Acadia ME: Parkside

I finally got pulled out of by the pool – and since I hadn’t eaten anything really except for popovers, salad and some wasabi peanuts, I was STARVING and a little tipsy – and into the shower and new clothes… it was time for dinner and I had found a nice pretty little spot Downtown where we could bring Didi for some dinner!!!!


We got a nice corner table outside… but before we get to the food…

V is for Vanity…

D is for Didi

My silly little furry princess baby <3 SO cute and SO photogenic…

Didi even had her own seat between me and mommy  :D

Prosecco for meeeeeee – I love my bubbles!!!!

I may have had another glass or two more :]

Delicious bread basket..

WARM Blueberry muffin/coffee cake type along with some rolls.. but with BLUEBERRY CAKE in the basket why would you eat anything else?!?!?!

Local Oysters on the Half Shell

Delicious fresh maine oysters.. they were HUGE and delicious… MMM full of delicious oyster liquor – obviously not REAL booze, but that’s what they call the juices in the oyster – and of course tons of tabasco and horseradish!!!!  All 1/2 dozen were for me since my parents don’t eat raw oysters…

But we DID also get….

Fried Calamari

Fresh calamari lightly breaded and deep-fried, tossed with a variety of sauteed peppers, served with bistro sauce

Spicy and delicious…. I was scared of the sauce – cuz I’m not a sauce person esp when it looks mayo-y – but sooo much yummy spicy banana peppers and perfectly light fried calamari.. wish there were more leggggiessss tho – tentacles are my favorite part of squiddies!!!

Mommy’s Halibut Special

Pan Seared with Jerk Seasoning, served with pineapple salsa, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

She gave me some and it was SO good.. I couldn’t taste jerk seasoning but it was light and refreshing… the pineapple salsa was super fresh and sweet…

Daddy’s Beer Battered Haddock aka FISH N CHIPS &heart;

Served with French Fries, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

I love good fish and chips and my parents LOVED this.. in fact my mom ate more of my dad’s dish than hers.. so my dad and I had to help her finish hers.. hahaha… MMM fries :D

My Bouillabaisse

Medley of Sauteed Haddock, Salmon, Scallops, Maine Shrimp, Peekytoe Crabmeat and White Wine in a Saffron-Infused Tomato Broth with Garlic Croutons and a Rouille Sauce [Rouille Sauce = Spicy Garlicky Mayo based Spicy Sauce]

I asked for it to be extra spicy but I ended up using a lot of tobasco in it anyways :D It was really delicious.. I’m such a sucker for bouillabaisses and cioppinos.. any sort of soupy seafood medley just makes me so so happy.. even though it was super hot out.. MMMM soup!!!

I skipped out of dessert at the restaurant.. and got ice cream..

Off to Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium againnnnn, I got the Fig & Walnut Gelato

I also tried some lobster ice cream

It’s SO good… super buttery and sweet and chunks of frozen lobster which was SUPER delicious… surprisingly so.. not fishy at all.. YUM!

After shopping and wandering some… we headed back to shower – again – and go to bed… more adventures tomorrow :D

Sel De La Terre: Wine Tuesday – “Rhône Valley”

Once again, Wine Tuesday is here… I love tuesdays :D

I had meetings out in Billericca today so I just went straight to Natick afterwards… did some shopping…. possibly a lot… I had a long list of things to get from Sephora.. and then, of course, stopped by Sweet Factory :] Half hour early so I sat down at my regular table in SDLT and got a drink while I waited for my date

Peche Royale

Champagne with some yummy peach… slightly sweet and definitely opened up my appetite for the rest of the night.

Finally my date got here, and so did the rest of the dinner guests… I think the hostess said 21+ people tonight!!!!.. woooo.. of COURSE I had interesting dinner neighbors, AGAIN…. they were kinda snotty and spoke French and acted like they knew everything already that  recognized some familiar faces as well…

Erik Johnson

Bread Basket <3

The Menu of the night…. YUM YUM

* First Course *

Fig Chutney with Aged Gouda, Basil and Crostini

The white wine was light and crisp and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!

The original menu was supposed to be a Tomato Confit so I was slightly disappointed that it changed it to fig.. altho still VERY delicious. Some greens, pickled cauliflower… pinenuts… fig chutney… crostini.. and then delicious sauce… savory.. which balanced perfectly with the DELICIOUS aged Gouda.. I’m so used to a hard crunchy gouda… I forgot how amazing non-fridged perfectly fresh Gouda was <3 Aged to PERFECTION… which reminds me I need to restock on my cheese…

* Second Course *

Étuve of Halibut with Pearl Barley and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

I’m not a huge fan of Roses anymore…  I used to be when I was younger and just getting into wine… now I want my white or red… altho I do tend to enjoy rose champagnes :]  ANYWAYS… was told that this was one of the few Roses from the region [methinks, not 100% sure… I was a few glasses in by now] This was pretty tasty tho :]

The halibut had a tart smell to it.. and was sooo tender.. sooo flakey and delicious.  A nice delicious slippery skin on the side and atop a nice creamy but firm pearl barley “risotto”… with some carrots in it – DELISH!!  I loved the bit of herbs on top.. added to the texture of the fish.. PERFECTLY cooked!!!!

* Main Course *

Roasted Duck Leg with Celery Root , Potatoes Anna and Cherry Gastrique

Very very nice French red… I tend to not lik French reds.. I find them too earthy… but I always seem to like Rhone region reds… this was delicious… delicate yet robust at the same time… totally enjoyed it… not too heavy.. MMM… paired great with the duck

The duck… oh my, the duck. Methinks the greens was a nice swiss chard… delicious potatoes, thinly sliced and stacked atop each other.. the celery root puree was delicious but I wanted a lot more… very potato like… and then duck OH the duck – the skin was yummy [could’ve been crisper] but just the right amount of fat…. very meaty and just perfectly cooked.. I had some bad roast duck last night from chinatown so this made me so so happy

* Side Order * of Sautéed Spinach with Parmesan 

Nicely wilted, not overly so with a nice light bit of parm on top… wished it was garlicky but this was perfectly cooked MMM.. I hate when spinach gets too mushy….

* Cheese Course *

Fromage d’Affinois, France

This wine was definitely a lot heavier and more to it than the last red, so this may have been a least favorite out of the bunch, BUT….. this paired great with the cheese…

The cheese was brie like – light cow’s milk… very delicious.


So the dessert was supposed to be…
Fondant Cake with Honey Fromage Blanc and Vanilla Ice Cream

WHICH ended up looking kinda meh compared to what I got served.. for some reason this was placed in front of me….:

“Grand Dessert”Warm Chocolate Fondant Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream
Berry Ice Cream
Guava Sorbet
Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake
Vanilla Creme Brulee
& the BEST Sugared Honey Lavender Beignets with Orange Blossom Anglaise

there was also thi delicious jelly sort of  thing with Passionfruit and coconut… SOOOOO amazing!!!

I shoved the whole plate down my throat.. AMAZINZG… the beignets were to DIE for.. the creme brulee.. OMG.. the guava sorbet… everything was just sooooo delicious.. not too sweet and just a great combo – I have been to SDLT SOOO many times and NEVER saw this tasting of desserts.. must be fairly new but DEFINITELY order this next time you go, hell just go and order THIS!

Til next Tuesday… :]

You say Agavé … and I do too…

Everytime I’ve ever been to Newburyport, about 50 minutes away North of where I live in Boston, I’ve taken the puppy with me… weather has been great and I’ve been going on many a short roadtrips lately…

okay she’s 3.5 years old now but to me she’ll always be a puppy :] Hehe… so outdoor seating is a must. When she was younger, and quieter, I used to sneak her inside restaurants in her pink Juicy doggy bags, but now she’s a yappy little fart so outdoor seating is necessary. And the place I always go to to eat? Agave.

First thing was first, it was hot and I was thirsty. Thirsty for adult beverages :]

Prickly Pear Margarita

I specifically asked for a less sweet margarita and this thing was delicious, HUGE… I know it doesn’t look that big compared to my head, but I have a big head and this margarita was HUUUUGE… and delicious. SO good, in fact, it was DERRRRIcious.. yes, the inner fob came out – THAT good!

And then out came the delicious FRESHLY fried tortilla chips [yep still warm, but not greasy] their signature salsa.. and then, SECRET: You have to ask for their green salsa, which is a SUPER spicy and delicious salsa verde!

I had ordered some guacamole but the waitress TOTALLY forgot to put the order in – so sad… but it’s okay, she remembered my ceviche. I ALWAYS crave a good ceviche in the summer.. if I’m having Mexican, I need my lime cooked fish!

Ceviche Acapulqueño

Halibut marinated in lemon juice with chopped onions, tomatoes, Serrano chiles and fresh cilantro, served with avocado and crackers. [a local favorite]

The fish was SUPER tender, SUPER fresh and there was SO MUCH!  The crackers were good, but sort of bland, def not sweet OR salty which goes well with the ceviche, but I ended up saving them for Didi :] I ate the ceviche with the salsa verde, delicious….. there was so much it was barely finished…

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

A colorful and refreshing salad with grilled shrimp, avocado and chunks of mango served over a bed of fresh mixed greens with a honey- lime dressing.

You hear shrimp & avocado and you think OH healthy, light, and diet food – OHHHH NO!  This plate was HUUUUGE… tons of LARGE succulent grilled shrimp – FULL of flavor and perfectly spiced.  A HUGE half of an avocado, TONS of sweet big chunks of mango…delicious, fresh, crisp leafy greens and slices of juicy tomato. LOVING IT!!!


Michoacan style carnitas, shredded pork, slowly cooked in a copper pot and served with chopped onions, cilantro, crushed red pepper, fresh salsa verde and corn tortillas

Life is always better with pig in it. Especially tender juicy pulled pork.. mexicanfied… oh they’re pretty darn cute pre-pulled and post-mexicanfied as well :]

Baja Fish Tacos

Three medium or hard corn tortillas stuffed with baja fish that is floured and very lightly fried served with cabbage, cheese and pico de gallo

SUPER flavorful and very very tender fish…. SO very lightly fried, not greasy at all and covered in light, delicious, soft fluffy cheese…. the cabbage added the perfect crunch factor – and obviously, as you can tell from the photo, that “medium” corn tortillas were asked for.. I actually don’t get medium vs soft.. but whatever, delicious… :]  The fish was beautifully flavored and yummy cheese re-fried beans!

After the meal, we all walked around, took tons of goofy pictures, talked to more ppl with dogs, walked thru the antique barn… [tho got nothing, lots of creepy dolls in there tho ew] and looked at boats. Left just in time, cuz then it started POURING!!!!….

If you’re ever around and looking for something to do, definitely head over to Newburyport for a great day – lots of great fresh seafood, lots of outdoor seating for restos, homemade ice cream, candy shops, little stores [TWO pet stores!!!!] you can picnic, play in the park, go sailing, etc… :]

Oh and drink great margaritas @ Agave

I’ve been on a huge Mexican food kick lately so look forward to many more posts!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA :] The fun single life, friends, summer, roadtrips and bbqs has been catching up with me ;D

@ChefSamTalbot’s amazing Imperial No. 9

After high anticipation I finally made it out to the GORGEOUS Mondrion SoHo to Chef Sam Talbot‘s Imperial No. 9! To be honest, I’m tired of going to places that are all hype and decor but total lackluster in food.. This was SO not the case. I have been on a crazy good streak of delicious seafood… especially with just having gotten back from a trip filled with fresh seafood in Hawaii… and now this? Most places would not be able to compare, but THIS is definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had – especially one that was ALL seafood.

Let’s begin with the chef….

Feel like you’ve heard the name or recognize this gorgeous face?

Of course you have, Top Chef Season 2 where he finished third….

Other things about him… he’s diabetic so he promotes diabetic awareness. This is a big deal to me since both my parents are diabetic, as are many members of my family.

Wherever he goes, Sam’s cooking is always a reflection of his insistence on fresh, healthy ingredients. That is part and parcel of who he is as a diabetic—one who also volunteers extensively with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and who uses his newfound celebrity to increase awareness of the disease. To that end, Sam and JDRF have established an annual series of events to raise money for their fight against juvenile diabetes.

Very awesome. Also, Imperial No. 9 is a sustainable seafood restaurant – how awesome is that?! Makes it even more appealing….

“At the highly anticipated Imperial No. Nine, located just off the lobby, Chef Sam Talbot introduces his sustainable seafood concept with a 150-seat restaurant. A long bar serves as a casual imbibing spot with a selection of handcrafted cocktails by John Lermayer, for which Morgans Hotel Group’s nightlife destinations are famous. The garden building at Imperial No. Nine boasts a timeless setting complemented by an elegant crystal chandelier collection and accented with potted plants and natural ficus trees, all beneath the shelter of a dramatic glass roof. The delicate, over-sized glass sculpture centerpiece, crafted by acclaimed artist Beth Lipman, serves as a reference to Cocteau’s story in which seduction takes the form of an elaborate feast, prepared nightly.”

He’s also the exec chef at The Surf Lodge in Montauk…. haven’t been but if it’s anything close to my meal here at Imperial, it’s a must-go :]

All dolled up and ready to chow down!!!

The gorgeous walkway to the hotel… [looking out towards the street]

Sam next to the gorgeous chandelier….

Ok ok, enough beauty shots of the restaurant and the chef, time to get down and dirty [in an oh so good way] to the main reason why we’re here and I’m writing about this. The food, food, food and THE FOOD!!! Okay, because we DO continue though, I need to apologize for the horribly lit photos.  The room was dark and I didn’t wanna ruin the atmosphere with stupid flashe of light from my camera.. you’re just gonna have to go on my description to make up for my crappy photos.. My b.

Iberico Lardo & Sea Urchin
Charred Scallion, Pressed Stecca, Maldon Salt

The bread was soooo crispy and delicious. Buttery [in a yummy EVOO sort of way], a delicious large slice of lardo and milky delicious uni on top.  There were four pieces and I was MELTING over the amazing bread. Usually bites like this are too much bread but this was just perfect.  Great textures, crunch and creaminess… the tart yogurty sauce that the bites were put on top of was a GREAT addition to the flavors. I love how this was IBERICO lardo, not just regular.. usually you just hear of the jamon and not much else…. YUM

Craving more stecca [the bread]…so we asked for some…

Pressed Stecca

They were steamy hot and delicious!  Just a touch of EVOO and a hint of garlic… soooo delicious and crispy.  Tasted almost buttery without the fatty animal taste. Amazing!!!

Special of the Day: Mussels

To be honest, I don’t remember the specifics of the dish.. it was absolutely freaking delicious.  The mussels were steamed/cooked to perfection. Tender and just super fresh.  There was a light broth of what I’m guessing to be an Italian large leaf parsley and shallots?!?!.. it was very subtle and light.  Great broth to dip the stecca in. YUM!

Slow Cooked Octopus
Jalapeno Soffrito, Lime, Soy

I found this to be perfectly cooked.  I always get slightly nervous with octopus… it can be easily cooked wrong – basically overcooked.. but this was tender and FULL of flavor. Tasted like an asian dish out of my mother’s kitchen or something.. Definitely not overpowering though.

Jumbo Fluke
Frozen Coconut, Chili Water, Chinese Black Vinegar

This was so super unique.. I kind of wanted to try the raw cubed tuna, but what got me was the thinly sliced frozen coconut on top of the fresh fluke.  Not fishy at ALL – which sometimes I find fluke to be, clean but definitely fish tasting… the black vinegar totally cuts through the sweetness and the whole bite finishes off with a touch of heat from the chili water. Clean, delicious and addicting.

Heirloom Blue Corn Shrimp and Grits
Aged Cheddar, NY State Maple Jus, Slow Poached Egg, Coffee Oil This just may be my most favorite shrimp and grits I have ever had.  The grits were fine and creamy… and then the chunks of blue heirloom corn kernels just added so much texture and chew to the dish.  The egg was perfectly cooked, lightly lightly poached, so much that the egg white was just barely past translucent.  The shrimp were fresh and cooked to a tender chew which just added to the plethora of textures and flavors of the dish.  I think this may have been the best dish of the night, and, like I said, the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had.

Special of the Day: Pacific Halibut a la Plancha
Served on top of a fresh Tabuleh

To be fair, I will say that the first plate we got was cold :[ But they were quick to change it with a plate of freshly cooked tender halibut.  I rarely get halibut that is so succulent and sweet… usually I find it to be slightly overcooked and more stiff – kind of like a swordfish – but this is one of the first and few times I’ve realized that halibut can have a silky soft texture.  The star of the show was most definitely the tabuleh though.  Wait, is that fair to say? I adored it, usually there’s too much cracked wheat, but this was perfection… great balance. AND they have some delicious sundried tomatoes. OMG… amazing!!!…  tub of this please.

We actually wanted to get the seared scallops as well, but our waiter felt like it would be too much food — so not the case, totally could’ve eaten more… but they accidentally still brought it out for us – confused – but afterthefact, I wish we had accepted it or had ordered it anyways….. it looked amazing… and I can always eat more.. I guess that’s why I have to come back again to try the rest of the menu [since it’s sustainable and seasonal, I’m guessing it’s ever-changing!]

Banana Bread Pudding
Maple Bourbon Fluid Gel, Honey Comb Semi Freddo, Nutella

The bread pudding was warm and the semifreddo was cold.  So fun to eat.  The semifreddo was TO. DIE. FOR. Like, literally.  I could NOT get enough of it — slight taste of honey and fluffy like a marshmallow :D  I LOVE banana bread so I was a HUGE fan of this… I could NOT stop eating it

Caramel Corn
Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Sweet Popcorn Powder

This was actually one of our waiter’s favorite desserts.  BTW, I forgot his name but he had sick ass glasses and looked like Lenny Kravtiz… swanky… anyways. THIS WAS SO GOOD.  Salty Ice Cream, reminiscent of Resto’s…. but then more salty a la L’Artusi’s sea salt gelato… OMG FREAKING AMAZING…. I know this is a PG-13? Sort of porno food blog but I want to break out in a song of dirty words to describe this… well this dessert and those SHRIMP AND GRITS [gawddamn I can’t stop thinking about it]  The powder was soft and fluffy like Smartfood Popcorn [okay weird comparison but it’s true]  BUT OMG POPCORN POWDER!!!…

And because I’m sure no one will complain…. :] Another photo of the chef ;D

MENTON just may be the best of Boston

Not to sound snotty.. but I’ve been having some pretty delicious meals. FREAKING AMAZING meals to be exact.. and mainly in the seafood area. I’ve been on a seafood craze/binge – every dinner I crave some sort of fish and shellfish ;D Can’t help it!!! I was born by the ocean and grew up in freaking New England.

Now before I begin, I admit, while I’ve had good food in Boston, very few places really blow my mind.  I feel like I’m cheating on L’Espalier, but I think I may have found my newest favorite Boston Restaurant where I’ve had one of the BEST meals of my life!!!


Yep. As soon as we sat down Barbara, yes THE Barbara Lynch, walked by and waved hi to us *faints* Lovely!

The Bubblies & Wines of the Night:
NV Simmonet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne
MV Roagna Barbaresco “Opera Prima XVI”
NV Margaine Champagne 1er Cru Brut Rose Willers – Marmery

Amuse Bouche —
Tarragon Veloute
Blood Orange, Beets, Guanciale

Creamy and super buttery tasting. Of course, as an amuse, you gotta eat it all in one bite… but I savored it in many bites.. teehee…

Mini Hot Buttery Croissant #1 of 20… hahaha

Words can’t even begin to explain how freaking delicious these things are – crack crack crackity crack!!!! Trust me, even if you come here ONLY for these, it’s SO worth it!!!! But then everything else is great too!!!

Asparagus Gelee
White Sturgeon Caviar, Lobster Crudo, Wild Onion Flower

This gelee actually didn’t taste like asparagus. It was a soft, but firm consistency.. I LOVED the raw lobster – I’m so glad I’m finding raw lobster someplace other than Japanese sushi restaurants!!!… So fresh and tender… one of my favorite sashimi’s… and the caviar on top gave a nice salty balance to the whole dish!

Black Bass
Sea Urchin, Clams, Little Gem Lettuce

From the creamy uni to the slight chewy snap of the cooked down lettuce… and the delicious cute little clams…and then of course the perfectly cooked black bass. Flaking apart with a crisp seared skin. ALL was consumed and licked up clean!

GM gave me and UNI our own crossiants ;D

East Coast Halibut En Croute
Ramp Puree, Fennel, Puffed Wild Rice

When my mom was pregnant, she basically ate halibut every single day. So I guess it was meant to be that I’d love this firm white fish.  A perfect light sear on the halibut with a little salad of fennel and other herbs on the side… and of course the puffed rice. SO so so good. Such a simple element that took this dish to a WHOLE new level. Fantasmic.

Gorgeous Bottle of Wine

Rolls :D

Sour dough, french and wheat. We ate them – but then asked for more croissants [of course!!! I told you we had like 20 of them, AT LEAST!!!!]

Complimentary —
Fava Leaf Agnolotti
Fava Bean, Parmesan Cream

This was so creamy and literally just melted in your mouth… a little bit more bite to the pasta would’ve been nice or a chewier middle but I thought it was heavenly. Z seemed to want more of that bite/chew to it – but I was happy gobbling mine up and the thought of it was just afterthefact. Hahaha. #fattie AND have I mentioned my love of fava beans?! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Perfectly cooked… just enough snap to them… yummm…. spring is a-coming :]

Terrine of Foie Gras, Ris de Veau and Rabbit
Muscat Grape, Cepa Vieja, Rosemary Raisin Toast

The terrine was sooooooo creamy!!! We ended up eating it on the croissants [of COURSE]… the chutney it came with was as beautiful as it was THE PERFECT additional element to the bite! Perfect bite of salty sweet, creamy, chewy… oh MAN!.. and of course with the croissants, BUTTERYYYY and flakey!!!… The terrine NEVER lost the spotlight but wasn’t overpowering either….

Seared Foie Gras de canard
Ginger, Rhubarb, Tellicherry Pepper

I’ve only had one seared foie gras go wrong, this was the exact OPPOSITE of that bad experience. Delicious, silky with just enough sauce.  The leaves provided a nice fresh element to the semi seemingly-“heavy” bites.

Assiette of Rabbit
Black Trumpet, Almond

Rabbit Sausage,Meatball, Kidney [in the puff pastry] etc..
It was like a deconstructed rabbit made into delicious forms of yumminess. To be honest I was slightly hesitant about the kidney pie but it was my favorite!!! Flakey outside and a creamy inside full of flavor – didn’t taste like organ meat at ALL, if you didn’t tell me it was kidneys I would’ve had NO idea!  More kidney pies please!

Marcho Farm Veal
Vidalia Onion, Fava, Radish

Tongue, Sweetbreads, Loin

Super super tender tongue… as was the loin, but the sweetbread was just fantastic. Super creamy and amazing…. I’m a sucker for sweetbreads and this was a great surprise. I’m liking these deconstructed animals on my plate. It’s also a great way to get people to eat different parts of an animal.

Artisanal Cheeses


Thin crisps, pistachios, cooked apples & raisins, white honey and candied almonds

In no particular order —
Winnimere, Vermont
Brillat-Savarin, Normandy
Challerhocker, Toggenberg
Veendekaas Reserve, Netherlands

The cheese at 9 o clock was my favorite but freak me sideways [haha trying not to be too vulgar] I can’t FREAKING remember what kind of cheese it was – obviously they’re all cow’s milk… but OH MAN, I was devouring it like no other. Dip dip in the honey <3

Extra Honey and Almonds

Blood Orange and Cocoa Nib Sorbet
Almond Biscotti

I don’t like eating blood oranges, but I love them in desserts – the flavors are just explosive. This was a light little dessert – the nibs totally pack a punch and add such an great crunch factor [which I LOVE]  The thin thin crispy “biscotti” on top was the perfect additional crunch and flavor. So well thought out but oh so simple.

Double Espressos

Spiced Chocolate Cake
Madeira Sabayon Mousse, Banana Glace, Dehydrated Marshmallow
Okay, it technically WASN’T our anniversary but still – cute :] Even the menus that they gave us had happy anni on it!!! Just a week off so it’s okay :]

Mini Macarons

These were SO yummy. I’m obsessed with macarons so this was SUCH a perfect little sugar sweet finish to the end such an amazing night.

Even though the dinner ran super late, they still gave us a kitchen tour.  Awesome.

The staff already had their beers of the night ready for their nightly meetings – haha. I felt like I was intruding but everyone was super nice to us.

Me and Aya

She’s the adorable petite pastry Chef who created those amazingly orgasmic buttery crossiants…. she even sent me home with a box of 8 buttery frozen creations to bake on my own <3 Look how ecstatic I am holding my bag of ready-to-bake croissants :D

GM Alec Riveros and I

This guy was SO nice – the entire night he made sure our croissant plates were full and was just a blast to talk to… he even playe along and talked to UNI ;D Now THAT’S dedication [come on giving UNI his own serving of croissants?!?!? Fatties galore!!] OBVIOUSLY this fat girl benefited from getting doubly the amount :D

This place is AMAZING and I will be back very very soon! Romantic, quiet setting and amazing staff – great service and just a great great great restaurant. A little hidden, definitely my new seafood happy place! YUM! Thanks Barbara for making me have faith in the Boston food scene again!

A week in Boston…

I’m behind and have a million things to blog about. I may blog less, but I certainly don’t eat any less… ;D So I was back in Boston for the past week, er well last week…. but I’ve been busy chowing down….

There was O Sushi at Copley with mommy :] One of our fav quickie lunch stops when we go on shopping sprees [and we DID spree… Jimmy Choo specifically]..

[L-R Top to Bottom]
Sake Kinutamaki – Sake, Avocado, Cucumber, Scallions & Tobiko wrapped in Daikon
Soft Shell Crab served Tempura Style w/ Ponzu Sauce [for mommy]
Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, Tako [octopus] Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Hotate [Scallop] Sashimi
Scorpian Roll [for mommy]

And then having a groupon certificate helped too :D We have 2 more to go ;D

AND THEN…. there was more birthday chowing down, at Oishii Too specifically… with two friends

Kin Zan Sake

salmon, truffle oil, chives, sesame seeds, yuzu wasabi, thinly sliced truffle
topped with caviar and 24k gold flake

Can’t find the name on the website but it’s crab salad in ponzu sauce in a tomato :] SO YUM!

Baby Hamachi Sashimi, White Tuna Sashimi, Hotate [scallop] Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, Tako [octopus] Sashimi

There was also Hamachi Kama, Seaweed Salad, Edamame, Eggplant and other snackies :]

And then there was using another one of my Groupon certificates [I’m obsessed] for Sel De La Terre… one of my fav places to go, outside of Boston, when I’m at home.

Apple Street Farms heirloom tomato salad with Boston bibb lettuce, crumbled feta; harissa vinaigrette

Hearts of romaine with bosc pears, shaved red onion, Fourme D’ambert, candied nuts; sherry vinaigrette

Pan seared East Coast halibut, sweet corn grits, romaine fondue, confit cherry tomatoes

Grilled rainbow trout, eggplant caponata, wilted baby arugula; bacon vinaigrette

And then there was brunch before watching Eat, Pray, Love on Sunday :] Everyone should know by now that Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. We ate at Met Bar.

I had the L.A. Avocado / Tomato / Sprouts / Roasted Garlic Egg White Scramble

MEXICO Jack Cheese / Jalapenos / Guacamole / Cilantro Scramble

Strawberry Jam Filling / Maple Glazed Bananas

..and mommy went hardcore and got the huge COWBOY STEAK & EGG BURRITO
Sliced Skirt Steak / Scrambled Egg / Poblano Peppers / Pepper Jack / Charred Onions / Red Chimi Hollandaise / Extra Large Flour Tortilla

The movie, by the way, was sooo great. I’ve read the book before and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well. Is it just me or is Julia Roberts getting more and more gorgeous as she gets older?!… Not only that, it made me LONG for a trip back to La Bella Roma…. the pasta… the fresh food, the smells, the wines, the views, SIGH* Someone take me, please?!

That nite before I went back to the City, my mommy made a plethera of dishes, again, including spicy marinated cold seaweed salad… Halibut,, Ketchup Shrimp.. these things were as big as LOBSTER tails!!!… some Crispy Duck and of course lots of veggies :] NOM!
Tonite?!… I made a zesty blanced asparagus, heirloom tomato, vidalia onion balsamic dressed salad with garlicky baked potaters and a filet mignon for me [rare] and a nice big ribeye. I have onion breath, so you better find it sexy. If not. Too bad :D

BTW, I realize now that I STILL haven’t blogged about Yakitori Totto… *fail* tomorrow will be the day… as will my blogging about Agua Dulce, a few dishes I cooked at home and of course, the fantabulous LE BERNARDIN <3

Most Fabulous, Per Se


I woke up to a delivery of this….

Gorgeous, isn’t it?!… It was funny because I was super annoyed being woken up by our security downstairs.. they kept calling and calling and calling me…. and at first I was avoiding picking up the phone… but finally I gave in…. hahahaha


I was told that I was bring brought to Gordon Ramsay at the London – which is also fab but I had my heart set on Per Se for the special occasion…… BUUUUUTTTT I was sooo surprised when I was taken into Columbus Circle… I was like.. this isn’t where Gordon Ramsay is….. SURPRISE!!!!

He told me he had booked it over a month in advance already and was just PRETENDING that he did’nt try til a week ago. Silly guy.. I was all smiles :]

He got the Chef’s Tasting and I got the Vegetarian Tasting so that way instead of just the same 9 courses, we get 18 different courses to try :D We also got a wine pairing for every 2 dishes of ours…

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Dining Chef’s Table at THE L’Espalier

Boyfriend is visiting Boston for Labor Day weekend so I want to show him a bit of our foodieness… and yes I ended up taking him to Oishii Too :] (BEST sushi!!!).. and I took him to Taiwan Cafe for their amazing Xiao Long Baos and Duck Tongues…. but I needed that extra little oomph…

Chitown is amazing and has so much delicious foods… but we, Boston, got a little something something as well… so I decided to take him to my favorite restaurant… L’Espalier:] I’d only been there for tea time and lunch and I’ve always wanted to go with someone special for their dinners…. finally, someone worthy (well I’d take Jaime as well but she’s a regular as well hehe) :]

And since it IS Boyfriend.. might as well go all out :] He’s the only other person I know that could truly appreciate dining Chef’s Table :] (altho after that night it was a little less “French”-y than I remember.. also I miss the old light classic fancy decor.. now it looks so black and modern lounge-y…

We rode the elevator up a few floors and got out. We sat in a cute lounge and then got taken to the back of the kitchen to eat the experience (and probably one of the most expensive ones) of a lifetime :]

Dine in the heart of the L’Espalier kitchen and enjoy the spectacular Chef’s Tasting Journey at our exclusive chef’s table. Book your party of one or two and experience our most exciting and elaborate dinner on any night of the week, excluding Sunday. One reservation per night accepted.

Photo Credit: L’Espalier


Chef and Proprietor: Frank McClelland
Chef de Cuisine: James Hackney
Pastry Chef: Jiho Kim

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