A week in Boston…

I’m behind and have a million things to blog about. I may blog less, but I certainly don’t eat any less… ;D So I was back in Boston for the past week, er well last week…. but I’ve been busy chowing down….

There was O Sushi at Copley with mommy :] One of our fav quickie lunch stops when we go on shopping sprees [and we DID spree… Jimmy Choo specifically]..

[L-R Top to Bottom]
Sake Kinutamaki – Sake, Avocado, Cucumber, Scallions & Tobiko wrapped in Daikon
Soft Shell Crab served Tempura Style w/ Ponzu Sauce [for mommy]
Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, Tako [octopus] Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Hotate [Scallop] Sashimi
Scorpian Roll [for mommy]

And then having a groupon certificate helped too :D We have 2 more to go ;D

AND THEN…. there was more birthday chowing down, at Oishii Too specifically… with two friends

Kin Zan Sake

salmon, truffle oil, chives, sesame seeds, yuzu wasabi, thinly sliced truffle
topped with caviar and 24k gold flake

Can’t find the name on the website but it’s crab salad in ponzu sauce in a tomato :] SO YUM!

Baby Hamachi Sashimi, White Tuna Sashimi, Hotate [scallop] Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, Tako [octopus] Sashimi

There was also Hamachi Kama, Seaweed Salad, Edamame, Eggplant and other snackies :]

And then there was using another one of my Groupon certificates [I’m obsessed] for Sel De La Terre… one of my fav places to go, outside of Boston, when I’m at home.

Apple Street Farms heirloom tomato salad with Boston bibb lettuce, crumbled feta; harissa vinaigrette

Hearts of romaine with bosc pears, shaved red onion, Fourme D’ambert, candied nuts; sherry vinaigrette

Pan seared East Coast halibut, sweet corn grits, romaine fondue, confit cherry tomatoes

Grilled rainbow trout, eggplant caponata, wilted baby arugula; bacon vinaigrette

And then there was brunch before watching Eat, Pray, Love on Sunday :] Everyone should know by now that Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. We ate at Met Bar.

I had the L.A. Avocado / Tomato / Sprouts / Roasted Garlic Egg White Scramble

MEXICO Jack Cheese / Jalapenos / Guacamole / Cilantro Scramble

Strawberry Jam Filling / Maple Glazed Bananas

..and mommy went hardcore and got the huge COWBOY STEAK & EGG BURRITO
Sliced Skirt Steak / Scrambled Egg / Poblano Peppers / Pepper Jack / Charred Onions / Red Chimi Hollandaise / Extra Large Flour Tortilla

The movie, by the way, was sooo great. I’ve read the book before and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well. Is it just me or is Julia Roberts getting more and more gorgeous as she gets older?!… Not only that, it made me LONG for a trip back to La Bella Roma…. the pasta… the fresh food, the smells, the wines, the views, SIGH* Someone take me, please?!

That nite before I went back to the City, my mommy made a plethera of dishes, again, including spicy marinated cold seaweed salad… Halibut,, Ketchup Shrimp.. these things were as big as LOBSTER tails!!!… some Crispy Duck and of course lots of veggies :] NOM!
Tonite?!… I made a zesty blanced asparagus, heirloom tomato, vidalia onion balsamic dressed salad with garlicky baked potaters and a filet mignon for me [rare] and a nice big ribeye. I have onion breath, so you better find it sexy. If not. Too bad :D

BTW, I realize now that I STILL haven’t blogged about Yakitori Totto… *fail* tomorrow will be the day… as will my blogging about Agua Dulce, a few dishes I cooked at home and of course, the fantabulous LE BERNARDIN <3


  1. No worries! Just blog when you can – I’m always behind in recapping stuff, haha ;)


  2. i think i need to make a trip to boston again soon


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