Battle Beer Winner

One of my favorite recent Iron Chef America battles has been Battle Beer… between Daniel Angerer and Bobby Flay.  So naturally I had to go visit Chef Daniel’s restaurant, not too far away from my apt, KLEE Brasserie

We had reservations at 745 since there was a private party there til then but we had to sit at the bar and didn’t get seated til about 830…. a few beers down :]

His: Belgium – Piraat Ale
It was kind of syrupy and a bit sweet for me but it was tasty and R loved it.

Hers: Saison Dupont Blond Ale
Definitely my favorite beer of the night… and I ended up getting… 2..3..more? I don’t remember [hahaha] But I could drink this on the regular… it’s up there with my Banana Bread Beer, Inedit [best beer ever] & Sofia :D

— finally seated.. and per usual, I asked for a table for 4 —

The Cheese Plates:

Nutty & Earthy -harder- Cheeses – CCW from top left

Tomme Crayeuse
Rhone Alps, France, raw cow’s milk 2-3 month aged, powdery yellow mold scent of mushrooms

It was still a bit stinky for me. But R enjoyed it :] I just kept eating the pecorino and the soft cheeses…hehehehe


Pecorino Tartufufello
Tuscandy Italy, raw sheep’s milk 65 aged, fungi armoa with black truffle.

This was sooooo gooooood and truffly and delicious. I’m kind of hit or miss when it comes to sheep’s milk cheese but this was DELICIOUS.



Voralberg, Austria, raw cow’s milk 10 weeks aged, funky – the real deal

YO. The Tilsiter was REALLY funky.

Soft Cheeses [which paired beautifully with my Saison] – CCW starting from top left

Green Hill
Georgia, USA, past double cream cow’s milk 3-6 wks. aged, delicate, buttery taste


Casatica di Bufala
Lombardy, Italy, pasteurized buffalo milk 30 days aged, custardy, rich, creamy


St. Marcellin
Rhone Alps, France, pasteurized cow’s milk 30 days aged. Truffly, earthy with a tang.

All three were amazingly creamy and full of cheesy deliciousness.. but not too pungent or stinky :] My favvvvvv… <3


Mangalitsa Pig Buns

Pork Confit, Raisin Pickles

These were fatty, creamy and delicious. You guys know me tho, too much bread makes me feel sad that it’s covering up the taste of the innards… the fat just melted in my mouth… mmm… there was a touch of mayo on the bread and I ended up taking off the top toast :]

Duck Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches

Duck Leg Confit, Spicy Pepper & Apricot Jam

Things like this just make me so happy. The different flavors and textures just melded perfectly together. The sweet with the salty with the chewy soft prosciutto and the crunchy bread.


Oyster Crudo

Champagne Mignonette Sherbet

I was a little sandy feeling for me. So I gave R the extra one. My appetite has been a little off lately and I’ve been more sensitive to certain foods lately.

Hers: Belguim – Poperings Hommel Ale

His: Germany – “Kölsch” Reissdorf Ale

I loved his better so we switched :] Afterwards I decided to just stick with my beloved new beer love, Saison, for the night :]


“Egg-In-A-Hole” & Radicchio Salad

Deviled Egg, House Pickled, Preserved Truffle Dressing

There was soooo much yolk and it was sooooo gooooood… creamy custardy/pudding consistency of the yolk. AMAZING new take on a deviled egg.

Calamari & Crab

Red Cabbage Slaw, Old Bay Spice & Apple Cubes

I LOOOOOOOOOVE… love love love love calamari :] So this made me happy…

By this point I noticed, well I noticed before but now it was blatantly OBVIOUS and ANNOYING, that our European neighbors kept staring at our table and me :[ Boo… I guess we were just getting too many dishes?!?!?!

** SIDES **

Rainbow Carrot Puree

Spiced with Coriander & Orange Peel

Amazing. SOOO flavorful and super creamy… a bit greasy but just SOOO GOOD.

Peas & Asparagus with Pepper Flakes

Steamed Peas & Asparagus, Olive Oil, Rice Vinegar

I actually didn’t see or taste any pepper flakes… maybe a bit too much oil on it as well but they were really tasty. LOVE asparagus and snow peas :] — altho when it said PEAS I thought they’d be little green sweet peas :]

Mason Jar Vegetables

Carrots, Mushrooms, Beans, etc. with Millet Cakes
Fig Balsamic, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Artichoke Powder & Beet Powder

LOVED this dish and I loved trying the powders with it. Adored the Fig Balsamic. :] And the powders were a lot of fun as well. LOOOOOOVED the millet cakes. SOOO freaking amazing. Crunchy and just delicious. I’ve only had millet mixed into my oatmeal/grain hot cereal mixes… but it was SOOO good… next time I must recreate.


Special of the Day: Softshell Crab on top of Sea Bass

Muscovy Duck Burger, Fire Charred

Grilled Pickle, Foie Spread, Chef’s Mustard

A bit on the salty side and I couldnt get much foie flavor out of the spread but the MUSTARD and the MEAT was soooo flavorful :]


Some dessert wine and smoothie, compliments from the chef :D

As soon as desserts came coming I said aloud, WHY ARE THEY STARING AT US THE WHOLE DINNER *point*… the girl, caught in stare just blushed and started talking and fumbling for an excuse and said that we just ordered a lot of good food… hahahahaha…

Sacher Torte with Schlag

Viennese chocolate torte layered with apricot jam

Delicious and chocolatey

Peanut Butter & Banana Pudding

Honey caramelized popcorn

Absolutely AMAZING. If anything, get at LEAST just this :] The popcorn crunch with the super creamy peanut buttery-ness with a hint of banana. Banana is so overpowering sometimes but this was PERFECT. I devoured ALL of this super fast :] More please…

Layered Carrot Cake

Cheesecake filling, Poppyseed macaroon, candied carrots

I loved how there were REAL carrots on top, how creative :] Cheesecake and carrot cake always go so well together so this came out great :]

Brioche Bread Pudding

Bartlett pear, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate-Rum Sauce

Delicious. Maybe not gooey enough for me but R loved it :] Great flavors, a bit too bready for me tho.

Special: Poppyseed Cake

Delicious. I’ve had poppyseed bagels and poppyseed coffee cake but that’s it :]  I love the pops of poppyseed so it’s great to see it incorporated into a dessert.

Warm Tri Apple Strudel

Vanilla Ice Cream, Toasted Meringue, Walnut Candy

Delicious. Warm and apple-y :] Loved the meringue.

We also took home a tin of freshly baked cookies :] So cute, now I have a cute KLEE tin :D — cuz you know me and my snacking habits ;D

Cookie Tin

Fresh Baked Cookies

[We ended up eating the cookies for dessert for Cinco de Mayo]

Chef Daniel came out to shake hands and say hi to us after our meal “So what do you guys do other than eat?” … “We eat…” HAHAHAHA :] He was SUPER nice and we chatted a bit about him being on Iron Chef and about Bobby Flay [and how we already knew he was gonna beat Flay after it was determined to be BATTLE BEER lol]

Totally coming back here again asap :]


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