The Last Meal…

When I was younger, the inner party queen in me was centered around how I was going to end my year at which party. The best celeb guest/host, music, festivities, etc… was what I planned my NYE around. This year was different… in a few ways.

1. I didn’t plan it :]
2. It was centered around a meal.
3. Which party I went to didn’t really matter [we had tickets to Cain Luxe btw]

Let me continue. I was surprised with dinner reservations to Daniel. Yes, THE Daniel Boulud‘s Daniel. If you don’t know who he is, shame on you.

Daniel Boulud (born March 25, 1955 in Saint-Pierre de ChandieuFrance) is a famous French chef andrestaurateur with restaurants in New York CityLas VegasPalm BeachMiamiVancouver and Beijing. He is best known for his eponymous restaurant, Daniel, in New York City.

While raised on a farm outside of Lyon and trained by renowned French chefs, Boulud made his reputation in New York, first as a chef and most recently a restaurateur. His management company, The Dinex Group, currently includes six restaurants and Feast & Fêtes Catering. His restaurants includeDaniel, Café Boulud, DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, and DBGB Kitchen & Bar in New York City. He has also created Café Boulud in Palm Beach and the Michelin-star award-winning Daniel Boulud Brasserie in Las Vegas. His two namesake restaurants are Daniel and Daniel Boulud Brasserie.

At fifteen, Boulud earned his first professional recognition: He was a finalist in France’s competition for Best Culinary Apprentice. Boulud worked in France with Roger Vergé, Georges Blanc and Michel Guérard and later in Copenhagen before becoming the private chef to the European Commissionin Washington, D.C..

Moving to New York City, Boulud opened the Polo Lounge at The Westbury Hotel then Le Régence at the Hotel Plaza Athenée. From 1986 to 1992, he was Executive Chef at Le Cirque. During his tenure, the restaurant became one of the most highly rated in the country.

Clip Source: Wikipedia

Okay, since the cat is out of the box…. let me backtrack a little and talk about the entire DAY before.

We woke up early (darn jet lag) and headed to brunch at my fav brunch spot in the City.. Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien!!!

Ahhh Norma’s… home of the delicious french press coffee and their super fresh all you can drink OJ :] — and free smoothie shots!!!

Mango-Papaya Brown Butter Cinnamon Crêpes

Delicious plentiful strips of papaya and mango wrapped inside tender delicate crepes… happy happy

Waz-Za, Waffle – Fruit Inside Fruit Outside, Crackly Brûlée Top

This is sooo heavenly… so much fruit, the crackly delicious sugary topping.. and this cream cheesey sauce layer underneath the crackle. OMFG!

Flat-As-A-Pancake Crabcake -Spiced with Habañero Pepper & Served with Dill Yogurt Mustard Sauce

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this. There was a giant onion ring under the sauce too which helped with the crunch.. but I expected more of a crust on my crabcake (I like it crusty) but it was chunky and flavorful. Since I was having a sweet tooth for breakfast that day, I didn’t have  much of it.. hehe

The table next to us ate nothing and gave us the stink eye when we had 3 dishes arrive….

tiff: why are there so many TOOTHPICKS?
brunch date: it’s sugar
tiff: oh wait it’s not Asia

After a filling brunch we checked out the pretty gingerbread houses made by bakeries from around the City:

Then we walked around (we were actually considering going for more food at the Russian Tea Room…. but got sidetracked…)

Window of meat… *squeak*

We goofed around at Ripley’s Believe it or Not

And then we headed back to pick up NYE tix and to get pretty for…. *drumroll plz* DANIEL!!! *swoon*

Hers:  STRAWBERRY & PEARLS – Strawberry Margarita, Cointreau, Strawberry Pearls

His: BATIDA DE COCO AND KAFIR LIME -Oolong Tea and Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Leblon Cachaca Lime, Coconut Milk

We ordered more drinks but they were less pretty.. I loved this one tho I forgot what it was called/what was in it.. but that’s fennel on top :] YUM!!!

(they were so nice they even gave me a copy of the full menu, the actual menu!!! LOL)

A Taste of Squash:

Pickled Butternut with Duck Foie Gras Terrine, Almonds
Red Hubbard Puree with Iberico Ham
Delicata with Smoked Sable, Paprika Yogurt

The Iberico with the Hubbard puree was my favorite – so much flavor on a little bite :] YUM! But then again you can never go wrong with Iberico….

Granny Smith Apple and Peekytoe Crab Salad
Maine Lobster and Avocado Tartelette with Ruby Red Grapefruit

Delicious breads :] MMM, mine was the Olive….

We also ordered some Golden Osetra Caviar

With Warm Blinis and Creme Fraiche

It came with red onion, yolk and egg whites on the side, along with toast… :]

And cute Pacman lemons

I loved it just plain with the blini, creme fraiche :]

We asked for pairings so they were nice enough to give us a pairing for each dish for us to share :] Yay for variety!!!

Mosaic of Capon, Foie Gras and Celery Root – Pickled Daikon, Satur Farms Miche, Pear Confit

Meyer Lemon Royale with Sea Urchin and Tapioca Vinaigrette – North Star Caviar, Beau Soleil Oyster, Finger Lime, Buddha’s Hand Lemon

And we also added an additional two dishes to our prix fixe from the “Celebration of White Truffle from Alba”

Abbaye de Tamie Agnolotti

This paired with the wine they gave us was orgasmic.

Creamy Risotto with Parmesan

This was hands down the best risotto I’ve ever had. Creamy but you can taste and feel the texture of the rice. And of course you can never go wrong with truffle. WHITE truffle… so much white truffle.

Why are there so many wine bottles???

Turbot Baked on Himalayan Salt – Root Vegetables, Ommegang Abbey Ale and Gingerbread Sauce

Pan Seared Millbrook Venison Loin – Barley Ragout, Okinawan Sweet Potato, Roasted Foie Gras, Pickled Quince

Warm fresh Macarons

Warm Guanaja Chocolate Coulant – Liquid Caramel, Fleur de Sel, Milk Sorbet

Lychee and Cranberry Vacherin – Candied Rose Petal, Creme Chantilly

Altogether now (yes it’s blurry.. I was feeling kinda blurry.. don’t you? I feel tipsy all over again from looking at all those wine bottles.. lolol)

They even gave us cute “morning-after” cakes :]

Happy 2010 Everybody!!!!!!

This was one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had :] The atmosphere, the servers, everyone was sooo great and welcoming. I was cold and they even gave me a pashmina shawl to keep me warm.

This was such an amazing way to end 2009 (and remember it by) My 2009 was already filled with so many adventures and delicious eats/experiences… but I wouldn’t be me unless I ended it with a bang!!!

Totally going back for the Tasting Menu ASAP :]

I’ve been spoiled with delicious meals lately :] So many many new posts to come… Thanks FF :]

Next posts:
The “morning after” aka first meal of 2010 (aka BEST FIRST MEALS EVER!!!)
& Meeting the ultimate Iron Chef…. :] Stay tuned!!!

What did you do to celebrate the end of 2009?
What was your last meal?


  1. oh man tiff. that is awesome. your boy certainly knows how to take you out! =D



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