last supper sort of sandwich….

I’ve been hearing about resto ever since I met Chef Rick  and he told me about adventures in Manhattan…. :] So what other way to celebrate my first day in my new apt in the City than to eat at RESTO :] HIGHLY anticipated…. and sometimes when I overanticipate, things just don’t end up being as good as I want them to be…. THIS was NOT the case. It far exceeded my high expectations…  :]

Lately me and my dinner date had gotten into the habit of getting two bottles of wine – at least – and starting off with a glass of champagne [which we did as we waited for our table] …. so we got two AMAZING reccomendations from our waitress, Sivan.

The White: lupi, ‘le pietraie’ pigato, liguria, italy, 2006


The Bread:

The Red: venus la universal, dido, montsant, spain 2005

Also amazing.

Both are hard to find and we just FELL IN LOVE with the wines <3 And they went well with all of our dishes…

Pig’s Ear Salad

Escarole, Charred Spring Onion, Cucumber, Champagne Vinaigrette

This was absolutely amazing. The crisp flavorful pig’s ear atop a light salad. Usually I get dressings on the side but I didn’t mind it at all. It worked perfectly.. Texturally, flavor-wise, everything.

And then came the most highly anticipated –  Chef Rick Gresh recommended -dish of the night… funnily enough – a sandwich.

Tete de Cochon

Sriracha, Cilantro, Pickled Red Onion, Pickled Carrot, Charred Bread

Rick and I both decided that it was last meal good…

Roasted Beets

Creme Fraiche, Fennel Pollen Vinaigrette

Delicious. The beets were fresh and in big chunks… the vinaigrette balanced it off completely and wasn’t overwhelming like some dressings can be. I’m SO glad they didn’t decided on adding a pungent overpowering cheese [like blue or goat] like many places do… don’t they realize how delicate beets are?

Petite Plate Charcuterie

Boudin Blanc, Black Truffle

Duck Rillet, Confit Garlic, Toast

House Cured Bacon, Pickles

Chorizo, Ricotta & Honey

Pork Rillon, Mustard Greens

Lamb & Feta, Tzatziki

[the bottom] Boudin Noir, Cheddar Crumble

The charcuterie plate was fantastic. My favorites were  the Boudin Noir, Chorizo, Pork Rillon and the Housemade Bacon. SO tasty.

House-Made Tagliatelle

House Bacon, Pickled Morels, Tarragon, Parmesan Reggiano

The tagliatelle was fresh and cooked al dente… the pickled morels actually flavored the dish a lot more than expected and caught me off guard. Nonetheless, delicious.

Special: Mushrooms

A mixture of delicious mushrooms. I LOVE mushrooms.. so I HAD to get this. Just lightly cooked and some of the oysters even had a crisp to it :] YUM!

Wild Striped Bass

Fingerling Potatoes, Ramps

Special: Asparagus with Poached Egg

Sexiest dish of night. I think I have a fetish with cracking yolks and having it oooooze all over my food.

Frites with all the Sauces

Not in any order: Mayo, Cajun Remoulade, Sweet Chili, Lime Pickled, Cocktail, Mayo&Onion, Gribiche, Lemon&Smoked Paprika, Sriracha, Yogurt/Cumin/Roasted Garlic

These were SOOOOOOO GOOD… And even tho I’m not a fan of mayo I DEMOLISHED the mayo and onions!!!! :] If you come here you HAVE to get ALL the sauces…  they were ALL delicious…

Big thanks to our waitress Sivan and for the Chef Bobby Hellen to come out and say hey to us :] SUPER cool…. Anyways we’re going to be back May 11 for their [S]wine Dinner :]  Maybe see you guys there as well :D


  1. Rick Gresh says:

    Love you! I’m so happy that you love resto!


  2. Everything was incredible here, Can’t wait till we go back!



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