compared to their dinner?

Nom nom nom <3

Delicious and fun times… but it was just the beginning :D

Afterwards we hit up the new lounge Cure [the one that replaced Aria] for a super super fun night. It was freaking FREEZING tho…. I was running around like a mad woman screaming about how cold my… woman parts were #classy I know :] Hahahaha….

For a Fried Time, Eat at Breslin

Having the opposite of a meat hangover the next day, Z and I was craving meat. Lots of it. Where to? Why not The Breslin? I now call it ‘BRESSSSSSSSSSSS’ because apparently I’m too lazy to pronounce the “lin”…*shrug*  Too bad we didn’t have the roast pig dinner ready but we did have our stomachs ready for some meat. Wish they would’ve allowed TWO of us to eat a whole suckling pig…..

With the whole menu in mind – I had been memorizing it, reading it and re-reading it all afternoon – we were off..and met at the front door…. where Z had to help me out of the car because….

Going there I had the WORST cab ride EVER. I was nauseous for the next hour after that ride. Gag. I almost puked IN the cab. Bad drivers should NOT be giving licenses…. and if a cabbie causes a passenger to puke they should not be angry.

I need a drink.

Anyways. So from what I’ve heard, especially after reading about Wendy’s experience there, Breslin is not exactly the place to go to for a healthy diet meal. I was betting their salads were fried and alas the girl next to me got a salad and there was fried greens on it *smiles* LOOKED GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD… But thanks to Wendy’s warning we shunned away from the Pig’s Foot [altho we were still tempted… Z and I love fat anyways…] we were seated on the second floor RIGHT about the piggie table *loves*

Z: “Should we start off with wine or beer? Beer?!”
T: “Yeah…!!”

So Z asked for what they had in kegs, chocolate stout beer.. sure why not.

Fail. It was kind of flat, not cold enough and too watery. I like a good thick chocolate stout that’s Guiness like.

Z went back to scouring the menu for a good wine to drink while our first course came…. I took a picture because he was looking so serious, but because I made a comment he smiled. BOO! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Terrine Plate. Note: the SMALL Terrine Plate

[Top Left to Right]
Guinea Hen with Morels, Pork Pate, Rabbit & Prune [with fennel shaved on top…I guess it was the prune that made the fennel so sweet… not sure if I particularly loved it together], Headcheese, Liverwurst

Served with: Pickles [GHERKINSSSS!!!!!], Piccalilli [mustardy pickled fruits and veg – there were grapes, not really a fan] & Mustard

Ok. So best was definitely the Liverwurst. Delicious crunchy sea salt in the bite. Delicious.  Smothered on the toast [DOOD, two of us, all that stuff and only 4 TINY puny pieces of toast? We asked for more toast, but it came after all of the stuff was almost gone…]

Next best was the Rabbit & Prune….I didn’t realize it was prune until now, looking back at the menu#fail. But it was pretty good. Z liked it with the fennel better, I liked it without. The bunny itself was really good… a few bites with mustard, mostly without.  I ate them without toast, just sliced it off and ate it… literally.. off the knife.

Afterwards it was all kinda meh to me.  The Guinea Hen with Morels was …slightly off to me, not gamey, just off. Like morels tho, the terrine not so much.  Pork Pate was pork pate, nothing special. And the Headcheese, omg where do I begin.  The Headcheese was so off, not the right consistency..the gelatinaity [new word? gelatinousness] was off.. it tasted like congealed soy sauce from cooking pig trotters. Now I love that stuff but I love headcheese, and this was not needed more texture. This tasted like grease. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t headcheese.

Our choice of poison:

Speaking of wines..we actually ended up sending the first one back [haha] It’s how we roll ;]

Next up…. the Onion and Bone Marrow Soup with Parmesan Toast

Remember this French Onion soup? And then how I made my own Bone Marrow, Short Rib, French Onion 3-Cheese Puff Crouton Soup for NFNS? Yeah…. this was NOTHING close to it.  It tasted like a french onion soup, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t BONE MARROW. No decadence at ALL. And the toast was subpar. It wasn’t even that cheesey. I saw two cheese blobs [I think I ate the two cheese blobs too] Ended up just picking at the onions at the bottom of the bowl. SO SAD. I wanted chunks of marrow or at least be able to taste the marrow in the soup – #fattylove.

And then the best thing of the night… THANK GOD WE ORDERED THIS… It was between this and sweetbreads but I was INSISTANT on getting the Blood Sausage with Fried Duck Egg & Tarragon Cream

The egg was perfection. HUGEEE and fried PERFECTLY. The yolky egg was brilliant.  And blood sausage was so clean and smooth tasting.. sometimes they add to it but this was just brilliant.  Crunchy outside and creamy inside.  I’m not even a creamy sauce type of person but it was great with it.  A bit of the greens some yolk, white, sausage and cream was the perfect bite. I could nom this all day long.

Peeking thru

And then came our 40oz Dry Aged 28Day Ribeye with Bearnaise & Chips [oh yes, their famous thrice-fried chips]

The cut was delicious.. something slightly off about the steak but we ate it up anyways. YUM.

Thrice-Fried Chips

This really made my dinner.. this and the blood sausage made me oh so happy. The crisp outside, piping hot and creamy inside with a perfect sprinkle of salt all over. NOM. No need for condiments here. I could eat these forever.. OMG dying right now just wanting a nibble….

Check out all the beautiful fat that surrounded the yummy RARE meat…..

We used the leftovers to make a happy booger face :] I swear we’re not in Grade school anymore….Z started it, I just added on with the sauce :]

The people below us had switched out and they were just getting their piggie :]

A little sad and considering getting a lamb burger [why didn’t we?!] Z got a Jack on the Rock and I got this….

FROM THE PUDDING MENU!!! I love that they call the Dessert Menu the Pudding Menu :] YAYAYAYAYAYAY….

Spiked Cider

Ginger Snap

OHHHH the gingersnap[s, mind you TWO] were delicious. Hahaha, sadly the best of the desserts..even had chunks of fresh ginger in each bite. Can you just bring me a plate of these and call it a day?*sigh*

The donuts were nice tho… nice…I think I want beignets more…OBSESSED..but I loved the salted caramel sauce in the center… Z did too, so I shared ;]

Brioche Doughnuts

Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Spiced Maple Butter [Cinnamony]

DON’T get this: The Spotted Dick

Steamed Pudding, Nutmeg Custard with Maker’s Mark

I’m two so obviously I had to get it. HAD TO.

Ok, now I’m not saying it was was just…nothing, it tasted of just slightly soggy bread. Nothing jumped out at all except disappointment *insert me pouting*

It was depressing but as I went to the bathroom I was reminded that….

So home we went and I was up til 4 in the morning watching Adult Swim, Food Network and eating Jamon :] Overall tho I was pretty proud we had a decently “healthy” meal here.. totally unexpected hahahah :]

I’m enjoying these third time charms.. this time at Craigie on Main

The first time I was here, I got a tasting, the second time was for a Mother’s Day prix fixe brunch… this time I was SO much MORE excited to come….PLUS we made our own tasting…. [and besides now we could get Pig Tails on the regular menu and not just the bar menu!!!! *psyched*] Z was back in town [woohoo] got in around 9 and so we had a 1030 seating :] AND WE ATE TIL past 1am! We so badass…. of course we started off with some champagne… cuz come on, that’s how I do ;D

Water with a lemon slice and a lime slice is now known as Z water, got it?

The bread… lots of variety.. and tasty, but unfortunately cold…
Z ate some anyways ;D Hahaha.. I patiently waited for my piggie tails…

Six Oysters on the Half Shell

Candied Lemon Mignonette

So fresh and so clean clean….the original oysters were supposed to be Pemaquid but they changed it… so drunkie me doesn’t remember the name of the oysters… They were good, really good.. usually I only like my oysters with tons of horseradish and tabasco…. but these were tasty.. not sweet at all, bathing in their own salty juices… YUM!…. straight down the pipe…

Assiette of House-Made Terrines:
Pate of Quatre Foies, Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras au Torchon

Traditional Accompaniments

These were really good.. while I was most focused on the Pate de Campagne [the most left one] the most intriguing was the Pate of Quatre Foies [on the right end] .. Z and I were debating on what was in it.. definitely foie gas and definitely chicken liver… there was also squab and…. crap I forgot.. but all yumminess :] I usually can’t take TOO much chicken liver on it’s own.. but this pate, I was SUCH a fan of…

Accompaniments included… pickled chantarelles [wayyy too overpowering IMO], a red wine mustard, gherkins, red onion, a grainy mustard.. and ….. yea the rest escapes my mind… I mean, I personally love a good creamy pate on some nice toasted crunchy delicious bread… so I’m not TOO big on adding more to it.

Ragout of Local Forest Mushrooms and Braised Oxtail Pastrami

Farro Risotto, Farm-Fresh Poached Egg, Chantenay Carrot Puree, Herbs

Z being classy popping the yolk…

This was delicious.. Z describes it as a breakfast sandwich in a bite :] It was SOOOO delicious.. and I’m such a sucker for poached eggs [PERFECTLY poached eggs – mind you] and mushrooms <3 Oh I was in heaven….

And then, the reason why we came to Craigie in the first place…

Crispy-Fried Pig’s Tails

Pickled Peanuts, Nuoc Cham, Cilantro

OMFG… HOLY FUCKING A… I can’t.. even NOT say a dirty word to describe this… SO absolutely freaking delicious. [I tried] They’re like… pork belly around a bone… these were so Asian-y tasting too.. but in the most fab NON-fusion kind of way….  Z and I were tearing these apart.. like freaking hyenas from Lion King :] NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!… and of course some delicious onion strings on top – but who can focus on that… PIGGIE TAILS PIGGIE TAILS PIGGIE TAILS… next time we come back, PIGGIE TAILS x4 :]

The first wine our waitress suggested… was HORRIBLE. Disgusting.. in the words of Z “it feels like I’m in a playground” So we decided to stick to what we love.. Spanish wine…

Then came the piggie head…

And the rest of our dinner…

Confit and Roasted Milk-Fed Pig’s Head

Peking Pancakes, Spicy Pumpkin Sambal, Boudin Noir-Hoisin Sauce

I don’t even know how to begin how amazing this was… the first time I had a pig’s head, in whole, was at Resto and it was amazing, but this time I could go at it without judgement hahahaha…. the skin was perfection…. juicy, crisp… underneath the most delicious fat.. and underneath that the MOST moist meat… we ate it ALL, ALL… Z even got me to split the eyeball with him. YES, Miss Tiffie ate a pig’s eyeball!!! We were halfway thru before we forgot that we had pancakes and sauce to go with it.. so we tried a taco or two.. but just kept on going at it sans all that other extra stuff…

Sidenote: Boudin Noir HOISIN sauce? Probably the only hoisin sauce I’ve never disliked… or been sick of… OMG… BOUDIN NOIR <3 Joy….

Piggie Head Taco

Yea we’re dorks, but Z fed me piggie ear so it’s okay he failed :] We literally ate the whole head clean.. sucked it dry.. I mean COME ON, we ate the EYEBALL and pulled out it’s teeth.. I said I was gona make some badass necklaces for us :]

Bone Marrow is always off the menu here.. so you gotta ask for it.. delicious.. I was sucking and licking them clean :D

What can I say? Perfection… sprinkled with a bit of sea salt on some great crunchy toast? Orgasm much?

Vermont Organic Veal Two Ways: Braised Short-Rib, Roasted Sweetbread

Kasha, Pioppini Mushrooms, Chestnuts, Quince Puree

Out of all the dishes that was the only one that didn’t get our panties in a twist… It was good, but it wasn’t mind-boggling… either way we ated it :] I guess it’s hard to compete with my super awesome 5 Course Veal Dinner

We also got Duck Fat Fried Brussel Sprouts.. but they were meh… I had a picture but it’s lost somewhere in limbo ;D

And we ended the night with my favorite dessert from them….

Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Cheesecake

Matzo Meal-Pine Nut Crust, Plum Jam

Can’t describe it more than the perfectly sweet [but not too sweet] creamy, cheesecakey/yogurty happiness on a plate.. the pinenuts help too :]

And we also got some complimentary delicious chocolate covered almonds :]

Craigie is totally one of my favorite restaurants here in Boston…. you can’t come visit here without coming here as well.. Tony Maws is an absolute genius!!!! So come and eat… or else I’ll make you… bring you, wine and dine you – honestly I don’t mind ;D

Craigie On Main
853 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Three Times a Charm…. especially at Toro

Thanksgiving Eve.. apparently it’s the biggest party night of the year [it is cuz everyone returns home?] J and I decided to go eat, drink and be merry…. first thought? Well… I didn’t just suggest I basically screamed out TORO!!!! He hadn’t been, and I had been craving tapas, bone marrow & their orgasmic corn… Conclusion on choice? Perfection.

We headed out around 630ish and got there a little before 7… [hahaha stupid Boston roads.. it’s “great” to be back… so used to the City’s grid and easy taxi/train access…] We put our names down [they seriously should do reservations!!] and moooooosied over to the bar [like a foot away from where we put our names down]

First round of drinks:
I got a Cabana Boy – Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Canton Ginger, Pineapple and J got a drink that sounded like man-something that had Maker’s Mark in it… and a cinnamon apple slice…

Second Round of drinks:
I got a Pink Poodle.. that had egg whites in it [haha] and J got another one of his man-drinks :D YES I had to pick the two girliest named drinks on the menu.. if not J was going to anyways….

Mandatory shot of the bread bowl…

Since J was making fun of me taking pictures of bread just a few hours earlier.. his punishment is to be in a picture WITH the bread…. bread has feelings too.. they just want to be loved, acknowledged for their carbiness… and eaten… hmmm.. hopefully he doesn’t kill me for posting this… anyways… we ended up switching tables… the high tables are fun and all but we wanted a nice roomy big table for just the two of us. We ended up getting a nice corner table that didn’t have us bumping elbows with neighbors. SCORE!

Pimientos del Padron

Hot green peppers with sea salt

The staple of any tapas dinner, well for me.. I ALWAYS order these.. I think I mentioned that before the last time I was at Boqueria as well…


Pork head terrine with spiced plums

I love head.


Yeah, I’m REALLLLLL mature ;D

And while my favorite form of pig head still comes in a sandwich [love you Bobby.. love you Resto] this was really really good.. super tender [as expected] full of delicious porky flavor… and oh so satisfying…

Panza de Cerdo

Crispy pork belly with spaghetti squash, escargots, salsify, apples and smoked maple crumb

AMAZING. Totally forgot there were escargots in the dish… so I’m eating it thinking.. why am I eating escargot?!?!?!.. this was soooo good.. but didn’t really need all the access… I’m chinese, I’m used to eating the pork belly as is ;D

The skin of the pig was so chewy/crisp that I bent my fork….

And as you can see.. new drinks… I got the
Cava Cocktail
Grapefruit bitters, sugar, yellow Chartruese

& J got the: crap, I totally forgot… was it something with tequila? It was definitely red tho…. and either way, they both weren’t too great :T


Cured lardo with honey and grapefruit

It’s funny because we only ordered one plate but we ended up getting served two plates :] YAY… one for each of us. YUM! Some people like it on nice crunchy toasted bread…. we ate ours as is ;D mmmmm piggie fat <3

Foie Gras con Champinones

Foie gras with pickled chanterelles and Idiazabel cheese

Had no idea this was gonna be all bruschetta-ish but it was tasty.. the crouton/bread wasn’t too thick and there was TONS of foie… the chanterelles were slightly pickled but thankfully not overpowering…


Tuna belly, tomato tapenade and celery leaves

I don’t like cooked tuna usually… unless it’s just plain out of the can [the water ones, NOT in oil, ew] but this was soooo tender… first time having tuna belly cooked…. perfect balance of sweet and acidity from the tomato… there was just ONE celery leaf tho… hahahah dont think it really made any different.. not even sure if I got it in my bite or J did…

Special of the Night

A Goat/Pork sausage on a bed of couscous

As soon as we heard the specials… [there was also a goat stew that sounded promising] J jumped right at this. SOOO glad we got it, it was SOOO freaking good.. like I’ve said before.. people think it’s weird that I adore goat but don’t really eat lamb. To me lamb is FAR gamier.. but apparently it’s the other way around? Either way, this was FANTASTIC. Huge, juicy and full of meaty flavor. AMAZING spices… need more… if I could I’d make it my go-to BBQ sausage ;D

Uni Bocadillo

Pressed uni sandwich with miso butter and pickled mustard seeds

One of my favorite things to get here… uni sammy. SOOO creamy.. just the right amount of greasy bread.. [must be the miso butter] delicious GRAINY mustard seeds….  AHH the perfect balance of flavors and perfection. UNI UNI UNI <3 LOVES. Second favorite sandwich ever. [And yes, twice in one post, best is Bobby’s]

Atun Pincho Crudo

Tuna tartare with charred green onion and pine nuts

MEHHH… it was OKAY… I think the turn off was that I found scales in my few bites :[ TOTALLY lameass… I tried, but couldn’t finish it…. which is sad cuz i love tuna tartare…

Pato con Membrillo

Smoked duck drumettes with quince glaze

Duck. Legs. Smoked. What else could be better?!?!?! Amazingly delicious [as always!!!!] me and J devoured asap

Ostras en Escabeche

Marinated Island Creek oysters with grains of paradise, lovage and citrus

J and I guessed that there was definitely yuzu… lots of yuzu in it. But I love RAW oysters…. cooked are okay… but marinated and pickled?!?!?!.. not so much… too tart/sour for my taste… they were fresh but just not TOO much to my liking… sorry Toro… oyster fail

Morcilla Bocadillo

Blood sausage, piquillo peppers and alioli

Can you name ANYTHING wrong with amazing blood sausage [the asian in me], amazing bread [<3] and amazzzzzing condiments <333 FUCKING amazing. Yes, profanity is a must. I never met a blood sausage I wasn’t i LOVE with….

Atun Crudo

Yellowfin tuna with fermented black beans and ginger

To be honest… this was awkward… for ME & J… it was too chinese… black bean sauce?… tuna??…awkward…. ok honestly it was good, but in a way that I didn’t want to finish cuz it was so beyond awkward tasting…

Pate de Conejo

Cider marinated Rabbit pate with pistachios and heirloom pears

J & I were MAD disappointed… we had HIGH expectations for the rabbit pate [you know me and how much I love bunny] but it was just okay.. good I guess, not amazing.. not memorable at ALL…. J finished it with bread, I gave up on it after 2 bites…


Crispy veal sweetbreads with blood orange and cinnamon

Veal Sweetbreads = Orgasm.

Perfectly cooked, milky and tender…

That is all…

Navajas a la Plancha

Grilled Razor clams with lemon caper vinaigrette

After the most HORRIBLE razor clam experience.. I’m glad Toro can still have me loving it… I always loved their razor clams…  PERFECTLY cooked… and delicious.. Toro, you never fail me…

Hamachi Crudo

Kombu cured hamachi with yuzu, Gravenstein apple and fresh horseradish

This was amazing. SO fresh, SO delicious… didn’t taste the horseradish but the apples were great….

Pulpo con Sidra

Baby octopus with Basque Cider, chorizo, nasturtium and Piquillo peppers

Slightly overly salty, but the octopus was perfectly cooked.. LOVE chorizo, so it was great… but since WAYYY too salty, lost points.. doubtful I’ll get ot again [even tho I’m obsessed with octopussy]

Asado de Huesos

Roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade

The #1 reason why I went to TORO…. bone marrow is so LAST MEAL….. it’s like an orgasm and falling in love at the same time….. sigh* I miss falling in love….. its been a long long LONG time…

Erizos en Suquet

Catalan stew  of sea urchin, lobster and crab meat

HOLY MOLY…never thought a soup/stoup/stew would be better than a cioppino full of delicious chunky seafood :] it’s fugging great to be back in new england…

Jamon Serrano Redondo Iglesias

Premium cured Spanish ham

I adore serrano ham… but comeon Toro…. you need some iberico <3 plz plz pretty plz <333333

Costilla de Bourguignon

Red wine braised beef short rib with bacon, mushrooms and pearl onions

J and I were super excited about these melt in your mouth beefy goodnesses. I’ve had great short ribs and bad tough blah short ribs.. these were great… as were the yummy pearl onions :D I think it was atop mashed taters?!….  I also ended up eating allt he carrots too… wait, was there bacon? I don’t remember bacon….

Coles de Bruselas a la Plancha

Brussels sprouts with olive oil and sea salt

Yes. I’m obsessed with brussels sprouts, especially when they’re all nice and burnt like above. To be honest usually I just steam them or do a quick garlicky light stirfry of them at home… but when I go out I like them nice, oily and roasted… :] Thankfully J loves brussels sprouts too… well thankfully and unthankfully… I had to split them, but I’m glad I didn’t go eat with someone who was picky about food or his greens :D

On a side note: Isn’t that the worst? I could NEVER date or be in a relationship with a picky eater…. or wasn’t adventurous…. blah. Thank goodness my friends are awesome.. and big foodies as well :]

Maiz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija

La Especialidad de la Casa.  Grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese.

For you non Spanish speaking people out there… and even still it’s pretty easy to guess, that says “the special of the house” aka HOUSE SPECIAL.. and oh boy is it.. you’d think this would be one of the first things to come out but this came out DEAD LAST… J and I were full… but after one bite we couldn’t stop eating. Yes, this tends to happen a lot…

And yes, we opted out of dessert… it’s becoming the new trend for me lately…

We ended up eating enough for 13 people… and then headed out stuffed beyond belief… in search of a bar.  We ended up at “The Point” near Fanuiel Hall… super white bar.. HILARIOUS… stayed for some medicore vodka drinks and shots…. and left… frustrated that we weren’t trashed and just too disappointed to keep on going…. But still.. our stomachs were happy. Ken Oringer how do you do it? First time was great, second time even better.. and now this? Three times is definitely a charm….

J and I decided our Thanksgiving Eve tradition from now on is to go eat somewhere fabulous and then go to ghetto hick white Irish bars afterwards. Can’t wait til next year :D

Goal: Corn + Sangria = Best Drunkenness…

Toro is one of those happening places that are still crazy busy late at night… and in Boston, that means it’s good stuff. We got there right before 9 and had to wait about an hour before we could eat. That means sitting at the bar and downing some bubbly before getting seated. We chitted and chatted and got hungrier and hungrier seeing and smelling all the great foods being passed around us.

It’s one thing for me to think a restaurant is delicious, but it’s another to have me want to go there over and over again. Toro is one of those places. I think I could come here once every week or two for the rest of my life and be sooo sooo happy. I know I wrote about this place pretty recent… but I had a craving for them the other night so made R go with me as soon as he set foot outside my house Friday night :]

Since I was soooo hungry and it was sooo late by then I just had one goal in mind… Corn + Sangria and  a drunkingly good time….

We started off with one of our favorites at Toro.

Uni Bocadillo

Pressed uni sandwich with miso butter and pickled mustard seeds
How could anything with uni be bad? Unless the uni is bad…. The creamy uni and miso butter… and then the crunchy pickled mustard seeds that add even more texture to it. NOT TO MENTION… perfect bread. PERFECTLY TOASTED BREAD!!! With sandwiches bread is SO key… you need perfect ratio of breads to innards and this is so perfect.

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