Decadent Dinner at Cafe Boulud

I’m a HUGE fan of Daniel Boulud…. He’s an OG and his cooking is phenomenal. I know.  It all started when I got a personally signed book as a gift. So it only makes sense that I go visit his other restaurants all over Manhattan.. this time around, it was Cafe Boulud.

Amuse Bouche – White Truffle Risotto Fritters

Delicious Olive/Rosemary Bread

Starting off with a nice glass of champagne….

As I looked over the menu, the manager brought over a huge truffle for me to smell….. I was hooked [I was gonna order it anyways] but now I was doubly confirming that I was ordering the special White Truffle Risotto.

Shibumi Oysters [Washington]

Rabbit Porchetta
Watercress, Black Mission Figs, Pickled Ramps

Definitely not what I expected… but then it was everything and more, with nice big chunks of rabbit in it.. the figs on the side were absolutely delicious as well. A few raw ones and a few roasted/caramelized ones….

Then the server brought out the FINGER BOWL… just for me, the girl, tho :D

I was super excited… I always hear stories of people DRINKING from the little cleansing bowl and complaining about it being so bland. HAHA. I wish I was cool like that….

Fresh White Truffles
[with choice of scrambled eggs, handmade pasta, baked potato or risotto]

I of course, chose the obvious…

Daniel Boulud and his truffles can NEVER do no wrong – he had me hooked with his first white truffle risotto and I knew then it was love…. Our server just kept shaving and shaving them on – I encouraged him to just keep going, give as much as you want <3

Fresh White Truffle Risotto

Seared Foie Gras

Is Foie Gras ever wrong? I’ve only had it gross once and meh once. Other than that?!… Heavenly….

Pistachio Crusted Venison Loin

To be honest, the crust did nothing and it wasn’t completely crusted either. The venison, on the other hand, was perfectly cooked. So tender and just enough chew – not gamey at all… there were chestnuts

Wild Scottish Hare la Royale
Smoked Sweet Potato Flan, Shallot Confit, Civet Sauce

As you can see it’s really not that much hare in it.. but it was great… the little hare chops were freaking adorable :] Nibble Nibble Nibble.. it’s like nibbling on baby corn…. this was like nibbling on a tiny lamb chop.. except tastier :] Btw, those little poop like mounds are artichokes

Coconut Poached Lobster

Bok Choy, Rice Cake, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

While I couldn’t taste the coconut in the the lobster [sadness] the lobster was cooked really well [New England baby here] — overabundance of very bland foam.. but yet, it looks so purty…

Side of Hericot Verts

Fresh, buttery and tasty… :] Cooked just perfect – al dente…

Hazelnut Dacquoise

Fudge, Milk Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut Orange Ice Cream

Absolutely amazing.  Hazelnut is always great and this did NOT disappoint.

Pear-Chocolate Vacherin

Chantilly, Meringue, Ameretto Ice Cream

Definitely not what I expected but it was subtly pear-y… lots of chocolate.. and great ice cream.

Butterscotch Gateux

Mascarpone Cream, Chocolate Biscuit, Bourbon Glaze, Brown Sugar Ice Cream

Nom nom nom.

Roasted Fig
Cheesecake Cream, Port Reduction, Speculoos Ice Cream

Cheesecake with a few tiny pieces of fig on top – needed more fig most def.

Afterwards, I got a nice double espresso… and some complimentary madeleines…and I devoured each and every single one… 

Delicious. If you want amazing but don’t exactly want to spring for the uuber expensive Daniel, go to one of his smaller restaurants for just as amazing food :]


  1. […] York Times on Foursquare told us to get poached lobster. One of the few and last times I got flavor-poached lobster it was meh too… not that this was bad, just didn’t taste like what it was poached […]


  2. […] consistently delicious Chef Boulud‘s dishes are… more than half a year later I got the same  White Truffle Risotto dish [minus the foam] at Cafe Boulud – absolutely FREAKING […]


  3. […] It was CREAMY, CHEESY, the BEST risotto I’ve ever eaten, even without fresh white truffles and then some, OMG… better than the best sex you’ve ever had – or maybe I’ve just never […]


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