Our ‘customized tasting’ at Custom House

Last weekend was boyfriend’s brother’s bday :] So he, Steven, got to chose where to go. The funny thing was that boyfriend kept it secret from me until… he needed my iphone gps/maps app to get there :] hahaha… But he knew I’d be excited about it, and I was… the place chosen was…. *cue music*



Like always, we created our own sort of “Tasting”…

We started off with the oysters…

Oysters w/ Housemade Cocktail/Spiced Fennel

Malpeque [East Coast] & Kumamoto [West Coast]

Delicious ’92 German Riesling picked out by Boyfriend :]

Wagyu Beef Tartare

Ovendried Tomatoes/Potato Chips/Fried Farm Egg
SOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!  Absolutely love tartare.. and the potato chips and the egg were the most perfection compliments :D

My picture one bite of everything on the chip *nom


Onion Beignet / Confit Leg / Caramel Balsamic

Baby Octopus

Italian Style Caponata


Glazed Bacon / White Polenta / Wild Mushrooms
What an overindulgence. These are so delicious. I had my first sweetbread (finally) a few weeks ago at Publican at the James Beard Dinner…  sooo good….

The red Italian to go with our entrees…

Veal Cheeks

Tomato Anchovy Preserve / Bone Marrow Crostini

Prime New York Strip

Bone Marrow / Oyster Mushroom
The most amazing steak. Perfectly cooked.. Just a bit under medium rare… my favorite. The mushrooms and the bone marrow sauce reallly just made the dish THAT much better. LOVE!

Maine Scallops

Cauliflower Puree / Kohlrabi / Green Apples / Bacon Vinaigrette
Perfectly cooked and tender.. loooved the apples with it :]

Baby Turnips w/ Fresh Herbs / Truffle Salt

&  Brussel Sprouts w/ Bacon / Bourbon Maple Syrup
LOVED the brussel sprouts. I’m such a huge fan.. I love them every which way, even just plain steamed…. so these were such a treat!!!

Housemade Ravioli

Goat Cheese / Oxtail Ragu
Amazing. You guys know I’m not a huge goat cheese person but I LOVE LOVE LOVED these.

Artisan Cheese Selection for three :]

They gave Steven two complimentary truffles with a little pink candle.. lol

Lemon Cheesecake

Golden Raisin / Pine Nut Brittle / Thyme

Foie Gras Pot de Creme

Pickled Grapes / Almonds / Baylet Hazen Blue
We actually got TWO of these :] So thick and rich!!! Still love the Primehouse one the most from the Fois Gras weekend, but this was delicious. My favorite was the almond/foie pairing!!! Altho the pickled grapes were a delightful treat!


Warm Chocolate Mousse / Honey Graham Tuille / Toasted Meringue / Bacon Powder

While the bacon powder was sadly very very  subtle, the meringue was delicious and the best part of the dessert. A tiny piece of the tuille with the mousse and a bit of the meringue made it taste like smores heaven in your mouth!

We are awesome.

Happy Birthday Steven :D


  1. your pictures always make me so hungry!! the tartar looks DIVINE =9


  2. babe, do you know of this site: http://gracenotesnyc.com/? i thought it was interesting. she’s trying all the Michelin-starred restaurants around nyc. anyway i prefer your site so much more haha :)



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  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by misstiffie: Our very own “tasting” at Custom House in Chicago including sweetbreads, veal cheeks, foie gras pot de creme, etc… http://moourl.com/t5cp3


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