Bunnies in my Tummy…

I like bunnies. I like dressing up as bunnies. If they didn’t smell so bad and poop so much, I’d have pet bunnies. Also no one I live with will let me have bunnies…. so once I finally live in my own place again I’ll have bunnies – it’s been awhile and last time I did I had snakes LOL

The first thing that turned me onto Bunnies? Once again Thanks to the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ in ’09 :] If you haven’t noticed…. Chicago did me good, real good… especially my tummy… and getting fat ;D

Grilled Rabbit Sausage, Relish of Summer Fennel, Pancetta & Mustard Seeds

Crofton On Wells, Chicago

SOOOOO DELICIOUS. Tender. Juicy. Popped in my mouth and slid down my throat… chew chew chew meaty, filling, spiced perfect. I love you. *burp*  Honestly, this one was one of the tastiest sausages I’ve had – and trust me I’ve had a lot of sausages ;] #thatswhatshesaid NO NASTY TALK – it was good. That’s All! The End!

And then it was the first time I cooked bunny.. or helped…

Braised Rabbit a la Dash of Stash

w/ Horseradish Mash & Roasted Carrots

Thanks To Stash, I got got to eat bunny – full, whole, tender..MMM, delicious.  I was scared. I remember trying to bite into a leg and slightly nervous.  The reason why people only eat the legs usually IS because that’s where most of the meat is – AND it’s most tender… the rest of the bunny is scarce in meat, and while still tasty, a bit tougher. STILL. YUM!

NOOOOOOW, one of my favorite dishes EVER AND MY favorite rabbit dish!

Confit Rabbit Risottowith Caramelized Onions, Creme Fraiche and Fontiago Cheese

Solera, Denver

I. DIE. I have wet dreams about this dish. Who would’ve thunk…… DENVER, CO would have the mots AMAZING restaurants and dishes… I can’t even BEGIN to talk about this. It was CREAMY, CHEESY, the BEST risotto I’ve ever eaten, even without fresh white truffles and then some, OMG… better than the best sex you’ve ever had – or maybe I’ve just never had good sex – but this risotto was something that would make you cry and turned on and just….. insane ALL at the same time.

Walnut-Stuffed Gnocchi w/ braised rabbit, onion soubise, appenzeller

Mizuna, Denver

Delicious. Comrfort.

You think Chicken Pot Pie is delicious and comforting?! You’ve never had it this way

Rabbit Pot Pie, Fall Vegetables & Sausage on a Stick

Colicchio & Sons, NYC

SO memorable. While the sausage was good the pot pie is forever BURNED into my BRAIN. SOOOO GOOD.  You can get it during Brunch at C&S :]  I daydream about going back but no guy has gone back with me – LAME.  I obviously don’t date enough daring eaters…

Sour Yellow: Steamed Rabbit Leg
Multi-Grain Rice, Eggplant Chutney & Thai Basil

Kinshop, NYC

Chef Dieterle… you are a Top Chef for a good reason, what you make is GOLD. GOLD. This just fell apart and MELTTTTTTTTTTTED….. I can’t even begin to explain how delicious this was… this was the first thing I wanted to order on the menu anyways. AMAAAAZING.

I love Menton for seafood…. and their crossiants… but then their bunny dish? OMFG

No really.


Deconstructed Bunny, Rabbit Sausage,Meatball, Kidney, etc

Menton, Boston

All were SOOO succulent, flavorful, not gamey and just OMG… freaking amazing. FUNNILY, the “funkiest” one was the yummiest THE KIDNEY in puff pastry <3 OH.EM.EFF.GEE – GENIUS. Yea and I had like 20 of their croissants :]

And then the last time I had bunny since I’m writing this… My “21st” Birthday ;D

Il Coniglio
Roasted Napa Valley Rabbit Loin wrapped in San Daniele Prosciutto, Polenta ‘sfogliatina’, Roasted Beets, Green Pea Veloute, Rabbit Jus

Circo, Las Vegas

The prosciutto was a bit salty wrapped around it but I ended up just unwrapping and eating the bunny part SOOOOOO GOOD.  The jus and the veloute was amazing. STILL miss my own cooking tho. I’ve only cooked bunny twice, and basically by myself ONCE… braised down and made into a creamy pasta… :] Bunny confit with cream sauce and with delicious tender pastaaaaaa — good right?!  I’ll try to make some soon and make a blog on it :] Play by play on whole bunny!  Hope you enjoyed this and hope you won’t be scared to try a bite of bunny – it literally tastes like chicken. :]

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