Most Fabulous, Per Se


I woke up to a delivery of this….

Gorgeous, isn’t it?!… It was funny because I was super annoyed being woken up by our security downstairs.. they kept calling and calling and calling me…. and at first I was avoiding picking up the phone… but finally I gave in…. hahahaha


I was told that I was bring brought to Gordon Ramsay at the London – which is also fab but I had my heart set on Per Se for the special occasion…… BUUUUUTTTT I was sooo surprised when I was taken into Columbus Circle… I was like.. this isn’t where Gordon Ramsay is….. SURPRISE!!!!

He told me he had booked it over a month in advance already and was just PRETENDING that he did’nt try til a week ago. Silly guy.. I was all smiles :]

He got the Chef’s Tasting and I got the Vegetarian Tasting so that way instead of just the same 9 courses, we get 18 different courses to try :D We also got a wine pairing for every 2 dishes of ours…

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