celebrating dos de mayo

Since we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home [read about it at the end of this entry], we decided to go out for Dos de Mayo…. not sure why but we’ve been in the mood for Mexican for awhile… we had tried to get in the day before but it was booked for the whole night… so Sunday night Mexicano dinner it was :D This is just a few blocks from our apt so we strolled down on the nice hot – slightly too humid – night to Hell’s Kitchen and got our Mexican on :D

Apparently their “busy time” is 5-7 so thats the only time they take reservations… when we got there we sat at the bar waiting for a table and got us some drinks….

Dos de Mayo

Hers: Wajito – Light Rum, Fresh Watermelon, Lime Juice  & Fresh Mint

His: Classic Margarita

Complimentary dip from the chef…

Delcious black bean dip with sour cream and delicious little sweet corn bread slices…..

Guacamole with Homemade Crispy Guajillo Corn Tortillas

The tortilla chips were sooo good and thick and crispy. The guacamole was amazing, LOVE good classic guac :]

Baby Back Ribs

We were in the mood for ribs, they were amazing. Fall off the bone happiness…

Shrimp Ceviche

Delicious and fresh. Ceviche and some sangria is the perfect hot summer day meal :] Speaking of which we ordered a pitcher of it…


Love it when sangria has chunks of fruit in it :D

Duck Confit Empanadas with Cranberry Mole & Pico de Gallo

These were sooo soooo soooo good!!!! Crisp outside and yum flavorful duck on the inside.

Grilled Shrimp with Serrano Sauce, Sweet Plantain & Guacamole

Loved the little salad in the middle. THe plantains were so delicious and each one was topped with shrimp. Needed some heat so I asked for some hot sauce and they gave me a nice roasted pepper hot sauce.

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass with Grilled Chayote, Sweet Plantain Puree & Salsa Verde

Buttery rich fish and loved the puree and the chayote. The salsa verde was pretty light. Wish it had been spicier as well…

Poached Artichoke Quesadilla with Idiazabel Cheese, Roasted Sweet Corn & Poblano Crema

This was a huge disappointment. I was most excited about this, because I LOOOOOVE artichokes but just like at dell’anima, it was overpowered by the idiazabel cheese which was a little pungent for me and it just tasted like cheese mush :[ Waa…

For once I actually felt stuffed… but then came the delicious trio of desserts…

Tres Leches with Cherries Sponge Cake Soaked in Rum & Milk

SO GOOD. I love a good tres leches :] I’ve had some bad tres leches before where it’s TOO milky and almost sour. This was sweet, not too sweet, and just so good…

Caramelized Banana Empanadas Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce

LOVE empandas and LOVE bananas :] This made me oh so happy!!!

Flan de Coco – Cocounut Flan with Fruit Salad & Coconut Macaroon

SO GOOD. I can never pass up flan, it’s so simple but it’s always so good…. :D

We will definitely be coming back here again… Ok, that’s a lie, we might not. There is just way too many restaurants and places to eat at in the City… I’m more into menus that change seasonally so I’d like to come check it out later in the summer or in the fall to see if it’s changed at all… it’s not REAL mexican food and there are some people who have reviewed this place and aren’t that into that.. but it’s a nice spin and gourmet-a-fying it. But then this just makes me want to be at Frontera Grill ;D

Cinco de Mayo

I decided to make a special pork shoulder taco dinner for Cinco de Mayo.. we planned on eating at home and then going out for drinks afterwards :D

Shredding the pork after 2-3 hours and then putting it back in the oven for another hour…

We had grilled corn and drank Inedit… maybe too much Inedit… anwyays we ended up NOT leaving the house because of food coma and already drunk :D


  1. grace says:

    LOVE a good guac =9
    The pork shoulder looks delicious!


  2. I had the Poached Artichoke Quesadilla last night and I was also hugely disappointed. It was flavorless and had the consistency of baby food. I couldn’t even finish the dish, and at $18 I felt i had been duped. I won’t be going back.



  1. […] ADORED, because I’ve said this more than once, I HATE when people overpower artichokes with a strong cheese. Artichokes are just so delicious and flavorful all their own. […]


  2. […] egg on top and FINALLY… a delicious artichoke dish with cheese… this TOTALLY kicked Hell’s Kitchen’s Artichoke Quesadilla‘s […]


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