New Years Eve Dinner 2016 at Duexave


So I’ve been backlogged… I have half written blogs up all in this shizz and it doesn’t seem to be coming out (ha! – Sorry dirty mind!) I keep having ideas and then writer’s block… my current obsession with watching Frozen and Tangled and seeing their soundtrack 24/7 isn’t helping either… haha “hashtag dork”… and I also started obsessing (yeah a few seasons… like 6, late) with 2 Broke Girl$ (hastag ILOVEMAXSHEISMYHERO) so yeah.  Work, Disney, iTunes is ruining me…. in a wonderful way.

So let’s catch up on 2017… Let’s start off with my last night of it…. NYE 2016 :) which sadly I had a stomach bug so I threw up all night with my date.  Which was funny cuz my date and I went to watch college football first, and me being over-underdressed  puked a few times at the bar.  My stomach finally calmed down on the way to Deuxave (owned and cooked by one of favorite chefs Chef Christopher Coombs) And while I was being careful with my tender tummy… I am NOT about to throw up any good food… I didn’t eat my usual overstuffed way, but all the food was amazing!!!! I haven’t been in forever!!!


We started off with delicious warm sourdough (great crust and fluffy middle) with a ribboned creamy butter.

Funny story [sidenote] about sourdough bread.  This total bully that lived across the street from me when I was a kid in New Mexico, LOVED sourdough bread. I played with her because 1. She lived across the street from me. 2. She was a bully. 3. She had no friends. 4. I am overly nice even though she did horrible things to me…. etc. etc. ANYWAYS, she loved it, I hated it and she even held it against me. She also forced me to watch Child’s Play which I ran home crying after. I was like 7. Bitch. Her, not me. She also grabbed my arm and bit it once because I said I didn’t want to play with her anymore… #whyineedtherapy [/sidenote]


Then came the complimentary amuse bouches…. All topped with microgreens!!!…


Crap, I forgot what these balls were.. they were fried balls of yumminess though… I think it was crab… When in doubt just shove it all in your mouth (ha!) when in a spoon… especially if shaped in little balls (double ha!)


Some Creamy Lobster Bisque. (HA! The lady next to us even asked for spoons… LOL duh you sip it, it’s a tiny little cup… and if anything just freaking eat your balls and use that spoon… LOLOL.. she complained a lot all night LOLOL!) Anyways.. tasty, thick and rich.


And some duck liver terrine with pomegranate seeds on cute little crostini…. I could never turn down anything duck liver… or things on a crostini.  I admit it. I love the trend… it shall never grow old… anything on toasted bread (preferably buttery… even more buttery and garlicky) will forever be delicious!!!!!


For appetizers (thankfully my date was happy to go with my (get two of everything we would eat so we can try more foods) we got the Wagyu Beef Tartare with Forbidden Rice Chips, Green Papaya Salad, Avocado Puree and Crispy Shallots!


And the Hamachi Crudo with Fennel Dill, Pickled Shallots, Rye Crisps and Smoked Aioli… which is fresh and delicious…. simple and perfect! And gorgeously plated…. and oh oh oh how I love the roe :] Roe roe roe!!!


And then came the seafood plates!  With Seared Nantucket Bay Scallops with Maitake & Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Brodo, Fines Herbs and a Chili Oil….. hehe I always love when they table side pour for you… I had to whip out the camera in time to catch it in action.


Look at those beautiful cute things.  Now, date doesn’t do seafood, but he did for me :] And liked it!!!! —- Although he did pass on the hamachi crudo… still need to ease him into sushi…. (bad experience, supposedly)


And obviously anything with pork belly.. am I right?  Crispy Spanish Octopus(sy) & Pork Belly with Chorizo, Choucroute, Potato, Parsley and Aiji Amarillo.  Octopus on point with crispy ends… and a melt in your mouth pork belly :] NOM!


And then comes our main courses!!!!! Which contained the highlight of the night… Prime Beef Tenderloin & Perigord Black Truffles with Egg Yolk Raviolo, Celery Root and Bordelaise.

This Raviolo was the dish I was waiting the whole night for, especially since Chef Chris posted the instagram online.  Yeah, you should follow his instagram.  I stalk it religiously for amazing food porn and cute baby pics :]

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.51.49 AM.png


Spiced Long Island Duck Breast & Housemade Sausage with Romanesco, Baby Shitake Mushrooms, Foie Gras & Cipollini Vintrigrette and Persimmon.


Perfectly cooked and I adored the small chunks of all the foie and sausage.  It didn’t overwhelm and the duck was amazing.  You know I’m a duck girl, if there is duck on the menu, I am sure to get it.

We were nearing close to midnight……..

We got complimentary bites nibbles whilst waiting for our desserts…. nervously so, since it was nearing midnight.  They weren’t a hit…. Not to be a party pooper but the other customers around us didn’t seem to enjoy them either…..


And the desserts came…..

“Cafe Chocolate” with Coffee Biscuit, Cardamom Cremux, Caramelized Vanilla Glace…. Super yummy!!!!!!!!…. I loveeeee cardamom in sweet desserts…!!!!


And I, being a lover of Chestnuts, I picked “Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire” with Chestnut Cream, Vanilla Meringue, Kalamansi and Banana Glace.  The Ice cream was delicious but unfortunately the citrus inside the ball was just way overpowering so I ended up getting no chestnut flavor. :[


We sipped on glasses of a delicious Rose bubbly the whole night and had such delightful conversations… (I think I might be a bit loud and embarrassing to him) —-and even got to chat with my buddy, Chef Chris for a bit [yes! Hang soon! And I’ll be in for the waffles & foie ASAP]… unfortunately we were rushing to our venue at the W Hotel to countdown to the New Years so I couldn’t squeeze in a pic with him :[ WAA WAA… It’s okay… it’s not like I’m far from this place.  Adore this place!!!!!


Scott Conant makes my tummy swoon: Scarpetta in Vegas

It was a lazy day of pool and grubbing.. and yes, more drinking… but we finally decided to get our deal together and realized that it’s hard to find a good place to eat on a Friday night.. trying to book a table when it’s already 7pm… in Vegas…OOPS.  After a few failed attempts with the concierge at Caesars…

…[we got ready anyways] and ended up deciding on Scarpetta

[Oh Scott Conant you so dreamy <3 swoon]

…with an old coworker of mine, who also happened to be in town.. we headed over to Cosmopolitan – GORGEOUS hotel.  Had a few drinks at the bar and then finally sat down before 10.

Bread and yummy stuff to dip it in… MMM BREAD!!!

George & I

Appetizers Round

Roasted Sea Scallops
truffled white asparagus, pink grapefruit & uni aoili

Super tender scallops… delicious white asparagus… MMMMMM….. To me, if someone can cook a scallop to perfection, they can cook. It’s hard to get it just right, especially since it’s so easily overcooked and turns rubbery like whoa.  These melted at the touch of my tongue. Light, decadent. Amazing. But hello. Two scallops and two asparagus for three people? Awkward!

Special: Steak Tartare

This was okay.  Probably shouldn’t have ordered it, wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.  Wish there was a bigger portion….

And the best dish of the night — and possibly of the whole time in Vegas:

Creamy Polenta
fricassee of truffled mushrooms

Here is the guy pouring the sauce with truffled wild mushrooms all over the creamy polenta…

SO good we got it twice – YES twice!!! We started smothering ALL of our food with this stuff.  Words can NOT describe how amazing it is… and as soon as we licked the bowl clean, we ordered another one.  I’ve never had creamier, buttery polenta in my life.  It was like melted ice cream of savory truffled goodness.  Delicious tender mushrooms.. OMFG.  Last dinner sort of food. I can die happy in a hot tub of this.

We all ordered our own dish but shared everything – not allowed to order the same thing hahaha….

Duck & Foie Ravioli
marsala reduction

This  was obviously mine.  It was the least tasty of the three, methinks, not that it wasn’t tasty.. the filling was good but a bit dry/mealy.  The texture was a little weird for me, but the flavors were spot on – and the pasta was a good al dente.

George picked the Special: Bone-In Prime Rib with a side of Potatoes

It was delicious. If you fuck up beef, than you can’t cook at all.  It was HUGE, Fred Flintstone style. I love a good piece of meat with a nice bone in it.

Kelly got the Special: Chicken & Sweet Corn Agnolotti

This was actually  in my running to be one of my choices.. it was really good and the only thing we all finished!!!! YUM – the corn was amazing and added such a great texture and sweetness to it. YUM

We opted out of dessert but our awesome server gave us some deliciousness anyways…

Butterscotch pots <3 YUM

We headed to XS afterwards…. but ended up waiting a million hours in line.  I ended up cutting a ton of people to get thru, get stamped, just to wait LONGER.  Got to see B for a brief moment and say hi at least…. at least tummy was happy – cuz feet were NOT.

ROAST: Detroit just got SO much better, thanks to Iron Chef Michael Symon

Finally found a great place in Detroit aside from Slow’s and W’s cooking haha… and W’s cooking doesn’t count since it’s not really THE restaurant but HIS food hahahaha anyways… we’re also both lazy creatures of habit so we like to eat at the same places over and over again… as you can tell by my Detroit posts we eat a lot IN the hotel restaurants, the food court in the hotel, room service, Slow’s BBQ and the diner at Motor City.

We headed to the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Hotel which is the home of Roast, something I didn’t know about until W mentioned it to me just a few days before….  I’m a fan of Iron Chef Michael Symon and have wanted to go to Lola in Ohio for AGES…. anyways, I had reservations at 9 and we were promptly sat at a nice big booth tucked away near the bar and by the wine case…

We were greeted by the nicest, most well informed waiter, who actually used to be working at Lola…  we ordered – the booze list actually came on an ipad haha… and we were quickly served

Bread + Soft Creamy Butter

Pork Crackling 

sea salt, lime, chili powder

SO good we got some to go.  Squeeze of lime, slight bit of grease, tons of crunch and a nice heat to it.  Delicious spices and amazing.  These were like CRACK.

Soon we were out :[ Sad

I was so sad I looked at it upside down and the paper and crumbs fell all over me.  I may or may not have yelped like a puppy. OOPS.

A beautiful Chilean red wine we ordered.  It was on the Somm’s list AND it wasn’t pricey at ALL – the others were $$ and this was not only on the low end of the price spectrum, it was Chilean, I looove Spanish&Chilean wines!

Miguel Torres, Santa Digna, Cabernet  Sauvignon, Central Valley, Chile 2009

A darkly pigmented wine with an intense, full and very fruity aroma. The palate is majestically structured – velvety, meaty and with elegant body. Its smooth, fine tannins, outlined by new oak, ensure a long evolution in the bottle.

Produced exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon, that king of red varieties, which achieves its fullest varietal expression in the privileged climate of the Chilean Central Valley. This is a great example of the heights to which Cabernet Sauvignons produced on the Pacific coast can rise.

It had a bit of a bite to it but got creamier as the wine opened up, like most Cab Sauv’s…

Our first three courses…

Today’s Charcuterie Plate

A lot of everything.. headcheeses.. lomo, prosciutto and such.. everything was delicious and fatty and perfectly delicious.  There’s nothing like a bad charcuterie plate, but this was a really good one!  This was the plate for ONE too… since we got so much other food.. I could’ve had more :] FO’ SHO’

BBQ Pork Belly

apple, watercress, almonds

The Pork Belly completely melted in your mouth and not just the fatty areas… okay it says apple on the menu but W said it was peach, but whatever.. the slight tang, the slight sweetness.. a bit of crunch with all the veggies and a TON of creaminess…

Beef Tartare

cold poached egg, avocado, lime & crostini

W mixed it all together and it was surprisingly good.  I was iffy about the cold poached egg but it was quick yummy.  Usually, as you hear me say in the video, I only have raw yolk in my tartare… but this was delicious.. esp with some added greens and avocado – which we didn’t mix in just added it with the crostini in each bite.  We DID end up putting some grainy mustard in from the charcuterie plate to add a bit of tang/spice to the tartare. YUM.

Grilled Octopus Salad

basil jalapeno pesto, cucumber, mint, kalamata olive

Super tender and delicious. Tons of tentacles which I loved and a nice char to them.  There was a slight heat and a slight tang to the dish.

Bone Marrow

sea salt, oregano, capers & chilies

The chilies was put on as a form of salsa verde. Delicious.  The charred herbs and the fatty marrow… SOOO GOOD and there was SO much of it!  I didn’t actually taste capers so not sure if they changed it on me from the menu but it was really good and perfectly seasoned.. super creamy and just divine, as ALL bone marrow should be and is.

Southern Fried Sweetbreads

slaw, spicy buttermilk and garlic sauce

It was on a creamy bed of homemade ranch with a beautiful veggie slaw that was tangy and sweet.  The sweetbreads were SO super creamy and dissolved on our tongues into an orgasm.  This may have been the best sweetbreads dish I have EVER had. I love love love sweetbreads and while I’ve had MEH ones I’ve thankfully never had a bad one.  These were ones that I’ll dream of. PLUS….. RANCH?! I’m not even a fan of ranch, but this was SO GOOD.

Bacon Creamed Corn

Super creamy and super sweet corn.  This was SOOO GOOD and DUH you add bacon and everything becomes better!

Roast Beast of the Day: Suckling Pig

Deeeeeelicious… soft, tender with nice crisp skin and some pickled onions and parsley.. and methinks a nice light salsa verde.  I mainly had it as leftovers the next day but this was SO good.  Needs to be a MUST on the menu.

Beef Cheek Pierogie

horseradish & mushrooms

Pierogi (Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔɡʲi]; also spelledperogipierogyperogypierógipyrohypirogi, orpyrogy; juvenile diminutive form: Pierożki Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔʂki] also in use) are dumplings ofunleavened dough – first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potato fillingsauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit.


While dumplings as such are found throughout Eurasia, the specific name pierogi, with its Proto-Slavic root “pir” (festivity) and its various cognates in the West and East Slavic languages, shows the name’s common Slavic origins, predating the modern nation states and theirstandardized languages, although in most of these languages the word means pie. In English, the word pierogiand its variants: perogipyrogyperogieperogypirohi,piroghipirogipirogenpierogypirohy, and pyrohy, are pronounced with a stress on the letter “o”. The Turkish word börek for a kind of pie or stuffed pastry may be a borrowing.

Pierogi are small enough to be served several or many at a time, so the plural form of the word is usually used when referring to this dish. In Polish pierogi is actually the plural, pieróg being singular. In Czech and Slovak pirohy is also the plural, piroh is singular. In Germany, this type of dumpling is called Pirogge in the singular and Piroggen in the plural, although sometimes the Polish name Pierogi is simply used.”

Ah yes.  Peroigies always reminded me of when I dated a Polish guy, I mean what other kinds of peoples loves white bland food and potatoes so much?! Hahaha, I kid.  But I do remember the one and only time I ever really ate ANY Polish food or learned about it was with him HAHA. This is SO not what I remember. Sooooooooo tender.  The skin was super doughy and almost potato-y like….. they were like gnocchi dough as skin hahaha…. and a bit undercooked.. at least the ones I ate were… but sooooo good..

The beef cheeks were super tender, like they should be, super flavorful.. and while the sauce they were in were a bit on the sweet and rich side.. the bland super doughy skin totally counteracted it. MMMM stuffed gnocchi.. that’s totally my next experiment. W beware.

Me in a obligatory bathroom camwhore shot!

The next day for lunch, while I worked, I feasted on leftover cracklings, creamed corn and suckling pig.


The best part?…. W cooked for me the following night… and while we both LOVED the dinner at Roast together, I freaking fell in love with his food all over again when he cooked for me the next night…. sorry suckling pig.. even if you weren’t leftover, you still can’t beat my baby’s cooking ;D

Late Night at Douzo

Yayyyy Z was back in the Bean so obviously we had to eat and play and play and eat….DOUBLE DATE NIGHT!!!! We met up at Toro at 7pm but the wait was AT LEAST THREE hours… Me and Z were cool with it but our date buddies didn’t seem too thrilled on waiting — so we grabbed a few drinks [cabana boys ftw] and some apps [tongue, corn, sweetbreads, uni, etc..] at the bar and then headed back downtown to Douzo. I’ve heard about it but never been.. I’m always up for Japanese and sushi so okieeee dokieeeeee….

After another long wait and downing massive amounts of champagne [^__^] we finally got a table.

In true G6 fashion, Z and I ordered.. a lot…. hahahahah our partners in crime were less….crazy ;D Most of the items were ours :D Hahaha… you can probably guess which “safer” items weren’t our choices….

Ohitashi – Spinach with House Sesame Sauce

I love getting this….. Maybe because I love steamed spinach… this was the first time I’ve had ohitashi with a creamy sesame sauce tho… a bit heavy for me since I’m used to light soy-based sauce on my spinach but still good… could use some bonito flakes :D Bonito makes everything better…

Garlic and Chili Edamame

A new flavor other than the usual? I approve.. it was SOOOOO garlicky and delicious!!!! A bit overcooked but delicious flavor nonetheless… :D

Monkfish Pate with Ponzu Sauce

Creamyyyyy and delicious!!!!! I actually don’t really eat monkfish liver all too much so this was a real treat :D Think fish foie <3 yum. Very light and in the manner of Andrew Zimmern… “monkfishy” :D

Kobe Beef Tartar

It’s hard for me to NOT order beef tartare when I see it on the menu. This was pretty tasty [how can kobe not be] but such a tiny portion for this fattie. Nice and chunky… :]

I think this was Beef Kushi-Yaki obviously not mine hahaha

Presentation could be prettier but not sure on taste, they seemed to enjoy it tho :] But Z and I were tearing into our……

Hamachi Kama – Broiled Yellowtail Collar

Oh baby babyyy.. it was actually a bit tougher than usual. BUT HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH COLLAR?!?!?!.. I adore Hamachi Kama, it’s good for you and it’s soooooo tasty!!!!! Best part of the fish… aside from belly and their head :D

The owner was awesome enough to send over some free tartares :D

Tuna, Hamachi and Salmon Tartares… they were pretty tasty :D

The tuna was on a taro chip :D NOM!

Seafood Kaiyaki – Baked on Halfshell

Cheeeeesy ooey and gooey. OK. I admit I like this stuff [it’s like freaking the crab rangoon of Jap food ahhahaha] but it just looks and tastes so bad for me… hahaha…. it was good I have to admit but I just don’t really eat this stuff anymore :] BESIDES I wanted a lighter meal that night anyways… hahahaha… no worries tho, Z cleared it up

We got one of the sushi/sashimi platters with all the fixins :D

It came with a spicy tuna roll which was the only thing we didn’t really finish – wait, did we? Maybe we did inhale it anyways….

Of course some uni.. ebi, scallops etc… we wanted sweet shrimp but think we accidentally ordered wrong…

Uni was so delicious and fresh :] NOM NOM NOM!!! Me and Z are obsessed….

Our double dates got some rolls too.. omg how fattie do me and Z look compared to their dinner?

Nom nom nom <3

Delicious and fun times… but it was just the beginning :D

Afterwards we hit up the new lounge Cure [the one that replaced Aria] for a super super fun night. It was freaking FREEZING tho…. I was running around like a mad woman screaming about how cold my… woman parts were #classy I know :] Hahahaha….

Kin Shop with a Top Chef

Why is it taking me so long to write this? I started this last week and I’m still working on it. Not to mention my Macbook is dead and it’s snowstorming outside so I can’t go get it fixed. #$%^ Anyways taking a break from work [busy day] to finish this up and post it before everyone leaves from work.


I swear our host was Seth Rogan…. I got there earlier than Z and waited by the door…

I swear just like that but with a little more facial hair… except, altho the light was dim, the host was super ginger… :] But yeah, he looked like him and sounded like him and even had almost the same awesome laugh as Seth. Not the same kind of Seth Rogan charm [but close] if I was an obsessive Seth Rogan fan I probably would’ve tried to bone him right then and there.. thankfully I wasn’t and I patiently waited for my date to arrive.

We’ve been in food depression. Deep deep food depression. So much so that, in fact, we were supposed to be eating a delicious 5-course meal at Public tonight but instead we decided that it was too “close to home” from our previous two dinners [which, food-wise left us wanting]…. and opted for some Asian. Somehow we both craved Asian and decided on the Thai inspired Kin Shop

Vinegar and Hot Spices

We started off with some beers… because… wine and curry? Meh, doesn’t really sound super tasty to me…

Full Sail Session Premium Lager

Z had a pour fail hahahaha and it exploded everywhere… it’s okay, still tasty… but look how cute it’s little bump is :] *Everyone go awwwwww*

Uncommon Brewers, Siamese Twin Ale, California

Belgian Style Double / Amber / Infused Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime / Smooth

The latter, the Siamese Twin Ale was a little too sweet for my liking but had great lime flavors….. but I mainly stuck with the first one… :]

We said around, I talked about our host being Seth Rogan for awhile and I searched around for the famed Top Chef chef/owner. We ordered [a lot] and then waited for it to come.. and come it did – and all at once…..

First up? The MAIN dish we came here for:

[Backstory: Z sent me a magazine article about Kin Shop and with a HUGE picture of their sexy “special” bone marrow…. we knew then and there that we HAD to come to Kin and we HAD to get the marrow.. The End.]

Roasted Bone Marrow

Crisp Taro Root, Radish Sprouts, Roti & Yellow Bean Sauce

It lived up to our expectations and more….. it was the most complicated exquisite and yet delicious and still SIMPLY BONE MARROW dish ever.  A nice creamy asuce with some sprouts to add freshness and crunch….  and little melt-in-your-mouth taro crisps… the bone marrow was melty and so liquidy I was sucking it out – LITERALLY… sucking the juice outta the bone ;D No other non-pervy way to put it.

Their Roti Canai is crisp, greasy and to die for:

Squid Ink & Hot Sesame Oil Soup

Squid, Ground Brisket & Snake Beans

This was delicious!!!! It looks like black sesame soup or just black ink but it was full of flavor – just a hint of heat/spice and perfectly cooked tender squid rings with ground brisket inside them.  The beans were still crunchy and perfectly cooked…. yum yum yum, I drank a lot of this :]

Hand Cut Beef Tartar

Chili Jam, Rice Crackers, Quail Egg & Mushroom Soy Sauce

The beef was a little underseasoned but perfectly handcut, chunky, fresh and well… fresh :] Can’t beat fresh raw beef… I wasn’t too fond of the rice crackers, neither was Z, he liked the beef with the sauce, I on the other hand just sprinkled some of the hot spices on my bites.

A Dirty Dirty Extra Dirty Martini for Z :]

Tasted it, tasted like yummy olives :] I don’t usually like classic dirty martinis but this was good

Gamay, Terres Dorees, FRV 100, 2009

Bleh. I hated it, sooo sweet – not what I wanted at ALL.. I stuck to my Session beer….

Red: Roasted Duck Breast

Crispy Roti, Green Mango, Fresh Herbs & Tamarind Water

Fatty, nicely cooked *rare* duck but there was nothing really special about it. The sauce didn’t stand out either… just tasted like fatty rare duck. Definitely needed the basil and mint that came with it… I was disappointed and only had like 2 or 3 pieces….

Jungle: Bamboo Shoots

Pickled Green Peppercorns, Romanesco Cauliflower, Bitter Melon & Wood Ear Mushrooms

Looks like a small portion but the flavor was NOT lacking.. .full of different textures and nice heat [altho not overly spicy like usual Jungle Curries I get, this was great!!!… and perfect for the unfamiliar] Fresh bamboo and bitter melon drew me into this dish – they were cubed, and the bitter melon was really subtle but this was delicious. Jungle curry is pretty healthy too :]

Sour Yellow: Steamed Rabbit Leg

Multi-Grain Rice, Eggplant Chutney & Thai Basil

My favorite curry of the night. I LOOOOVE rabbit and once again this bunny did NOT disappoint. I could suck and pick at it all day. The meat was fall off the bone tender and it was the first time I’ve had a sour yellow curry before. It was really tasty. I’m not a HUGE fan of coconutty curries but this I liked :] It was mild enough to go with the delicate flavors of the rabbit as well… just a tiny hint of tang at the end.

Massaman: Braised Goat

Fried Shallots, Purple Yams, Mustard Greens & Toasted Coconut

Pretty sure this was Z’s favorite curry of the night..this was delicious. So nice and goaty but not too gamey. The meat was SOOOO tender and fatty it like, LITERALLY, melted in my mouth upon entering.

And before I show you my picture with the first Top Chef winner ever.. Chef Harold Dietierle and before anyone asks me, I’ll say it first, I DON’T KNOW WHY IT LOOKS LIKE I’M GRABBING MY CROTCH!!!….

He’s definitely shorter in person than I imagined, but then again I’m a giant….:] He was super nice and I rambled and bumbled along [like I always do when I get excited over meeting a chef] And we actually had a decent tiny little convo. *squeal*

It was exciting and the waiter thought I was nervous but I was just excited…

“He doesn’t bite that hard”

Since the dessert menu consisted of just ice creams and sorbets we decided to hit up Eataly for some snacks and gelato….. [btw Kin Shop, please serve some sticky mango rice<3 Kthanx!]

So sad because they’re not really ugly. Besides, with heirlooms, the uglier the yummier….


I am so happy <3 I wanted to make love to the duck fat…. 

After wandering all thru Eataly Z and I got us some cheeses… mangalista fatty meats… [NOM! Greasy lips] some fresh pastas [NOM!], Butter, Gelato annnnd….


ANNND a fresh Sea Urchin… nothing like fresh Uni to end the drunken night with :] We bought a bottle of Prosecco and after I danced around in the snow storm like a little snow hippie we had fresh uni…[after I freaked out looking for his eye and it MOVED on me….]

Prettttyyy <3

Our ‘customized tasting’ at Custom House

Last weekend was boyfriend’s brother’s bday :] So he, Steven, got to chose where to go. The funny thing was that boyfriend kept it secret from me until… he needed my iphone gps/maps app to get there :] hahaha… But he knew I’d be excited about it, and I was… the place chosen was…. *cue music*



Like always, we created our own sort of “Tasting”…

[Read more…]