What else is there to Canadia other than Ice Hockey and Mooses..


The first time I had it was in 2012 in Windsor, Canaaaaadia… literally 5 minutes away from where I was staying in Detroit. At a little place called Frenchy’s Poutinery.  I’ve heard about this creation but never had it.  And when I was living in Seattle and going to Vancouver all the time, I was too little to even care about food.

Look at me, all dressed up and excited to go.

I think we ordered a few meats on here.  It was messy, gooey and over-flowing.  When I think of gravy, I think of Thanksgiving gravy… thick, dense and heavy…. but poutine gravy is more like a thicker jus.  The fries got soggy after a bit since it got so covered with stuff…..

So, now comes the part of the review.  I recently went to Ontario/Niagra Falls with family and was told by C that I had to hit up Smoke’s Poutinerie. HAD TO.  I was so sick that morning from being so underdressed and cold and smoke covered at the casino the night before… but I HAD TO GO TO CANADA FOR POUTINE!

I ended up getting an original one.  Simple.  Crispy fries.  Chunks of cheese curds and that light thin gravy I talked about earlier.  It was like 4pm and my first meal of the day – the fam weren’t too into it but I loved it.  I liked that the fries stayed crispy :] YUM!

And of course I left my mark! @misstiffie

So as soon as L saw me post pictures of poutine, he got poutine-envy; So for July 4th, I made a mini poutine bar for the party he threw.  I make a mean double fried fries :]  And in the back I had a mushroom gravy which I thinned down with chicken stock – and I added some white pepper for more of a bite.

My 40 (but not a Colt) – Bigger than K and I’s head

My first bowl.  My skinny rosemary fries, cheese curds (ranch flavored but I couldn’t taste it), my gravy, pulled pork and topped with crumbled chunks of crispy bacon!  I even microwaved it a bit so the curds would get super gooey!!!

I also made some fresh watermelon margaritas for everyone.

Ps. Don’t let a drunk person piggyback you while you’re drunk in a crowded area.

Pps. if that lady who wanted to hit me ever reads this. You still suck.

So yay for Canada for actually having a few cool things, even though it’s still really easy to “blame Canada” and make fun of Canada eh… HAH :]

A Day in Boston…. ending at Sonsie’s…

After a super fun day in Fanueil Hall Downtown Boston…. beers and tons of shopping galore

Yep even changed my outfit part way thru

Headed over to Newbury St. for some delicious eats… at Sonsie’s.. one of my fav places


Pork belly Tacos <3


Frites <3

And of course, my favorite, Cheeseburger Pizza

I could eat this every day!!!

Finally eating at Mintwood…

Pictures now, descriptions later.

Pork Cracklins’

Simon’s Prime Hamburgers, it’s like Five Guys but Canadian…

After playing on the Detroit side, we decided to go to the Canadian side for the carnival there and the fireworks…. so we packed our backpacks and off to Windsor, Ontario Canada we go..


SMOOOOOOOTH… I can’t stop laughing at these ads.. google them, they’re hilarious!

We first stopped by a Tobacco shop for some cigars :] The guy seemed talkative and probably lonely? Windsor is such an empty city.  But yeah you can drink 19+ but then you can only get tobacco 19+ too. Not bad.

And while we wandered to search for our hotel, my eye caught this.. so obviously we had to get some.  We’re both Leos so we got the Leo Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea ExpressHibiscus + Litchi with tapioca pearls and we added some Mango Jelly for more texture. YUM.  This was SO delicious, not too sweet with a slight plum tart taste to it.

W sipping away. :]

Our view from the hotel room was PERFECT for the fireworks… and had a gorgeous view of Detroit.  So sad how beautiful Detroit looks from across the river… but then when you’re in it, it’s almost depressing. Womp

WE WERE STARVING.  We only had a bubble tea all day so we HAD to eat something.  We looked for a deli but ended up choosing between burgers and shwarma….  We ended up here at Simon’s PRIME Hamburgers.  Basically a Canadian rip off of Five Guys, but with poutine.

No wimpy burgers for us.

W got the Baconegg’r Double with Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese, lettuce, Ketchup, Tomato, NO onion

and I got the Big Greek Double with Feta Cheese, Tzatzki, lettuce, Tomato and Onion….

Double is the only way to go. W got bored of his burger half way but I loved mine, for a double patty burger it was surprisingly light, probably because all the condiments were pretty light and fluffy. The bun disappeared in your mouth and kinda demolished but I liked that it wasn’t heavy or too chewy. FLUFF FLUFF.  We didn’t realize that the burgers CAME with fries so we had a side of fries. SHAME ON YOU CASHIER! You’re supposed to warn us.

Fries overload.  They were SO tasty tho.  Perfectly crispy and fried.

Leaving Detroit with a Bang… or more like a Burger…

You’ve heard about my delicious conquests in Detroit.  But let’s get down to the real point, I’ve been eating out for 10+ days and it’s taking a toll on me.  I’ve been trying to be healthy and eating most salads for lunch and yogurt/cereal or oatmeal for breakfast but there has been a lot of snacking between – a lot of sodium , and yes, free concierge level = LOTS of free snacking, cheese, desserts, chips, etc….   by the end of the week I had gained about 6lbs… and it’s been almost a week after and I’ve only lost half of that. Haha.  Need to get in shape for Miami next weekend….

I got a nice fruit plate by the pool while W went to the barbershop to get a haircut.  He had a freaking afro – awesome, but I guess only awesome for me haha he hated it.  We relaxed and lounged the whole day…. dinner was BURGER!  Why?

I needed to be apart of this Bourbon Steak burger month!  And while I’m insanely jealous looking at Chef Adam Sobel’s burgers for the one in DC [like this pastrami and double double OMG]….. the one they were offering her in Detroit this week was a SPICY one, which OBVIOUSLY caught my eye.

Cornbread with a Maple Bourbon Butter

W has had their cornbread and butter so much he wouldn’t even touch it haha.. but I had a nice corner piece smooooothered in butter. MMMM butter makes everything better!

Trio of Duck Fat Fries

Rosemary w/ Ketchup, SourCream&Onion and Paprika [?]with BBQ

The last ones were my favorite.  I eat rosemary frites way too much.  They were also cold, the others weren’t.  Weird huh?  And I thought whilst eating these fries, so many places have duck fat fries now… they’re not so fun and I can’t really tell the difference anymore.  Time to start frying fries in bacon grease. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! MY IDEA!

Dinner is SERVED!

W’s steak! :]  He was busy watching the Caps-Rangers Hockey Game

W’s Mashed Potatoes – there was a lot of goodies in it.. MMM

My Fire Alarm Beef Burger
Pepper Jack, Jalapenos, Harrisa Aioli, Grilled Onions


I got it rare, obviously and it was SUPER raw. Haha, it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t completely balanced in flavor tho… some bites were better than others.  There were a few bites that tasted… gamey? I duno maybe the beef wasn’t that fresh? I love raw beef but some bites were meh and I had huge chunks of cracked peppercorn, one got stuck in my teef.  I wanted more bang for my buck – more spice :[ Kinda disappointed.  No need for a fire alarm…. I did like the fluffy bun tho.  Buns are VERY important in making a good burger but the meat is the most important and it just didn’t cut it for me.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I stuck to fries, my delicious glass of Rioja and politely ate half and took the rest back to the room.

I got really hungry later…… and while usually I’d inhale burgers and leftovers like crazy….

I did that to a bag of buttery popcorn instead :]

I left the next morning….

A nice cold Blue Moon with orange slice..

Breakfast of champions

And then this for the airplane ride :] I finally got my banana for my horrible foot cramps!!!

And as soon as I got home I ordered me some sushiiiiiii and sashimi from Fugakyu Cafe <3 WOOOOO – been craving like WHOA

Happy Mommy’s Day 2012

To the best mommy in the world, who opened me to the world of… everything! And always taught me not to skimp on food.

This made me laugh so hard:

I got dressed up… clad in leather and leopard haha #classy and headed out to brunch with my parents.

Sel de la Terre had a special Mothers Day brunch so we decided to grab a bite and then wander and shop around a bit afterwards.  Coffees all around please. None of us could get up this morning.  It was already 1pm but we were sleepy. At least I was.

Some multigrain bread and foccacia

Bloody Mary for me…

MMMMMMM I feel like I haven’t had one in ages!  SDLT has pretty good ones, altho this one wasn’t mixed too well at first and my first sip was all vodka.  I’m not complaining tho, I love my vodka.

Charcuterie plate with duck liver terrine, pork rillette, whole grain mustard, toasted crostini and chutney

Soup du Jour: Tomato Soup with Cheesey Crostini

It was thick and creamy… had a cheese stank to it, in a good way and in a bad way, I’m actually not that big on creamy soups, esp ones with cheese creamed into it.  It was a good soup for dipping and much bread was inhaled by way of dunking into this orange concoction.  It was still a HUGE portion and I could only finish like 1/4 or 1/3 of it.

Entrees are served!!!

Mommy got the Lemon risotto with Atlantic Salmon, tomatoes, spinach, and smoked salmon 

She does this a lot, get something and then eat everyone else’s food but her own.  She already had a lot of bread, charcuterie – she LOVES foie gras, and some of my soup and then some of dad’s entree so she just kinda ate the salmon and some veggies from this.  She’s also not a big risotto person so…. *shrugs* that’s why I got her bacon and she was SO happy I did.  Anyways there was cooked salmon IN the risotto and smoked salmon on top.  I duno why but I thought it was odd, *double shrugs*

Daddy got the House roasted pulled pork sandwich with SDLT barbecue sauce on brioche bun, frites

The bun was fluffy and the pork was tender.. the sauce was a bit on the sweet side but daddy still loved it.  The frites were perfect as always!  Since daddy’s dish came with frites, this was the first time I wasn’t an ass and asked for my free foursquare frites HAHA.

And I got the Arugula Salad with red onions, beets and spiced cashews with a vinaigrette with a rare steak on top.

Delicious fresh crisp arugula balanced great with my mooing bloody steak. Mom freaked out when she saw how rare it was.  I didn’t expect such a huge chunk of meat so I’m glad I didn’t get more food to go with this.  SO good.  I wish there were more beets in it tho I just had a meesly few tiny pieces/slivers LAME.  There were also some foccacia croutons, garlicky, and the red onions were sliced super super thin.  Very delicious.

And of course a side of perfectly cooked Bacon! Meaty, fatty and perfectly crisp. NOM!

We balled out with a Grand Sampling for dessert…
Bread Pudding, Caradmom Ice Cream w/ pistachips, Lava Cake, Lemon Tart, Truffles, Macaron, Cookies and Creme Brulee


When we got home, these were waiting for my mommy at the garage :][ From me!!!

These gorgeous flowers were from W :] Sweetest boyfriend!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! To the strongest, stubborn but sweet, intelligent and most beautiful woman I know.

Small Bites at Blue Stove

I had to go to the eye doctor’s today… After finding out I had spots in my right eye, I’m stuck with glasses for a few days and hopefully it’ll clear up…

Along the way to dinner I managed to goof around a bit…

And then off to Nordstroms for dinner at Blue Stove.  It’s sort of an Americanized Tapas place.  Or more like, all sorts of tastes from around the world… the menu is constantly changing, but they do have amazing constants.. we’ll get into that once the pictures start rolling…

Since it’s restaurant week I decided to order one set of 3 courses w/ wine pairings along with other dishes.  I’ll write “RW Course #” by the dishes that were in the set.  That’s a REALLY good price for 30.12$, app, entree, dessert, ALL with delicious wine pairings. Winner winner chicken dinner.. and yes I had chicken tonight too

As soon as you sit down they give you water, take your drink order and give you some yummy bread to nibble on while you look over the small, but still extensive menu.

bread with olives and evoo

The must have? Their sweet potato fries.. no seriously.

sweet potato fries with cilantro lime aioli

For some strange reason I feel like the portion is a lot smaller than what it used to be?! Or maybe I’m just fatter.. or actually, I think I used to order two servings at a time…. anyways, DELICIOUS.  The fries themselves are seasoned so well you don’t even need to dip it in anything.  I’m not a huge sauce person so I loveeeee them without the dippity – which is also good.

salt & pepper calamari with lemon zest

Not greasy at all… a good amount of tentacles – my fav – nicely breaded, and not heavy. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, not overly fried, and like I said, not drippingly greasy like some places. YUM!  The squeeze of the lemon just adds more pop to the zest.

RW Course 1: mango & apple salad, red belgium endive, great hill blue cheese

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this.  I’m iffy about blue cheese, some I love some I don’t.  But I had some recent GOOD times with blue cheese.. I wanted something light and refreshing to nibble on, crunchy, fruity, sweet and salty… I LOVE SALADS, good salads, so why not?!  Fresh chunks of mango, thin slices of apple…. endives around the plate and chopped up in the salad, tossed in a light dressing and tons of delicious creamy blue cheese…

paired with: pacific rim riesling, columbia valley, washington 2009

The wine went SO well with the salad, and really cut thru the light stinkiness of the blue cheese. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD, and went SOOO well together. I LOOOOOVE endive, crunchity. Slightly bitter and supppper pretty and fresh MMMM, all the textures, creamy, cheesy, salty, sweet, crisp.. juicy MMMMMMMM I could eat a TUB of this.

And then one of my favs..

cilantro lime chicken tacos

SOOOOO delicious. These are tiny little things, but FULL of amazingness.

And then one of the first things that jumped out from the menu when I looked at it – new additions!!! And the most intriguing one?

bahn mi vietnamese chicken sandwiches


It had a nice slice of hot pepper on top.. the bread was fluffy and had a delicious daikon carrot slaw with cilantro and a perfectly cooked chicken… SOOO GOOD

Confession, I ONLY eat the classic super fatty bad-for-you but OH OH SO GOOD Banh Mi. I think the grilled meats and all that other stuff is “fake” HAHAHA…

“The classic version bánh mì thịt nguội, sometimes known as bánh mì đặc biệt or “special combo”, is made with various Vietnamese cold cuts such as sliced pork or pork bellies, chả lụa, and head cheese, along with the liver pâté and vegetables.” – Source

It’s ALL about the headcheese.. okay, so this didn’t have headcheese but it was DELICIOUS, PLUS the delicious lotus root chips on the side. NOM!  I wish there was more filling cuz I ate it all up but even inhaled the bread by itself, the sauces were THAT amazing!

roasted garlic chicken with grilled corn & arugula

This is a classic and I’ve had this dish here since… well it was considered a salad… hahaha now it’s a dish… but still oh so good.. get the dressing on the side cuz they tend to overdress the arugula… but yummy kernals of corn sprinkled thru-out it and delicious tender, slighty fatty chicken with a nice crisp skin.

RW Course 2: pan seared red snapper filets, early spring vegetables, meyer lemon emulsion

paired with: acacia pinot noir, carneros, california 2008

This was tender, with a nice crispy skin…. two small pieces on top of a creamy succotash of asparagus, corn, peas and potatoes…. it was a bit on the salty side but delicious nonetheless.. kinda wish they were meatier.. or bigger pieces, but for some weird reason I was already getting full.. [been having stomachaches] so it ended up being the right size.

And then spur of the moment we added on some tuna.

ahi tuna stack with ponzu & crisp wontons

MMMM nothing like a delicious fresh raw tuna, roughly chopped and stacked up with mangos and lightly dressed greens…  scoop it on top of a perfectly crunchy wonton chip and you’ve got a great asian alternative to nachos…. and dairy free ;]

RW Course 3: butterscotch pot de creme

paired with: ceretto muscato d’asti 2009

I LOOOOVE butterscotch… and I looooove pot de cremes… and while this was no foie gras this was nice, rich, airy but also light… SOOOOO freaking good with the muscato… which wasn’t as sweet – or the dessert was more sweet, but either way they enhanced each other’s flavors incredibly!

And of course, ended the meal with their complimentary mint chocolate sticks.


For some strange reason I was super full after this meal… and a bit tipsy… so OBVIOUSLY I’d go shopping in Nordstroms for jeans #fattie – hahahaha DON’T try on clothes after eating makes you feel pudgey.. BUT I still managed to get a new top and two new jeans…. woohooo.. I bought these AWESOME neon sky blue kiddie jeans that turn into capris on me.. for only 44$ YAYYYYYYYY so happy!

So glad the weekend started off with a great meal at Bourbon Steak

Before I begin let me explain the post title. I spent most of the weekend sick in bed.  I was well taken care of thanks to W :] But still, sick in bed, in fact the only thing that stayed in my stomach all of Saturday was some liquids and a Peachie-O, yes SINGULAR, A Peachie-O!

\As soon as I was picked up we headed to The Italian Store for a yummy sub… or three.  The last time I was here they made me so so happy so I wanted another :] W remembered.. teehee… so 3 Capris [prosciutto, genoa salami, provolone cheese and spiced capacola ham] please.  Mine with extra mustard, no mayo, onions and extra hot peppers :D  Good thing I whined to go get a burger at Bourbon Steak FIRST, before eating the subs, because later that night and the next day, W and I got food poisoning from it. Yep, I spent Saturday puking my brains out and only got to visit the Portrait Gallery for a few minutes… I spent more time in the bathrooms…. BUTTTTT at least I started off the trip/weekend with a deliiiiiicious happy happy joy joy meal!!!

Bourbon Steak is located in the Four Seasons hotel in a cute area full of stores and restaurants.. bustling with peoples.. I’d totally wanna stay here if I had to choose a hotel…

So we came in just for a burger.  W used to work here so everyone knew and loved him.  We sat at the bar and I tried the “Winter Flower” – obviously a champagne cocktail – house spiced grenadine, prosecco, lemon twist

It was delish! That’s why I took a picture of it halfway thru and I had another one after :D teehee…..

WELL. We CAME for just a burger… but since W and Exec Chef Adam Sobel are such good buddies [and worked together here], we got the royal treatment and got a plethora of yummy delights :] I am DEFINITELY NOT complaining!!!!

First up?

FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIESSS.. their menu says Trio of Duck Fat Fries… I’m stupid, were they? Can I just say they were fries of deliciousness?!

Cheddar Fries w/ BBQ Sauce… UMMMM… okay I forgot the middle spiced fries, they were amazing and were with Thousand Island dressing and the end were… regular fries with Ketchup? I fail at remembering food, especially with alcohol involved but trust me when I say THEY WERE FRIES OF THE BOMB DIGGITINESS… #weakness

Crispity crunchity, skinny potato-y heaven!!! I loved the middle ones the most… great spices, but I’m a ‘tard and can’t remember what they were :[ SIGHHHHH… delicious nonetheless.. and THOUSAND ISLAND!!!! So asian.. I miss Kelly.

Fluke Sashimi

grapefruit terrine, hearts of palm, soy liquid gel

Super fresh and you eat it with this yummy crisp.. crab crisp? Not sure… delicious tho, NOM! Bad memory on descriptions.. but I always remember if something was good or not hahahaha….

And then we got to try the highly anticipated [thanks to this tweet:]

MMMMMMM Pork Belly

It’s the picture, but in REAL LIFE!!!!!

This was amazing and had this little rice sushi thing, radishes, happiness…. all sorts of flavors and textures and of course creamy fatty pork belly with a perfect crisp chewy skin…. OH MY LORDY. Can I have a dozen please?! I’d just pop these in my mouth like bon bons…

We even got two sets of wine pairings.. a white and a red, both Italian, both delicious.. here was the white…

We DEVOURED the food.. so what next? Next round of food time!!!

And then came the finished product of this:

Freaking Lambchetta look at all those sexy pistchios

Chef Adam pouring on the sauce… hahaha ninja photo

I’m not a huge lamb person, as you know but lately I’ve been eating some pretty darn good lamb. This was really good, super tender and juicy, full of flavor… it was with potatoes and artichokes, SOOO GOOD :]

We got a yummy red wine with these…

These were included….



What? WHAT?! Ya’ll know my obsession with cupcakes – SAVORY cupcakes?! OMG heaven. Cuz even tho I LOVE cupcakes, I rarely eat them.. these, i could eat every freaking day – I’m such a fat girl at heart.

BTW….. Wanna see a naked picture of me?







Don’t worry it’s SFW

 It’s ME AS A CUPCAKE!!!!!


Back to the food…

BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcakes.. to be exact

cheddar scallion biscuit, smoked pork shoulder


First of all I was alredynibbling on the outside… I LOOOOOOOOOVE cheddar biscuits and these were SOOOO GOOD and cheesy and buttery and FULL OF FLAVOR…I didn’t think they could get ANY better… but then I had the pork inside. PIGGILICIOUS HAPPINESS


Containing: Delicious burgerness… between yummy buns and topped with a pickleeeee and a banana pepper NOM

Squish squish, I kinda just stared at it, took a million pics, picked it up, squished it as it was juicing out and took a few more pics before biting in…

I am SO sexy when I eat. HAHAHA I was like “How am I supposed to eat this?” and I was told to squish it down lol – YAY MORE SQUISHING

[btw first attempt at stuffing my face failed, so I unhinged my jaw and inhaled]

This is almost as sexy as my crazy bone gnawing pics that I like to take LOL

And then it was dessert time!!! WOOOOO

Macallan 18 Butterscotch Pot de Creme
pain d’epices, butterscotch caramel, pepitas

Creammyyyyy happiness. I’m such a texture whore and while this was UUUUBER creamy it had all the other elements of amazing-ness that just made me super happy.  Trying to remember what that fruity tart element was… I remember asking W too while I was chewing it. OK, brain fart. I’m getting old :[  I need to start bringing a notebook and writing notes when I go out to eat. OMG I’m turning into my mom.

Crunchy Profiteroles

salty caramel ice cream, nutella, hazelnuts

These were super yummy…. how can you NOT love nutella and salty caramel AND hazelnuts?!  Such the ULTIMATE ice cream sandwich.  As soon as you bite into it the ice cream pops out.. WHICH I learned from watching L eat the first one HAHAHAHAH… so i was careful and nibbled slowly hahahahahah still oozey, but no gushing…

Brown Sugar Bananas

banana cake, peanut ganache, fried captain crunch ice cream

You can’t go wrong with these things… apart of together. OMG.. what are the little gelees? I remember eating them and being happy. I like jelly like things – DUH…. and that is captain crunch around that fried ice cream. OH I LOVE anything peanut butter and banana.. and of course together… MMMMMM – once again, AMAZING textures!!!!

I remember being asked:”Do you like Fried Ice Cream?” YESSS… “Do you like Captain Crunch?” YESSSSS…. SO yes I liked this :]

Happy Ending to a GREAT happy meal

But sadly I was hungry again a mere few hours later.. so out came the sub… and the rest is just sadness…

….until late late late LATE Sunday Funday Brunchday……. which I’ll post about next HEE HEE BUT yeah stomach is still not a happy camper and it’s been a few days but def not piking anymore, PHEW

Another night at Eastern Standard…

“What you wanna do? xxx or Eastern Standard or xxx”

Eastern Standard?”

“Hehehe I already got resos there..”

“Let’s just go casual…. bar at Eastern Standard?”

“Let’s do it!”

We ended up at the Hawthrone Bar having some delicious cocktails and bubbly… a great convo with the owner and bartender… LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Island Creek Oysters

Amazing as usual. ALWAYS.

Frisee Aux Lardons

Hazelnuts, Sweetbreads, Poached Egg

SOOOO sexy

Delicious and only thing I pretty must inhaled the whole night.  Runny egg. Sweetbreads. Hazelnuts.  Bacon. Frisee. How can this be wrong at ALL?! *JOY*

Steak Tartare

Cornichons, Baquette

According to W a TOTAL “Cougar Food” And while yes yes yes I loveeeeee tartare, as you all REALLY WELL KNOW… this was meh. Still can’t help but giggle about how it’s a “Cougar” food… :]


Yummy as usual :]  Altho W told me that it was some sort of fries that all the restaurants get… boo way to be a Chef and blow the cover, yummy nonetheless :] NOM

Pan Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Caramelized Pear, Pomegranate

HUUUUUUGE sexy lobe of Foie Gras on yummy toasted fluffy toasted brioche!!!  It was good until it got cold… delicious nonetheless.. still love the stuff, it was HUUUUGE tho

All W wanted [yep my fatass wanted everything else]:

Linguine & Clams

Oregano, Chili Flake, Parmesan

I had some, it was great. Smallest portion of Pasta I’ve ever seen in Boston, no seriously, but good :] MMM creamy with a hint of heat! I love carbs!!!

Daily Offal: Duck Heart & Leg Cassoulet

W isn’t a fan of hearts or beans so I took a nibble. Def a heart.  Took a bite of the beans.  Not a fan. Sigh.  But the chef gave it to us complimentary – totally awesome of them :] Way for W to throw the “I’m in the business line” :] TEE-HEE…

And like I said, we ended the night just a short distance down the block at Hawthrone for drinks and chit chat… and I just HAD to take this pic

Little baby hand with fake tattoos in big hand with real tattoos..


Fun, Play & Wine + Chocolate SDLT “Wine Tuesday”… oh and Bieber Fever… with @hiieitskel

My Kelly Belly is in town….which means craziness together. I love this bitch ;] <3

And look she’s got red lips too, just like me ;]

Since it was her Birthday while she was here :] Feb 6 for the Nick Carter concert :D

I AM An Epic Dance Party. All the time.

I met Bieber… his personality was “flat” hahaha… [props to M for coming up with that one LOL]

Adventures of Giraffe and Koala… what sounds do they make?!

This is for Mike: SO GREEN!! OH MY GREEN!!!

Still Sober…

We finally got old and tired and went to Sel de la Terre early after crashing a bit on the comfy chairs in the mall… hahahaha… we got some cocktails before the dinner began. What can I say?! We’re old and loud. We were fob-talking all day. Now we can’t stop.

How can we refuse Wine AND Chocolate?

Fig Manhattan

SOOOOO Bourbon-y, one sip and it knocks you out.

Peche Royale

The girliest drink hahaha but I love it.. sweeter than usual tho…

“Why you get bread and no eat? Back in day, I don’t get bread, I eat AIR!”

Everyone else got a bread basket but us. I got bread basket envy and asked for one – WOOOOOO!!!!!

First Course
Bacon and Frisee Salad with White Chocolate Vinaigrette

Paired with: 2009 Joh. Haart, Piesporter Treppchen, Riesling, Mosel, Germany

This was surprisingly good. White Chocolate Vinaigrette? Super interesting.. it wasn’t a strong taste and it wasn’t heavy at all, it was OH-SO very lightly tossed in it.. the frisee was fresh and oh so refreshing.. some candied pistachios and delicious crisp fatty bacon chunks on top. YUM!

Even Kelly ate some of her bacon [she’s not a bacon girl] but she did leave some on her plate.. I was trying to be a lady and not pick off her plate :] My heart did cry a little when the plate was carried off with some pork belly still on it… *dripping tears* hahaha…

Second Course
Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Vension with Spaetzle and Roasted Root Vegetables

Paired with: 2009 Vina Sastre, Tinto, Ribera del Duero, Spain

The venison was cooked Medium Rare and oh so juicy and good. The spaetzle was tender and delicious and I looooved the root veggie mix with it.  BUT oh the venison.  Our neighbors actually didn’t even want it. But it was also the same girl who ate no frisee and only ate the bacon haha weird. But me and Kelly ate this right up – I told her not to eat too much bread but she had like SO much that after this dish she was stuffed…

I didn’t really taste the coffee/cocoa crust but it was perfectly seasoned! Not gamey at all, so so tender, melted in my mouth… Sometimes I find their dishes a bit salty but this was yummy!

Kelly approved!!!

We had to start double fisting the drinks… hahahha…

Main Course
Chicken Mole with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Farro and Spinach

Paired with: 2010 Vigneti Zabu, Nero D’Avola, Sicily, Italy

We were SO full but this was SO good. A nice crisp chicken skin, DELICIOUS farro [we kept calling it rice] with some greens on the bottom, OMG… slightly spicy and nice tender chicken that just fell apart at the fork. HOLY MOLY. SO FULL but I licked the plate clean anyways.

Hahaha somehow I ended up with sesame seeds all over me. WTF… too much wine ;]

And then I ate more bread… oh and then there was these:

Rosemary Pommes Frites

I may have ate the whole tower of them….. #guilty

Cheese Course
Robiola, Italy

Paired with: 2006 Westport Rivers, “Cuvee RJR”, Brut, Westport, Massachusetts

At this point we were ready to burst… the cheese was creamy [half cow, half sheep] and a bit pungent so I had half of it, bread, the nuts and fruits and called it quits. No dessert for me #imdone..

Afterwards we came home, rested up a bit and made boozey cupcakes :]

Upside down Banana Rum Champagne Cupcakes with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Recipe coming in next post….