Worcester Sharks Game, Kitchen Nightmares, Burgers, Beavis & Butthead, Fried Dough, Cute Hockey Boys& Chili’s…

SOOOOO after an afternoon with the doggies and watching Kitchen Nightmares – yep we’re obsessed with Gordon Ramsay, his accent and WOW.  WOW. Burger Kitchen double episode was INSANE. Burger Kitchen….. crazy right?!?!?!… “crying like a bitch again” hahahahahaha – wait that was like not normal speak-age… *sips wine* too bad, my blog, my bad grammar – DOT DOT DOT

BTW… “ASIAN PERSUASION” Burger?!?!?!?!?! Gordon… please….

I. AM. THE ASIAN PERSUASION… [yea ongoing joke of the day about how tasty I am LOL]

AND Afterwards we did go on a Beavis & Butthead marathon… which was followed by all of us, especially me, screaming porn all night.  Katy had to tell a guy I had teretz :]

There was also this Teen Mom where I almost died

“And I will never die, for I am TEEN MOM”

DOT DOT DOT… we headed out to Worcester at the DCU Center for the game….It was supposed to be four of us but thankfully one of us was rude enough to just not go. SOOO MUCH BETTER ANYWAYS ;]

Best seats in the house, right behind all the cute boys :] – like my new Sharks swag?

I love my family <3

Told you badass seats, they have season tickets too!

W. T. F. WORST He just stood in front of me spitting :[ GRRR….

My cutie patootie… we definitely got our drink on – PLUS I introduced her to Blue Moon – w/ orange slice OBVIOUSLY – and then some.. drinkity drinkity drinkity WOOOO.. we were pretty crazy BEFORE the “adult beverages” too :] HAHAHA *runs across the street and screams at car*

Popcorn Popcorn crunch crunch crunch


Fried Dough – which made me look like I was snorting coke all night long.. hahaha

DUCK FACE :] I look SOOOO asian here. and QUACK-ers :D

US: “Can we have a picture?”
HIM: “Well I’m not supposed to…… buttttt… if you make it quick”

Me, Katypoopie and Alex Stalock [#32] WOO

OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMG HE signed my pink stick <3

This is the first time I’ve seen chili come out of a dispenser – AWESOME! HAHAHA… nacho cheese and dispenser chili on fries WEEE :D I pretty much ate all of this.. with hot sauce and mustard ;]

Remember the forementioned porn incident? Yes it lasted ALL night… including on the ride back

And then some more grub at Chilis :] Need to sober up a bit… or drink more ;]

FREEEEEEEEEE Chips & Salsa thanks to Foursquare!

Thin, crispy, hot and yummy. The salsa was a bit salsa but it was addictive :] Crunch crunch crunch <3

Mikey Mike :D and his SIPPY CUP :D


I always love mozzarella sticks :] I wish they were hotter and gooier but then again unless I keep microwaving them – which I do with takeout/leftovers – they’re gonna harden up a bit – they DID leave loooooooong stretchy cheesy strands that we could pull far away tho HEHEHEHE

Katy‘s Cajun Pasta

Penne pasta with creamy garlic Alfredo sauce with Cajun spices and topped with tomatoes and green onions w/ Grilled Chicken

GUILTY as charged! I ate a lot of it. :] SOOO GOOD!!! :] Amaaaaazing sauce – I rarely have Alfredo but this was tasty…. the chicken was tender and had great spices! YUM!

Mike’s Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®

Tossed in honey-chipotle sauce. Served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries and ranch dressing

Didn’t have any but look at that sexy corn <3

And thanks to Katy’s reccomendation and watching Kitchen Nightmares *burger craving*

My Big Mouth BitesFour mini burgers topped with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, sauteed onions and ranch. Served with crispy onion strings and ranch dressing.

Sliders freak me out a bit lately since they’re so overdone but these were so cute :] And FULLY LOADED. A bit too salty and by the time I got them I was a bit full from all the food from the game, the drinks and all the grub before BUT…. I still had two :]  I try to eat healthy but a little junk in my trunk is always fun :] Especially after a night of drinking and with amazzzzzzing friends XOXO


Thanks for an amazing time!!!! Drunken AND sober talks <3 I love how we can go crazzzzzy, drink, party, woowoooo and also just chill, relaxing, sober and ALWAYS have a great time! Thanks for being the sister from another mister, I’ve always wanted – hahahaha… literally since our moms are like the same LOL <3

Til next time :]

psssst KATY! Hook me up with a cute hockey guy ;]

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