Anguilla // Day One

As some of you guys may know I’ve been in Anguilla for the past week.. [last Monday – Friday to be exact]

Delicious food, relaxing atmosphere and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met….

We set off early in the morning [woke up at 4/5ish to head to the airport] and got some good pricing on business class upgrades.. so up-we-graded :]


This island makes me hungry.. I literally thought it said Tortilla Beef Island [we were both also starving at the time]

Puerto Rico… sadly the airport lacked anything puerto rican to eat [ hello?!?!.. a lot of cinnabons, dominoes – altho they did have chorizo on the pizza, crappy bar food and lame sammies and salads… ew]

Boarding our tiny propeller plane…I iz uuber excited


When we got to Anguilla.. – airport there is sooo tiny… departure DOOR is next to arrival DOOR and instantly it’s immigration and then baggage claim [each just LITERALLY a few steps away from each other] and then we’re out the door in a taxi getting driven to our resort, CAP JULUCA

As soon as we got there they handed us huge glasses of RUM PUNCH [they’re signature drink] and we sat down to check into the resort. After signing the papers and getting called Mr. & Mrs and asking if we were on our honeymoon for the first and def not the last time… we grabbed our drinks, hopped into a golf cart and got driven to our villa. Yes. OUR villa :D

[ps our driver is a HUGE fan of Boston Sports – huzzah! GOSOX!]

Our mini bar was always stocked with cokes, diet cokes, fiji water, tings, perrier and beers… all complimentary :] DUDE, the resort gives away fiji water like it was NOTHING….

The view from inside

Our private terrace

The gorgeous bed :]

Every day we could get different bath soaps… including Hermes and Bvulgari

BTW, we were starved remember? Since lack of foodage in PR we ordered room service as soon as we got into our villa..

Melon & Prosciutto // fresh tarragon essence & arugula

West Indian Curry Chicken Wrap // braised chicken curry, rolled in flour tortilla, pineapple chutney

Lobster & Avocado Citrus Salad // mixed organic lettuce, orange & grapefruit segments avocado, citrus dressing

Afterwards, we got ready to head out and enjoy the beach and weather….

We got to golf cart everywhere :D

Everyone there looked like they belonged to a country club and we looked ready to go clubbing…

We were thinking of, at first, just ordering in but it was around 930 and we called and  SPICE still had openings so we headed over :] It was soooo much better than expected. We did our research ahead of time and this was the “if we have no where else to eat” place to go to [aka 930 on a Monday nite] And IMO the best restaurant in Cap Juluca.

Dinner rolls..

Complimentary Teriyaki Shrimp Salad from the Chef

Pinot Grigio Campanile ‘Friuli Grave’ 2007

spicy king crab, broiled on the half shell, green papaya remoulde

I was cold so they gave me a beach towel to wrap myself in… hehe the service here is seriously impeccable.

duck “oriental”, five spices leg samosa, sesame – honey sauce

Delicious, fatty and tender. The samosa was soooo good… the skin was a lot thinner than the stereotypical samosa… loved.

grilled local crayfish “indonesian style” served with peanuts & red curry paste, grilled basmati rice

I am officially in love with crayfish. The curry paired perfectly with the grilled crayfish and this was probably the best crayfish dish we had all week long.

Chocolate Fondue // Warm chocolate fondue with accompaniments for dipping – strawberries, marshmallows, blueberries, blackberries, melons, pineapples and bananas…

You can never go wrong with fondue, although the melons were a little odd for me… The melon here in Anguilla are sadly not very sweet at all :[ so the chocolate totally overpowers them.

Caribbean Breeze // Mango gelee, coconut tuile, sauté of exotic fruits, coconut sorbet & pina colada caviar

Delicious. I love trying various flavors of “caviar” and this was great. The tuile and sorbet were deliish and there was also mango [the fruit] underneath. What a perfect combo.


I got a Katty’s Kiss cocktail – rum white, dark rum, creme de banana, guava juice, lime juice, bitters & a Cohiba Esplendidos [cuban]

Enjoying a cigar

Second cigar I’ve ever puffed, def a better experience than the first time :]


  1. Love the Ting in the ‘fridge..that’s all you need…


    • misstiffie says:

      Tings were really good :] Wish we had them here…. good thing they’ll have them in Jamaica when I go next weekend :D



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