Acadia ME: Parkside

I finally got pulled out of by the pool – and since I hadn’t eaten anything really except for popovers, salad and some wasabi peanuts, I was STARVING and a little tipsy – and into the shower and new clothes… it was time for dinner and I had found a nice pretty little spot Downtown where we could bring Didi for some dinner!!!!


We got a nice corner table outside… but before we get to the food…

V is for Vanity…

D is for Didi

My silly little furry princess baby <3 SO cute and SO photogenic…

Didi even had her own seat between me and mommy  :D

Prosecco for meeeeeee – I love my bubbles!!!!

I may have had another glass or two more :]

Delicious bread basket..

WARM Blueberry muffin/coffee cake type along with some rolls.. but with BLUEBERRY CAKE in the basket why would you eat anything else?!?!?!

Local Oysters on the Half Shell

Delicious fresh maine oysters.. they were HUGE and delicious… MMM full of delicious oyster liquor – obviously not REAL booze, but that’s what they call the juices in the oyster – and of course tons of tabasco and horseradish!!!!  All 1/2 dozen were for me since my parents don’t eat raw oysters…

But we DID also get….

Fried Calamari

Fresh calamari lightly breaded and deep-fried, tossed with a variety of sauteed peppers, served with bistro sauce

Spicy and delicious…. I was scared of the sauce – cuz I’m not a sauce person esp when it looks mayo-y – but sooo much yummy spicy banana peppers and perfectly light fried calamari.. wish there were more leggggiessss tho – tentacles are my favorite part of squiddies!!!

Mommy’s Halibut Special

Pan Seared with Jerk Seasoning, served with pineapple salsa, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

She gave me some and it was SO good.. I couldn’t taste jerk seasoning but it was light and refreshing… the pineapple salsa was super fresh and sweet…

Daddy’s Beer Battered Haddock aka FISH N CHIPS &heart;

Served with French Fries, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

I love good fish and chips and my parents LOVED this.. in fact my mom ate more of my dad’s dish than hers.. so my dad and I had to help her finish hers.. hahaha… MMM fries :D

My Bouillabaisse

Medley of Sauteed Haddock, Salmon, Scallops, Maine Shrimp, Peekytoe Crabmeat and White Wine in a Saffron-Infused Tomato Broth with Garlic Croutons and a Rouille Sauce [Rouille Sauce = Spicy Garlicky Mayo based Spicy Sauce]

I asked for it to be extra spicy but I ended up using a lot of tobasco in it anyways :D It was really delicious.. I’m such a sucker for bouillabaisses and cioppinos.. any sort of soupy seafood medley just makes me so so happy.. even though it was super hot out.. MMMM soup!!!

I skipped out of dessert at the restaurant.. and got ice cream..

Off to Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium againnnnn, I got the Fig & Walnut Gelato

I also tried some lobster ice cream

It’s SO good… super buttery and sweet and chunks of frozen lobster which was SUPER delicious… surprisingly so.. not fishy at all.. YUM!

After shopping and wandering some… we headed back to shower – again – and go to bed… more adventures tomorrow :D

Acadia ME: Stewman’s Lobster Pound

As soon as we got to our resort I changed my outfit – 5 hour trip thru super ghetto Maine was exhausting… especially since we planned our trip during the hottest heatwave this summer.. .yikes!!!! I planned on eating ALL lobster and seafood this entire trip, so no trip to Acadia/Bar Harbor ME would be complete without heading to Stewman’s Lobster Pound.  Since we brought Didi with us on the trip we had to eat at dog-friendly places!!  There are two in Bar Harbor area, one downtown and one in the hotel we stayed at… so obviously we just, lazily, went to the one in our hotel :]

Stewman’s Lobster Pound @ Bar Harbor Regency

Raspberry Mojito

My daddy ordered wine and got it in a plastic cup as well.. teehee, ghetto fabulous!!!! It was quite delicious tho and not too sweet!! MMM I love mojitos :]


These were SOOOOOO salty.. they were steamed/boiled IN sea water so I was dying of salt overload. As were the mussels….


Such a shame.. I have such bad kidneys for salt overload and I bloat like crazy so I had to avoid these.. they weren’t just salty, they were like SALT LICKS!!!! Reminded me of the “spicy pickles” from the other day at Tamarind Bay LOL… My parents ended up eating them…

Stone Crabs

But my stone crabs were delicious!!! So expensive though.. it was like 3$ a piece… geez.. makes me miss Miami like SUPER crazy tho… :]  Need to take a trip there asap – got it girls?!?!?!… I spy another All Girls Trip ASAP in the near future… :]

We decided to get the biggest lobsters they had… 3.5lbs YUM

Look how excited I am, and how tired I look from all the travel.. hahaha.. and yes I wore my bib :] I remember as a kid I would NEVER for fear of looking stupid… but now, I wear my bib with pride!!!! :D

My cute little, er, HUGE lobster :D

It was a girl, which is why it was so big, and it was FILLED with roe…

I hurt myself tho eating the lobster :[ I got a HUUUUGE cut on my finger and it kept bleeeeeeding – sigh… I’m so hazardous to my own health.. hahaha.. it’s actually sort of funny..

Daddy’s HUUUUGE Lobster

My parents are so cute :D

Daddy was so excited with his huge claw

After dinner, we got some coffee and homemade blueberry pie… Lobster, Ice Cream and Blueberries are the theme of Maine trips :] Constantly.. and booze always is SO… you know ;D

It was really good…. delicious crust.. great filling, not too sweet and yummy delicious vanilla ice cream!!!

I told mommy to feed daddy and she did – OMG my parents are so freaking cute!

Even though I could barely finish my pie… there was still room, always is, for another drink… a nice boozey Blueberry Pink Lemonade – I HAD to try it since our waiter said it was the most popular….

Didi had her fill of lobster too :]

It got a little chilly after dinner so I changed into a hoodie and a long sleeve before we headed out downtown to eat ice cream and shop around…

We got there pretty late so a lot of stores were closing…. it WAS a Thursday night so it wasn’t too crazy out

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium

Baconfest Chicago 2010

The shirt I picked to wear to BACONFEST… I thought it was hilarious.


Well it was funny until on one of the tv interviews we did…. the guy asked me if I was a vegetarian. No, seriously. He asked me if I was a vegetarian….. okay… end rant… cuz I’m too excited to talk about BaconFest :D Yep, so now, back to BaconFest….

Yes, My travel buddy and I traveled from the East Coast to the… errr.. Mid…dle North Part of America… just to come to BaconFest[well and for me to see Rick and Carlos, but that’s for the next entry or so… AND I wanted to show my buddy-in-crime just why Chi-town was so awesome… esp in their food scene] but going to BaconFest was highly motivating.

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What Could’ve Been…

I hate food disappointments….

I also always end up holding too high of expectations… the longer I wait to try a new place, the harder the fail – but only if it fails, of course…

And so begins my journey at the Langham Hotel‘s Cafe Fleuri for their Chocolate Bar Buffet…

Now, what should’ve tipped me off first was the price… 38$ for adults on all you can eat desserts? I’ve been to places where the cheapest dessert was 38$ and consisted of two bites.. maybe three, depending on how large your mouth was [hehe]

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it used to be “Big Buns & Pita” (all this food lately IS making MY buns big ;])

…but now it’s Sahara Kabob.

I’m sorry but the former name is so much more badussy (in the words of Onch ;])

BUT THE WEBSITE is still: :D woot!

So I like Greek/Med food but it’s been awhile… I used to eat it all the time when I worked at Directory M since a ton of my coworkers were from that region… and there was an amazing Med place right by work… but I’m lame and always got the Chicken Shwarma.. (so loves it) since it came with amazing rice with tiny pieces of noodles, the sauce.. and just delicious chicken. I’ve had a falafel ONCE in my life and it was there and I wasn’t impressed.. it made me hesitant to ever eat it again.. until now…

Boyfriend LOVES this place.. and I trust him. So I go along with it. He used to come here all the time.. trekking thru rain and snow… and he has good stories about the place and people there. So I enjoy listening as we walk and eat there :]

To start… we had the Baba Ghanouj, Boorek, & Medames, as appetizers…. I LOVE the rice with sweet carrots and raisins that the dishes come with. YUM! They also give you soup or salad (we got the delicious lentil soup) and pickled jalapeno, beets, onions, etc… to munch on… and of course pita!!!

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I’ll catch up on posting my latest recipes, but life has been a blur or business @_@

I still owe you guys the rest of my Taiwan posts, Chinese New Years posts… and pictures off of my regular digicam. That’s my problem, getting them off… so much easier when I just take photos on my iphone… haha

I’ll (RE)start off with yesterday’s eats.

Brunch of Fruits
1/2 Pomelo, Blackberries, Pear

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Picture Overload… Thurs, Fri & Sat

Lately there’s been a burst of Vitamix on the foodie scene. I’m positively drooling over pics of fresh hummus, ice creams, sorbets and smoothies (I’m not even a smoothie person) BUT I am a HUUUUGE FRUITIE (I’m so clever with words haha) & ICE CREAM person so the thought of ice creams and sorbets just gets me giddy. EEEEE… I want one I want one I want one!!!! OH the possibilities…..

Daily Vitamins;

White Tea & Fruits

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Imagination brought to life! & SUGAR RUSH

(This first part was written yesterday early morning haha)

I woke up at 5am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, not to walk my parents or my puppy up, I snuck into the kitchen, whipped up a quick breakfast, snuck a quick pic and gobbled it up while I worked (w@h baby!!!)


SO. A little imagination time, thanks to my beloved FLICKR!!!






w/ a nice side of




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Yesterday, Today – Super Fruit Filled!!

To start off my friday I had…. some fresh fluffy….

Found on Adventures in Bentomaking

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Today’s eats, posted TODAY!!!

While wandering Whole Foods, I found this and reading the packaging I was interested. I have a bad digestive system and decided to try it out. 

I bought the shots of Mango Peach, and from what I find online probably the most tasty. It was tasty and only 50 calories for a TON of vitamins and probiotics! I think I might try it out for a week, they say you can’t see results til at least 3-7 days.. up to 21 days… we’ll see, I’ll try it for a week cuz it IS kinda pricey. But they say you don’t even need to take a multivitamin after this. Whoaa.

Breakfast was a nice grapefruit & some tasty plump crisp grapes!!!

I haven’t been hungry…

But I couldn’t resist this delicious juicy red pear :D

& then AFTER I was just starved… HMM, not hungry, eat pear… want grapes…

& then I wanted moreeee… so I just finished off the bag of grapes :D

Dinner was simple, just tofu & scallions w/ white rice.
Cuz I was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving what comes next…

a big bowl of papaya…

(about half of that)

w/ soyogurt, strawberries & blueberries…

I sprinkled cinnamon on top after the shot :D

Some snacks I thought I’d share…
Jellies from Japan

I think this color’s so pretty!!!

& this one is TOO CUTE to eat :[

You can buy these here but I bought them anyways in Japan

The Pine Nut Cakes (松子酥)

Inside is this red bean paste with this chewy mochi paste and, of course, pine nuts :]

& Pineapple Cakes (凤梨酥)

Reoccurring Dream Themes
Does this happen to any of you? I always wake up flushed and nervous, I consistently dream about still being in High School and skipping a class, until it’s a few days til the end of the semester and I’m SO behind on tests, papers and work and I’m completely flustered about how I’ll pass and graduate. I had another one of those last nite. I always wake up super confused and then I remember, I’ve been done with HS, I’ve never skipped a class, and I’ve been out of college for years @_@ AKA, I’m OLD. Nevertheless, I hate these stressful dreams.

Nite, I’m off to snuggle with my Dior and watch a movie… and probably falling asleep really really early (again!) — altho I’m craving something sweet and might give in to one or two of these :]

Oh and I may have *cough cough* sneakily munched on some dried figs and pluots (awesome!!!) *cough* thru-out the day… and some Yogurt Passion… HEHEHE ALLLLLLL from my gorgeous Erin :] HEHEHE… I wasn’t gonna confess but then, I had them so fast I didn’t even snap a pic ;]

Don’t forget to check out today’s Taiwan GROCERY post below :D


My daddy came home and brought in the mail. There was a PACKAGE!!!!!

Being the curious kitty that I am I sniffed around and opened up the huge box…

A huuuuge box of gorgeous Norman Love Chocolates from :]


Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!

I feel so loved :] The card was cute too!!!