Legal’s with the Parents: Ordering off the Specials Menu

I love going out with my parents. We always have so much fun and being an only child and moving around all over the United States, I’m used to it.  Family vacations, dinners, etc.  Not hanging out with the fam all the time is just plain wrong and doesn’t feel right.  So after a long day of work.. it was time for some seafood.

Daddy started becoming a huge food picture-taker too… hahahah and taking goofy pictures of me.

We got a free Amuse Bouche from the chef.  Sun Dried Tomatoes with Bacon on Crostini with a drizzle of Balsamic Vinaigrette. Meh.

Two Buckets of Steamers!!!


Not amused.

I got the Wild King Salmon with Spicy Sausage [Chorizo], a Corn/Black Bean Salsa on top of Butternut Squash.  It was sprinkled with scallions and was totally a Mexican wanna be dish.  It wasn’t bad but my salmon was overcooked and dry.  Everything else was delicious.

We also ordered a half a bottle of the red wine pairing to go with my dish to share with the table. I forgot what it was but it was good.

Daddy got a Herbed Flounder with a Slaw on top.

And mama got the Grilled Swordfish over Mashed Sweet Potato.

All of us got the specials of the night…

And then I saw this lady. CLASSY.

And since we ordered all specials we got the special dessert too.


The usual: Boston Cream Pie
Delicious as usual but I don’t remember it being COVERED in chocolate, just a thin film of it on top. Now it’s a bit too much.

The Special: Apple Pie Tart
It was okay.  The ice cream was good.

I also got a yummy Hot Toddy.

Seriously, we only came for a Burger…

Bourbon Steak is a go to in DC.. and a place W and I like to head to just cuz… especially when we’re craving a good burger.  But I don’t think we’ve ever gone for a burger and ONLY gotten a burger.  As soon as I was done with work I slipped on some clothes and we headed over for some food.

When I sat down I ordered a champagne cocktail.. but was quickly presented with a yummy special one from the head bartender, Dwayne. YUM!
[Note: this drink will reappear in a Baltimore post!!!!]

Look at him at work.

Like always we were soon after presented with the Trio of Duck Fries. YUM – Crisp, flavorful and yummy, piping hot, they NEVER disappoint.  And I love how they switch up flavors and dipping sauces all the time. WOOHOO.

Raw Oysters with a Kimchi Sauce…

Delicious and fresh.  Tasty.  The kimchi wasn’t chunky like I thought it would be.  And see those little white balls? They’re little rice balls.

An amazing Rockfish Crudo

Sooooo many elements but the taste came out sooo simple and fresh.  A mixture of sweet – from the melon – and salty, different textures of the raw fish to the crunch of the shallot and then the creamy sauce.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Mozzarella…

That hand is none other’s than Exec Chef Adam Sobel‘s…

I love anything with tomatoes and mozz. Maybe not the best season for tomatoes this year but I thought it was tasty anyways. I loved the little marshmallows of mozz! So cute and pillow-y. FLUFF.

Deconstructed Bahn Mi

This was SOOOO GOOD.  Everything about it was amazing. Creamy liver pate on a nice brioche… and then some meats on the side. AMAZING.

Calamari with Chorizo and Brioche Croutons

This was a HUUUUUUUGE bowl of squid. SO freaking much.  It was delicious but just SOOO much.  I could’ve had a little more chorizo as well :] Teehee.

Sheep Ricotta Agnolotti with Veal Cheeks and Bone Marrow

This was SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! Delicious!  The cheeks literally MELTED in my mouth as soon as it hit my tongue. BAM!  And the chunks of bone marrow, ahhhh meat butter. <3

And while we were gonna split a burger…. We realized we wanted our own.

I even got a nice salad on the side, NOM NOM I need my greens!!!


I finished mine. WOOT. W didn’t *point and laugh*

BUT we always have room for desserts. Yes. PLURAL!

BSDC Red Velvet Cake
tainori chocolate cremeux, cocoa nib gelato, bulls blood

This was probably the best Red Velvet cake I’ve ever had. SO. FREAKING GOOD.

Chevre Cheesecake with Virginia Berries
strawberries, pistachio streusel, basil gelato

I wasn’t as into the cheesecake but I LOOOOVED the basil gelato.  It was beautifully plated though. I think it was a goat’s cheese – cheesecake or something.

BTW, here’s a sexy pic of Adam holding the A-5 Wagyu Beef straight from Japan.  Best of the best.

Orgasmic no?

Quickie Lunch of Beer and Dogs at Bourbon Steak DC

I was hungry.  So W and I snuck out of the apt to go get some food at Bourbon Steak.  I haven’t been to the DC one since my second trip to DC earlier in the year…. We grabbed a seat at the bar, our usual go to spot at any resto, and ate;  W caught up with a ton of people he used to work with.  THEY. LOVE. HIM. THERE. Hahaha.

W got an Arnold Palmer.. and I was given a Strawberry Lemonade – both Virgin

Since we got some dogs I got a beer as well. YUM

And then the hot dogs from the “Dog Days of Summer” Menu —
” …the popular Red Apron half-smoke with traditional toppings and a corn dog version of the local butcher shop’s cheddar dog.”

Half Smoked and a Cheddar Sausage Corn Dog

Soft Fluffy but not really cheesy.  I couldn’t taste cheddar. I love corn dogs though. NOM NOM NOM.  The corn bread was thick and tasty.

Half-Smoked in a Bun

The half-smoked was a bit tough and chewy for me.  I love the buttered bun though.. was toasted and yummy.


chocolate, marcona almond, whiskey cordial

Not really a brownie at all more of a harder sort of mousse… it was pretty good, and those whiskey candies are AMAZE BALLS.  When you bite into them you get a shot of whiskey. WOOHOO.


coffee gelato, marcona almonds, cocoa meringue

DIYwith almonds and toffee, etc.. SO FREAKING GOOD.
And those spikes are meringues :D YAY

Wed Night is All You Can Eat Crab Legs at Palette and a Midnight Boozie Adult Brownie

All dressed down and somewhere to go… I’ve been to Detroit for awhile now and I know that Wednesday nights here at the MGM Detroit is all you can eat CRAB legs night.  Being the Asian that I am and in my genes, I knew I had to get my tummy in on this deal…. and so I totally did.

There were two sides of this.  AMAZE BALLS and they were ALWAYS full. I never saw the piles go down, seriously….. I so so dig this.

This was one of my many many plates. I took 3 crab halves at a time, with 5 legs each, 1 giant claw.  I think I may have done this at least 6+ times…. including a few plates of salad.. and chinese food and other stuff…

See?!… i stopped taking pictures and just ate and ate.  Although these dumplings were so-so, some where cooked perfect, some were a bit under done and the skin was hard :P lame.

A plate of dessert that I got…. I may have had more ;]

This lady had bomb diggity rainbow neon nails!!!

Instagram’d Crab Leg gorgeousness

Later that night when W got out of work, he got a Turkey Reuben and I got a Brownie Sundae.  I originally wanted the kid’s menu one but they screwed up and gave me the adult version.  Kid version had chocolate AND vanilla, whipped cream and a cherry.. this one had Bourbon Fudge, Beer Caramel, Nut Brownie, Vanilla Gelato and SUPPPPPPER Boozie Cherries.  They made my cheeks red and made me a bit tipsy, DELISH.

A night out at Turner’s Fisheries

My parents’ best friends’ kid is in Boston for school so on Holidays my parents’ like to take him out to eat. We were a little behind for CNY but espeically since I’ve been sick so we rescheduled for the other day…. my mom and I got to Copley Center a bit early to shop around a bit and met up with him for dinner around 7 at Turner Fisheries – yum!  I haven’t been here in a long time so it was good to be back, usually when I’m in the shopping center there I just head to O Sushi to eat [which is right next door]

While my mom met up with the kid I got our table and had a glass of bubbly while I waited…

Yummy bread basket…

It’s 1$ Oysters woohoo!!!! So of course I had to order some for us.  East Coast, local, obviously, my fav, and SOOOO delicious!

1$ Oysters


cured vine-ripened tomato, chorizo, sauvignon blanc

So delicious and full of flavor.  The chorizo is crumbled and the tomato were like fluffy flavor punches like a sun-dried tomato…. the sauce was simply fantastical.  I licked this bowl clean… great for sopping up with bread!


pappadew peppers, capers, roasted garlic aioli

I don’t like it when the aioli gets poured all over the calamari because it makes it softer.  But they were lightly fried, barely battered and delicious.


butternut ragout, cannellini beans, broccoli rabe

Mommy ordered this and she loved it.  The Broccoli Rabe was a bit on the oily side but the ragout was sweet and delicious and paired well with the simply cooked bass.


salsify, snow pea, cara cara orange horseradish sauce

I didn’t get to try this, but the kid seemed to love it and ate it clean.


northern shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, hook caught haddock, saffron tomato broth, rouille

Obviously this was mine! I looooooove seafood soups… I wish there was more shellfish in it but everything was perfectly cooked and super fresh.  The flavors were banging and the fish was SOOOO tender.  The rouille was buttery, cheesy and seafood-y. YUM


butternut squash gelato

This was DELICIOUS.  The gelato was the best part!  Tasted like Thanksgiving happiness.  The pecan pie itself was a little tart and SOOO GOOD – it wasn’t overly sweet or rich and was chock full of delicious pecans. NOM!


raspberry coulis

A bit on the sweet side but delicious layers of chocolate, hazelnut mousse and chocolate cake.  A delicious and super sweet way to end a nice light meal.

Girls’ Night with lots of Dolls, Cheese but no Cucumbers :[

I swear I’ll put up my best of 2011 post. I swear it. Eventually. Soon :] Promise! Too much of it has already been written to abandon it now…. until then I’ll do my best to amuse you with my regular old food posts… I’ve been cooking a lot lately… boring things… Chinese things, simple things, random things :]

And then there was Girls’ Night with my Bestie, Kate on Friday night. Scary movies, wine, strawberry daqs and greasy food and snacks – a LOT of it :] And of course some “shenanigans” [SOO Kate‘s word hehehe] at Loews.

We’re silly when we’re together…

Lady at Check-Out — “Awww did you have a LONG day at [high] school today?”
Me: UMMM, yes!

… I wish I was still in school LOL … but when me and Kate get together it’s like we’re back in MIDDLE SCHOOL again!

Afterwards we headed to Super Stop & Shop for some shopping and fun for our greasy food night. Extra cheese, check. Pizza dough, check. 3 huge long cucumbers… no hahaha but I MAY have screamed “I like at least 3 in my mouth at the same time!” there.. and there was lots of Beavis & Butthead impressions the entire time. I’m obsessed…

Beavis & Butthead Do America, CLASSIC movie for my Generation…

We popped the Onion Rings and Sweet Potato WAFFLE fries in the oven and started prepping the garlic cheese bread and veggies for our pizza…

Brushing some Olive Oil on the dough :] Extra greasy… note the Strawberry Daq from Seagrams Escapes [her fav]. I know my KateMonkiie well :] I stuck with white wine, tons of it ;] Super classy in a glass.. with a GREEN STRAW hahahaha

Super cheesy garlic bread with mozz and parm!!! Extra buttery and amazing!

Dasani, Kate & Mike’s Hot Dog :], ate a lot of the fries and rings.. the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries were BOMB! SOOO CRACK!!!

“Why does this taste like artichoke pesto?! Oh it must be the parm…” LOL…

Mike’s pizza.. It was Girls’ Night but we had to cook for our driver and the best husband ever!!! Half cheese, half Pepperoni!

Our pizza… Extra cheese, onions, green peppers, pepperoni and mushrooms!

See how the crust is extra thick?! I rolled in a TON of mozzarella in the crust for cheesestick crusts <3

Both our pizza and our garlic bread had tons of Mozz & Parm on it!!! NOMMMMM!!!!

Slice #1… MMMMM… I had half of our pizza. SOO GOOD with extra chili pepper flakes OBVIOUSLY!!

Super cheesy crust…

And then after watching Dead Silence… literally in silence – minus some squeals and lots of booze, WE BOTH HATE DOLLS!!!!! – we made frappes and drank them by the warm burning fireplace.

Caramel Cookie Crunch with Double Chocolate Chip Gelato Frappes… and we dipped Red Velvet Whoopie Pies in them!

[btw a FRAPPE is the New England name for Milkshake! It’s the correct term to use if you want a drink with milk and ice cream here… haha join in the talk to learn more]

We ended the night with dessert and Scream 4 to make the night happier :] Hahaha.. WE HATE DOLLS!!!

I may have fallen asleep… drooled a little :] I LOOOVE spending time with my KateMonkiie and Mike!!! <3 Ok so the hubby didn’t stay the whole night but he was a good sport about it :] TEEHEE!!!

Can’t wait til next time!!!!

Acadia ME: Parkside

I finally got pulled out of by the pool – and since I hadn’t eaten anything really except for popovers, salad and some wasabi peanuts, I was STARVING and a little tipsy – and into the shower and new clothes… it was time for dinner and I had found a nice pretty little spot Downtown where we could bring Didi for some dinner!!!!


We got a nice corner table outside… but before we get to the food…

V is for Vanity…

D is for Didi

My silly little furry princess baby <3 SO cute and SO photogenic…

Didi even had her own seat between me and mommy  :D

Prosecco for meeeeeee – I love my bubbles!!!!

I may have had another glass or two more :]

Delicious bread basket..

WARM Blueberry muffin/coffee cake type along with some rolls.. but with BLUEBERRY CAKE in the basket why would you eat anything else?!?!?!

Local Oysters on the Half Shell

Delicious fresh maine oysters.. they were HUGE and delicious… MMM full of delicious oyster liquor – obviously not REAL booze, but that’s what they call the juices in the oyster – and of course tons of tabasco and horseradish!!!!  All 1/2 dozen were for me since my parents don’t eat raw oysters…

But we DID also get….

Fried Calamari

Fresh calamari lightly breaded and deep-fried, tossed with a variety of sauteed peppers, served with bistro sauce

Spicy and delicious…. I was scared of the sauce – cuz I’m not a sauce person esp when it looks mayo-y – but sooo much yummy spicy banana peppers and perfectly light fried calamari.. wish there were more leggggiessss tho – tentacles are my favorite part of squiddies!!!

Mommy’s Halibut Special

Pan Seared with Jerk Seasoning, served with pineapple salsa, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

She gave me some and it was SO good.. I couldn’t taste jerk seasoning but it was light and refreshing… the pineapple salsa was super fresh and sweet…

Daddy’s Beer Battered Haddock aka FISH N CHIPS &heart;

Served with French Fries, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli

I love good fish and chips and my parents LOVED this.. in fact my mom ate more of my dad’s dish than hers.. so my dad and I had to help her finish hers.. hahaha… MMM fries :D

My Bouillabaisse

Medley of Sauteed Haddock, Salmon, Scallops, Maine Shrimp, Peekytoe Crabmeat and White Wine in a Saffron-Infused Tomato Broth with Garlic Croutons and a Rouille Sauce [Rouille Sauce = Spicy Garlicky Mayo based Spicy Sauce]

I asked for it to be extra spicy but I ended up using a lot of tobasco in it anyways :D It was really delicious.. I’m such a sucker for bouillabaisses and cioppinos.. any sort of soupy seafood medley just makes me so so happy.. even though it was super hot out.. MMMM soup!!!

I skipped out of dessert at the restaurant.. and got ice cream..

Off to Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium againnnnn, I got the Fig & Walnut Gelato

I also tried some lobster ice cream

It’s SO good… super buttery and sweet and chunks of frozen lobster which was SUPER delicious… surprisingly so.. not fishy at all.. YUM!

After shopping and wandering some… we headed back to shower – again – and go to bed… more adventures tomorrow :D

Osteria Morini, Best Way To Complete a Day of FUN

Monday night, a friend was in town for work from Cali, so we all decided to hit up another Michael White baby.. Osteria Morini… Yep, just the night before we were at Marea and a few days before that, we were at Ai Fiori :]  After a long day of shopping, eating at DD, Dim Sum Go Go and Xi’An Famous Foods [omg Cumin Lamb Noodles are TO DIE FOR! – YOOO Hand Pulled NOODLES!!!]


Click here to see my Video of making Hand-Pulled Noodles @ Xi’An

Tons of shopping bags, a full belly, too much walking and a bottle of champagne in us later…. we got ready for another Chef White dinner – woot woot! 3 Michael White restos in a week?! AWESOME!

Me and Rhino.

Famous Celebrity Penis and Boob wall next to Osteria Morini – teehee…

Their sign actually reminds me of Yakitori Totto‘s :]

After sitting down at a table in the back near the kitchen we ordered a bottle of wine [and then another since it was so yummy] and picked out a slew of delicious yummies…

We were first greeted with a complimentary dish from the Chef.

Carciofo Fritelle
Artichoke, Chickpeas, Red Pepper, Nepitella Crema

Basically a chickpea veggie fritter or croquette minus the potatoes — Delicious, light, fluffy – full of creamy chickpea flavor and hints of artichoke and peppers.. delish!  Fried to perfection and over a drizzle of Nepitella cream on the bottom…. Nepitella is a wild herb of the Mint family grown in Italy

Battilardo Di Affetatti
Cured Sliced Meats with Grilled Bread & Tigelle Modenese
FegatiniDuck Liver Mousse, Passito Wine
Coppa Cured Pork Neck
& LardoProsciutto Bianco
The liver was TO die for and definitely the hit of the night for the charcuterie.  Creamy, full of flavor and paired SO well with the nice crunchy grilled bread.  The white round disks were flat fluffy bread.. I preferred the grilled crostinis though.  The coppa was salty, porky and full of flavor.  A nice balance of meat and fat… delicious.. and of course, the lardo, the fat, sliced super thin I could’ve eaten it all straight, but instead daintily placed it on my crostini and nibbled like a lady :]

Spiedini Per La Tavola: Assorted Skewers Alla Piastra
MaialeSausage, Sweetbread, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Tomato
LumacheGrilled Snails Wrapped in Rosemary Lardo

The sausage was delicious… which was a blend of lamb and pork…. the sweetbread was a tiny piece but perfectly cooked… the zucchini and cauliflower and tomatoes were also grilled to perfection. Delicious.. which I had my own skewer though…

The snails were SOOOOO tender and delicious.  It was great with a nice squirt of lemon and was great with the crostini but I enjoyed it better without – I like tasting things for their very own flavor. A GREAT run with snails lately…. First Plein Sud, then Marea and now here. YUM.  New trend :]

Thinly Sliced Beef, Arugula, Lemon, Parmigiano

This was actually very similar to a Bresaola.. a cured/salted and dried beef.  I was kind of disappointed since I was expecting melt in your mouth paper thin beef.. these came in hugeeeee salty pieces that were pretty thick for a carpaccio, covered in a delicious olive oil [White is good with his oil] and the flavors packed a mean punch.  A little bit too much oil for me but was much better balanced with the parm and the bitter arugula. Mwahahah I still ended up eating like half the dish anyways :] NOM!

Olive Oil Poached Tuna Belly, Fava Beans, Fagioli

This was SUCH a good pick!  Definitely my favorite non-pasta dish of the night.  The tuna belly, while I usually don’t like fully cooked tuna was poached SO beautifully.. instead of the fat becoming overpowering, it just turned into butter and made the flesh soooo tender and succulent – super juicy.  The nice balance of some pickled red onion and perfectly cooked fava and fagiolis really added a nice freshness to the dish.  Felt like spring.  YES, spring is here.

Ground Seppia, Shrimp, Fava Beans, Stracchino Cheese

The rigatoni was cooked to perfection, per usual, the fava beans [yessss!!!! I LOOOOVE spring!!!]  The creamy cheesiness of the stracchino and the flavorful seppia really added SO much to the dish. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Not to mention how the green favas added a beautiful punch of green to the dish.

Ricotta Dumplings, Pomodoro, Speck & Basil

Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had amazing gnocchithe best probably being Le Cirque or Mizuna….I mean the last time I had gnocchi was horrible.  Horrible gnocchi which ended in a horrible night. [Long story] Horrible gnocchi sucks… heavy, dense… NOT fluffy… but these WERE not.  Super light tomato sauce, which I ADORED…a hint of speck and basil…. but omg the gnocchi… SO fluffy and pillowy.. they tasted more like pasta dough pillows and not the fluffy potato-y kinds but it was a good kind of chew and yum!

Pasta Quills, Cream, Truffle Butter, Prosciutto

Like long skinny pennes.. model pennes?  While regular pennes are regular people? I duno, bad analogy.  Creamy, simple, the prosciutto was SO delicious and while there wasn’t a lot, it added SO much flavor to the dish.  Very light truffle but definitely did a lot for the pasta.  Once again PERFECTLY cooked pasta.

Before we get to the final pasta dish of the night, AND my favorite — I just have to say while I loved Marea, I was disappointed in their pastas being slightly undercooked…  especially when I had White’s other restaurant the next day.  I know that Marea is “prized” above Osteria Morini to some foodies but for me, DELICIOUS.

Ok, sorry for the break, continue.

Pasta Rags, Braised Wild Mushrooms, Rosemary Oil

My favorite of the night.. here it is in all it’s glory.  Thick juicy flavorful mushrooms admist the large “rags” of thin delicate pasta. SO FREAKING GOOD.. and addicting.  It was like eating delicious thin thin egg wonton wraps – WHICH I’m SO thinking of doing tomorrow night :] Hahaha…  We ended up adding more cheese and some hot pepper flakes to all the pastas.. well, I added the hot pepper flakes, everything else just had TONS of cheese :D

We were super happy and had warm bellies.. but since we were still on our second bottle of wine and I needed some chocolate and sweetness to push down all the savory we ordered one dessert to share amongst the three of us.

Gianduja Budino
Chocolate-Hazelnut Custard, Gelato Alla Caffe

SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  The thin crunchy, flakey puff  topping on top was TO DIEEEEE FOR.  Delicious gelato and the MOOOOOST CREAMMMMMY hazelnutty and chocolatey,BUTTTTTERY custard. OH EM GEE.  It also came with whole roasted hazelnuts in a delicious light sauce drizzled around it.  Sort of burnt caramely if i remember correctly.  BUT, anyways. continue. SOOOO GOOOD.. I don’t even ever usually order hazelut/choc desserts since they all taste like nutella!  I LOVE nutella.. but since I buy it and religiously eat them out of the jar like crazy it’s not too big of a deal usually when desserts taste just like them. THIS is NOT the case. GET THIS.  DEVOUR IT. SAVOUR IT. LOVE IT. LIVE IT. Ok. Done.

Delicious.  After a great meal we walked over to Madame Geneva.. but since it was Memorial Day and it was closed, we ended up heading over to the rooftop, Plunge bar/lounge, at the Gansevoort Hotel.

Our Best Dinner Yet…

Yep, it’s official, on March 30, 2011 we just may have had our best dinner yet.

Z and I have had a lot of delicious meals… and a few too many not so delicious ones…. but this just may be the perfect delicious meal – not one complaint or yick escaped from our mouths [except me towards our neighbors haha] Dish after dish, delish! I was having a good day, a really good day [been having a lot of those lately] so Z was taking me out to dinner [celebraaaaaaaaaaation] to L’Artusi :] Yep, the same chef as another pasta love of mine, dell’Anima! [does Z know me well or what?!] But unlike my dell’Anima meal, I liked EVERY. SINGLE. SAVORY and SWEET morsel/bite :D

I love Open Kitchens


Z asked for his usual lemon and lime slices.. but somehow only ONE slice out of the four got into my water :[ Waaaa… meanie!!! LOL

Cute little rounds of bread and EVOO

Special of the Day: Housemade Ricotta

EVOO, Sea Salt, Marmalade and delicious Cheese Crisps

I have been daydreaming about this ricotta… and having wet dreams. This is the creamiest light but yet still flavorful ricotta. SOOOOO fluffy and creamy it was like a gelato… a light drizzle of EVOO on top and a sprinkling of big crunchy sea salt. AMAZING. I dug in, sans crisp, as soon as it landed on the table [well AFTER the photograph hahaha] – and then combined with the cheesy but light cheese crisps. OH EM GEE.

Hamachi Tartare

Lemon, Chives, Ginger

This was delicious. Tender, fresh… the ginger added a delicious kick to the frisee and the fatty, but light, fish.  The citrus provided a nice balance against the fat of the fish as well.. and lightened the “fishy” taste.


Avocado, Basil, Chiles

The fish was SO soft and fluffy….. fishy and amazing like an escolar should be.  The sauce was really thick, delicious but overly spicy and overpowering for the fish and the other flavors. Sadly I got no avocado or basil in the bite.. I ended up wiping off most of the sauce on the fish and just eating the fish underneath.

Roasted Mushrooms

Pancetta, Fried Egg, Ricotta Salata

Absolutely heavenly. The pancetta was big thick chunks of pork belly and not overly salty at all. Or salty for that matter – they were perfect.  The mixture of wild mushrooms were cooked to perfection…. delicious gooey egg on top [also cooked perfectly] and a very generous portion of ricotta salata. Oh dear my poor lactose intolerance. I am in love.  Everything was licked clean off the plate and sopped up with fingers and bread.

Special of the Day: Beef Short Rib Agnolotti

Fennel Butter Sauce

Never have I tasted such a pure butter sauce.  I was scared that the fennel was going to be overpowering but it was so LIGHT.. I mean a LIGHT but RICH butter sauce?! Who could ever imagine in their wildest dreams? Well I tasted it in mine. The agnolotti was made PERFECTLY.. the dough, the filling.. very reminiscent of Michael White’s tortellini from the SOBE W&F ’11 Dolce Brunch.  Oh was this heavenly… I know it must be bad for me… well bad for my waistline [no wonder I can’t fit into my old jeans anymore] but OH SO GOOD for the soul <3 THIS needs to be a regular on the menu!!!! I would get two bowls of it just for myself.

Crispy Sweetbreads

Hazelnut, Brown Butter

I’ve had bad sweetbreads and meh sweetbreads, but these were delicious, creamy and perfectly fried. Crunchy outside, soft fluffy creamy innards and an amazing brown butter sauce… the hazelnuts added a great nutty, but not overpowering crunch to the dish. I could eat these like popcorn.

Brussels Sprouts

Pecorino, Black Pepper

These brussel spouts were roasted to a crisp and coverd in delicious pecorino. MMM it was a HUUUGE portion, probably the biggest portion out of all the dishes we had that night.  They were small tender brussels sprouts, could’ve used lessed time under the broiler methinks but delicious nonetheless. I love a good burnt crispy sprout :D

Roasted Quail

Braised Pancetta, Sweet Potatoes, Radicchio

I still can’t stop thinking about the quail from SOBE W&F ’11 Gilt Dinner… to DIE for. I’ve only had quail twice in my life that make me dream about them nonstop. The mere thought of quail makes me think of that Gilt Dinner and the Tandoori quail from this modern indian bistro+bar, Tamarind Bay, in Harvard Sq. This quail was pretty delicious. The legs were a bit salty on the skin…a nice serving of delicious thick pork belly pancetta… and amazing sweet potatoes, cooked to a soft chew and they were naturally so sweet – for a second I was almost convinced I bit into a carrot.

After cleaning our plates.. more licking and sopping off the juices… we wanted dessert.  Our eyes went straight to one of them…

After watching last Sunday’s Chopped All-Stars and the battle of the souffles for dessert round we HAD to get this dessert:

Caramel Souffle

To DIE for. Best souffle I’ve had to memory. Just a little sauce went a long long way.  Poked a little crosshair hole at the top and poured it on top and all over.. OMG.. gooey hot perfect fluffy goodness inside. I can die happy now… but then I wouldn’t have gotten to eat the delicious buttery walnut cookies that came with it… and of course the gelato balls we ordered…

Yep, in Tiffie fashion, we also got some gelato which came with the most delicious little chewy almond macaron-style cookies covered in toasted pine nuts :]

Baci, Amarena Cherry-Ricotta Gelato

Sea Salt Gelato

They were DELICIOUS. I especially loved how the sea salt gelato came out. Salty but not in an overpowering way – very subtle and went delicious with the baci [I’m pretty sure baci is starting to take over my love of Stracciatella for gelato now OH NO – I blame it on delicious GROM :D]

T is for Tuesday and Takashi but not Four Loko

When I say Takashi, you think of???…. First Stomachs, Second Stomachs…. Hearts, Livers, Tongues, etc :D For the longest time I’ve been hearing Z talk about this place. Nom nom nom, and this kobe beef uni sashimi appetizer. SO. It only seemed normal that we finally make it out here to this cute little bbq eatery.

We were offered a place at the bar but I refused to NOT sit at the table. Hahaha, so we got a table ;D

This weird suction thingie for the grill freaked me out, it also bothered me because when you start grilling, they pull it down [I guess to suck the hot air out – still hot tho] AND if you sit in the middle facing each other, you can’t see each other’s faces. So I ended up sitting diagonally so I could actually SEE Z’s face while we talked. FAIL!

Free munchies while we BROOOOOOOOOWSED the menu
Cabbage “salad”, Peanut Bean Sprouts, Kimchi

Best part of the menu:
Korean Soju “Not for the faint of heart” Seriously? I must have a strong heart then. I love soju. But HELLO, Japanese eatery, we got creamy unfiltered sake :D And I kept getting flower petals in mine….

I loved that it was “pick your cup” – I was confused between this pink one and a sparkly crystal one, but of course PINK FTW!

(flash-boiled shredded achilles tendon)

The tendon was cut into too small of bites and was super crunchy. It was good but I like chewy soft large pieces of tendon. The flavors were great but the texture wasn’t my favorite – especially since they were so hard to pick up with my chopsticks. It was like eating tendon rice.


(thinly-sliced chuck eye tartare in special sauce)

I’ve been craving a good tartare and this was delicious. DEEERRRICIOUS as a fob would say [cough* the girls sitting next to us aka FOB CENTRAL] ANYWAYS. This was sooo clean tasting and I loved the size and texture of the beef. AMAZING. Light and just, FLUFFFYYYY okay, not fluffy as in “fluffy” but fluffy as in FREAKING AMAZING. [I watch too much Despicable Me]


And then came the dish that makes Z’s world go round…


(chuck flap topped with sea urchin and fresh wasabi)

Delicious raw beef sashimi with a HUGE delicious sweetass helping of Uni on top. A little wasabi and a quick dunk in the soy sauce and nom nom away with the seaweed and shiso leaf. I wish you could taste the beef more but it’s just creamy melt in your mouth happy pleasure. The shiso and the uni totally take over the flavors – but the crunch of the seaweed and the chew of the beef really help it last :]

The soup for the Shabu getting hot and our sauces being served to us…..

Fresh vegetables

(includes special miso mayo)

Z had fun trying to grill radishes.. but they’re so much better just fresh. I ate them with my grilled meats and innards while Z would use the shabu to steam them :] He did grill the hot chillis which gave it a nice char taste to it – yum.

Akasen (fourth stomach)

I think these were my favorite of the night. SO fatty and chewy it was SOOOO freaking delicious. You need to cook this well until it looks like a nice char on both sides, but SO worth the wait – AMAZING.

Shibire (sweetbreads)

These were creamy and so delicious. We cooked them until they were crisp on the outside and just melt in your mouth creamy on the inside.

Tang shabu (tongue hotpot)

I think I still prefer my tongue grilled, but these tongues were SO super fresh, thinly sliced and very very tender — we just flash-boiled them really quick and ate them with some sauce and scallions.

Scallion vinaigrette

You have to order this seperately but it tastes SO good with tongue.Or well, with anything, I’m obsessed with scallions and while the vinaigrette is a little sweet, I love how plentiful of scallions they gave you – freaking scallion salad <3

Harami (outside skirt)
Nothing like a good skirt steak.

*SPECIAL: Beef Belly

These were SO fatty and juicy – I’m SO glad I saw it on the little flap of paper that said specials of the day…Z totally missed it – phew. I will NEVER pass up anything belly. Fish belly, Pork belly…. BEEF belly.. :D Best belly :D Can you believe our server told us to cook these medium? Hahaha…. like Z would ever listen.

Tsurami (cheek)

Cheek meat is amazing, haven’t you had fish cheeks? Pig cheeks? Cow cheeks are the same. Tender, fatty, juicy and derrrricious :D


He was behind me, creeper

We could’ve eaten more, we both know that, but why be disgustingly full when you can be happy and still moveable even after all that meat?!… so we walked…

We ended the night by taking a walk to Grom… along the way we found these:

Half Baci [my choice] Half Creme di Grom [his choice] AMAZING – I could’ve eaten a tub.. but I guess I need to start watching my figure, ain’t getting any younger….. hahaha.. so we shared a medium cup.

BTW, Four Loko Scrabble is probably not the “SMARTEST” drinking game to play…. so hard to think of words after a few….