ROAST: Detroit just got SO much better, thanks to Iron Chef Michael Symon

Finally found a great place in Detroit aside from Slow’s and W’s cooking haha… and W’s cooking doesn’t count since it’s not really THE restaurant but HIS food hahahaha anyways… we’re also both lazy creatures of habit so we like to eat at the same places over and over again… as you can tell by my Detroit posts we eat a lot IN the hotel restaurants, the food court in the hotel, room service, Slow’s BBQ and the diner at Motor City.

We headed to the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Hotel which is the home of Roast, something I didn’t know about until W mentioned it to me just a few days before….  I’m a fan of Iron Chef Michael Symon and have wanted to go to Lola in Ohio for AGES…. anyways, I had reservations at 9 and we were promptly sat at a nice big booth tucked away near the bar and by the wine case…

We were greeted by the nicest, most well informed waiter, who actually used to be working at Lola…  we ordered – the booze list actually came on an ipad haha… and we were quickly served

Bread + Soft Creamy Butter

Pork Crackling 

sea salt, lime, chili powder

SO good we got some to go.  Squeeze of lime, slight bit of grease, tons of crunch and a nice heat to it.  Delicious spices and amazing.  These were like CRACK.

Soon we were out :[ Sad

I was so sad I looked at it upside down and the paper and crumbs fell all over me.  I may or may not have yelped like a puppy. OOPS.

A beautiful Chilean red wine we ordered.  It was on the Somm’s list AND it wasn’t pricey at ALL – the others were $$ and this was not only on the low end of the price spectrum, it was Chilean, I looove Spanish&Chilean wines!

Miguel Torres, Santa Digna, Cabernet  Sauvignon, Central Valley, Chile 2009

A darkly pigmented wine with an intense, full and very fruity aroma. The palate is majestically structured – velvety, meaty and with elegant body. Its smooth, fine tannins, outlined by new oak, ensure a long evolution in the bottle.

Produced exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon, that king of red varieties, which achieves its fullest varietal expression in the privileged climate of the Chilean Central Valley. This is a great example of the heights to which Cabernet Sauvignons produced on the Pacific coast can rise.

It had a bit of a bite to it but got creamier as the wine opened up, like most Cab Sauv’s…

Our first three courses…

Today’s Charcuterie Plate

A lot of everything.. headcheeses.. lomo, prosciutto and such.. everything was delicious and fatty and perfectly delicious.  There’s nothing like a bad charcuterie plate, but this was a really good one!  This was the plate for ONE too… since we got so much other food.. I could’ve had more :] FO’ SHO’

BBQ Pork Belly

apple, watercress, almonds

The Pork Belly completely melted in your mouth and not just the fatty areas… okay it says apple on the menu but W said it was peach, but whatever.. the slight tang, the slight sweetness.. a bit of crunch with all the veggies and a TON of creaminess…

Beef Tartare

cold poached egg, avocado, lime & crostini

W mixed it all together and it was surprisingly good.  I was iffy about the cold poached egg but it was quick yummy.  Usually, as you hear me say in the video, I only have raw yolk in my tartare… but this was delicious.. esp with some added greens and avocado – which we didn’t mix in just added it with the crostini in each bite.  We DID end up putting some grainy mustard in from the charcuterie plate to add a bit of tang/spice to the tartare. YUM.

Grilled Octopus Salad

basil jalapeno pesto, cucumber, mint, kalamata olive

Super tender and delicious. Tons of tentacles which I loved and a nice char to them.  There was a slight heat and a slight tang to the dish.

Bone Marrow

sea salt, oregano, capers & chilies

The chilies was put on as a form of salsa verde. Delicious.  The charred herbs and the fatty marrow… SOOO GOOD and there was SO much of it!  I didn’t actually taste capers so not sure if they changed it on me from the menu but it was really good and perfectly seasoned.. super creamy and just divine, as ALL bone marrow should be and is.

Southern Fried Sweetbreads

slaw, spicy buttermilk and garlic sauce

It was on a creamy bed of homemade ranch with a beautiful veggie slaw that was tangy and sweet.  The sweetbreads were SO super creamy and dissolved on our tongues into an orgasm.  This may have been the best sweetbreads dish I have EVER had. I love love love sweetbreads and while I’ve had MEH ones I’ve thankfully never had a bad one.  These were ones that I’ll dream of. PLUS….. RANCH?! I’m not even a fan of ranch, but this was SO GOOD.

Bacon Creamed Corn

Super creamy and super sweet corn.  This was SOOO GOOD and DUH you add bacon and everything becomes better!

Roast Beast of the Day: Suckling Pig

Deeeeeelicious… soft, tender with nice crisp skin and some pickled onions and parsley.. and methinks a nice light salsa verde.  I mainly had it as leftovers the next day but this was SO good.  Needs to be a MUST on the menu.

Beef Cheek Pierogie

horseradish & mushrooms

Pierogi (Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔɡʲi]; also spelledperogipierogyperogypierógipyrohypirogi, orpyrogy; juvenile diminutive form: Pierożki Polish pronunciation: [pjɛˈrɔʂki] also in use) are dumplings ofunleavened dough – first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potato fillingsauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit.


While dumplings as such are found throughout Eurasia, the specific name pierogi, with its Proto-Slavic root “pir” (festivity) and its various cognates in the West and East Slavic languages, shows the name’s common Slavic origins, predating the modern nation states and theirstandardized languages, although in most of these languages the word means pie. In English, the word pierogiand its variants: perogipyrogyperogieperogypirohi,piroghipirogipirogenpierogypirohy, and pyrohy, are pronounced with a stress on the letter “o”. The Turkish word börek for a kind of pie or stuffed pastry may be a borrowing.

Pierogi are small enough to be served several or many at a time, so the plural form of the word is usually used when referring to this dish. In Polish pierogi is actually the plural, pieróg being singular. In Czech and Slovak pirohy is also the plural, piroh is singular. In Germany, this type of dumpling is called Pirogge in the singular and Piroggen in the plural, although sometimes the Polish name Pierogi is simply used.”

Ah yes.  Peroigies always reminded me of when I dated a Polish guy, I mean what other kinds of peoples loves white bland food and potatoes so much?! Hahaha, I kid.  But I do remember the one and only time I ever really ate ANY Polish food or learned about it was with him HAHA. This is SO not what I remember. Sooooooooo tender.  The skin was super doughy and almost potato-y like….. they were like gnocchi dough as skin hahaha…. and a bit undercooked.. at least the ones I ate were… but sooooo good..

The beef cheeks were super tender, like they should be, super flavorful.. and while the sauce they were in were a bit on the sweet and rich side.. the bland super doughy skin totally counteracted it. MMMM stuffed gnocchi.. that’s totally my next experiment. W beware.

Me in a obligatory bathroom camwhore shot!

The next day for lunch, while I worked, I feasted on leftover cracklings, creamed corn and suckling pig.


The best part?…. W cooked for me the following night… and while we both LOVED the dinner at Roast together, I freaking fell in love with his food all over again when he cooked for me the next night…. sorry suckling pig.. even if you weren’t leftover, you still can’t beat my baby’s cooking ;D

Grand Tasting SOBEWFF’11 – Sunday

Always start off your day with a nice breakfast…

Isn’t the Hilton Bentley breakfast buffet so yum and plentiful? They have an omelette bar and everything…. we got omelettes and fresh poached eggs [which took forever tho…] and while omelette guy is SLOW….. they come out yummy…

As you can see I couldn’t start my day without my oatmeal and grapefruit :]

The salsa by the omelette station is DELICIOUS…. and Z got bacon, lots of bacon, MAD bacon… hahahah crispy and delish.

We laid out by the pool with some beer for a bit afterwards and I smuggled two bananas from the buffet for later… and then went back upstairs to our room to shower and get ready for… GRAND TASTING!!!! Yeah, srsly, who eats so much before a grand tasting?!.. We do…

Who doesn’t want to walk to the beach on a nice hot sunny day to eat and drink in tents?

OK, so I was sweating buckets – sexy – but still :]

SO hot and sweaty.. I was sweating bullets…

As soon as we walked in we spotted Michael Symon giving a demo…

…and Rocco Dispirito signing books [he’s so hot]

Anne Burrell in the next tent

Buick boozey slushies… :D

Strawberry with Balsamic Glaze, YUM!

I’m a Flirt tattooooos :D

There are SO many pictures and SO many things we ate and drink… here at the Highlights… [and some Fails…]

Too much bread but loved the pulled pork and the slaw :D

These were the favorite bites of the day!!!! We had one, two, three… and maybe more ;] of these!!!

Some Duck and Greens cone…. it was meh…

The burger was definitely worth the wait.. while I wish the bun was softer and less bready, the burger was really good… :D

Sexieer shot with the bbq Sauce…

They had lots of fixins at the table but they weren’t necessary. OH YEAH, there’s bacon in there :D OBVIOUSLY.. cuz bacon makes everything better….

The quaca mole was really tasty and the ceviche was super refreshing… I’m a fan :D

Lobster, Cream Cheese, etc etc… yeah, Z ate it and made a face… cream cheese in sushi just makes my stomach turn so I didn’t try it…

CRAP! I wish I got a picture with the Top Chef contestant Howie.. but this is his new place. It was really yummy AND he was super nice and gave me the last shirt!!! :D Yep, I have a nice rack shirt.. maybe I should get a boob job now to complement it. HAHA… jk

Me and my main man, Fabio <3 at her Bertolli stand!!!

The plantain cup was a bit too hard/crunchy but the beef filling was rather tasty!!! *crunch crunch*

Pretty Tasty.. wasn’t feeling sausage so I didn’t eat that.. but the beef was really good… as was the fatty pork and the fresh Mozz :D

Basically Peanut Noodles

Not sure what those little crunchies that look like corn on top were but they were really good and added yum to the salad…

Beef Carpaccio


Yeah I had a few bites of these :D It was really tasty…  smoked salmon and caviar.. got some coupons to order it.. but Z is still scared of caviar at the moment :] He overate one fine day [dork] but I still make him eat it with me… hehehe…. He promises he’ll come with me to the all-you-can-eat caviar in Vegas :D



Stone Crabs :D Nom nom nom!!!! Could eat these all day at Joe’s [these weren’t from there]

You had me at mimosa.. or maybe jello…

Ugly presentation… but sooo goooood


They got me to eat mashed potatoes with their butter… it was really good. So I asked for some butter.. AND THEY ACTUALLY GAVE ME BUTTER!!!

Z was so proud of me :] We get swag and free stuff like it’s our job.

Crab Chowder…

NE Girl Represent. Clam Chowdaaaaahhh from Bhaaaastan is the best <3 Besides chowder on a hot day on the beach – not so fun….

These Key Lime Tarts were REALLY tasty….. altho it just made me crave the pie from Joe’s even more…

Somewhere between these I think we hit up a tuna stand and actually got free jars of tuna :D A regular one and a spicy jalapeno one. NOM! We also ended up with free bottles of bronzer and energy drinks. We’re so good at mooching and asking for free stuff :D Partners-In-Crime <3

PIta Chips and SPICY HUMMUS & Tzatziki Sauce.. this was REALLY good… Talked to the guy for awhile and even got some cards [he said he’d ship some to us] SO freaking delicious. Hummus is one of those Achilles Heels for me.. like PB…

Soggy Sweet Potato Fries


OK, so I don’t know WHERE they put them up.. but if you sing “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang in a video for Evian…. you get a baby shirt. So OBVIOUSLY, I did. And got a baby shirt.

I told Z to tape it but he accidentally didn’t… so here’s a pic of me after… why am I so puffy and red?

My future ex-husband : Tony Bourdain <3

The dirty naughty things I want to do with this guy ;D TMI

I took this picture especially for Z ;D Sexy sexy…

Haha I’m kidding, I love it. HAHAHAHA

I kid.

Maybe. ;D Narrr… not too into these banana hammocks…

OK. So it wasn’t as tasty and huge as the NY Grand Tasting last fall…. but it was GREAT company…!!! :] Everything is better with great company!!! The weather was gorgeous, yummy drinks and my boo <3