It’s all about the Bird….

Have you heard? That the bird… is the word?!

It’s that time of the year again…. I’ve sold my pies – thank you to everyone who participated… I sold 28 pies and made 1,125$ for the great cause…

I’ve planned out the menu with my mom and I’m ready to get funky!!!

Everyone has their own traditions but it seems like the same few dishes pop up on every table.  Stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc etc…..

Mine is a little different. Basically I’ll do a few American appetizers and snacks… the sweet potatoes and marshmallows… my mom makes a turkey, asianfied. And that’s about as American as it gets, everything else is pretty much straight up Chinese!

But my favorite part of the day is this gorgeous thing:

My mom rubs it with toasted salt and cloves and stuffs it with ginger, scallions and other yumminess…. it’s gives it great flavor, amazing aroma AND you don’t need the gravy or anything to go with it – super juicy and succulent.

So what’s your go-to must-have dishes???  I always make my famous smoked salmon puffs, and sweet potatoes… sometimes a dessert [but this year we’re on pie overload] This year I decided to add a few yummies in – which I’ll blog about after the event :]


  1. your mom’s turkey sounds so yummy.


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