In the Mood for Bf’s Cooking…

My Boy knows how to cook. Um, yeah, HELLS YEAH – I’m a lucky little biznatch.  I can eat and W can cook. :]


Crab Meat in Tomato Jus

When I HEARD what it was.. I excepted a tomato-y saucey, soupy thing but it literally tasted like eating a fresh raw tomato. OMFG. SO GOOD.  I LOOOOOOVE crab, so fresh, so tender, delicious and sweet.. slightly naturally salty and the tomato jus was SO freaking refreshing and beautiful looking. W said that the waiter gave me too much but I loved it anyways.  I twas SO gorgeous.

Raw Tuna on Creamy Avocado, Blood oranges, Sprouts and Pinenuts

I actually wasn’t told about the pine nuts so it was the happiness surprise when I bit in.. it had this sesame japanese sort of thing sprinkled over the tuna.. MMMMM and the blood orange was SUCH a fresh bright burst of citrus-y deliciousness that was totally brought it together – and like I said, the toasted nutty crunch of the pine nuts TOTALLY enhanced everything as a whole.  This was my favorite dish of the night and just brightened the night.

Compressed Watermelon Salad with Beets and Creamy Goat Cheese.

I’m not even a huge goat cheese girl but this was delicious. JUICY JUICY sweet fresh, REFRESHING watermelon and juicy sweet earthy beets. Freshly cracked black pepper – OMFG this was SO good.  So many textures and a mix of savory and sweet flavors.

Scallops on a Pepperoni pizza like sort of chopped up deliciousness… and methinks Squid Ink?!

Salty fresh deliciousness. This was SO good, I  INHALEd it.. it really tasted like a scallop pizza! NOM.

Baby can cook. I can eat. See?! We’re perfect!


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