i’m a lucky girl….

why? have you eaten the stuff that my boyfriend can whip up in the kitchen?!?! amazing. i’m a bit behind in posts so i’ll start off with bunny foo foo. we’re wandering around fox+obel and the boyfriend suddenly decides he wants to cook a rabbit. a whole rabbit. now i’ve only had rabbit ONCE and it was in sausage form at the green city market chef’s bbq about a month ago (delicious) but since i’m me, how can i refuse?!?!?….

i’m a perv so i took like 10 pics to get a leaky pic

long story short in simple math….


(and a mish mosh of veggies)


boyfriend tore off a leg and handed me my first plate:

(that’s a white carrot and horseradish mashed taters MMMMM… had a lot of those sides.. i’m not even usually a mashed potato person… but SOOOOO GOOD!!!!)

only ever so slightly hesitant i took a bite.. it actually tastes like chicken. SOOOO succulent and delish… i’m hooked :] read more about foo foo’s demise into deliciousness at the boy’s blog… he’s better at describing the cooking…. (i’m the food porn girl) but let’s just say this whole foo foo was DEVOURED….

why yes, yes we shall…

it now brings us to this saturday.

now i’ve only heard about boyfriend making piggie’s feet. and i’ve only had piggie’s feet ASIAN style. (you freak out, i drool)

now us asian people eat the pigge’s feet straight like this… but he took the time to pull the deliciousssss skin off the bones….

pop it back into the pot… panfried up some shallots, pork belly and some of this:


and then popped it back into the oven….

his brother comes over and we munch on

prosciutto and asian pears (ah boyfriend you so brilliant) with a sprinkle of delicious balsamic.

we popped open our first bottle of alcohol for the nite…

(Ferran Adria’s beer…. and another bottle of wine, red, was later consumed)

but back onto the piggie’s feet

my first plate of many

the sauce just got thicker and yummier as the nite went on….

the second bottle of wine… (we had this after the beer) 91 points baby~~~

and then DESSERT!!!! boyfriend thought of this delicious coconut cookie recipe he’s been wanting to make. super simple and fast.

+ sorbet was added in with the cookies and then.. VOILA

OH how i drool.. ginger liquor (i added a “splash” = a LOT) with the lemony sorbet… paired SOO well with the warmmmmm delicious coconut cookies!!!!

we didn’t get any mint so i just added a little shredded coconut to the top. it needs some color.. a few blueberries woud’ve been a nice touch as well…

other sorbet suggestions: mango, pineapple, anything tropical… :D but remember to keep it light… the cookies are the centerpiece…

we finished off the nite drinking the rest of the red wine and me making the boys watch OLDBOY!!!! which they LOVED… if you haven’t seen it yet, DEF rent it and do. it’s not really for the conservative peoples to watch… the last bit of the movie is FREAKING AMAZING. ah, i love brilliant movies. OH, it’s also in korean if ur not into subtitles/foreign films… even so, it’s a must watch.

OK. so that’s why i’m a lucky girl. you may try to steal him from me…. but i’ll put up a fight :] i’m a feisty one.. but i promise to share…. some of the food…

OH so go and read his post on cooking this dish… cuz, once again, he’s the better speaker :]


  1. if it’s FREAKING AMAZING why did you pass out during it? =P



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