July 4th Dinner Cruise with Odyssey

Screw the Hurricane… Odyssey Cruises

Pre-gaming at Copley Square Hotel FER FREEEE… they had beers, and burgers and hot dogs… NOM

Was craving burgers.. so had a cute little slider.. NOM NOM.. usually the hotel has free wine happy hour but since it was July 4th they had specials!

All dressed up and ready to party

Yea I ordered like 3 bottles of wine/champagne… oops

Creamy salty butter… NOM

Cheese tray… prob a little too much

Cuz I also added on an extra shrimp cocktail/ceviche

Watermelon Salad
Arugula, Romaine, Goat Cheese, Watermelon, Sugared Pecans, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Screw Hurricane Arthur… still got my modeling on, on deck

Gorgeous View, even in the stormy weather

Roasted Chicken
Heirloom Potatoes, Thyme Demi-Glace, Fried Leeks

And of course I got the

Odyssey Short Ribs
Fontina Scalloped Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Carrots & Squash, Cabernet Demi-Glace

Desert was some of everything…

Bread Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Berry Galette and Sorbet… with more bubbly

Actually ended up taking short ribs and cheese home.. OK FINE I ordered too much… but it was delicious, fun and amazing. Probably don’t wanna spend that much on a July 4th again tho… hahahha – and we didn’t even get fireworks. BOOOOO…

Mayahuel, tequila and beers…

My first trip back to NY in over a year and J picked me up from Penn Station the day before Valentine’s Day, I already found my way to a bar, vodka tonic please, we went back to the apt, drank some delicious wine and headed out to Mayahuel, one of his favorite go-to places. WHAT A CUTE LITTLE PLACE.  I adore the decor here.

We started off with the chips with salsa and guacamole.  While I’ll unshamefully flaunt that I make amazing salsa verde and guacamole – which J agrees with me, they’re red smokeyyyyy salsa was SOOOO FREAKING GOOD.  Time to buy some liquid smoke and try making some :]

J ordered a spicy cocktail.. and I definitely ordered something super strong and yummy….

He got chicken and pork tacos… we both agreed the chicken ones were better, the pork was a bit dry… [which isn’t usually the case according to J]

I got the special, a whitefish or some sort of fish ceviche…. there was quinoa, pineapple, sooooo many flavors and textures, sooooo goood….

After a great simple delicious dinner we headed to J’s favorite bar, Proletariat for a few beers :]


Pre Dinner & Cocktails at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana & Jaleo

Got to hang out with my buddy B and his girlie friends…. K and A, the other day..  W and I headed over to Oyamel after I was done with work and they were already finishing up a pitcher of margaritas – I gladly joined in and quickly catched up.

SOOO much tequila <3

We decided to order one of everything off of the 4$ each bar menu. YUM.  PS their chips were SOO much better than the flimsy ones from Los Cuates

Ceviche verde “El Bajio”
Wild Pacific ono with a creamy avocado, tomatillo, green olives, and jalapeno chiles sauce

W loved it, I thought it needed a bit more crunch or spice to it.  Avocados made me happy though.  Eating it with chips helped.  <3

Taco de barbacoa de res
Beef stewed in a Oaxacan-style guajillo chile sauce with pickled catcus paddle

Beefy, a bit dry but tasty.

Albondigas enchipotladas con queso doble creama
Meatballs in chipotle sauce with crumbled ‘double cream’ cheese and cilantro

Soft small balls of meatballs. I’m a meatball snob but these were good.

Shredded Pork Tacos

Pulled Pork and cabbage. My favorite ones of the night. DELISH!

Taco de cochinita pibil con cebolla en escabeche
Yucatan-style pit-barbecued pork with pickled red onion and Mexican sour orange in a house-made corn tortilla

I thought these were a bit dry too :T Meh.


And then we headed to Jaleo for some tapas and the… DESSERT!!!

I remember ordering a regular bubbly but ended up getting served a rose sparkling wine that cost 4$ more but it WAS tasty. Our waiter was kinda pushy with what we wanted to order. Awkward… but B’s rice pudding was FAB!

My flan <3

BATHROOM!!! Freaky…

But no toilet paper so I left them this HAHA

A nibble for every year, at Toro…

I was born on August 3… so every August I go on a plethora of parties and booze and food :] The day of was actually a chill day…. I went grocery shopping, had the day off of work and had a light sushi lunch solo :] MMMMMM raw fish… happy happy tummy!!!

I never seem to be able to escape from this place. It’s like my love for very few restaurants, in which I’ll go to over and over and over again…… always seems like the first time, always relishing every bite, always good for any and every occasion, special, every day, any time. No matter how I feel or how my appetite it’s always a plus.

Toro. Since I’ve blogged about it over and over again, here are just a few mere highlights.

Thanks to him for taking me :] Even tho he was a bit, okay, really hungover from a huge conference he had just come back from hahahaha… but at least I got him to eat some of his ‘scary foods” like Foie Gras :]

Now just a quickie yummy re-cap… I need to get him to Toro again – he promised – to try more than a nibble of everything and then some :]

Octopus and … some sort of fish ceviche. I forgot, it’s a blur, a few drinks were had beforehand :]

Delicious. Tender.  Beautifully seasoned and amazing…. :]  I had gotten this since


Our waiter told me that if I didn’t like it it’d be on the house — BUT I just so happen to love a good liverwurst and this was quite delicious.  Although I still think Breslin had my favorite.

Pork Sausage on Lentils

This was fatty and delicious.  The sausage just popped in my mouth… Nibble nibble… the lentils underneath were cooked to perfection and very tasty – very well seasoned!!!

Serrano Jamon

Yep even got him to eat some of this :] As normal it is in my diet, not his :] It was cute, he ate his with a fork and knife… :D Teehee…. NOM NOM NOM, and then there was ME being super classy and just stuffing my face with the jamon with my fingers #classssyyyyy

Foie Gras

YES! He nibbled this and seemed to like it :] TEE HEE…  Hopefully.. darn silly alcohol and hangovers… wish he could’ve enjoyed it more!

Bone MarrowAmazing as usual :] MMMMM More bone marrow please!!!!…  It’s definitely still and most likely will always will be on my last meal list!!!  The toast and shredded beef that came with it was delectable as usual and just melted with a crunch – from the toast – in my mouth! NOM!

And last but not least… The Famous Corn….

Why do they always serve these last at Toro?!…  Anyways.. I gobbled up two cobs ASAP – even accidentally dropped one on my lap… for shame.. MMMMMM creamy delicious goodness and super sweet pop pop popping kernals of fresh cooked corn. NOM!

Obviously a few, many, more things were asked for…. steak, duck, pimientos [my always must!]

OKAY, next post, I promise, will be my post on Vegas :D I’ve been working on it on and off.. I’m slow.. but I think I’ve been catching up quite well. no?! :D

You say Agavé … and I do too…

Everytime I’ve ever been to Newburyport, about 50 minutes away North of where I live in Boston, I’ve taken the puppy with me… weather has been great and I’ve been going on many a short roadtrips lately…

okay she’s 3.5 years old now but to me she’ll always be a puppy :] Hehe… so outdoor seating is a must. When she was younger, and quieter, I used to sneak her inside restaurants in her pink Juicy doggy bags, but now she’s a yappy little fart so outdoor seating is necessary. And the place I always go to to eat? Agave.

First thing was first, it was hot and I was thirsty. Thirsty for adult beverages :]

Prickly Pear Margarita

I specifically asked for a less sweet margarita and this thing was delicious, HUGE… I know it doesn’t look that big compared to my head, but I have a big head and this margarita was HUUUUGE… and delicious. SO good, in fact, it was DERRRRIcious.. yes, the inner fob came out – THAT good!

And then out came the delicious FRESHLY fried tortilla chips [yep still warm, but not greasy] their signature salsa.. and then, SECRET: You have to ask for their green salsa, which is a SUPER spicy and delicious salsa verde!

I had ordered some guacamole but the waitress TOTALLY forgot to put the order in – so sad… but it’s okay, she remembered my ceviche. I ALWAYS crave a good ceviche in the summer.. if I’m having Mexican, I need my lime cooked fish!

Ceviche Acapulqueño

Halibut marinated in lemon juice with chopped onions, tomatoes, Serrano chiles and fresh cilantro, served with avocado and crackers. [a local favorite]

The fish was SUPER tender, SUPER fresh and there was SO MUCH!  The crackers were good, but sort of bland, def not sweet OR salty which goes well with the ceviche, but I ended up saving them for Didi :] I ate the ceviche with the salsa verde, delicious….. there was so much it was barely finished…

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

A colorful and refreshing salad with grilled shrimp, avocado and chunks of mango served over a bed of fresh mixed greens with a honey- lime dressing.

You hear shrimp & avocado and you think OH healthy, light, and diet food – OHHHH NO!  This plate was HUUUUGE… tons of LARGE succulent grilled shrimp – FULL of flavor and perfectly spiced.  A HUGE half of an avocado, TONS of sweet big chunks of mango…delicious, fresh, crisp leafy greens and slices of juicy tomato. LOVING IT!!!


Michoacan style carnitas, shredded pork, slowly cooked in a copper pot and served with chopped onions, cilantro, crushed red pepper, fresh salsa verde and corn tortillas

Life is always better with pig in it. Especially tender juicy pulled pork.. mexicanfied… oh they’re pretty darn cute pre-pulled and post-mexicanfied as well :]

Baja Fish Tacos

Three medium or hard corn tortillas stuffed with baja fish that is floured and very lightly fried served with cabbage, cheese and pico de gallo

SUPER flavorful and very very tender fish…. SO very lightly fried, not greasy at all and covered in light, delicious, soft fluffy cheese…. the cabbage added the perfect crunch factor – and obviously, as you can tell from the photo, that “medium” corn tortillas were asked for.. I actually don’t get medium vs soft.. but whatever, delicious… :]  The fish was beautifully flavored and yummy cheese re-fried beans!

After the meal, we all walked around, took tons of goofy pictures, talked to more ppl with dogs, walked thru the antique barn… [tho got nothing, lots of creepy dolls in there tho ew] and looked at boats. Left just in time, cuz then it started POURING!!!!….

If you’re ever around and looking for something to do, definitely head over to Newburyport for a great day – lots of great fresh seafood, lots of outdoor seating for restos, homemade ice cream, candy shops, little stores [TWO pet stores!!!!] you can picnic, play in the park, go sailing, etc… :]

Oh and drink great margaritas @ Agave

I’ve been on a huge Mexican food kick lately so look forward to many more posts!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA :] The fun single life, friends, summer, roadtrips and bbqs has been catching up with me ;D

Cinco de Mayo at Hula Grill and Senor Frogs…

After a day in the sun….. spa.. more sun.. more drinks.. drink food drink food tanning etc….. it was nighttime.. and after shower #3 or #4 or something… We walked around in the rain trying to find the restaurant. We had SO much trouble getting people to tell us where it was… after being told to go in the wrong direction or residents OF the area having NO clue where this place was OR what their OWN address was….. we called the restaurant and realized it was IN a hotel #lame

This is me being annoyed…

But it’s okay, we finally made it to our destination… we popped a bottle of champagne… and started off the delicious meal at Hula Grill at the Outrigger Hotel…right across the street from the International Market Place.. yep.. and NO ONE at the marketplace even KNEW where this restaurant was.. and it’s “famous” too.. OMG so lame…

Z caught me in the moment smelling the delicious rosemary bread…MMMM…

Now I have to apologize in advance for the gross flash on the pictures.. but I wanted you guys to be able to see the food hahaha

Poke Tacos
Marinated Raw Ahi, Avocado, Maui Onion, Wasabi Aioli

I LOVE poke… I love tacos.. these were really good but missing a slight acid and heat element. Maybe I’m just being weird lately, but I’ve been finding Hawaii to be perfect on the salting of their foods but not so much on the heat… they’re hot weather climate islands… if not the heat than at least more acidity right? Something was slightly missing.. but I still nom’d it up asap right away… I just added some of the salsa from the ceviche [see below]  The guacamole that the tacos were sitting on was chunky and great! OH and the taco shells were thick, freshly fried and A-MAY-ZZZIIINGGG <3

Hawaiian Ceviche
Fresh Fish in Lime, Coconut Milk, Mango and Maui Onion

Before I start talking about the ceviche, I have to say.. especially after eating them plain and raw at Ono’s… Maui Onion is like a really really mild sweet onion.  Vidalia like, but definitely a LOT more tame…. I like eating red onions and even regular pungent white onions raw… so while it was great that I could eat so much and not have crazy onion breath, I missed the lethalness of regular onions. STILL, maui onion is good :]  Just mild.

OK, anyways, back to the ceviche.  The fish, on first bite, was definitely a lot more firm and “cooked” than I’m used to when I eat ceviches.. but then again usually I opt for shrimp and scallop ceviches and not as much for fun.. I find that fish ceviches can tend to get a little fishy. THIS was NOT the case, by the third bite I was addicted.. as I was to the sweet potato and taro chips lacing the bottom of the martini glass. YUM!… those chips put the guacamole from the tacos to good use NOM!!!

Coconut Seafood Chowder
Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops and Hawaiian Fish in a Coconut Cilantro Broth

This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious! This is like a THAI cioppino or something. I LOOOOOVE cioppinos!!!… and I love thai food.. and while I find coconut based sauces and broths to be very thick, too rich or overpowering, this was done just right.  The rice was already IN the chowder [which I did find a little odd.. suggestion: on the side] I love the crunch of the peanuts and the crispness of the bean spsrouts…. MMMM…. tender lobster, perfectly cooked shrimp, scallops and super tender fish! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hands down, favorite dish of the night and definitely one of the best things I’ve had IN Hawaii!

Special of the Day: Grilled Ono
On top of an Asian Style Mango Vinaigrette Salad

I found the Ono to be a bit overcooked… kind of reminiscent of overcooked swordfish. It’s definitely a very “steak” like fish filet and while the flavors were good I just found it to be a bit tough.

Fire Grilled Asparagus with Soy Sauce

I love the char on the grilled asparagus. I just wish there wasn’t the, not even drizzle but SOAKING in a soy sauce or soy sauce based sauce. HMMM…a bit on the salty side, but the asparagus itself was delicious. I’m obsessed with asparagus hahaha…

Pineapple Creme Brulee

HOW FREAKING CLEVER.  Next time I have a dinner party and pineapple is in season I just may do this. You know those cute little tiny pineapples? YES YES, that’s right, bake the creme brulee IN the shell… and when you eat it you scrap up parts of the pineapple which add to sweetness and super flavor. SOOOO amazingly delicious. COuld NOT stop eating it… and the bruleed crust was thick and crunchy! JUST the way I LOVE it.

Kona Coffee & Macadamia Liquor Tiramisu

This was a bit on the sweet side and partially because of the chocolate drizzle on top.  The kona coffee tiramisu was great…I just wish I could taste the Macadamia Liquor in it.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Afterwards we decided to head out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.. we were headed towards Cha Cha Cha… and then somehow ended up following noises to none other than Senor Frogs.. I felt instantly transported to Spring Break in Cancun….. or at the Jersey Shore.. hahaha!!!

We danced and drank tons of patron… yep, totally 18 and partying Spring Break in Mexico again… except Mexico and Spring Break never really happened… and I never partied at a Senor Frogs before.. hhahaha… just been to them during the day. Awesome fun music.. FINALLY saw the music video for Lazy Song [best song ever], fell in love with Chris Brown again [I must say his new tatts are kinda hot] and just had a crazy fun WHITE time ;D

Grand Tasting SOBEWFF’11 – Sunday

Always start off your day with a nice breakfast…

Isn’t the Hilton Bentley breakfast buffet so yum and plentiful? They have an omelette bar and everything…. we got omelettes and fresh poached eggs [which took forever tho…] and while omelette guy is SLOW….. they come out yummy…

As you can see I couldn’t start my day without my oatmeal and grapefruit :]

The salsa by the omelette station is DELICIOUS…. and Z got bacon, lots of bacon, MAD bacon… hahahah crispy and delish.

We laid out by the pool with some beer for a bit afterwards and I smuggled two bananas from the buffet for later… and then went back upstairs to our room to shower and get ready for… GRAND TASTING!!!! Yeah, srsly, who eats so much before a grand tasting?!.. We do…

Who doesn’t want to walk to the beach on a nice hot sunny day to eat and drink in tents?

OK, so I was sweating buckets – sexy – but still :]

SO hot and sweaty.. I was sweating bullets…

As soon as we walked in we spotted Michael Symon giving a demo…

…and Rocco Dispirito signing books [he’s so hot]

Anne Burrell in the next tent

Buick boozey slushies… :D

Strawberry with Balsamic Glaze, YUM!

I’m a Flirt tattooooos :D

There are SO many pictures and SO many things we ate and drink… here at the Highlights… [and some Fails…]

Too much bread but loved the pulled pork and the slaw :D

These were the favorite bites of the day!!!! We had one, two, three… and maybe more ;] of these!!!

Some Duck and Greens cone…. it was meh…

The burger was definitely worth the wait.. while I wish the bun was softer and less bready, the burger was really good… :D

Sexieer shot with the bbq Sauce…

They had lots of fixins at the table but they weren’t necessary. OH YEAH, there’s bacon in there :D OBVIOUSLY.. cuz bacon makes everything better….

The quaca mole was really tasty and the ceviche was super refreshing… I’m a fan :D

Lobster, Cream Cheese, etc etc… yeah, Z ate it and made a face… cream cheese in sushi just makes my stomach turn so I didn’t try it…

CRAP! I wish I got a picture with the Top Chef contestant Howie.. but this is his new place. It was really yummy AND he was super nice and gave me the last shirt!!! :D Yep, I have a nice rack shirt.. maybe I should get a boob job now to complement it. HAHA… jk

Me and my main man, Fabio <3 at her Bertolli stand!!!

The plantain cup was a bit too hard/crunchy but the beef filling was rather tasty!!! *crunch crunch*

Pretty Tasty.. wasn’t feeling sausage so I didn’t eat that.. but the beef was really good… as was the fatty pork and the fresh Mozz :D

Basically Peanut Noodles

Not sure what those little crunchies that look like corn on top were but they were really good and added yum to the salad…

Beef Carpaccio


Yeah I had a few bites of these :D It was really tasty…  smoked salmon and caviar.. got some coupons to order it.. but Z is still scared of caviar at the moment :] He overate one fine day [dork] but I still make him eat it with me… hehehe…. He promises he’ll come with me to the all-you-can-eat caviar in Vegas :D



Stone Crabs :D Nom nom nom!!!! Could eat these all day at Joe’s [these weren’t from there]

You had me at mimosa.. or maybe jello…

Ugly presentation… but sooo goooood


They got me to eat mashed potatoes with their butter… it was really good. So I asked for some butter.. AND THEY ACTUALLY GAVE ME BUTTER!!!

Z was so proud of me :] We get swag and free stuff like it’s our job.

Crab Chowder…

NE Girl Represent. Clam Chowdaaaaahhh from Bhaaaastan is the best <3 Besides chowder on a hot day on the beach – not so fun….

These Key Lime Tarts were REALLY tasty….. altho it just made me crave the pie from Joe’s even more…

Somewhere between these I think we hit up a tuna stand and actually got free jars of tuna :D A regular one and a spicy jalapeno one. NOM! We also ended up with free bottles of bronzer and energy drinks. We’re so good at mooching and asking for free stuff :D Partners-In-Crime <3

PIta Chips and SPICY HUMMUS & Tzatziki Sauce.. this was REALLY good… Talked to the guy for awhile and even got some cards [he said he’d ship some to us] SO freaking delicious. Hummus is one of those Achilles Heels for me.. like PB…

Soggy Sweet Potato Fries


OK, so I don’t know WHERE they put them up.. but if you sing “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang in a video for Evian…. you get a baby shirt. So OBVIOUSLY, I did. And got a baby shirt.

I told Z to tape it but he accidentally didn’t… so here’s a pic of me after… why am I so puffy and red?

My future ex-husband : Tony Bourdain <3

The dirty naughty things I want to do with this guy ;D TMI

I took this picture especially for Z ;D Sexy sexy…

Haha I’m kidding, I love it. HAHAHAHA

I kid.

Maybe. ;D Narrr… not too into these banana hammocks…

OK. So it wasn’t as tasty and huge as the NY Grand Tasting last fall…. but it was GREAT company…!!! :] Everything is better with great company!!! The weather was gorgeous, yummy drinks and my boo <3

Cuban at De Rodriguez Ocean

After a delicious lunch at Joe’s Stone Crabs, can’t believe it’s still day one in South Beach….. we decided to head back and relax…. hot tub? Helllllzz yeah!!! Craving some good Cuban food, Z and I set on an adventure to get some good Cuban… we found a few places to go to while we were enjoying the hot tub and a bottle of champagne upstairs…

Herro Kitty

Still in my bikini, we headed down to Mojito Happy Hour [Fridays from 5-6 at the Hilton Bentley]

Horrible Shirt – Just had to share :D Cuz I’m a creeper like that….

They had some snacks… cheese, salumis, puffs, tacos, etc…. nothing too amazing but just some salty nibbles to go with the mojitos [which were extra strong…] We ended up talking to the manager of the hotel and got reservations for the Cuban restaurant in the hotel for 830 [recently re-located De Rodriguez Ocean]… we had an event at 10 [Let Them Eat Cake[ for SOBEWFF we our schedule was tight.

After mojitos we both took a nap. We overslept so didn’t make it downstairs til about 9 or so…. we were in a rush and had to finish dinner in 45-50 minutes or less and the staff was really good with helping us out with that….. we had to wait a few minutes but still got seated pretty quickly [despite how late we were to our resos] We got seated by the music performer of the night [good stuff] and decided to just order a few appetizers since we’d be eating cake all nite and I was mainly craving light ceviches…

Cheesy Cuban Sweet Bread

Yep SWEET bread… not sweetbreads – a common mistake, the other way around, when I was younger ;D The first round of bread they weren’t warm… so we asked for fresh ones…. but they weren’t gooier when fresh… need more gooey cheese when you crack it open.. reminds me of a mantou but thinner, harder and with some cheese in the middle.

Instead of Tortillas.. they gave us Plantain Chips with Salsa – cleverrrrr :D

Rainbow Ceviche

Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Citrus Soy/Jalapeno/Sesame Seed
This was super asiany – Tasted straight out of a Japanese or a Fusion restaurant… which in a way was unappealing but it was one of the better dishes we got…

Big Eye Tuna Watermelon

Kumquat/Yuzu/Thai Basil/Tarragon/Compressed Watermelon
The waiter actually recommended this but I wasn’t a fan… it was too… watermelon-y/sweet? I duno something was off about it…. I had been opting more towards the Thai Lobster Ceviche, but ultimately we ended up with this.. and mehhh… Z was a trooper tho and ate it all…

Smoked Marlin Tacos

Rum Cured Marlin/.Crispy Malanga Shell
Definietely the best dish of the night [even tho we only got appetizers] I added a bit of their hot sauce on them [even though they come with a jalapeno slice or two on them] The taro shell was delicious, crunchy and a great concept!!!! Great execution.. I could’ve eaten SO many of them….

Craving some now… you could order these for room service and I kept trying to, but it was always past room service times :[ Boo….

Oxtail Empanada

Braised Oxtail/Pineapple Marmalade/Black Olive Mayo
I did NOT like these at all, I only took a nibble of one piece and bleh. It just didn’t taste right to me, PLUS the filing fell right out when I picked up a piece… lame.

See the innards all fell out.. Z wasn’t too into them either but the preggo lady next to me seemed to love their empanadas cuz she ordered like both kinds [there was some chicken one] and was eating MAD fried food.. hahahah – her bf/hubby got some salmon dish that smelled like Indian curry hahaha…. wait, isnt’ this Cuban food?!?!!…

Conch & Snapper

Estiradito Snapper/Sour Orange/Diced Conch/Red Pepper/Roasted Grape Tomato/Crispy Onions/Garlic
Not bad, pretty good :] I think the crispy onions COVERING the sapper/conch may have been a little overpowering and masking the fresh flavors OF the seafood itself [which I usually don’t like] but it had a great variation of textures…. and compared to the tuna it was yummy…

It was getting late so we decided to wrap it up and grab some dessert and head out to Lincoln Rd for the party…. SO glad we stayed for dessert….

Cuatro Leches

I think this may be one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten…. can this be my wedding cake?! FOUR milks… omg <3 It was soooo gooood… the only weird part was that they put some sprouts on the top. It wasn’t too sweet and had raspberries and this caramel-y frosting on top. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD…

After a quick touch  up in the bathroom we were off to Lincoln Rd to the “Let Them Eat Cake” Moet party in a parking garage [badass]

Mental Note: I think our first meal ever without booze hahahaha….

A Night of Tartare, Fondue and Oysters [& etc] at Artisanal

A while ago I was in the mood for some steak tartare [it’s all Jacala‘s Mr. Borderon’s fault.. I still haven’t found better steak tartare… sigh….] and fondue… so where else to go but Artisanal [I was between Artisanal and Ca Va which I went to a few days later….]

I almost always start off dinner with a glass of champagne, especially when I know I’ll be having food from the raw bar…

Petit Fruits de Mer

Oysters, Shrimp, Ceviche, Clams & Dayboat selections [Crab, Uni & Mussels]

Sauces I don’t use….

I asked for some horseradish and they brought out a HUUUUUUGE saucer full… wait, are these called saucers?

Freshly grated Horseradish

What’s up with the Snooki hair? I also look 3 feet tall lol

Mussels Provencal

Garlic, Tomato & Basil

Delicious. I don’t really like cold mussels, so I ate these warm ones instead :D

Housemade Charcuterie

Rabbit Sausage, Duck-Foie Gras Rillettes & Tete de Cochon

Another reason why I chose Artisanal was for their Bunny Boudin… hahaha aka Rabbit Sausage

Rabbit Sausage

It didn’t disappoint but I didn’t end up eating much of it… I prefer my bunny warm not cold :[ I excepted a warm sausage… cooked with a nice pop in the skin

Duck-Foie Gras Rillettes

OOOOO but I ate the crap out of the rillettes.. so creamy and divine. Absolutely naughty tasting and just amazing. I don’t prefer my foie cold but this worked beautifully… especially on the yummy charred bread…

Tete de Cochon

I actually wanted to get the Lomo, but they were out. How could I ever say no to headcheese? This melted in my mouth… heavenly.

Cheese Plate

I asked for some simple cheeses… not too pungent.. these were what I got, I forgot what they were.. but the creamy one was amazing.

Grilled Octopus

Fingerling Potatoes & Smoked Paprika

Good, simple but nothing special. I think I’ve been overdoing it on the octopus lately – everything is cooked great but it all tastes the same lately….

Foie Gras Torchon

Fig Chutney & Grilled Bread

Great Foie, like always I don’t eat too much cold foie [simply seared is the bestest] so the dinner date ate most all of it.

Carpaccio of Yellofin TunaShaved Fennel & Ratatouille Vinaigrette

Definitely a lot more wet than I expected but the flavors were amazing – I LOVE fennel… so I try to eat as much of it as possible when in season.

Steak TartareArtisanal Blend Beef

Check out that sexy caper berry on top, HUGE, no? This was a bit too mushy for me….

Anyways the waitress wouldn’t let us order fondue at first, she said we already had too much food – lies. Got the fondue anyways….. and it was glorious… ended up licking the bowl clean – most likely.

Petit Gouda & Stout Fondue

Les Baigneuses

Apples, Crudites, Kielbasa & Chicken Tenders

It’s all about the apples :D I love the contrast of crunchy, sweet, creamy, cheesy, salty….

Isn’t this cute? Didi ended up sleeping on my glasses the whole night – she is way too adorable. :D

All You Can Drink Bloody Marys @ Agua Dulce

My favorite thing about the weekend is sleeping in late, throwing on something comfy and heading out to some delicious brunch. If you walk down 9th around where I live the street is riddled with tons of small eateries of all sorts of origins. Many with the sign “All you can drink Bloody Marys and Mimosas” … but I ended up at a place I had been once before for dinner – Agua Dulce.

It was warm for the end of October so I sat outside in the sun. The table was tiny and rickety so I ended up sitting at the big kid’s table [haha]

$20 for unlimited Bloody Marys… I made sure to get my worth, I think I had at least 5 of these…. they were really good :]

Lobster Ceviche

This was amazing. I’ve never had lobster ceviche before, I’ve had it obviously cooked in everyway [or uncooked] possible except this. This was absolutely DIVINE. Maybe the food came out slow because they didn’t’ expect me to demolish this so fast…..

Chorizo Frittata

Gruyere Cheese, Chorizo

This was a really thing frittata, but pretty standard, the cheese made it amazing. The nice peppery salad on top really helped add more texture to the dish. It was sprinkled with a generous helping of chorizo throughout the eggs.

They actually brought out two other dishes we HADN’T ordered with this.  They were really really slow and brought out this with fish tacos and french toast. Er… They took them away and FINALLY they brought another dish out….

Lobster Benedict

Lobster, Chorizo, Lightly Poached Egg, Fresh Jalapeno Cornbread w/ Chili Lime Hollandaise

The cornbread was delicious – I love cornbread, not sure if I really tasted the jalapenos though. There were only a few tiny pieces of lobster [lame] but the chorizo was really good so I felt a bit better…

Perfect piece of lobster, chorizo and unpopped egg atop of the cornbread.

I’m not a hollandaise fan so I didn’t try it… the egg was just perfect to wet the bread so I didn’t need anything extra.

Thick Cut Smoked Candied Bacon

REALLY. GOOD. BACON. Thick, sweet, smokey, perfection.

I was confused. What was going on? Was I going to get the third dish? I kept asking our servers and hostesses and they would just shrug their shoulders. FINALLY… after a few talks with who SEEMED to be the manager, the REAL manager came over to apologize…. another 20 minutes later out came the third dish. I also ordered another bloody mary and more bacon.

Grilled Shrimp and Sugarcane SkewerShredded Papaya and Avocado

This was really really good. I ended up chewing the sugarcane and even swallowing some of it. SO freaking good. Sugarcane reminds me of Taiwan.. can’t wait to go back and chew on them and pretend it’s bamboo and I’m a panda.

Cuz I am a panda….

The food was good but I think I got an ulcer from the brunch. Good thing I met some great people on the big kid’s table and they were really fun to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in my food blogging. So if you’re reading this, shouts to you Rick Gmitro.

EDIT 12/1 : I suck cuz I forgot to include his webbysite….^^ see name… it’s a disc jockey [haha I wrote jokey first oops.. drunkie] entertainment company…. so  *cheez time* go with the flow and get a requesting ;D