Dear Heart,

What are you trying to tell me?  You’re telling me that everything is gonna be okay.  What am I not getting at and seeing?  You’ve been stabbed, manipulated, torn apart, hurt, broken, in love, in pain, everything…. and yet you still keep secrets from me.  Teach me, please, teach me how to listen to what you have to say to me.  I’ve already learned so much from my past, but there is always more things to learn.

Sometimes everyone needs to take a step back and ask themselves what their heart is saying to them and figure out what they truly want.  The truth is there, the future is there.  It will never change, but one sees only what they want to see, but you need to learn how to see what is truly there.

“Love actually is all around” – Love Actually

That’s something we need to learn.  But love can hurt, and it can be happiness. That’s also something we need to learn.  To truly love is to have lost… to be loved and to love others, you need to first fully love yourself.

“Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

Things are ever changing… and yet somethings are like Groundhogs Day over and over again. Déjà vu over and over. Today was a great day, Archangel Haniel, thank you for bringing me this.  I have noticed how things I do affect my life in certain ways and it keeps happening over and over again.  There are the negative things and then the positive and I am staying focused on the positive part.

So here I am…. realizing the things in my life that are going on…. and I will continue, conquer and live my life and be happy.


Before I forget I just want to mention something I saw today…. I pray that this forest fire that was on Mass Pike didn’t do more harm than what I already saw.  The pics do no justice it covered a pretty big chunk by the highway – I’m guessing from the extreme heat (95+) and as we slowly passed it the flames just got bigger and bigger.  Strangely, I saw NO cops, NO fire engines, NADA!  What?  And I saw NO news about it tonight while checking on my phone.  So weird.  Hope the damage wasn’t too bad.

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And now for a little fun.  Because who wants to end a blog post with something scary and negative, right?


I had a very mother/daughter bonding session today.  With not only my own mother and I, but Didi and I as well.  Pets make people happier, live longer, stay healthier…. you laugh more.  They’re just your own little babies – forever.  And I love my little furbaby.  It’s funny because I have been considering getting some more cats/puppies to give Didi some company.  That or do more work at the shelter I work at.

I was gonna go to a “YappyHour” – get it? GET IT? ^_____^ in town today but it was way too hot for an outdoor event and Didi would totally get sick from the heat.  I drove by the event and saw that it was practically empty. Hello!!!??? Excessive heat caused a forest fire today!  I hope they reschedule because it sounds like fun and great to meet new people.

And remember people…. adopt a rescue animal!  There are tons in need of homes because of many situations, a lot of them bad, so please, open up your heart – it’s a win-win situation!


Didi and I on our walk in her new stroller… and me catching Pokémon! Hahahahahaha…. WE GOT TO CATCH THEM ALL!!!!!


True Happiness comes from Simplicity

Today I was reminded of living my life with “Simplicity”.  I have changed a lot the past few weeks, the past few months and even the past few years.  I used to party and live my life to excess.  I indulged way too much in so many ways, now looking back, I don’t get why… but I have lived through it and it’s apart of my life.  I will never have to live my life saying “what if” or regret not doing anything.

But it’s all been done and all behind me.  My future is in front of me, looking forward, simplicity does make me happier.  There was a point where I was eating out at luxurious restaurants every night of the week and going to the hottest night spots as well.  I lived and traveled in gorgeous crazy amazing places.  But I have learned to be humble (and save my money and others – haha).

My life is now devoted to my family, God, my friends, my spirituality (and my newly found gifts), work and most importantly – constantly improving and learning to love myself.  Oh wait, I forgot, and my little Didi (she makes a special appearance in this post later now hehe).

And yet, Archangel Ariel, reminds me by saying “Your materiel needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.” is that the there are still the basics that we need in life and as long as I follow my dreams and my goals in life, they will come to me.

Prosperity.  I have another project in the works.  Right now I have my design work, my card/crystal pendulum reading/healing and now…. *surprise* being a business partner with one of my best girl friends.  She just came to me with this offer today so I don’t want to say too much just yet (I also don’t know too much yet)

That’s the thing.  The less you go “I want I want I want” the more “You get you get you get”

A famous author was in an interview once and he was asked what he wanted in his next life… and he said “I want to be poor, ugly, sad, nothing, etc….”  The host was confused and questioned why he said that.  He replied, “Because the more you keep saying how much you want something, you tend not to get it.”

BUT I’m also not saying to NOT have goals.  You NEED goals! You just don’t have to feel sorry for yourself or think that you “deserve” the things you get.  You need to earn what you get for it to be true.  The people in the world who just take and take and get stuff because they feel entitled and without the sweat and work behind it, I feel sorry for them and they will never be happy.

Hard work = Success = Gratification and Happiness


Today I watched the movie, finally, “Unbroken” – it teared me up, my hurt ached, but it made me more motivated than ever.  People who don’t know this true story of USA Olympian, who had sort of a “problem child” sort of childhood until he found his calling, running… the athlete Louis “Louie” Zamperini.

He then survived in a raft for 47 days after his bomber crash landed in the ocean during World War II.  When finally “rescued” he was sent to a series of Japanese prisoner of war camps.  He was tortured, belittled, etc…. but he never gave up hope and he kept on going.  There was a point in the movie where he wanted to kill the commanding officer of the camp.  A fellow prisoner said not to, and that the true revenge would be to survive this.

And he did.  And it was amazing, he and the other prisoners ended up being saved after the war ended and was brought back to America where he married, had kids, and even went back to Japan to forgive his captures. All but the commanding officer would meet him.  He knew that forgiveness was better than revenge.  He even went back to Japan to run in the Olympics when he was 80, carrying the torch.

He recently just passed in 2014.  He is truly an inspiration.  Never give up, no matter how hard you have it, if you believe, it will be better.  And don’t live with hate, it won’t make the world a better place and you will just be living your life with misery.

And with that said….

How can you not smile with this cute face around.  Stay positive, focused, love yourself, love others and all will be well!  It’s the simple things in life….


BTW, I haven’t listened to this song in the longest time and it popped up on my iTunes the other day.

So one more last bit of advice… especially to the ones going thru hard relationships and break-ups right now.  You don’t need to be in a relationship.  You need to just love yourself and know that the ones who love you, love you and accept you for who you are.  Don’t let a significant other treat you wrong or try to change you.  Don’t give in to the negativity when you know deep down it’s wrong for you.  No one deserves that.

Love you all!!!

Best Vegas Trip Ever… until next time [Day 1]

Everyone say Happy Birthday to Kelly!!! Her birthday was Feb 6!  Two years ago we went and saw Nick Carter in Boston…. who would’ve thunk it we’d see him AGAIN in exactly two years? — yes that was a preview of blogging to come

Waking up at 4:30 in the morning is no fun… esp on barely an hour of sleep.. what can I say?! I’m psyched to be going to Vegas to see my girl Kelly on her birthday.. it’s all planned out. Planet Hollywood, Britney Spears show, dinner and on guestlist and vip lists for parties/clubs every night of the trip.. and then some… several per night [haha] I got overexcited….

I kissed my baby doll good bye and promised that her mama would be back and headed off to the airport looking like a hot mess…

The usual breakfast at Boston Beer Works. I still hate how they don’t serve alcohol before 8am there.  I want my bloody mary and I BOARD at 8 grrr…

Cheesy veggie omelet with the best home fries EVAAAAAAAAA….and toast – which I smothered in buttaaaa <3 I was hungry yo. And while I had subpar coffee and no booze….. the food made me happy….

It’s okay tho, I got my mimosa on the plane!!!….

and another and another.. and also my dosage of my favorite brothers, the Winchesters AHH.. “The Purge” is now probably my second favorite episode of Supernatural.  The first, still being “Yellow Fever”


BTW, I wore my “BIG IN JAPAN” cropped sweater on the plane… and the attendant was like “I was trying to figure it out the whole plane ride and now I get it! It means that in Japan you’re considered well endowed!” BWAHHAAHAHAHAH she was awesome!

My plane was an hour late due to the storm the day before – HELLO it’s New England, a little snow isn’t so scary GEEZ – so flights got all messed up but Kelly waited for me :] And we headed over to PH..

I tried to get the guy at the counter to upgrade our room… and 9 out of 10 times it works but he didn’t budge :[ Waaa… he did look kinda nervous tho haha.. we got our Britney keycards – since we were going to the show and got ready to get weird….

Best elevators EVERRRRRRRR….. Britney is such a Queen PURR*

Getting excited….

The view…

Our room was Indiana Jones themed…. I was about to put my bag down on the table when I screamed “WTF? A SHRUNKEN HAND” hahahaha…

We ordered some room service [DUH, me and room service = DANGER ZONE]… and started to get ready whilst drinking…

Lots of bubbles, lots of food…

And so it begins.. danger danger

This also sums up me and Kelly… me being Archer

We actually did a little shopping beforehand and I bought a shizz load of Britney things from the Britney store so I wouldn’t have to wait hours after the show tomorrow… including glow in the dark bracelets and rave lights for during the show….

And then we headed back to get ready for dinner…. dress picked, hair started… time to get funky…


Happy Birthday to my favorite Asian Doll <3

It was Chinese New Year themed EVERYWHERE… and not just this casino a lot of others…

Before we got to the restaurant we found Britney… and of course, being vain, MORE PHOTO SHOOTS!!!!!

… and of course I can never take a serious picture…….

Yay time for the Birthday Girl’s Birthday Dinner at Koi – Japanese, our tradition is to ALWAYS get sushi our first dinner together, anywhere! Anytime. Haha.

I called ahead and told them it was Kelly’s bday and they gave complimentary champagne YAY

Tuna Tartare on Crispy Wontons…

Kelly was being all lady like and classy and eating it with a fork but I just stuffed the whole thing in my mouth….. an animated GIF might just happen soon…

They recommended, and I was gonna order anyway, the Salmon Carpaccio with black Truffles and citrus sauce… and of course some micro greens.. this was amazing.. not so much for Kelly so I got to eat most of it :D TEE HEE HEE

Oh, of course Edamame is REQUIRED….

Suddenly I remember a table of white people next to us:

“Can we have fried rice?”
“We don’t serve that here”


Ok onwards….

Just some Salmon Sashimi and a Rainbow Roll. YUM. Simple and Perfect.

And then as an entree we shared, ……..

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Ginger, Ichimi & Shiitake Mushrooms

DELICIOUS… I also ate  most of this cuz I’m a fatass….

But this plant wanted to get in my pants…

They were super awesome and gave Kelly a surprise free dessert!!!!

Chocolate Lava Cake, Ice Cream, OMG… sugar rush HIGH and then crash…..

Now to prepare to go to the Bank….


At least we looked super cute doing it :]

It’s okay, we made up for it on Day 2…………

Saturday, Sunday Funday and 16$ Prime Rib Night at Bullfinchs for Prez Day

Didi loves her new friend Pink Taco :] Pink Taco misses her sister, Pink Taco who’s now in Frisco with Kelly.

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a long one, I decided to squish the whole long weekend into one post – SO DEAL! I don’t think I need to post my Cartman youtube video again.

OK so to be honest, I had other plans for this Sunday and Monday.  But after a delicious dinner at Met Bar + Grill and a bit of crazy family drama after… [I am ASIAN after all…*rolls eyes*]

Anyways I knew things were gonna come so I had a Blueberry Beer.. and a cocktail, Shooting Star, and then some… ugh to anxiety

Guacamole & Chips, I love how fresh they make it!


Burger with Pulled Pork, Fried Egg, Fries & Pickle

Miso Salmon

Burger in a Arugula Bowl: Kobe Beef, Fried Egg, Foie Gras, Sauteed Mushrooms, Red Onion, Bibb, Sprouts, Jalapenos & Swiss

Warm Chocolate Chip Pie

THEN the drama while home watching a movie and drinking some great red wine…. And then it was the whole awkward, I’m gonna act like nothing happened….

I was at Brunch at Bullfinchs [My favorite neighborhood restaurant] on Sunday…. Me and my family are regulars there and we know the owner :]  Well, kinda, she recognizes us [which is pretty easy to do I guess] and knows my name hahaha… I live in SUCH a white town tho, aside from the Chinese restaurants I never see any minorities here.

Bellinis!!!! How come I’ve never gotten them here? I’m such a big mimosa and bloody mary girl… but lately I’ve been getting into Bellinis…

Carbo loading before we get our food…. I LOOOOVE their bread plates!!! I’d call them muffins but they’re totally cupcakes, scones, coffee cake, etc.. lots of fresh soft butter and raspberry jam!

My bellini!!!  With a gorgeous slice of fresh peach in it :] YUM!  It was SUCH a treat at the end of the drink…. super super boozey hahaha

I got my favorite omelette there with Spinach, Mushrooms and Tomatoes with wheat toast and obviously a side of Bacon

I also stole some of my dad’s HUGE Italian Sausages… [that sounds so dirty] but these things are HUUUUUGE juicy and AMAZZZZZZZING!!!

I was SOOO hungry still after my meal tho… I stole my parents’ toast and munched on them.. :] LOVE whole grain bread.. the more seeds and nuts the better!  Extra butter please….

Afterwards I headed to Chestnut Hill / Newton with the puppy for coffee, snacks and just to wander. Beautiful day.

I actually had been braising some delicious Pork Butt all day since 10am…. so when I went home I made the rest of Taco Night.. YES.. my famous taco night.. I finally got to treat my parents to it.  Just seemed wrong that I’d spend so long making this dinner for guys I date, usually one of the first things I ever make a guy, and not my own parents.

Spicy Mango Corn Salsa

Habanero Guacamole with Pom Seeds

After 8+ hours of braising in the oven… deliciousness… this was right when I started pulling the Pork Butt apart <3 The right chunk was sooo fatty and amazing!!

My first taco of the night :]  With all the fixin’s… and tons of super super super spicy salsa verde and jicama strips… YUM!

.. BUT YEAH… Back to being at Bullfinch’s for brunch…. so I was there and saw that was having a PRIME RIB night on President’s Day for only 16$ a plate. OMG. Baked Potato, GINORMOUS hunk of delicious fatty juicy meat and veggies galore… MMMMM.. so ready for it’s close up. So here’s how President’s Day went:

After a quickie brekky of oatmeal I headed into town to lunch and shop with Mommy..

Oatmeal, Kiwi, and Short Skirt sort of day…

Saw an ad for this, need to get ON this shizz. But YAY Godfather bought me tickets to goooooo <3 SOOO HAPPY!! I LOOOOVE Les Mes.. I hadn’t seen it since.. Middle School? Frosh of HS?! I don’t remember.. but I remember going on the FRENCH class field trip even tho I was taking spanish cuz the teacher loved me :] HAHAHA…. We went to NYC for the day :D AWESOME!! I think it was the first time I ever went to Manhattan!!!

Even tho I had brekky super late in the day I was starved so I stopped by O Sushi for a few snacks… this was like 1/10 of what I ate, but these are prettier pictures…


Super crusty fresh made Fluffy Bread. OMG this was SOOOO amazing. SOOO GOOD.. Rosemary EVOO, Soft fluffy creamy butter and OMG this bread I could eat for days!!!

Filet of Sole

Roasted filet of sole finished with a Dijon dill vinaigrette; served with vegetable and harvest rice pilaf

It tasted a bit too mayo-y so I wasn’t so into it.. but mommy liked it :] But the star of the night was obviously the prime rib… we decided to share this and a fish dish but in retrospect we should’ve gotten our own.

Prime Rib

Baked Potato, Horseradish and sour cream. I DEVOURED EVERYTHING except just a bit of the fat, there was a lot of fat BUT I love fat. HAHAHAHA.. but large chunks of it IS a bit too much even for me…. DELICIOUS tho. Got it Medium Rare cuz mom wanted it medium and I wanted it rare #compromise!

A few glasses of wine later, we were ready to pop but still wanting sweets….

Dessert sampler…

Starting Top Left CW: Limoncello Cheesecake,  Crème Brulée, Chocolate Mousse, Warm Apple Crisp w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite was the apple crisp. I LOOOVE warm desserts, I even have a battle scar from this dessert to prove it.  The limoncello cheesecake was full of flavor but just WAY. TOO. SWEET #sigh…  delicious and we licked the plate clean, nonetheless… AHHHH…. #diabetes


I have a thing for Bologna Lunchables ;D

Which always reminds me of “Mortadella.. the fancier version of Bologna”

Highlights of the end of 2011

Okay I’m pretty sure everyone hates me right now.. I’ve been writing my Best of 2011 post for awhile now… #fail… it’s getting longer and longer, almost a novel – NOT my intention. But aside from that, while I’ve been consuming good food…. I’ve been weird about making posts about them….

A few highlights of the end of 2011


‘Til next time Taiwan… I’ll miss you

I got up at 5:30am

Grand Formosa Regent Taipei Taiwanese Cuisine & Snacks 寶島晶華

Mommy and I split the Chinese Breakfast Set

皮蛋瘦肉粥 / Preserved Egg and Pork Congee

Regular and Black Sugar 饅頭 [Mantou]

麵筋 [Mien Jin aka Seitan/Wheat Gluten], 豆干 [thin shreds of dried preserved tofu], 肉鬆 [Rousong aka Pork Floss]

Bok Choy with Fatty Pork

Shu Mai / 燒賣

Fried  Pan Fried Shrimp Roll in Tofu Wrap/ 腐皮捲


rilakkuma bear

Had some Veggie Egg Fried Rice from Taipei to Japan with Pineapple Cake :]

Afterwards I got the Chicken Curry and a breakfast of Spinach Omelet w/ Brekky Sausage and other yummies….  all the way to San Fran… one of the guy flight attendents was super nice and gave me cookies and tons of wine on the way hahahaha… so boozey me ate all of my chocolate waffles, cookies and sour candy on the flight… passed out on some sour belts.. HMMMMM…

At San Fran I got a HUGE Caesar Salad from the Cafe I always eat at there and got tons of snacks on the kid-infested flight. KID INFESTED. YES. I hate traveling on holiday season cuz the 6 hour flight was kids screaming, singing, kicking, running around, and smelled like baby poop. No lie. I turned up the Jay Chou on my ipod and tried to sleep…

Got picked up… with takeout :] Thank YOU :]

Miso Soup

Hamachi Kama

And tons of sushi and sashimi.. MMMMM, Soft Shelled Crab never tasted so good as now.. LOL

Also recieved some awesome packages outside my door…

Eat Write Retreat Goodies they sent me since I didn’t make it to the event….

Deliciousness and COokbook happiness


I miss Taiwan. Although my ever-growing waist is glad this trip is over until next time.. #fattie :]

One of Didi’s new outfits from Taiwan :D

My Baby turns 4!

My beloved furbaby and this blog’s unofficial but totally official spokespuppy, Dior aka Didi, turned 4 on December 20! Yep I hurried back from Taiwan just to celebrate her birthday with her! Tons of gifts and new clothes in hand… another day to remember. Wonder if she knows that it was her birthday or she just got super lucky ;]

She spent the day snuggling with her mommy in her new bunny suit, me, since I took the day off of work to recover from Jet Lag :]

Had her dinner…

And then changed for the birthday cake!!!

Whole Foods Raspberry Mousse… SOOOO GOOOD

Time to blow out her candles…

I want the whole cake mommy….

Or a big slice…

Hehehe don’t worry we shared :] She only got a nibble…

But got to lick the plate clean ;D

Happy Birthday my LOVE <3

You say Agavé … and I do too…

Everytime I’ve ever been to Newburyport, about 50 minutes away North of where I live in Boston, I’ve taken the puppy with me… weather has been great and I’ve been going on many a short roadtrips lately…

okay she’s 3.5 years old now but to me she’ll always be a puppy :] Hehe… so outdoor seating is a must. When she was younger, and quieter, I used to sneak her inside restaurants in her pink Juicy doggy bags, but now she’s a yappy little fart so outdoor seating is necessary. And the place I always go to to eat? Agave.

First thing was first, it was hot and I was thirsty. Thirsty for adult beverages :]

Prickly Pear Margarita

I specifically asked for a less sweet margarita and this thing was delicious, HUGE… I know it doesn’t look that big compared to my head, but I have a big head and this margarita was HUUUUGE… and delicious. SO good, in fact, it was DERRRRIcious.. yes, the inner fob came out – THAT good!

And then out came the delicious FRESHLY fried tortilla chips [yep still warm, but not greasy] their signature salsa.. and then, SECRET: You have to ask for their green salsa, which is a SUPER spicy and delicious salsa verde!

I had ordered some guacamole but the waitress TOTALLY forgot to put the order in – so sad… but it’s okay, she remembered my ceviche. I ALWAYS crave a good ceviche in the summer.. if I’m having Mexican, I need my lime cooked fish!

Ceviche Acapulqueño

Halibut marinated in lemon juice with chopped onions, tomatoes, Serrano chiles and fresh cilantro, served with avocado and crackers. [a local favorite]

The fish was SUPER tender, SUPER fresh and there was SO MUCH!  The crackers were good, but sort of bland, def not sweet OR salty which goes well with the ceviche, but I ended up saving them for Didi :] I ate the ceviche with the salsa verde, delicious….. there was so much it was barely finished…

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

A colorful and refreshing salad with grilled shrimp, avocado and chunks of mango served over a bed of fresh mixed greens with a honey- lime dressing.

You hear shrimp & avocado and you think OH healthy, light, and diet food – OHHHH NO!  This plate was HUUUUGE… tons of LARGE succulent grilled shrimp – FULL of flavor and perfectly spiced.  A HUGE half of an avocado, TONS of sweet big chunks of mango…delicious, fresh, crisp leafy greens and slices of juicy tomato. LOVING IT!!!


Michoacan style carnitas, shredded pork, slowly cooked in a copper pot and served with chopped onions, cilantro, crushed red pepper, fresh salsa verde and corn tortillas

Life is always better with pig in it. Especially tender juicy pulled pork.. mexicanfied… oh they’re pretty darn cute pre-pulled and post-mexicanfied as well :]

Baja Fish Tacos

Three medium or hard corn tortillas stuffed with baja fish that is floured and very lightly fried served with cabbage, cheese and pico de gallo

SUPER flavorful and very very tender fish…. SO very lightly fried, not greasy at all and covered in light, delicious, soft fluffy cheese…. the cabbage added the perfect crunch factor – and obviously, as you can tell from the photo, that “medium” corn tortillas were asked for.. I actually don’t get medium vs soft.. but whatever, delicious… :]  The fish was beautifully flavored and yummy cheese re-fried beans!

After the meal, we all walked around, took tons of goofy pictures, talked to more ppl with dogs, walked thru the antique barn… [tho got nothing, lots of creepy dolls in there tho ew] and looked at boats. Left just in time, cuz then it started POURING!!!!….

If you’re ever around and looking for something to do, definitely head over to Newburyport for a great day – lots of great fresh seafood, lots of outdoor seating for restos, homemade ice cream, candy shops, little stores [TWO pet stores!!!!] you can picnic, play in the park, go sailing, etc… :]

Oh and drink great margaritas @ Agave

I’ve been on a huge Mexican food kick lately so look forward to many more posts!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA :] The fun single life, friends, summer, roadtrips and bbqs has been catching up with me ;D

happy birthday part UN – piggie/clown style

I’m all about birthdays, especially when it’s mine…as a child I HATED having my birthday in the summer. Everyone else got punch and cupcakes during class and I would be one of the few that couldn’t. Sometimes I would celebrate it in June before school let out. I felt left out :[ But it’s been awhile since the days of ABC, eating playdoh and finger puppets. I LOVE having my birthday in the summer. Sunshine, great tans, and August is the easiest month to get out of work – slowest month of the year.

I abuse the fact that it’s my birthday and I tend to celebrate for the whole month of August. Thankfully all my friends and family are down with it and just go along with me. This year I decided to start early and have my first party on July 31 :]

What can I say, I’m addicted to birthday parties.. and finding the perfect bday dresses ;D — of course good food is a must… Remember last year?!

I have a HUGE crush on David Chang and his food and of course, pork… so it only seemed appropriate to go to Momofuku Ssam Bar

We got the 6-Course Prixe Fix Menu… but then added on a lot of other items.. because I’m a fatty like that ;D I’ll star * the items that we added on…

* greek sardine –

arugula, strawberry, toasted rice
Amazing. I don’t get why anyone would not like sardines.. it’s fishy, because it’s supposed to be. Salty, fresh and delicious. The strawberries and the arugula just added so much to it.

spanish mackerel –

melon, mustard
Not fishy at all.. super tender and I loved the sweetness that balanced off the slight savory to it.

bread + butter –

sea salt butter (vt) + whipped lardo
Apparently I’m the only one that was super excited about having whipped lardo ;D Pork fat is an amazing thing…. we had a few plates of the bread and it was demolished asap. We were all starved… we got to the place at 545 but we probably didn’t really start eating til way after 630. What can I say, my friends always roll late – haha LAME. But we had gotten our drink on by then.. especially with the help of Matt’s White Dog.. one sip and I was done…. except.. I kept going…

White dog is what distillers call whiskey when it comes off the still, but before it goes into the barrel. It is, in other words, raw whiskey, without the mellow flavors and rich hue that the barrel brings. It is as clear as water and if it is destined for the barrel, as opposed to the bottle, is strong.


country hams tasting  —

finville ham (finchville, ky)
broadbent ham (kuttawa, ky)
edward’s wigwam ham (surry, va)
Delicious!!! I don’t know which was which and they didn’t have the smoked ones – boo – but they were delish!

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i mean, it’s related to food…

My friends just know me too well.

Tiffie: haha thats awesome
E: ui swear Food Channel (especially Diners Driveins and Dives) makes me want to take a bite out of the TV
Tiffie: hahah YESSSSS
E: ah. another good one for you:

Tiffie: OMG
Tiffie: brilliant
E: oatmeal fetish + liquid crack = oatmeal crack
Tiffie: well said
E: i wonder if it works…
Tiffie: only one way to find out…

Bounce bounce bounce. Too much coffeee?!… too much CANDY!!!… I’ve been on a sugar high for the past two weeks or something. I really need to cut myself off…. you know… I think I need to start posting more again…

Lookie what I got in my meeting today.. one of my coworkers just came back from London…

vroom vroom…


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