Late Night at Douzo

Yayyyy Z was back in the Bean so obviously we had to eat and play and play and eat….DOUBLE DATE NIGHT!!!! We met up at Toro at 7pm but the wait was AT LEAST THREE hours… Me and Z were cool with it but our date buddies didn’t seem too thrilled on waiting — so we grabbed a few drinks [cabana boys ftw] and some apps [tongue, corn, sweetbreads, uni, etc..] at the bar and then headed back downtown to Douzo. I’ve heard about it but never been.. I’m always up for Japanese and sushi so okieeee dokieeeeee….

After another long wait and downing massive amounts of champagne [^__^] we finally got a table.

In true G6 fashion, Z and I ordered.. a lot…. hahahahah our partners in crime were less….crazy ;D Most of the items were ours :D Hahaha… you can probably guess which “safer” items weren’t our choices….

Ohitashi – Spinach with House Sesame Sauce

I love getting this….. Maybe because I love steamed spinach… this was the first time I’ve had ohitashi with a creamy sesame sauce tho… a bit heavy for me since I’m used to light soy-based sauce on my spinach but still good… could use some bonito flakes :D Bonito makes everything better…

Garlic and Chili Edamame

A new flavor other than the usual? I approve.. it was SOOOOO garlicky and delicious!!!! A bit overcooked but delicious flavor nonetheless… :D

Monkfish Pate with Ponzu Sauce

Creamyyyyy and delicious!!!!! I actually don’t really eat monkfish liver all too much so this was a real treat :D Think fish foie <3 yum. Very light and in the manner of Andrew Zimmern… “monkfishy” :D

Kobe Beef Tartar

It’s hard for me to NOT order beef tartare when I see it on the menu. This was pretty tasty [how can kobe not be] but such a tiny portion for this fattie. Nice and chunky… :]

I think this was Beef Kushi-Yaki obviously not mine hahaha

Presentation could be prettier but not sure on taste, they seemed to enjoy it tho :] But Z and I were tearing into our……

Hamachi Kama – Broiled Yellowtail Collar

Oh baby babyyy.. it was actually a bit tougher than usual. BUT HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH COLLAR?!?!?!.. I adore Hamachi Kama, it’s good for you and it’s soooooo tasty!!!!! Best part of the fish… aside from belly and their head :D

The owner was awesome enough to send over some free tartares :D

Tuna, Hamachi and Salmon Tartares… they were pretty tasty :D

The tuna was on a taro chip :D NOM!

Seafood Kaiyaki – Baked on Halfshell

Cheeeeesy ooey and gooey. OK. I admit I like this stuff [it’s like freaking the crab rangoon of Jap food ahhahaha] but it just looks and tastes so bad for me… hahaha…. it was good I have to admit but I just don’t really eat this stuff anymore :] BESIDES I wanted a lighter meal that night anyways… hahahaha… no worries tho, Z cleared it up

We got one of the sushi/sashimi platters with all the fixins :D

It came with a spicy tuna roll which was the only thing we didn’t really finish – wait, did we? Maybe we did inhale it anyways….

Of course some uni.. ebi, scallops etc… we wanted sweet shrimp but think we accidentally ordered wrong…

Uni was so delicious and fresh :] NOM NOM NOM!!! Me and Z are obsessed….

Our double dates got some rolls too.. omg how fattie do me and Z look compared to their dinner?

Nom nom nom <3

Delicious and fun times… but it was just the beginning :D

Afterwards we hit up the new lounge Cure [the one that replaced Aria] for a super super fun night. It was freaking FREEZING tho…. I was running around like a mad woman screaming about how cold my… woman parts were #classy I know :] Hahahaha….

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