Turning “21” in Vegas….

So Vegas, where do I begin?! This trip started off a few months ago as a trip to Montreal to see a Backstreet Boys concert… which turned into, we should go, just girls, for a weekend…

And then it turned into I NEED A GIRLS WEEKEND OUT!!!!!!!

Now I ALWAYS have huge parties… month long filled activities and a weekend of fun… too many dinners and usually involves me being in New York City…. there’s always too much drinking, too much drama and with the amount of money spent on throwing my lavish parties… might as well just GO SOMEWHERE… so for my birthday I asked for only one thing from my parents, get me a room in Vegas so I can go with my best girlfriends. :]

Oh. We went from Montreal to Vegas cuz Katy doesn’t have her passport hehehe…

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I’ve been wanting to celebrate a birthday in Vegas SINCE I was about to turn 21, but it’s always hard trying to get everyone together to go.. so this time I made my decision, booked the room and told people to come – okay admit, it was kinda last minute and in inconvenient times for most of my gfs, but the two that mattered a lot were going with me :] And that made me super happy!

SOOOOOO after counting down for FOREVER.. Vegas finally came!!!!

T drove me to Katy’s in the afternoon and we set off to run some errands.. bought some shoes [yes, we bought shoes, you’ll see a pic of them later on … ], went to her work place to pick up her check, went to the ATM AND…. made it back in time for the cabby to come pick us up. crazzzzy bastard [hahahaha in a crazy funny way]

“You know what I’m sayin’????”

Me and Katy in the crazy ride to the airport….. she literally got an anxiety attack cuz our driver kept looking back at us to talk to us about his “slutty” adventures – trust me NO WAY he gets all these girls, he was gross – but we both thought he was gonna crash – FREAKY

We got there SUPER early, got thru security before the rush and immediately got some food and got a-drinking :D
Some Wolfgang Puck cafe/lounge where we got this colorful Asian Chicken Salad.. it was SO pretty on the menu [the picture] and colorful, we were SO drawn to it… so it was like an asian slaw with wonton strips.. a little bit too heavy on the dressing and it was sweet but it was pretty good…

Katy got a gin and tonic and I got a nice glass of wine.. VINO.. my drug of choice :] Always.. hehe

After our drinks we decided to move to the Boston Beer Works for some more drinks [another Gin+Tonic for Katy and a Vodka+Tonic for me]

And DELICIOUS nachos…

And then it was time to go.. but OH WAIT, they switched gates on us while we were getting drunkies – we ended up running, literally, RUNNING to the other side of the terminal to our gate.. it was literally on the OTHER FREAKING SIDE…

And we ended up getting sat across the aisle from each other.. which was funny since we kept talking over the aisle…. Katy also watched the tv on my side more which was funny.. OMG, the couple next to her drank SO much beer, I felt trashed FOR them.. they went to the bathroom every 2 seconds and would come back with MORE beers… it was just peeing and boozing and they WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKED of beer.. gross. So not cool… The guy behind me was gross and stuck his bare feet WAY too close to me… his daughter was annoying and totally pooped her pants – smelled like farts a lot – and blasted his ipod on speaker to calm his daughter down. He looked like a caveman so I forgive him, not really.

Booze drinks for me… napped a bit but mainly watched Guy Fieri on Food Network and random movies on TV.. TEEHEE… 5 hrs later we were there.


It’s late, but we’re ready to party

Checking in

Our bed :]

We found out the closet fits two.. the other side fit us threee :D Obviously it was picture time…

After buying supplies, and champagne.. Kelly got there and we popped a bottle before heading downstairs to party at Bank… at 2am…

I look like I’m hiding ;D

Ready to PARTY

Us girlies <3

Us at Bank where it snowed and we had crazy encounters with Mexicans – I got proposed to – Russians – I got claimed, and all of us got ass-grabbed.. CRAZIEST party night of the weekend and it happened just a few hours after getting off the plane and at 2am – 4am :D


WHY NOT?!?!!

And we er I had like a million tequila shots.. oh and our bartender fake-flashed his boob and told me he wasn’t for sale :[ Boo. But I got his card. Hahahaha. Well he gave me his card… I got a few of those in Vegas…

Katy got pancakes, Kelly got Waffles and I got a HUUUUUGE ass omelette with TONS of veggies.. spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, etc.. OH and of course champagne and OJ for mimosas.. and coffee :D OH OH OH and TWO plates of bacon… Kelly hates bacon but me and Katy LUUUUUURV it!!! Obviously right?!…

Me: 2 servings of Bacon
Room Service Lady: Crispy?

After a few hours – we went down super early in the morning –  we went back upstairs, I got yelled at for “not covering at least [my] bum” running around the hotel… :P and changed for lunch :D

My Seared Ahi TUna (rare) Salad

Field Greens, Roma Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Green Onions, Sherry Vinaigrette

Kelly’s Cafe Club

Roasted Turkey, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo and AMAZING fries!!!

Which is HILARIOUS cuz she doesn’t like bacon :]

Katy’s Half Pound Angus Beef Burger (medium)

Sesame Seed Bun, Shredded Lettuce, Shaved Onions, Tomatoes, Bellagio Burger Sauce,  American Cheese with BOMB ASSSSSS Fries.. and sweet pickles!!! [Homemade sliced pickles!]

She’s so cute, she literally drank like 4 cups of water cuz we were SO dehydrated from drinking so much the night before at Bank and from being at the pool all day with NO h2o… so she barely ate any of the burger.. haha silly monkey :D

Afterwards we explored and went shopping…

“How much is water?”

They wee screaming water for a dollar EVERYWHERE we walked!!! OK, really?!

Everyone grab their boobs!!!

Everyone point at his little weenus

Drink the dildo drink form the dildo cup from NUMB

I asked the girl to give me her favorite and she gave me a mixture of all sorts of flavors, SOOO freaking good!!!! I couldn’t even tell there was alchy.. obviously there was, a lot, she even gave me an extra shot of tequila.. HAHA…

I made everyone take a pic with the dildo cup..

Katy and Dildo Cup

Kelly and Dildo Cup

Obviously it’s an Anal Dildo… TMI? Inappropriate? Tough tooties!!! MY BLOG!!!!

Whilst shopping in the forum shops in Cesare Palace… a bright red dress with high slit caught my eye in the Intermix storefront…..

Katy: You’re gonna buy that dress
Me: I am NOT! I’m just gonna try it on….

I did.

Thank goodness for the weight gain cuz my boobs have been looking super fabulous lately :] Good food does a boobies good!

With the sexalicious shoes Katy bought me before our trip…

Me and my beautiful besties at my  Circo Vegas Birthday Dinner

Read about the dinner on a separate post here :] It was derricious and I had bunny “aka Harry” according to Katy who got super freaked out when I ordered rabbit… lol

Afterwards we went to see the highly anticipated Criss Angel show – Katy LOOOOOVES Criss.. I mean what’s not to like, he’s pretty hot and his tricks are pretty SICK.


The Criss Angel show was SUPER fun and awesome, I wish it was less show and all that and more just tricks but it was super entertaining :] We ended up buying nothing since we were going to Lavo – VIP STYLE BABY – so we ended up going back to the Luxor the next day to buy lots of goodies – which we did hahahaha… the promoters at Luxor kept trying to get us to party there but the clubs looked kinda lammmz0rs.. plus thanks to Shawn [ps it was thru him when I discovered the GUMMY BEAR shot… and also went up to a guy with a horrid sweater around his shoulders and told him it was hot YIKES!] we had VIP ins to all the hottest clubs in Vegas all weekend long – see plug PLUG PLUG!!!!..

“you scratch my back, we scratch yours”

“the funny thing about my back, is that it’s located on my cock”

oh Superbad <3

Dancing at Lavo


We woke up super late… well Kelly and I woke up super late, Katy was already up.. and I was DYING of starvation.. apparently I really wanted to eat last night and Kelly wouldn’t let me, but I thought it was Katy… SIGH… HAHAHA…

Kelly’s Chicken Panini

Katy’s Mozz/Prosciutto Panini and baggie of chips :D

My HUUUUGE thick Turkey/Provolone on Wheat…

Sexy pickle too…

Concentrating on my mustard squeezing

I ate that thing up.. Lettuce, Tomatoes, and allllll the mustard I could find and squish in :D NOM!. still starving – but we were headed to the pool so…. Btw

This sign.. was in the BATHROOM

Katy got me BUBBAAAA the monkey!!!! And then while I showered and put my face on they dressed him up as a mini me with my clothes hahahaahaha :] Sillies

Thanks Katy for my bling shorts!! I was also harassing Kelly while she was half napping

A video of me dancing is somewhere in the world… *ahem* OH and this commercial was also discovered


After getting dressed we headed downstairs for some yummy gelato… NOM!!!

“It tastes like Doritoes” [ inside joke obv]

We went back to the Criss Angel store to buy swaggggg since we didn’t the night before

I cleaned out the store.. and got bunny ears :D


And then we wandered around to exhibits… ahhh I love Vegas hotels

Kiddie got stuck in the backseat of the van by herself :[

And then while I was getting ready, again… Lucky got dressed too :]

I’m always in charge of room service ;D

DINNNNNNERRRR before Cirque du Soleil

Caesar Salad with a delish parm crisp

Kelly’s Spaghetti Bolognese

Katy’s Pineapple, Pepperoni  & Sundried Tomtatoes Pizza.. OMG AMAZING

My Cajun Lime Shrimp

And of course I love having asparagus pee

Katy getting smart with the HUGE romaine leaf ;D


And if you’ve seen knocked up?!.. my favorite scene.. the Vegas trip… THAT WAS THE SHOW WE WATCHED!!! The one the boys watched on shrooms.. OMG…

[livevideo id=685EB7E0E0FD43BB9E4C2B545B752F65]

If that livevideo doesn’t work, click here OR I found a bad quality video of a tv version —

BTW, the guys in the show.. freaking HOTTEST BODIES EVER *drool*

And then some Cirque shopping…

BTW, on the way TO see Cirque, my ladies got hit on by the taxi driver, who was young and not bad looking.. but I WAS SUPER IGNORED :[ But he bumped up “Party Rock” til our ears almost blew out… asked us where to party, said he might go too… BEEEEEEACH PARTY.. and then called Katy ‘Shawwwwty’ hehehehe

“Always a Happy Ending”

Like my Cirque hat? LOL

Leg de-swelling “It’s an Asian thing”

And then we took our feather wands, I popped on my ears, drank more champagne and headed downstairs to gamble a bit !!!


Doesn’t deserve a big monday because we had to leave :[ BTW, the Expedia shuttle service they got us SUCKED and didn’t pick us up and when I called to complain TWICE – they hung up the first time/disconnected – they said I was late. LIAR! I have my email to prove the timing

Bye bye Bellagio.. it was cheaper and faster by taxi anyways

But we’re sad :[

Us waiting for shuttle that never came..

But we finally got to the airport….. ate some burgers and salad at Ruby’s Diner.. [we originally wanted CPK but the wait was at least 1-2 hrs LAME] – after we shopped a bit and bought tons of pretzels and popcorn for the plane ride

Katy’s CheeseBurger – yes hidden in the wrapper & Fries

Tiffie’s Chinese Chicken Salad

BUT OR PLANE GOT SICK AND DELAYED :[ So I got some wine and we snacked while we waited….

Bubbbbaaa stole my popcorn and booze tho :[

TEEHEE and then Katy got us Starbucks and swirly straws


The kids are sad

Bubba started drinking to ease the sadness

And then they stole my chair.. sunnies.. and earphones… bitches!!

Best Birthday ever with my Besties :D  I always have huge parties with too much people and craziness.. I loved how I changed it up this year and just focused on the ones that I loved, as long as I have my lovies I’m happy :] Thanks to my K2 sissies for having SUCH a fun time with me! We already promised to make this a yearly event <3  The BUBBA, BOOBA and KELLY unite!!! [inside “lets have different code names” joke]


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