WTF is this? Hipster Sushi? — Sushi Roku at Caesars Palace in Vegas

We got in that afternoon and after room service, a few drinks and then  shopping around Vegas in the Forum Shops in Caesars – and me buying a few new things – probably one too many things, including this dress, we popped some champagne and got ready for dinner.

Kisses from us Taiwanese Girls

We walked ALL the way over to Sushi Roku on the opposite end of where we were in Caesars… SO FREAKING FAR.

We ordered a bottle of sake, it was HUGE [see] and some Edamame to start…

Flashback a few years back at Sakae– we ALWAYS get sushi together!!!  First or Last day together <3

NOM – Sake and Edamame.. almost always a good choice, almost [haha]

We didn’t know what to get so we got all recommendations from the waitress.

Yellowtail Sashimi with Diced Chilies

Kelly didn’t care for it, but I didn’t mind it.  Nom nom nom. I like heat.  It wasn’t really heat, just some mild jalapenos, it was fresh but nothing special and over-doused with some oil

“Hanabi” Spicy Tuna with Diced Chilis on Crispy Rice

This was kind of weird. Cool concept, but I wasn’t into the crispy rice.  A bit too chewy and stuck to my teeth.  I ended up just eating off the tops – which wasn’t even spicy.  Just chopped mushy tuna with a little sprinkling on top.. was there even chilis? I think it was just scallions.

Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio with Black Truffles shaved tableside

In concept, it seemed amazing but it was meh.  WTF was that sauce?

Sea Bream and Shiso with Ume

Katana Roll with Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura with Tuna and Yellowtail

These rolls?! I don’t remember anything great about them.  So disappointing….

Conclusion of food? MEH.

We even stopped our last orders of Salmon Nigiri, we wanted OUT.  Since when do I ever OPT OUT of eating?

I don’t even think we wanted the rest of the sake.  It was overpriced and under-tasty.   I know I was expecting too much since we were just lazy and wanted to get dinner somewhere close.. [plus we have a tradition of eating sushi together] but this is just embarrassing. Contemplated NOT blogging about this, but just wanted the world to know that I do eat NOT good food. I usually don’t go for sushi trying to be cool and trendy, but I’ve never had it this bad. MEH.  I’m glad I was tipsy to not really remember the bad experience to detail.  If you can’t do it right traditionally, don’t try to be HIPSTA about it.

We left and headed off to TAO at the Venetian…

The best fun we had all night:

We actually don’t remember these happening..



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