Bone Marrow & Red Wine for Dinner…. Because I can…

I’m home alone and when I’m by myself I always eat random.  Sometimes I forget to eat.. sometimes I just live off of edamame and cheese.  I slept in.. really late, because SOMEONE kept me up on the phone all night :] so I made some oatmeal, had some chicken soup and ate a bowl of steamed green beans – see I eat weird. And I didn’t even have coffee today.  Since I’ve been eating so simply I decided to go all out for dinner – why not?! I do what I want! HMMMM, what to eat.

In the mood for Bone Marrow!!!  These sexy, decadent HUUUUUGE pieces of bones with chunks of meat to gnaw off around it.

BTW, I realized I freaking hoard salts. These are just SOME of the salts I have around the kitchen. WTFreak?! I’m so weird… #salthoarder

I cook my marrow super simply.  I sprinkle with salt, pepper and rosemary and sear all sides and pop it into the oven until the middles start oozing out.

I toasted up some Whole Wheat Heavy Cream Shoku Pan from Japonaise while the marrow was bubbling away in the oven. Ugh I love this bread – so fluffy… toasted and crispy on the outside and still fluffy on the inside. MMM I love thick bread.

I sprinkled each bite with some truffled salt. Took it to a whole new level. For realz for realz…

Dinner a la Miss Tiffie

So decadent and rich I thought I was gonna have a nose bleed. There was SO much!  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much marrow at once.  The bowl was deep with oozy marrow fat which I happily sopped up with more toast!!! Happy happy joy joy.

Oh. And btw, this may be dinner, but it’s still early. So I’m lying. I’m sure I’m gonna eat a whole pizza before bed time. LOL.


  1. Stewart Overbee says:

    Nose bleeds are mostly caused by too much heat. Most of the time it can be remedied by cold compress. `”:,

    Hope This Helps!



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