Yakitori Totto

I’m FINALLY reviewing this place. This place is amazing – so far my favorite yakitori spot in the City :] AND it’s a lot closer to my apt than St. Marks. Came here back in July…. it’s kinda tough to get a spot, especially last minute, but somehow it was managed…  The experience is better shown with less words and more pictures. Enjoy.

sake + kirin


TAKO WASA: raw octopus marinated in mildly spicy wasabi sauce


NANKOTSU: soft bone
Surprisingly tender for bone. YUM. I loved it, especially sprinkled with a little bit of the spice.


HIZA NANKOTSU: soft knee bone
Delicious tender meat around the crunch of the bone <3

Pork Offal [aka Intestines]
It was SOOOOO fatty and delicious and juicy – Probably the best intestines I’ve ever had [and hhelllooo, Taiwan, I’ve had a lot]


CHICKEN OYSTER: rare part of thigh (sot l’y laisse)
SESERI: neck
Tender and delicious.




SHIRAUO KARA AGE: deep-fried tiny sardines
w/ green tea powder & sea salt
These are SOOOO addicting. Give me a bowl and pop me in front of a football game, Sunday, and it’ll be gone in 2 seconds.

Spicy Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms with Sticky Mtn Yam
I think I ate pretty much the whole bowl.. I love mushrooms and sticky mountain yam… so, go figure.

KAWA: skin
Not as amazing as Kenka’s… but still amazing !!!

Pork Neck & Duck + Scallions

Duck + Scallion


SHISHITOU TSUKUNE: chicken meat ball stuffed into jap. green pepper
I adore yakitori chicken meatballs and I love yakitori shishito peppers, so why not combine the two and make babies? Delish!


MUNE: breast w/ wasabi & salt

ネギ間 (東京ネギ)

NEGIMA: thigh & scallion


PIRIKARA MUNE NIKU: chicken breast topped w/ spicy red paste

ササミしそ巻き (梅肉づけ)

SASAMI SHISOMAKI: shiso leaf wrapped in sliced chicken breast w/ plum sauce

Eggplant with Soy Sauce and Bonito Flakes



The real way to eat prawns/shrimp… the WHOLE thing, shell and all, head first ;D


NAGAIMO: japanese sticky yam w/ soy sauce
Love love love sticky mountain yam!!!!


KOBE BEEF GYUTAN: Kobe Beef tongue
Thick and succulent. Juicy and full of smokey flavor.

黒豚 からしレモン

KURO BUTA KARASHI LEMON: organic pork belly w/ lemon & mustard

黒豚 ねぎポン

KURO BUTA NEGI PON: organic pork belly w/ scallion & ponzu

Honestly? Can anyone ever go wrong with pork belly? Delicious last bites for the end of the meal.

My sticks.

Ok. So here’s the deal. Now that I’ve successfully made you starving and craving yakitori. GO. NOW. Can I come with you?

Yakitori Totto
251 W 55th St, 2nd Flr
New York, NY 10019


  1. omg, so jealous!! i wish i can at least smell all this through the computer lol


  2. my problem is that i never really go above 32nd street



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