Acadia ME: Jordan Pond House

After a delicious dinner the night before and a good night’s rest… we got up early for…. [okay I didn’t really but my parents did.. I skipped out on brekky hahahaha] well aside from hiking, POPOVERS!!!..  I’ll explain later…

Me and Didi ready to go…

Rocking the leopard shorts and Red Sox hat… and yes that’s Didi’s one of million carriers on my mom hahaha…

It was like a million degrees outside so it was nice going in the center with AC when we bought tickets to go into the park for the weekend…

I also bought a coloring book and crayons

But before we explore… it’s time for popovers.. yes yes yes, the last time I was in Acadia we came here like 3x or something just so I could continuously eat popovers like crazy… JORDAN POND HOUSE!!! One huge complaint tho.. it’s ALL in the open so NONE of the places had AC.. AT ALL!!! Not even the gift shop *dies*

We had to sit outside in the 98 degree heat cuz we had Didi with us.. puppies outside only…

I don’t remember the last time I drank so much ice water… we filled up on ice water – well I just asked for cups of ice since it melted super fast – and iced coffee for me.. iced tea for mommy and daddy…

Making sure Didi wasn’t dying from the heat


YUMMMMMM <3 This makes me oh so happy, it’s SO hot but the piping hot melt-in-your-mouth popover is just amazing. AMAZING!!!

Feeding Didi some popovers :D

Daddy’s Curried Chicken Salad Sammich

I stole some of the curried chicken salad.. and his pickle!!!!.. MMMMM so yummy.. and methinks the chips were Cape Cod chips cuz they were so crunchy and yummy – I hate greasy filmsy chips LAME, these were SO not those – hehehehe…

Mommy’s Walnut/Cranberry Chicken Salad with Mandarin Oranges, Crackers and Grapes

I stole all of mommy’s grapes.. okay not ALL but a lot of them TEEHEE…

My Garden Salad Topped with LOBSTER

Haha they had a lobster salad but didn’t have all the veggies I wanted in it…. PLUS it was cheaper just to add lobster to a salad then get THE lobster salad.. #soasian hahahahahahah…. OK a lot of the reason was cuz I wanted tomatoes and radishes!!!

We walked around a tiny bit, especially around the lake but it got SO hot I just wanted to go back and go to the pool… so that’s what we did.. .parents hid indoors in the hotel in the AC while I changed and went to lounge by the pool…

And of course adult beverages started happening by the pool…

Black Tea Ice Pick

St Germain, Agave, Black Tea, Lemon… it was SO refreshing and delicious… I tanned and played Words :]

My view.. I opted to turn my tanning chair to look out onto the gorgeous lake!

Dinner ended up being at Parkside a few hours later…… yeah I was half passed out by the pool.. it was so hot but it’s so much nicer with the breeze from the lake….


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  2. […] They gave more bread. These things were soooo good.. but nothing beats a good popover. Just saying… […]


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