Amazing Drunken Eating Adventure in DC

It was a long night of Monopoly and wine… so we woke up a bit late for Brunch.. we headed to Brixton for their grand opening but JUST missed brunch :[ So what do we do? Sit and drink….

And drank and drank I did…. til finally we couldn’t take it anymore and B and I went back to his place for a bit, check this pic out:

So  many sexy cleavers….

And then headed back out to watch Ted and eat Popeyes. Freaking Popeyes CLOSED right in front of us, we were next in line :[ Sad.  So we decided to go to a bar to grab some food.

Bar at Clyde’s of Gallery Place

B’s Bacon CheeseBurger with Cheddar…

My Fish Tacos

Obviously we had some beers….

The tacos were so good bUt I’m so sad the tortillas fell apart :[ LAME.

The movie for 730 was so old so we got a late showing and headed to Chinatown to eat more. YAY.

Ming’s Restaurant.

Fried Pig Intestines

This was what we came for.  Crispy on the outside, chewy and tender on the inside, no poopie taste at ALL and just freaking delicious!


Sadly this wasn’t that good, I added hot sauce but it tasted like fake jellyfish, like sometimes restaurants use. B doesn’t like jellyfish texture anyways so this was all me haha.

Fried Spicy Porkchops

Freakishly addicting and delicious. Salty, Peppery, crisp, tender, chewy and AMAZING.

We ended the night at Graffiato where we had Burrata, Pizza amongst tons of other deliciousness. Oh Isabella, what a genius you are in creating yumminess.  But by that point I was so gone that W took me home and made me go to bed LOL. No Ted for me :[ Which is sad since I heard it was awesome, SIGH, totally missed out.


  1. […] party W and I decided to sit down and eat there. I’ve never ever had a bad meal at Graffiato. SO FREAKING GOOD.  We ordered a few things and we got surprised with a few items as […]


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